Jakob and Jessie, Part 5 by senorlongo

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Chapter 1

Jakob leaned against the door as he watched Jessie drive the truck, her long slender fingers wrapped easily around the wheel. He was lost in thought, mostly recalling their last night in the Webster farm before leaving for college. He had come in late from his last job—harvesting 1500 acres of feed corn. The ground had been unusually rough, possibly a result of the long drought, and the ensuing vibrations had tired him terribly. He was surprised that the house was mostly dark—it was only just past nine and the sun had set about a half hour earlier. He expected Jessie to be watching TV or reading, or maybe even catching some porn on the internet. He trudged into the outdoor shower, adjusted the water and reached for the soap. That’s when Jessie surprised him.

“Oh, my poor Jakob, you look so tired,” she exclaimed, “let me do that for you.” She reached for the soap even as her robe was falling to the ground. She was naked under the robe so she joined her husband in the warm water. She reached up to kiss him, holding his head with her hand, as the other started to clean his chest. When she broke the kiss she worked the soap all over him—front and back—starting at his neck and moving down. She jumped from his stomach to his legs, deliberately leaving his cock and balls for last. It was all part of her plan. Finally, she turned her attention to Jakob’s groin. She laved his balls, taking care to rub them gently. In the process she noticed his huge cock rising and hardening, starting at six o’clock and moving up to eight—and she hadn’t even touched it yet! When she reached out with a single finger, just stroking the underside of his shaft, Jakob’s cock jumped three inches. Jessie could see the veins bulging and the arteries pulsing as it became engorged. In only a moment his cock reached its maximum size and pointed skyward. Jessie cleaned it carefully and rinsed it clean before kneeling to take it into her mouth. “Are you up to a surprise?” she asked, temporarily moving the hot dick from her mouth.

“Jessie, I’m really tired. I don’t know if I can handle fucking you tonight.”

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind. I thought I’d fuck you for a change.” Jakob looked at her, perplexed, not exactly following her.

“What’s the difference?” he asked.

‘You’ll see, but I’m betting you’re really going to enjoy it.” She turned off the shower, dried the two of them and led Jakob, still naked, into the bedroom. The workmen had done an excellent job. You couldn’t tell that anything had happened there. It looked exactly as it had prior to her father’s attack other than new paint. Jakob noticed the candles infusing the room with a soft yellow light. Jessie led him to the bed, lying him down right at the edge so his feet dangled down to the floor. The first clue that something different was about to happen was when Jessie tore open a condom wrapper. “Uh, aren’t you still on the pill?”

‘Yes, sweetie, I’m still on it. This isn’t for YOUR cock; it’s for MY cock.”

“Huh?” Jakob thought, but knowing Jessie was all about pleasuring him he figured he’d just go along. “OK, now I’m ready,” Jessie said, “all you have to do is lie there and I’ll do all the work. You know how I love your cock in my ass? It feels soooooo good. I thought you’d enjoy it just as much as I do so I bought this vibrator. The condom’s for it. Now you just relax.” She put Jakob’s legs on her shoulders as she pushed her lubed finger into his butt. “Oooooh, Jessie, when you’re right you’re right. That does feel good.”

“Just wait, it’s going to get better—much better.” She slid a second finger into him. It was easy—her fingers were strong but slender, but when she inserted a third she started to meet some resistance from his anus. Jessie poured more lube onto her fingers and shoved them into his butt. When she thought he was ready she pushed the vibrator into him. It was an inch and a half in diameter but with a lubricated condom covering it the entry was relatively easy. Jessie turned it on and watched Jakob respond. “Oh…my…God!” He writhed on the bed as Jessie pumped the vibrator into his ass. But when Jessie grabbed his cock and stroked it Jakob calmed down. “That’s it,” Jessie said, “just relax and let me take care of you. I can see I was right about fucking your ass, now let’s see if I can take care of your cock, too.” She tightened her fingers around Jakob’s thick organ and pumped her hand up and down, increasing her pace as well as the wonderful sensations pulsing from his cock all through Jakob’s body. She had jerked him for about six minutes when she noticed Jakob stiffen. She knew from experience that he was close. She moved the vibe in and out with her left hand while quickening her pace with her right on Jakob’s dick. When Jakob raised his hips Jessie leaned forward, positioning her mouth directly over his cock head. The first eruption caught her by surprise but she still managed to swallow almost all of it. The remaining streams of cum jetted directly into her throat en route to her stomach. When he had exhausted his orgasm Jessie leaned down and cleaned the remaining cum from his cock. She removed the vibe from his ass and pulled him into the bed covering him with the blankets first and then her slender body. They drifted into a sweet sleep intertwined with each other.

The next morning they woke refreshed. After breakfast Jakob packed the truck while Jessie finished up cleaning the farmhouse. When the bedding had been washed and dried they were ready to go. Jakob drove to say good bye to his parents and then to Jessie’s mom. They knew the parents would visit them at school soon. Now when Jakob went to drive Jessie stood in his way. “Don’t you think I should get some experience driving the truck? I may have to use it while you’re in class sometime. I’ve never driven it.” Jakob knew better than to argue with Jessie so he turned over the keys and headed for the passenger door. Now he was about to hear from Jessie again.

“Jakob, honey, where do I sit when you’re driving?”

“Uhh… right next to me.”

“Then, why are you on the other side of the truck?” Jakob had no answer so he opened his seat belt and slid over next to his wife. “That’s better,” Jessie exclaimed as she moved her hand to Jakob’s belt.

“What are you doing, Jessie?” Jacob exclaimed nervously.

“Multitasking,” she replied. “We’re on the interstate; there’s no traffic, and I’m on cruise control so it’s perfectly safe for me to do something else while I’m driving. You just sit there and enjoy.” She opened and unzipped his shorts, reaching in for his flaccid cock. OK, it was flaccid when she started but it was growing swiftly as she extracted it from his boxers. Jakob watched as Jessie once again opened a condom, this time with her teeth. “I don’t want to make a mess,” she said as she slid the condom over his erection. “Ummm, this is going to be such fun,” she said as she started to jerk him off. Jakob couldn’t watch. He closed his eyes as his cock became the center of his universe. “Please don’t hit anything. I don’t know how we’d explain this to the cops or the insurance company.”

“Don’t worry, I have everything under control—especially your beautiful cock. Just think of it as my thanking you once again. Remember what I told you—I will be thanking you for the rest of my life.” She was referring to their wedding night when Jakob had saved her from a certain death at the hands of her father. This was Jessie’s excuse for having a ton of sex, as if Jakob would ever object. Jessie began now in earnest to stroke his cock. The condom was slippery but the pressure of Jessie’s fingers worked their magic on Jakob. It was only a few minutes of hard jerking before he spurted into the condom five thick streams of hot white cum. Jakob‘s chest was heaving as he came down from his orgasm. He leaned over and kissed Jessie on the cheek. “Thanks… how’d you know…I needed that?”

“That’s my job—taking care of you. Remember?” Jessie smiled slyly, implying that there was much more to come.

Chapter 2

By the time they had arrived at their cottage Jessie was fully familiar with the truck. She pulled right up to the front door. Together they carried their belongings in, having carefully identified each box beforehand. It only took about fifteen minutes to carry, but much longer to unpack, make the bed, set up the bathroom, kitchen, and their study room. By the time they were done it was almost time for dinner. They went out to a family restaurant, ever aware of the limits of their resources. The waitress showed them to a booth. Jakob assumed he would sit on one side and Jessie on the other but when he sat on the bench Jessie squirmed in next to him, forcing him against the wall. Jakob looked surprised but when he peeked at Jessie he saw that same sly grin on her face. He knew his cock would be exposed momentarily. Jessie spread a napkin across Jakob’s lap then reached under to pull his zipper down. It was only a second—faster than Jakob could react—that her hand was all over his rapidly swelling penis. One thing for sure—life with Jessie was never dull. Slowly she stroked his enormous tool while she studied the menu. When the waitress returned she took one look and a big smile broke out on her face. “Newlyweds, eh?” she asked. When Jessie nodded she took their order and left saying, “Try not to make too much mess, will you? I’ll have to clean it up.” Jakob was so embarrassed…but Jessie laughed, kissed his neck, and continued her slow sinuous stroking. She tightened her grip but kept the same slow pace, allowing the pressure to increase at a controlled rate. When the waitress brought their salads she also brought some extra napkins, giving Jessie a knowing glance. Jessie meant business now, increasing her pace and the pressure on Jakob. Faster and faster her hand moved up and down his shaft. Jakob was afraid everyone would notice what was happening but Jessie managed to keep her hand movements under the table. Jakob could feel it rising. He gripped Jessie’s arm. “Jessssssssieeeeeeeee,” he whispered as he started to shoot his hot load into the napkin. Again and again he shot until the napkin was saturated. Jessie cleaned up the napkin and licked the remaining cum from her fingers. “Yum,” she said to her lover, “they have wonderful appetizers here, don’t they?” She grinned as she started on her salad. Jakob was sure he was scarlet with embarrassment but he figured it was something he would have to get used to—Jessie was certainly worth it, so long as they didn’t get arrested. After dinner they went to a supermarket for supplies. Orientation for freshmen began at nine o’clock tomorrow.

When they had finished with the groceries and other supplies they made ready for bed. Jessie joined Jakob in the small shower, squeezing together as they figured out how to wash each other. Eventually they were done and, sure enough, Jakob exited with a massive erection. Jessie had worked her magic once again. After jerking him off three times in the last twenty four hours she thought he’d be down for some serious fucking—and she was right! “Let me see,” Jakob pondered, “Last night you took care of me, and this morning, and just earlier at dinner. So it must be my turn to take care of you.”

“I have a better idea—let’s take care of each other!” She jumped onto the bed the first time they’d had a chance to use it. “I think we need to break this in right, don’t you?” She laughed as she reached for Jakob’s hand. He fell onto the bed next to her, pulling her into an embrace. He ran his hands over her smooth soft skin, spending extra time squeezing her firm ass. Jessie leaned in to initiate a kiss, her tongue snaking its way into Jakob’s mouth where it met and dueled with his. Jessie moved Jakob’s hands to her breasts, encouraging him to massage them and tease her nipples. Jessie didn’t have to reach for his cock—she could feel it pressing against her abdomen. She pushed it down where it would rub her pussy. She could feel the heat it emanated as if filled with hot blood. She gasped when it pulsed against her swollen clit. This spurred her to kiss with even greater ferocity. Her desire evolved rapidly to need. She needed Jakob and she needed him now. “Take me, Jakob—take me now. Please, Jakob, fuck me. I need you so badly.”

Jakob twisted until he was over her, his legs between her knees. He rubbed his cock, now wet with pre-cum, over her slit. Lifting his tip he pressed against her clit, finding it hard and hot. He rubbed his shaft over it, preparing Jessie’s body for his sexual assault. He pulled back slightly before pushing gently into her. “Jakob…harder, please; I need it hard tonight,” Jessie pleaded. Jakob now forced his way into her eager cunt. He increased his pace as he increased his pressure. Jessie raised her legs over his shoulders so he would ram deeply into her—hopefully all the way into her womb. Jessie wanted Jakob’s baby more than anything, but she had promised and she would never betray the person she loved more than anything. However, that didn’t mean she couldn’t practice for the time she would gladly conceive.

Jakob set a rapid pace for their fucking. He had cum twice today so he would have even more stamina than usual. He’d use that to bring Jessie to several orgasms if he could. Jessie started to match his thrusts with her own. With every thrust she pushed her clit into Jakob’s pubic hair and bone. She was really horny tonight and it wasn’t going to take long for her to get off. She started to shake and her movements became erratic; she moaned non-stop until it hit her. She shook all over as Jakob continued to plow into her. She rested afterwards but still Jakob fucked her hard. “C’mon, Jessie, you can do better that that. Let’s have another before I cum. C’mon.” He lowered his head to kiss her, something she avidly welcomed as she once again began to grind her clit into him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed, increasing the pressure on her clit. She was rubbing it hard—really, really hard when it hit her with sudden force. She screamed as the orgasm sped through her body in a gigantic wave. This was all Jakob needed to push him over the top. He arched his back as stream after stream of milky cum jetted from his cock into Jessie’s silky tunnel. Jakob had rarely cum so forcefully or so much. It leaked from Jessie’s cunt even though it was tightly plugged with his cock. Jessie ran her hand over her cunt, sweeping up any cum she could find into her mouth. “Delicious! Reminds me of an appetizer I had earlier tonight. I want to clean your cock. I want to drink all your yummy cum.” Jakob pulled out of Jessie and moved up so she could suck up all of his spare cum. He loved the feeling of Jessie’s tongue on his cock. She engulfed his cock deep into her mouth, and when he next saw it, it was immaculate. Jakob and Jessie lay exhausted but totally satisfied in each other’s arms, too tired to worry about blankets. It was only a last minute thought that led Jakob to set the alarm before they both fell asleep.

Chapter 3

They rose early the following morning, showered together, promising each other some fantastic sex later on then sat at their table for breakfast. It was only corn flakes with sliced banana and milk, orange juice and some toast but it was plenty to start their day. They had to register today and they were scheduled for a tour of the huge campus. Jessie drove to campus, parking in the gym lot where they walked to register and pay their tuition bills. They were a bit annoyed to find that their schedules were already completed and that they had no classes together. They went together to the English department and managed a change so they’d be together at least in one class. They were taking different math classes and languages so that was all they could hope for.

Satisfied, they left for their campus tour. Everything went OK until a male guide tried to separate Jessie from her assigned group to one he was leading. He even went so far as to put his hand on Jessie’s firm ass. That’s when Jessie turned and slugged him—right in the mouth. “Only one person puts his hand on my ass—and you’re not him,” she said pointing at the bleeding guide. Jessie turned back to her group restraining Jakob from causing further damage to the shocked man. Loudly enough for everyone to hear she told her husband, “Relax, Jakob, I took care of that asshole. You’ll just get into trouble if you hurt him more.” Jessie stood close to Jakob, her hand circling his arm, squeezing his bicep. “I love you,” she whispered as she kissed his cheek. She turned, glowering at the unfortunate guide who was dabbing his bloody red lip with a handkerchief. Then they left on their tour. They had been given freshman handbooks with a campus map. They wanted to know where all their classes would be held, the location of the bookstore, and, most importantly, how to find the student union. They returned to the cottage in early afternoon and they were hungry—for each other. But first Jakob went to the fridge for some ice. He’d noticed how red and swollen Jessie’s hand was from the punch. Tenderly he applied the ice bag to her hand. “Remind me to duck if you ever swing at me,” he said jokingly. Jessie responded with an elbow to his ribs, but she did it with a smile on her face.

“That asshole doesn’t know how lucky he is. If I hadn’t hit him you probably would have killed him. The nerve of that jerk—I don’t believe they let idiots like that run tours. I wonder how many other girls had to put up with that crap.” Jessie was really pissed and Jakob knew what that meant—great sex ahead!

He led Jessie to the bedroom, but once there Jessie took over. She practically ripped Jakob’s clothes from his body. Only some fast work saved his shirt as Jessie attacked him in a sexual frenzy. Fortunately his shorts were of sturdier construction. All the same she literally pulled them from his body as she pushed him onto the bed. Jakob loved her when she was like this. She jumped on him, pinning him down as she brought her mouth to his lips. She kissed him with a ferocity she had rarely exhibited, her tongue pushing into Jakob’s as she gripped his head pulling it to her. She writhed over his body, pushing herself over his rapidly growing cock. Now it was her turn to lose the clothes. She whipped her top over her head, rapidly followed by her bra. Shorts and thong followed, flying into the air. Now naked she rubbed her entire body over her husband. When he was fully erect she lowered herself onto his rock hard cock, thoroughly enjoying the stretching of her vaginal muscles by Jakob’s huge organ. Normally she would rock in this position but today she wanted something different. She turned one hundred and eighty degrees so she faced away from Jakob. She leaned forward, exposing her ripe ass to her lover. “Push your finger into my ass. Fuck me with your finger. I want it hard in both holes. That’s H…A…R…D! Jakob complied, licking his middle finger before forcing it into her anus. He rubbed the thin membrane between her ass and cunt. He could feel his hard cock sliding into and out of her as she rotated her hips and rose almost off him. In this position the thickness of his cock forced itself against her G-spot. Combining that with the pressure in her ass made her totally fucking hot—delirious with rapture. Faster and faster she maneuvered Jakob’s man meat in her cunt; harder and harder the pressure on her G-spot increased until she exploded in orgasmic ecstasy, almost fainting in the process. When she fell forward Jakob blew load after load into her, the last rope spurting onto her back as his dick was forced from her cunt. They both laughed at the sight of his cum all over her back and ass. Jessie turned sticking out her tongue to lick the dripping cum from Jakob’s cock. She took his entire organ into her mouth while she tenderly cleaned it of his cum and her juices. When she was done she carefully removed as much cum as possible from her ass and back, licking her fingers clean. Finished, she looked at Jakob and grinned, “You always know what I need, don’t you?”

“Did you mean the ice pack? I think you dropped it in the hall.” Jessie jumped up and into his arms. They rolled on the bed until she was once again on top of him. She held his head, “No wonder I love you so much. You can make any situation funny, even one like this.” She kissed him, softly this time—a kiss of love, not lust. When Jakob broke the kiss he looked again at Jessie’s hand. “You’re going to need more ice, I’m afraid, and you missed one critical point. It’s easy to make light of a serious situation when your lover has just finished fucking the living daylights out of you.” He looked straight at Jessie until she couldn’t help herself. She broke out laughing and Jakob joined her. They hugged each other until they had recovered.

Chapter 4

They drove to the Home Depot and bought a gas grill—a Weber just like the one his parents had at home. He recalled his dad telling him how much better it grilled than the cheaper brands. He had it put together just before dinner so he was able to cook some chicken for the two of them. After dinner they set up their laptops and organized their weekly schedules, finding the times when they would both be free. Then they prepared for bed.

Neither Jakob nor Jessie had any use for pajamas. They slept in the raw. Jessie loved the way Jakob felt—his hard muscles just below his skin, the hair on his chest and arms, the roughness of his hands. Jakob loved everything about Jessie—the smooth skin, her long slender legs, her firm ass, and those glorious globes on her chest. They were large but extremely firm with a one-inch space between them. When Jessie leaned on Jakob in bed her breasts pushed into Jakob’s side and chest. There was no feeling better than that other than when she used that marvelous body to please him. So it was that they went to bed naked, as usual. Jakob lay on his left side, Jessie on her right completely encircled by Jakob’s strong arms. “I love you,” whispered Jakob as he did every night and again every morning. Jessie just kissed him and snuggled closer.

The following morning they were scheduled to take placement tests—E nglish, math, and language. Jakob was a math whiz and had always done very well in English. Jessie was going to major in French, her strongest subject. The tests were an hour each, starting at 8:30 and ending at noon. Thanks to computers the results would be available in only a few hours, accessible on the University website. They went to the student union and bought lunch, expecting it to be crowded, but realized that most of the other students would eat in one of the many cafeterias in their dorms. After lunch they were photographed for their student ID’s which doubled as library cards. Using a library computer they checked their test results. As expected, Jakob had scored well in both math and English and Jessie in French. This meant that their schedules would have to be completely re-done to put them in higher level classes. All their work to get English class together was for naught. Now Jakob would be able to skip English 101 which Jessie was required to take.

They were down but resigned when they returned to their cottage later that afternoon. “OK,” Jessie said, “no classes together but we’ll be together every other minute. That’ll have to do.”

“It’s no big deal, you’re right. We’ll still see each other when we’re not in class and, of course, we will be sleeping together.”

“Well, duh!” Jessie retorted. “I certainly hope so. My only concern as we start school is that we won’t be able to fuck as often as we have all summer.”

“I don’t see why we couldn’t. After all I was working long hours all summer, sometimes as long as 15 hours a day, and how often were we able to get together? Plenty! We’ll have plenty of time, you watch and see. And speaking about fucking, how about right now?”

“If we do it’ll have to be a fast one. I need time to get ready for the big mixer tonight.”

“Huh? Why would we want to go?”

“To mix, of course—to meet people. We’ll be together, of course, but I want to meet other people, too, don’t you?”

“All that’s going to happen is you’ll be surrounded by a load of guys who are just going to get me royally pissed, just like that idiot yesterday morning.”

Jessie moved right up in front of him, holding his head in one hand while she hugged him with the other. “Jakob,” she said looking him straight in the eyes, “You have to learn to trust me. I know that a lot of guys will be attracted to this body, but it belongs to you…and only you. What happened to the jerk yesterday? Huh? I can’t stop men from trying to pick me up but I promise you that I am going to ignore them. I love you and only you.”

Jakob hung his head. “OK,” he said reluctantly, but deep inside he felt that the mixer was a mistake. They ate their dinner quietly. It was their first argument, but obviously not their last. How they dealt with it would tell a lot about their future together. They showered together; Jessie shaved his balls and around his cock as she did daily and Jakob did the same for her pussy, kissing it several times to let Jessie know that he wasn’t really angry with her. They dressed in what they considered appropriate garb—Jessie in a skirt and blouse, stockings and low heels; Jakob in a blazer and slacks, along with brown penny loafers, the only non-work shoes he owned. They climbed into the truck and off they went, arriving at the gym only minutes prior to the start of the dance.

Jakob had to laugh. It was more like a junior high dance with the boys on one side of the gym and the girls on the other. If it weren’t for the free Cokes and chips, and Jessie, of course, he would have gone home then and there. Instead, he led Jessie into the cavernous building. They stopped at a small grouping of chairs. Jessie sat while Jakob went to get some Cokes. As he turned he noticed a group of five guys around his wife. She was being polite, talking to them, but he could see she wasn’t flirting or encouraging any of them. Jakob walked slowly to the group. “Excuse me,” he said as he made his way through to Jessie. He handed her a Coke and as he did so Jessie thanked him.

“I’d like you to meet my husband Jakob,” she announced to the boys around her. They were polite but Jakob could read the disappointment on their faces. After shaking his hand they all turned away in search of easier prey. “I told you that you had nothing to worry about,” Jessie said quietly as she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. They danced several times, Jessie turning down invitations to dance with others. Several hours into the mixer Jakob again went for refreshments. This time he was met at the table by a gorgeous female student. She was tall like Jessie but much curvier, especially in the hips. She had a well developed womanly body. Moving right into his body she said, “Hi, I’m Sandy! And you are…?”

Jakob was somewhat taken aback at how forward she was, but recalling how he and Jessie had gotten together on the senior trip he guessed maybe it was normal these days. “Uhh…Jakob, with a ‘K’ not a ‘C.’”

“Well, hello there, Jakob with a ‘K.’” She smiled up to him, moving her hand shielded from the other students up the side of his leg to his hip. “I’ll bet you got something special in there, don’t you?” Jakob was unable to speak. He looked over her head for Jessie but saw she was occupied with another small group of boys. When she finally looked his way she just smiled before returning to her conversation. It was going to be up to Jakob to extricate himself from this aggressive female. “Uhhh,” he stammered,” uhh, …I…uhh…I’m married.” He literally ran away beck to the safety of his loving wife.

About a half hour later Jessie announced that she needed the ladies room. When she entered she found the same girl combing her hair. Jessie rarely missed things and she had seen the girl with her husband and going into the ladies room. That gave birth to an interesting idea. “He has a really big cock, you know.” she said walking up to the girl.

“Huh? What? Who are you talking about?”

“You know… Jakob. It must be at least nine inches long and I can barely get my hand around it,” she said while forming her hand in an open circle. “I bet you’d really like it with him.”

“Yeah, it’s always those strong silent types who are the best in bed, but I must have scared him. He ran away mumbling something about being married. Can you believe that?”

“Sure, for one thing he doesn’t have a lot of experience with women and for another, I’m his wife.” Sandy stood there open-mouthed, never expecting the direction this conversation was taking. “You’re right, though—he is great in bed,” Jessie continued. “He has a huge cock. Sometimes I can’t even get my hand around it. How’d you like to fuck him?”

Sandy couldn’t believe her ears. “Didn’t you say you were his wife? Why would you let him fuck me?”

“Well, I let three of my friends fuck him when we first got together. It was a blast watching, but to answer your question, he has a birthday coming up next weekend and I’d like to do something special for him—like fucking the two of us. It’ll probably be your only chance, believe me. Jakob is a real straight arrow. He’ll never cheat on me, just like I’ll never cheat on him. Of course, the fact that we fuck two or three times a day helps a lot. So, what do you think? Want to join the fun?”

“Hmmm,” Sandy thought aloud, “a threesome, eh? Isn’t that every man’s dream? Tell me-- ever eaten pussy?”

“No,” Jessie replied, “but I lick my fingers after sticking them up my cunt and I’m not averse to the idea.” Sandy saw that they were alone so she grabbed Jessie’s hand and pulled her into the handicapped stall. She put Jessie’s foot on the commode then, reaching under her skirt, felt for her pussy. “Damn, we haven’t even done anything and you’re soaking wet.” Pushing her fingers under Jessie’s thong she explored her cunt, putting two fingers into her tunnel. She savored the taste in her mouth, closing her eyes to concentrate on the flavor. “Taste great, too. Why not? It sounds like a lot of fun and you’re sure his cock is that big?”

“Yes, I am and for the two of us it’ll probably be even bigger. How’s Saturday night for you? We have a place about a mile from campus and I could pick you up. You could even stay overnight if you want.” The two young women talked now in earnest, planning Jakob’s big surprise. By the time Jessie returned to Jakob it was all set.

“Holy cow,” Jakob remarked, “I thought you had fallen in. What took you so long?”

“Oh, nothing much,” she replied, “I just met another French major and we were talking. I lost track of the time, sorry. Let’s go home. You were right. This was a bad idea.” She took Jakob’s hand and led him from the building.

Chapter 5

The rest of the week passed quickly. There were activities during the day and they fucked each other silly every night. Finally Saturday arrived. Jessie suggested they clean the cottage and Jakob borrowed a mower to trim up the lawn. They finished just before noon. Jakob lit the Weber in preparation for lunch, planning on cooking up some hot dogs. After lunch Jessie was antsy. She made a call on her cell phone then asked if she could use the truck. Jakob just handed her the keys. “Want me to come with you?”

“NO!” she stated firmly as she left. Jakob was left perplexed. About an hour later Jessie returned. “Jakob, honey, I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes and put on this blindfold.” She walked into the living room and when she was sure Jakob couldn’t see she led Sandy to their bedroom, tiptoeing all the way. Sandy hurriedly removed her clothes then lay back on the bed, her large pendulous breasts hanging down the sides of her body, her reddish brown pubic hair trimmed to a downward pointing arrow. Where Jessie was hot and slender Sandy’s body was hot and lush—heavier than Jessie but certainly not fat, just womanly. She lounged on the bed eagerly anticipating the session that was to come. In only a few minutes Jessie led Jakob to the room. She had removed their clothing, promising Jakob some really fine fucking in the process. When they had entered the room, Jakob’s eyes still covered, she rubbed against him, her breasts pressing against his stomach. “Happy birthday, Jakob, I love you.” Then she kissed him a long deep and passionate kiss. Jakob removed the blindfold and opened his eyes, shocked to see the other woman in their bed. “Shh,” Jessie told him. “This is for you—both of us for you to use, and maybe if we’re lucky, to abuse, too.” She giggled as she said it. Sandy rose from the bed and joined them in a group hug. She reached down to grasp Jakob’s cock. “Mmmmm,” she cooed, “I can see you didn’t exaggerate, Jessie. This fucking thing is HUGE! I can’t wait to get it in my pussy. I just hope I can fit it into my mouth.”

Sandy kissed Jakob, forcing her tongue into his mouth. It took a while but Jakob eventually returned the kiss with a fervor he usually reserved for Jessie alone. He took one of Sandy’s DD breasts into his hand, massaging it roughly. He twisted and pinched her nipples. While he was doing this Jessie had sunk to her knees to take him into her mouth. Sandy knew something was up when Jakob moaned into her mouth. When she tried to re-grip his stone-like organ she found Jessie’s head instead. She sank to her knees to share this magnificent man meat. Jessie pulled off the cock so they could share—each of them on a side, licking and kissing Jakob’s cock while kissing each other from time to time. They pushed Jakob back to the bed. Sandy engulfed his cock while Jessie sucked his balls into her mouth. Sandy’s hands found their way to Jessie’s breasts and cunt. She fingered her cunt fervently while she massaged her firm breasts, teasing her nipples. Jessie jumped onto the bed and shoved her hot pussy into Jakob’s mouth. She pulled Sandy up so she could sample her pussy. Sandy stood over Jessie; her cunt was delectably dripping with juice. Jessie lapped up every drop she could but she was unable to keep up with the flow. When she removed her head from Sandy’s cunt Sandy took the initiative to slide it onto Jakob’s hot hard dick. “OH, FUCK!” she screamed, “this fucking thing is going to kill me.” Her muscles were stretched more than ever before and Sandy was an accomplished fucker, with dozens of notches in her belt. It was slow going but eventually she managed to engulf all of Jakob’s tool. She began to rock, slowly at first, while Jessie sat on Jakob’s mouth, turning so she and Sandy faced each other. She leaned forward and Sandy took the hint, leaning forward to complete the kiss. Jakob was in Heaven, sucking on Jessie’s pussy was one of his very favorite activities and fucking Sandy at the same time was more than he could hope for. Sandy was tight—not as tight as Jessie-- but tight. Even with her juices flowing like water there was still plenty of friction to move him along. He reached up—one hand to Jessie’s breast, the other to Sandy’s. Her breasts were larger than Jessie’s but not as firm. All in all he preferred his wife’s.

As if by signal Sandy pulled herself up and off his cock, only to be immediately replaced by Jessie. She slid his gooey cock into her cunt, groaning as she did. She rocked him for several minutes, increasing in speed and intensity as she did. Suddenly, she jumped up, spun around, and lowered her ass onto his rod. Now she was able to lie back, supporting her body on her legs as she exposed her cunt, just what Sandy was waiting for. She moved between Jakob’s legs. With one hand she fondled and massaged his balls, with the other she penetrated his asshole and fucked him with her finger. Her mouth, however, headed right for Jessie’s sloppy cunt. Her cunt was covered in fuck juice, dripping onto Jakob’s groin. Sandy dove in with a vengeance lapping up every drop of her essence. Sandy found Jessie’s cunt delicious in the ladies room so she anticipated more of the same now. She didn’t plan on dealing with Jakob’s precum which was mixed throughout Jessie’s fluids. Sandy found that she loved the extra flavor it provided.

“Jesssssssssieeeeeeeee,” Jakob growled, signaling the arrival of his orgasm. She jumped off of him and positioned her mouth near his cock head. Sandy joined her, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jakob’s hot semen. Together the two women jerked his giant tool until his hips bucked. He shot his first load almost three feet into the air. Jessie moved quickly and caught most of it in her mouth—the rest falling onto her face. Sandy’s mouth caught the second thick rope, and while she swallowed, Jessie caught the third. They alternated until Jakob was spent then they worked together to clean his cock. Then Sandy licked the cum from Jessie’s face. Jakob lay back to rest and recover. “What about you two?” he asked. “Aren’t you going to cum?”

Jessie and Sandy looked at each other then Sandy said, I’ll take the bottom.” She went onto her back while Jessie moved to 69 her new friend. Willingly—with gusto—they attacked each other’s cunt, tongue fucking each other and licking, nibbling, and sucking their partner’s clit. Jakob found himself thoroughly enjoying his present, even after cumming. Both women were so hot from their preliminaries that they were ready to cum soon—too soon by Jessie’s reckoning. They came together, shaking and writhing all over each other before collapsing on either side of Jakob. They smiled at each other and winked before cuddling next to Jakob for a brief nap. The scene would be repeated again before dinner, twice during the evening and several times tomorrow. When it was over Jessie was thinking they had to do this again; Jakob was wondering how to tell Jessie his birthday was still three months away.

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