My time with E by atrondemarjo

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Fiction | Drug, Incest

“Thank God it's Friday,” I thought to myself waiting for the last bell to ring signaling the end of a day of pure hell. I swear that high school was invented just to bore the fuck out of me. “It's good thing that's going to change tonight.”

RIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!! “About damn time I thought that bell was never going to ring,” I said out loud. I ran as fast as I could to my truck to wait for my friends. We had some business to take care of; they shortly arrived and we headed into town to see my guy. I had been buying from this guy for about four months now, and he always had good stuff. I pulled around the back of the movie theater as usual and patiently waited. I was there waiting for about fifteen minutes when my guy showed up.

“What ya need?”

“Let me get a couple dimes, and some E if you have it.”

“Shit man you know I got that shit. Cost you two hundred.”

“Damn that's high, but here ya go anyway.” He took the money and left. I started my truck up and headed home. Now the weed was for my two buddies, I got the ecstasy because it makes me feel good all weekend. I dropped off my friends and headed to the house. Now just so the rest of the story makes sense I should tell you that I always put my pills in an Altoids tin so my mom and sisters will think that's what it is.

A little background on my family; my dad left right after my sister was born; haven't heard from him since. I have one sister who is seventeen she’s 5'2” 110Lbs; she has strawberry blond hair and a 32B chest. My mother is thirty-three she’s also 5'2” about 125Lbs; she has long blond hair and 34D chest. I am eighteen 6'0” about 185Lbs; I got dad's brown hair gene.

Anyway; I walked in the front door and put my things on the coffee table like I always do, and headed to the bathroom to take my afternoon shower. Since I had to make a little detour from school today my sister got home before me; as I was walking to the bathroom I heard something coming from my sister’s room. I cracked her door a little and peaked in; she was laying on her bed naked touching herself. I don't really know why but I couldn't turn away; I stood and watched as my sister rubbed her cunt until she reached a powerful climax. As she began to cum her legs started to shake, and she moaned softly almost to the point I couldn't hear her.

I closed the door as quietly as possible and headed back to the shower. I made sure that the water was a bit on the cold side as I had produced a huge boner watching my sister masturbating. I washed up nice a fast and got dressed. When I walked back into the living room my sister was sitting on the couch watching TV. “Hey Will (My name's William)”

“Hey sis. What ya watching?”

“I don't know what it's called; it's about these two brothers who go around killing bad criminals.”

“Oh, sounds good.” I sat down on the opposite side of the couch and watched the movie with her. We just sat there watching the movie until mom came walking through the door from work.

“Hey kids,” she said.

“Hey Mom.”

“I brought us pizza home for supper. Will are you going out tonight?”

“Yeah, I was going to go to Jason's house tonight, why?”

“Oh, I was just wondering.” We sat around the living room eating our pizza and watching TV. I finished eating first so I went into my room and waited for seven o'clock to roll around so I could leave for the party me and the boys were having. Time seemed to go backwards as I lay waiting. Finally I looked up and the clock said 7:00. I jumped from my bed and dashed for the bathroom; I shaved my face and brushed my teeth, and I put on a better looking shirt.

“Bye mom. Bye Sis,” I said as I walked through the door. Jason only lived five blocks up the road; I got to his house and ran to his door and knocked. “Hey man it's me Will.”

“Come on in man,” Jason said. I ran in; he was sitting on his couch playing a video game. The strong smell of weed nearly knocked me down as I entered.

“Goddamn man,” I said. “Why didn't you wait til everyone else got here?”

“Man I just wanted a little head start that's all.” All I could was laugh. Jason was hilarious when he was stoned. People shortly started to arrive. I helped Jason put away his Xbox and moved his table to his room so it wouldn't get broken through the course of the night. I was already pretty stoned just from the contact buzz of Jason's weed; I had only want to come for one reason tonight, and that was to get fucked up on some E.

“Shit!” I said out loud.

“What?” Jason asked looking alarmed.

“I forgot my shit at the house.”

“Dude, you'd better go get it before someone finds that shit man.” Jason was starting to swagger.

“Yeah, I'll be back in ten man.” I ran back out of the door and into my truck. I drove up to the curb in front of my house and jumped out. I bolted to my front door bursting into the living room. I stopped dead in my tracks; I'm sure that if someone would have taken a picture I would have looked like a moron with his mouth hanging open in the wind. My mother was sitting on the couch completely naked, and my sister was on her knees on the floor eating my mother's pussy. I was in shock; I mean what the fuck was going on. I finally got a hold of myself and walked over to the couch. “What in the hell are y'all doing?” I asked. My mother looked over her shoulder and my sister looked up from my mother’s wet cunt; her face covered in mom's juices.

“Hey, Will; we were just watching TV when I found your mints. We both took one and your sister told me how she let you watch her cum this afternoon. Well before you know it I had taken off my clothes and she started to tub on my pussy and suck my tits,” my mother said.

“Oh fuck!” I thought to myself. They had taken my ecstasy; and to boot my sister had saw me this afternoon watching her masturbating. I was freaking out; how could I have been so stupid. I hadn't noticed while I was thinking to myself, but my sister had started eating out my mom again. I said nothing I just stood there staring at mom getting ready to cum as my sister licked her swollen clit. If felt has if I was in a dream unable to wake; I thought about it for what seemed like ages. I finally decided: “What the hell, I'm going to make the most of this.” I reached down to the table and grabbed my tin of pills; I opened it and shot one down my throat. Knowing that it would not take long I kneeled on the floor. “You mind if I step in sis?” I asked.

'Mmmmmm no, I want to watch you suck mom's juices out of her slick cunt.” My sister stepped out of the way and climbed onto the couch. I ran my hands down mom’s body twisting her nipples as I passed her breasts. I kissed her stomach making my way down to her slit. I started to slowly lick her clit; first just up and down and then I made tiny circles with my tongue before I sucked it in between my lips. Mom started to moan. She grabbed me by the head and pulled me into her.

“Ohhhh yesssss baby; eat mommy's pussy. Make your mommy cum,” She said as my tongue entered her. It was not long before she was all but fucking my face. Her hips were moving up and down rubbing her clit on my nose each time they did. My sister started rubbing and sucking mom's tits while I continued to eat her bald pussy. “Ohhhhh baby mommy's going to cum, Will I'm...I'm...I'm...cummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg.” My mother unloaded onto my face; squirting her warm juices down my throat. She sat there a moment after unleashing her cum before she said “Let's go to my bed kids so it will be easier.” She took us both by the hand and lead us to the master bedroom.

My sister sat on the bed and began to play with her pussy. My mother was right behind her; she laid on the bed and started to eat my sister out. I did not want to miss anything so I took off my clothes and got behind my mother. Now at by this time I had a massive erection again and a came up, grabbed my mother’s hips and rammed my dick into her from behind. All of were moaning; each one getting intense pleasure from the other. “Mom, it's my turn to get fucked,” my sister said. My mother said nothing; she pulled away from me and straddled my sister’s face. I climbed up to my sister and slowly sank into her young hole. She was so tight I almost nutted the second I entered her, but I held onto it and began to fuck my sister as she ate my mom once again. My mother was facing me as Amanda ate her cunt: I could see the look of pure pleasure on her face as she started to cum again this time on my sister’s face.

The sight of my sisters soaked face and hair made my dick grow even bigger; I knew I was about to cum. I started shoving harder and faster into my little sister's tight pussy; each stock bringing my cum closer to the surface. I was past the point of no return. My sister and I climaxed at the exact same time. “Ohhhhh, Will cum in my pussy. Cum in your little sisters hole!”

“Ohhhhh...Shit Amanda I'm Cumming!” I shot load after load into my sisters deep wetness, burst after burst filling her with my cum. I quickly collapsed from the pleasure onto my sister. I rolled over and lay on my back; Mom got in between us holding us each in her arms. My sister looked at me and I knew what she wanted to do. We both started rubbing mom's tits and pussy. She soon came for a third time.

I knew that soon the E we had all taken would wear off and we would once again be our normal selves. I couldn't help but think about what the morning would bring. I laid there in my mother’s naked arms and soon fell asleep. I guess we would just have to find out what would happen in the morning.

Rating: 80%, Read 30223 times, Posted Oct 05, 2011

Fiction | Drug, Incest


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