Old Friends New Lovers #4 Friends meet the Monster by happy50ishcouple

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True Story | Anal, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Monster, Old Female, Oral Sex, Threesome, Wife

Old Friends New Lovers #4 Friends meet the Monster

Bonnie – WF, mid 50's, 5’, 140 lbs. with soft 38 D’S

Shellie - WF, mid 30's, 5’ 8”, 140 lbs with firm 42 DD’S

Roger – WM, mid 30's, 6’ 4”, slim & tanned with a really BIG cock

Kathy - WF, mid 50's, 5’ 2” 110 lbs with small 32 A’s

She is very passionate, tastes good and her ass is still tight! I REALLY enjoyed taking her anal virginity! I love her little titties!

Michael WM, mid 50's, 5’9” 170 lbs with a 5” dick

Sharon – WF, mid 50's, 5’5”, 130 lbs with soft 40 C’s

Craig – WM, mid 30's, 6’ 2" 200 lbs with an 8” dick

Shawn – WM, mid 30's, 6’, 185 lbs with a 7” dick

So we were underway and while Michael was at the helm I was sitting in the galley talking with the girls. I asked Kathy how she felt. "I'm pretty sore but I'll be okay. I still can't believe that Michael was dumb enough to do that. So letting those guys do that to me is payback. He still hasn't had my ass and he won't have me at all until he he gets tested. "

Bonnie said "So did you enjoy it or was it strictly revenge?" "I don't think enjoy is the right word. But I certainly didn't hate it. It was kind of exciting."

When we were in the airport waiting for our plane back to the US, Bonnie said to Kathy "After Michael gets his medical clearance you guys should should come visit." Kathy replied “Are we going to get to meet your neighbors?” Bonnie said “That will happen whenever you want. But be ready because Roger will be all over you “like a rat on a cheeto”. He’ll probably ignore me while you’re around.”

When we got home Bonnie called Shellie and invited her over for coffee. She arrived minutes later and Roger was with her. We sat in the kitchen and Bonnie started to tell them about our trip. When she got to the part about Kathy being taken by Tiger and then Breezy, she looked at Roger and said “When I first told her about how big you are, she kept telling me that while she wasn’t sure about being taken by such a big cock. But she brought it up so often I new she was fantasizing about it. When I fucked her with my “Roger roadie” I new she was hooked. You can thank me for finding you a new plaything.” She left out the part about Michael’s bone head move with the girl.

A week later, Michael gets cleared by the doctor and we made arrangements for them to come stay with us.

When they arrive the first thing that Michael does is to ask Bonnie if she is horny. A leopard never changes it's spots. Bonnie said "Not for you. So Kathy, have you let him have your ass yet?" Michael's answer was "No. She's withholding it as a punishment. She “lets” me fuck her but won’t blow me or give up her ass.” Kathy said “When you show me that you can practice some restraint, like not asking for sex as soon as you walk through the door, I “may” let you have it.”

Kathy asked if we could plan a dinner and if they can meet Roger and Shelly. I said "What was that you were saying about "restraint?" That didn’t take you long . . ." Bonnie said "Sure." She told them that we had given Shellie and Roger a very detailed account of our vacation and Roger had said he was very interested to meet them. Bonnie said “More like he’s interested in meeting you!” I reminded Michael about the "turnabout is fair play" rule.

After a lovely dinner at our house, Champagne first and then some wine, while Kathy and Michael got to know our neighbors. We had a somewhat rushed dinner as it was apparent that some of the guests were looking forward to what was to "come".

We ended up in the hot tub next door. Needless to say we were naked right from the start. No inhibitions here. Kathy and Bonnie got close to Roger pretty quickly and Kathy was reaching for his dick which we suspected was getting hard. The look in her eyes suggested that she was looking forward to having her way with him. Kathy told Roger to sit on the edge of the tub. Of course he had an erection and Kathy looked at it like it was a god. She stood up and took it into her mouth and tried to get as much of it into her mouth as possible and Bonnie was on the side of her cupping and licking his balls. Needless to say, she couldn't get much of it in. The girls began taking turns sucking on his cock. He had a huge smile on his face as he looked at his wife who was bracketed between Michael and me.

I was fondling her breast and of course, Michael went right for her pussy. Shelli was stroking both of our dicks and said "I've missed you. I love the way you make me come. Michael, are you going to make me come?" She moved up to sit on the side of the tub and began to rube her pussy. Michael moved in front of her and stuck two fingers into her and she said "Ow! What the fuck? I'm dry. I want you to suck me and get me wet before you get to stick anything in me. So he leaned forward and began his chore. He was doing it about two minutes and she said "Is that the best that you've got? Haven't you ever eaten a woman before?" I said "He was like Roger, he only fucked. Bonnie tried to teach him how but he's a slow learner." "I'm ready for a come so will you please do me?" Michael moved out of the way and I took over. I love her pussy and could eat her forever because I know she will reward me with her ass.

Bonnie reminds Kathy that Roger doesn't go down and she doesn't seem to be concerned as she continued to worship his huge member. Kathy seems possessed as she was taking him deep down, at least as deep as possible, and Roger had that smirk that said "I love women who worship my dick. Bonnie, thanks for introducing me to Sharon. She said that if I ate her she would let me have her ass. So, at the next party I’ll give it a try.” Kathy was quick to pull her mouth off him and said “You can try it on me first. If you make me come I’d LOVE to have you where ever you want.”

Roger got out of the tub and moved to a recliner. He put the back down and laid flat. Kathy wasted no time and straddled herself over his face. He began to lick her pussy and Bonnie took advantage of the opportunity and sat on his dick, using her pussy to pleasure his cock.

After a few minutes Shellie came on my face. She pulled me up and we kissed. She said "Come with me. I want to return the favor." I followed her over to the loungers and she had me sit down with the chair facing the threesome. She got on her knees and took me into her mouth. While Shellie blows me Michael was quick to grab the lube and he steps behind Shellie, squeezing the lube on a finger and inserts it slowly into her ass. Shellie once again says "What's your fucking problem? What makes you think you can just do what you want? Get away and wait for someone to tell you what to do." He looked dejected, like a little kid, and stood up not knowing what to do. Shellie turned back to me and said “I can see why you would want to hook up with Kathy, but what does Bonnie see in him? He seems hopeless!” “Well, You and your husband have turned her into a cock whore. As long as it can get hard, she’ll fuck it.”

I looked over at Roger getting serviced by the girls and wondered how he was doing with Kathy. After all, eating a woman was a learned skill and this was his first time. Kathy didn’t look like he was all that good. I wondered if he even knew what a clit was. Shellie was slowly stroking me and said “I don’t want you to come to soon. Let me know if you’re close and I’ll slow down. “ Then she started to suck me again.

Of course Michael has fallen for Shelly and wants to butt fuck her, no surprise there, but it might be awhile. He had walked over to the other three and watched them. He thought about offering his dick to one of the girls but, finally, showed some restraint. I could see him slowly stroking his dick.

Kathy stepped up off of Roger and said "You need to practice. I'm not even close to coming, so and I don't think you can satisfy me. So go ahead fuck Bonnie's body, I'll go help Shellie." She came over to us, completely ignoring her husband, and gave me a very passionate kiss. She asked if she could join us and I said sure! She lowered the back rest and asked “ Will you eat me?” “Of course!” was my answer. She straddled my head and I began to lick her lips and suck her clit. “Oh, you are so good!” Shellie grabbed the lube and spread it over my dick and I suspected she added more to her ass. She then lined up my cock with her ass and slide me into her as she lowered herself on to my cock. She suggested that Kathy turn around and when she did the girls began to kiss. I was in heaven! Eating a cunt and getting to butt fuck Shellie! How could it get any better?

I assumed that Roger was having a good time and heard Michael ask if he could join them. Bonnie said “You can take my ass if you want.” I figured that he, as usual, didn’t hesitate.

Since Michael had been "cut off" for awhile it didn't take long for him to come. You could hear him groan. Then Roger was also groaning and I assumed he was coming also.

Kathy started to moan into Shellie's mouth and she was also coming. Then I came in Shellie's ass. I thought that only Bonnie hadn't yet been satisfied. It was confirmed when she came to me and asked me to get her off. Since Roger had come in her I used my finger to work her clit. it didn’t take long for her to come.

Roger asked if Kathy was interested in joining the club. Kathy said that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to but was willing to have an “intimate” get together with some of the group. Shellie said that she wasn’t sure that Michael was ready. He might fuck it all up.

We made plans for an afternoon get together with some of the boys from the club at Roger’s house. Bonnie suggested Shawn and Craig. So Roger said that he would set it up. He also asked Sharon to join us. Roger said that we were set for the day after tomorrow. That night Kathy slept with Bonnie and me and I was able to fuck Kathy’s ass while she and Bonnie swapped tongues.

Kathy made it clear that she was going to take every dick offered to her in her pussy, mouth and her ass. But until Roger could satisfy her with his mouth, he would have to wait. Shellie said "At least he now has a reason to get better. Good for you to make him have to work for it." Kathy said her husband could do whoever he wanted but not her.

When Sharon arrived we greeted her and Roger and I kissed her and we introduced her to Michael. Soon after the boys arrived and were similarly greeted by the girls. Then they were introduced to Kathy. When we got together we drank champagne. And Shawn passed around his Viagra. The boys were ogling Kathy and were excited to get it on with her. Who doesn’t like fresh meat. Then Bonnie stood up and took off her clothes. She asked Craig and Shawn if they wanted to have a go at her. They couldn't resist and quickly shed their clothes, Shawn grabbed the lube and prepared his cock. Craig laid on his back and Bonnie mounted him leaving her ass for Shawn. He took no time to get into her and the boys were working her well. After about 10 minutes Kathy stood up and shed her clothes. Then she said "Hey boys, would you like to do me?" Much to Bonnie's chagrin, they stopped moving and Shawn pulled out of her and looked at the beautiful girl offering herself to them. Bonnie got off of Craig and just stood there.

Kathy said "Bonnie, who is the best for eating me?" She replied "Besides my husband? Craig does a good job." She stepped next to Craig, still on the floor, and straddling him reverse cowgirl, brought her pussy down to his face. He began to work on her, and I wondered if he was also trying to tongue fuck her butt. Her eyes were closed and she looked to be concentrating on getting off. Shawn took the opportunity to offer his cock to her mouth. She refused so he started to stroke his cock and wait his turn. After all, it had just been in Bonnie's butt. She was stroking Craig's cock while he ate her. After a few minutes she began to moan, tilted her head back and started to fall forward as she came!

She rolled off oh him and turned around to give him a tongue swapping kiss. I knew she would taste herself as she greedily sucked on his tongue. She sat up and said "That's what I'm talking about! That was really good! So, how do you want me to reward you?" He reached for his cock, pointing it straight up and she took the hint. She bent forward and took him into her mouth. Then she started to stroke and suck. She was only able to get about half of it in her mouth but he didn't seem to mind. Then she started to get more into it and forced herself to take him deeper into her mouth. She started to gag and had to back off. Like a champ she took a couple of breaths and went back to work. Once again she took him deep and I figured that he must have been in her throat!

She removed him from her mouth and mounted him. She was on her knees facing him and was sliding up and down on him. She invited Shawn to join them and he stood next to her face and she said "I want you in my ass!" He was already lubed so he got down behind her and groaning, pushed into her.

Shawn was in heaven as she slipped into her and Craig wasn't able to move. Shawn was really starting to work on fucking the shit out of her and she was really looking like she was enjoying her first DP! Shawn's strokes were fast and deep. I figured that Craig's pleasure was coming from Shawn's dick massaging his each time he went in and out of her.

Sharon took off her clothes and asked Roger to service her. She was sitting in a lounger. He went to her and started to work on her cunt. I knew he didn't have the skills that would get her off. So I was presented with a dilemma. What should I do?

Shellie was starting to take off her clothes and was looking at me. She sat on a foot stool. I knew that Roger wouldn't be able to get Sharon off and if I could I could have her ass. But I went to Shellie and got between her legs. As I started to work her clit she had her hands on my head and pulled me in. I heard her say “Michael, come over here and I’ll suck your cock.” It didn’t take him long to shed his clothes and present his cock to Shellie. I guess she was rewarding him for showing some restraint. Maybe I should let him help me DP her. She should be up for it. I stopped working on Shellie for a second and looked around.

For once Bonnie was left out. I figured that would be rectified soon. She would figure it out. And then she moved over to Craig's head. Since Kathy is so short, his mouth was available. She lowered herself onto his mouth. And he had her coming soon after. She got off and went to Roger and stroked his member while he worked on Sharon. I heard Sharon say “Bonnie, would show Roger how to pleasure a woman? Roger backed away and Bonnie moved in to get Sharon off.

I was back at Shellie and wanted to get her off so we could do something else. I looked up to see Michael slowly and gently stroking in her mouth.

I heard Shawn say “Oh yeah! I’m coming!” I imagined that he was holding still while he pumped his cum into Cathy. He must be ready to pull out to recover. That would leave a sloppy seconds opportunity. Since Roger hadn’t gotten Kathy off he probably wouldn’t be the filler. But Kathy said “Roger, come and help out.” Sharon said “You might as well cause you aren’t doing it for me.”

Without hesitation he moved towards Kathy. Craig said “Kathy, let me out. I want to watch this.” So she got off of him and got on her hands and knees. Since she was already lubed Roger went straight to her asshole. This was only his second ass and he was eager. Without delay he got into her and, to no ones surprise, he was quickly in her and balls deep.

Once again almost everyone was watching. Michael was enthralled and pulled out of Shellie’s mouth. He said “I guess you know what this means . . .” Without hesitating Shellie stood up and got on her hands and knees and faced her husband. Michael lubed up and was in her ass in a heartbeat! He was showing some restraint but before long he was also balls deep.

I took over for Bonnie and she went to Shawn, grabbed a towel and cleaned off his dick and started to blow him. Crag lubed up and took Bonnie’s ass. I REALLY wanted Sharon and got her off quickly. Then she got on her hands and knees as I got the lube. I got behind her and slowly started to fuck her ass.

Before too long every one of the guys were coming! Roger in Kathy, Shawn in Bonnie’s mouth, Michael in Shellie’s ass and Craig in Bonnie’s ass and me in Sharon.

What a great “fucking” night! There were still some hard ons, but I think everyone was done.

Kathy was the star of the evening and Michael didn't get shut out.

Rating: 90%, Read 15389 times, Posted Feb 24, 2016

True Story | Anal, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Monster, Old Female, Oral Sex, Threesome, Wife


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