April's friendly family, part 4 by DONNIE

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Girl, Incest, Lesbian


The next morning I waited until Daddy had gone to work before I got out of bed, wearing only my panties and t-shirt. I went downstairs and found my mother in the kitchen, cleaning up the breakfast dishes and preparing my breakfast. "How do you want your eggs, Darling?" Mom asked as I sat down at the table and took a sip of my orange juice. Remembering the sight of my daddy's cock slithering in and out of Mommy's cunt, I said I wanted my eggs over easy and still runny.

As my mother stood at the stove cooking my eggs I could see that she had no underwear under the nightie she was wearing. I could see the crack of her ass, and when she turned toward me to serve the eggs, her pussy bush was visible, as were the protruding nipples of her breasts. My pussy began to tingle, and I involuntarily reached between my legs to give it a quick stroke. When Mom bent over to dish up the eggs I could see right down the top of her nightie to her nipples and even down to her bush.

As I squirmed in my seat she became aware of my nervousness, bent down, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I turned toward her just as she did, and her kiss landed on my mouth. My mother's kiss was so soft and sweet that I was suddenly enveloped in a whole new sense of love along with the sexy feelings I was having.

As I ate my eggs, runny as they were, Mom sat down and drank her coffee. She told me she had been talking to my Aunt Betty, and had heard about some of my shenanigans during my visit with her and my cousins. I blushed to realize that my mother was aware of my sexual experience, but when she reached under the table and placed a hand on my thigh, I knew everything was going to be all right.

Mom shyly asked me whether I might like to have a little fun with he, such as I had enjoyed with my aunt and cousins, and I nodded my head yes, squeezing her hand between my thighs as her fingers reached the crotch of my panties. She gave me another kiss as she stood up, this time letting her tongue press into my mouth, and guiding me out of my chair to stand and give her a big hug. Her hands caressed my body as we hugged, and I felt her lovely breasts pressing against my girlish ones. I boldly let my arms drop so I was clutching at her ass cheeks.

She then guided me upstairs to her bedroom and gently lifted my t-shirt over my head and worked my panties down over my little ass cheeks and thighs until they puddled at my feet. She sat on the bed and drew me toward her, letting me stand between her outstretched thighs while she hugged me to her once again, this time letting her fingers trace down my ass crack and under to my cunny, which was wet with my excitement at being in such a position with my loving mother.

Mom tenderly pulled me down onto the bed, and as I lay there admiring her beautiful, womanly body, she lifted the nightie over her head, and I could see her in all her feminine glory. Her breasts were firm, with aureoles that were about the size of quarters and nipples that stood out much like the baby bottle nipples I remembered from my infancy. Her pubic hair was curly and of an auburn color like the hair on her head, and though it was fairly thick, I was able to discern the slit of her vulva under the hairy pussy.

Mom knelt down on the bed and spread my legs open to reveal my little cunny to her motherly gaze. She told be how beautiful I was as her hands caressed my legs and thighs, working slowly up to the point of stroking my pee slit with a delicate finger, then spreading my lips open and running her finger through the juice that had gathered there.

Then she bent down and put her face between my legs, and I had the exquisite pleasure of feeling my mother's tongue working along the slit and into my vulva, licking from the top of the slit all the way down and into my anus. I wriggled and squirmed as she held my ass cheeks in her hands and made oral love to my undeveloped bottom, sending me into a spasm of pleasure.

When she finally looked up at me, her smiling face was covered with my girl juice, and I was pleased to get a taste of it when she climbed up over me and kissed me again, her tongue now wedging into my mouth and letting me taste my own love juice. Then she knelt over me and let me suck on her nipples while she played with my pussy, reaching back between her own legs.

Next, she rolled off of me and lay next to me, pulling me on top of her. I lay on her, hardly covering her voluptuous body with my child's body, but she held me tight, with her hands on my buttocks, and pressed me to her in a motherly hug and a lover's kiss.

Then she pushed me down so that my face was between her legs, and I knew what she wanted. I ran my fingers up her inner thighs, following with kisses until I reached the apex of her sex. Her pussy lips were large, and opened to my gaze much like an exotic flower. I spread the outer lips and discovered another set of thicker lips inside, which opened to a deep, juicy hole, into which I first plunged my little fingers and then let my tongue explore.

When I had my mouth well onto my mother's cunt with my tongue rolling around in and out among the lips of her vulva, I discovered at the top of her slit a little nub that stuck out from a hood like a miniature penis. This I licked at with my tongue until Mom started convulsing and writhing in what I knew must be her orgasm, since she made the same sounds I heard when Daddy was fucking her the night before.

After she lay gasping for a few minutes she drew me up to lie at her side, her arm around me, pressing me to her breast, which I eagerly resumed licking and sucking as she spoke to me. She asked me whether I had had any sexual experience with a man or boy, and I admitted that the only ones I had played with were my aunt and my cousins. She asked whether I was interested in learning about sex with a man, and I guiltily admitted to watching her and Daddy fuck. I admitted that I was fascinated by the sight of his hard cock slithering in and out of her motherly cunt.

She told me that it would be okay if I wanted to play sexual games with Daddy, but said it would be more fun if I let Daddy think he was seducing me. She told me that the next time she went out and left me with my father, I should see how he might react if I flaunted my girlish body and let him know I was interested in knowing him sexually.

But that's another story. . .still to cum (er, come!)

Love, April

Rating: 87%, Read 33833 times, Posted Apr 12, 2006

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Girl, Incest, Lesbian


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