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Fantasy | Asian, BDSM, Bestiality, Domination, Humiliation, Submission


I am a not professional writer I write, or try, because I like to share fantasies with other likeminded people. So if the university professors who mark students papers see ‘ , : are missing please…my girlfriend is a Thai lady and has done her best and she has asked to me to point this out to the readers.

She hopes you enjoy this fantasy.

This is a story about an unusual happening in a swimming hole in when I was on holiday. I decided to go for out for the day by myself and...Well it turned out to be a day like I’ve never experienced before. I am a Thai girl and English not so good but I like sun and wanted to swim and when I get told of swimming hole I just had to go and see.

Driving to the secluded swim hole the hotel had told me about was about a 1 hour drive and I was guaranteed privacy because it was also a 30 minute comfortable walk after you arrived.

I was away because my boyfriend had gone overseas on business and as I was on holidays I decided to take some time off.

Arriving at the pool I was amazed at the spectacular scenery and the pool itself was divine, shaded and the water was light blue showing me the small fish swimming which I’d been told were harmless also.

There were so many colorful stones and shells in the bed I could see them as far away as maybe 10 feet in the clear water.

Having not been fucked for about 6 days which was a record for me I was as horny as a man let loose in a harem.

Dropping all my clothes on the tree trunk and lay my towel and drifted off to sleep and started thinking dirty thoughts about one night in particular.

My boyfriend and I swing regularly and this night I had wondered off by myself in the club and as usual got caught by some wandering hands, which of course is just what I wanted to start with.

I remember those particular hands very well because they belonged to a girl in the club who I fucked several days later at home in front of my boyfriend, hell I was getting horny, better go for a swim and cool off.

Ankle deep in the crystal clear water again I marveled at the scenery and the temperature of the water was just right, tepid.

SHIT I was HORNY as I groped my own breasts in their bikini top, but then again what’s new.

Wading deeper now I was up to my boobs and starting to feel relaxed as the sun shone through the shade of the overhanging trees.

WOW, look at those fish hundreds of tiny ones maybe between 2-3 inches at the most.

Sun glistening off the water thoughts of hands wandering over my body in the club, damn those hands feel good and my own hands travelled to my tits to fondle them.

It was then I realize that I wasn’t dreaming and looking down I saw hundreds and hundreds of those fish gathered around me, there so many it looked like a blanket around me they were that thick.

All those fish were rubbing against my body trying to penetrate it, so it seemed.

At first I panicked thinking they would try and bite me but after a few seconds I realized they weren’t doing any harm just rubbing against me.

Mmmm weird feeling, like someone wearing a glove and rubbing it over my body.

I had hundreds of them rubbing every inch of me under the water.

Eyes closed looking up to the sky my hands had moved under the materiel of my bikini top, I was either VERY relaxed or getting horny.

SHIT some of the fish had attached themselves to my inner thighs and seemed to be SUCKING on the flesh just like Barry does when we make love.

Imagine about 1000 or more tiny mouths sucking on your thighs and I could feel their mouths sucking and releasing the skin as they sucked just like a baby does on a nipple or the teat of a bottle!

HELL it felt very nice.

Then I felt the same feeling on my upper breasts, because my hands were under the bikini top I had opened the materiel allowing many fish to swim underneath.

Dozens of tiny mouths and lips sucking on my outer and upper breast like many babies trying to get milk.


Still holding my nipples as I wasn’t game enough to let them go, not knowing what to expect, would they bite them off or what!

The sucking on my breasts increased as more fish joined in swimming under the top joining their friends.

Now the fish down below on my thighs had moved higher slowly like they were teasing me, then my ass got hit by dozens but they were having trouble holding on because of the materiel covering my cheeks.

They were lined along the elastic of my panties. Looking down it looked like a thick black piece of cord dangling from the pants swaying in the water.

They were right under my thighs along the line of panties around my pussy and at the back near my ass, I loved to be ass fucked as much as in my hot pussy, talking of which my pussy was tingling, surly I couldn’t be getting turned on by all these tiny mouths sucking like crazy on my body.

It seemed like thousands now nudging against the materiel of my bikini bottoms trying to get at the skin underneath.

Left hand moving from my breast and now sliding under the band of my panties, FUCKING HELL I WAS getting turned on. OH MY GOD, where I had vacated my left nipple I now had several fish sucking and gently nibbling almost as if they were trying to latch onto it.

OH FUCK!!! When my hand had slid under the band of my panties a swarm of fish had seized the opportunity and beaten it to the target I was heading for.

AGHHHH! I felt my nipple was now being sucked and looking down I saw a silver fish about 2 inches long simply sucking like he was feeding from me sucking my milk like it was extremely thirsty.

Hundreds of tiny fish now wriggling and writhing under my panties squirming and swimming rubbing against my -outer pussy lips and my ass cheeks.

CHRIST it was like a thousand mouths and lips going to town licking me and sucking me. FUCKING HELL!!

Without thinking I reached up and undid my bikini top the materiel rising in the water, the same happened immediately on my breasts, they were attacked by hundreds of these writhing creatures, both nipples now being sucked and milked by two of the larger fish, dozens of others attached to the remaining flesh of my breasts.

FUCK I was in heaven, my arms floating by the side of body hundreds of fish swarming around in my panties, it actually felt like a dozen small mini vibrators going off sending shocks of pleasure through my body.

JESUS CHRIST!! Looking ahead I saw several much larger fish approaching but I was way too far gone to be scared anymore.

They swam straight up to me and two of them just stopped level with my upper body near the surface of the water.I wondered what was going to happen, I was sure something was, just a gut feeling I had.

The sensation in my panties was driving me insane my pussy was throbbing from all the movement against my pussy lips and ass and the sucking on my nipples was incredible.

NO FUCKING WAY! Several fish were pressing against my cunt lips as if they were trying to enter me this was the weirdest feeling I’d ever experienced but also the most erotic, here I was getting turned on in a swimming hole by a group of small fish.

As I was taking pleasure in the feeling of the movement against my cunt lips one of the large fish who had just arrived swam slowly closer stopping just inches away from my right breast, his tail swishing from side to side keeping him in position.

Looking closely at him he had to be about 2 feet in length and his torso was round and full and his skin was as black as coal, and another thing...his tongue was licking his lips out of a huge mouth like a dog does when very thirsty!

OH FUCK that’s the same look men give me when there’re ready to molest me in some way.

FUCK THIS I was getting as horny as fuck looking and feeling the action.

Just as I was dreaming, the big fish swam up to my breast and nudged the small fish that was sucking my nipple, letting go he swam off and the weirdest thing, my new visitor looked up at me, opened his large mouth moved closer and took a fairly big chunk of my tit in his mouth.

OH SHIT that was the biggest mouth I’d ever had around my nipples and on my breast, his large tongue was running around the areola and up and down my nipple...OH SHIT it was fucking amazing!

Just when I thought I was in heaven...NUDGE, NUDGE!!

Looking down another large fish about the same size was banging his head against my pussy still enclosed by the bikini panties which were moving with all the movement of hundreds of fish swarming around down there.

UGHHH!! The feeling against my pussy was increasing, it felt like dozens of fish were now trying….OH SHITTT! Just as I was thinking they were trying to get inside me my pussy lips had parted and what seemed like a hundred fish had swam inside my tortured cunt.

If you’ve even had one of those vibrating dildo’s that swirl as well…well this was a hundred times more fucking intense.

Hundreds of the fucking things inside me swimming around exciting the insides of my pussy it felt like hundreds of small electric zaps of electricity against every part of my vagina inside.

Again the large fish between my thighs nudged me.

I didn’t need telling twice I undid the bow on the sides of my panties loosening them; quickly another smaller fish swam in and grabbed the materiel in its mouth and was gone! Are you sure these things aren’t human I thought to myself!

Arms still floating to my side I watched as the fish on my nipple changed places with another but this one was different it was massive about 4 feet long and BIG.

Opening his mouth I could see the back of his throat easily the pink skin almost shining.

Moving quickly against me he took my whole breast in his huge mouth and swallowed the entire thing down to my chest bone!

His large rough tongue inside going around in circles teasing my nipple I have NEVER felt anything like this in my life.

Clutching my stomach I knew I was on the verge of cumming, the fish in my cunt still swimming around and the large fish was hovering at the entrance to my pussy still nudging the now naked swollen lips.

Stomach muscles twitching pussy throbbing nipples on fire …YOU FUCKING BITCH… I started cumming and at almost the same time the fish between my thighs thrust his head between the pussy lips like I was just inserting my rubber dildo.

Nothing to grab onto I just grabbed the fish pushed him in and orgasmed, screaming in delight confident no one was anywhere near me to hear me bellow in pleasure.

FUCKING BITCHES, CUNTS... I was cumming like I’d never done before the fish inside me going mental as if they sensed my orgasm, the fish on my breast was sucking like his life depended on it and head job fish has shoved about 3 inches of his fat head inside my pussy that was sending copious amounts of vaginal fluid down to meet him.

FUCKING HELL my legs were shaking like jelly I just had to get out and sit down, where I was standing was just too deep pulling the large fish out from me I nearly passed out with pure pleasure.

I had to get rid of all these fish on my cunt first so I bent down and shooed the big fish away opened my pussy letting dozens of squirming small fish out.

But then I saw them, about 6 snake like creatures black and long and about as thick as a baseball bat, maybe about 20 feet in length coming towards me fast, I turned on my heels and headed for the shore but the water being so deep slowed me down.

Knee deep in the water now I was desperate to get out, suddenly I was taken around both ankles and was stopped dead in my tracks, I thought ropes had been thrown around my legs but when I looked down I saw the snake like animals had attached themselves to my ankles and legs. Tightening but not painful I was stopped dead and I felt the pressure on my ankles pulling them apart making me fall over.

As I fell I twisted over so that I landed on my back, I wanted to see what the fuck was going on I didn’t want my back to them.

Now naked in shallow water and the snake like creatures wrapped around my ankles and legs pulling them apart gently. Resting on my elbows to get a better look I saw two around my ankles and two around my calves and another two circling me in the water.

These two looked the biggest, certainly the thickest of the group, my head was going around in circles imagining what was about to happen.

Coming around from my head this time they swam down to my lower legs and wrapped themselves around them, the first thing I noticed was the skin, it was as smooth as silk and they glided slowly upwards until they were around my mid thighs.

Both stopping mid thigh their heads were standing about 1 foot away from my thighs and their dark green eyes were shining in the clear water, the other thing I saw were the very long tongues flickering in and out of their mouths.

Their tongues were extremely long, thick and forked.

My nipples were tingling at the thought of what was about to happen it didn’t take a genius after the preceding events with the fish to come up with a scenario!

SLOWLY moving upwards they approached my pussy, tongues flicking in and out bodies still wrapped around my thighs still.

SHIT now my pussy was throbbing and my clit was swollen with the excitement of what was to come.

Gently licking the insides of my thighs their tongues were rough, just like my dogs tongue when he licks my hands and legs but not uncomfortable in the least.

Licking me slowly they crept higher, my legs opening voluntarily now in anticipation, hands on my breasts playing with my nipples, I WAS FUCKING HORNY NOW! I knew what was about to happen and I was willing it to start.

FUCKING HELL a tongue was flicking around the outer pussy lips the rough surface grazing my swollen inflamed tissue, head back resting on the sand my knee’s parted more and bent upwards so the soles of my feet were planted on the floor of the swimming hole now.

CHRIST! The other tongue was licking my inner thighs as his mate licked my lips, FUCK it felt good, the two tongues giving me pleasures I hadn’t experienced before with a man’s tongue, the feeling was quite different, AND FANTASTIC!

Breathing harder now I was in heaven letting them do their thing to my pussy.

Oh my god, I felt a gentle tugging and looking between my legs I saw one of them had taken my cunt lips in his mouth and was pulling me open to one side exposing my inner pussy lips.

Green eyes staring at me the other snake moved slowly towards the exposed pink flesh his partner had exposed to him.

Tongue flicking madly now he approached me, stopping about 2 inches from my pussy he looked at me and then flicked the tongue coming in contact with my swollen clit.


Hands grabbing the sandy bottom of the pool as I leant on my elbows still I couldn’t believe the feeling that rough tongue gave me, a man’s is smooth this was rough and added to the pleasure he was giving me.

FLICK, FLICK he started giving me flicks to my clit faster now until he was licking me almost none stop.

SHIT!! OH YEA! Twisting my nipples, I knew the signs again; I was aroused beyond belief never had I been this horny before.

Taking the backs of my legs I pulled them up to my body like I do when a man is giving me head with his mouth.

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK he was sucking my clit like my boyfriend does with his lips.

Nipples almost pulled from my tits I was going insane with pleasure.

I was about to start cumming I knew for sure, and then it happened.

Just as I started my orgasm the other snake that was holding my pussy lips open started rubbing his head against my engorged lips. Clit being sucked furiously and the other head against my cunt lips, I FELT IT!

AGHHHH! SHIT he was inside me; he’d slipped past my outer cunt lips and was now deep inside my pussy his tongue flicking the inside of my vulva and wriggling around rapidly as his mate sucked on my clit.

At some stage the snakes around my ankles had released themselves, I was unaware of this until I felt more mouths on my thighs and looking down saw my legs were free.

Still with my legs in the air I felt several tongues flicking around my anus, FUCKING HELL I was going to die with absolute pleasure.

Tongue flicking my asshole and probing gently sending me wild.

OH SHIT the head belonging to the tongue licking my asshole had just disappeared inside my rectum!

SHIT another snake had entered my pussy; I now had two of them wriggling around in my vulva while another was sucking my clit.

FUCK, CHRIST, SHIT!!! CUMMING I cried for the second time that day in a swimming hole in the middle of nowhere while snake creatures were fucking me stupid.


AGHHHH.FUCK YOU ALL!! As I had an orgasm like never before and at the mouths of eel like creatures in a swimming hole in the middle of now where.

Body shuddering legs shaking so much I had to put my feet back on the floor almost sobbing with the sheer pleasure of an orgasm like no other I’ve enjoyed and I’ve had many! I came and came and came.

I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE! I muttered to myself, I’m going to die and I won’t be able to drive home if I have any more orgasms.

Reaching down I took the two snakes in my pussy and pulled them out then standing on very shaky legs I reached behind me and pulled the snake out of my asshole and almost crawled to my towel.

Dropping on the towel and breathing a sigh of relief I felt an itching in my pussy and as I scratched it with my fingers several tiny fish fell out, scooping them up in my hands I threw them back into the water to wait for their next victim.

Drifting off to sleep on my back in the shade of a large tree with overhanging branches I felt the cool breeze wafting over my hot body sleep taking over quickly.

Stupid dreams about tongues and hot breath on my ass and rough tongues again…YUM I must admit those rough tongues are nice they give that extra edge on the sensual feeling side….

WAIT A MINUTE! That hot breath and rough tongue ARE on my ass and as I was coming out of a deep sleep I felt all the muscles in my body were like lumps of concrete, very heavy and hard to move.

Turning my head I was shocked to see a dog standing over me, he was large to say the least, bigger than a German Sheppard dog and I couldn’t make out what breed he was, one I’ve never seen before.

Panic took over and as I tried to roll over onto my knees to stand up the dog moved and stood with his two huge front paws on either side of my hips, I was trapped under him, his hot breath on my stomach and his saliva dripping over me.

THOSE EYES, again he had dark green eyes that shone as he looked at me but the thing I noticed most…HIS FUCKING COCK, he was hard and was pointing at my stomach and glistening with ….god knows what!

FUCK! He didn’t appear angry he just stood there looking down at me...then I felt it, his large rough tongue on my breast licking and slurping.

He was licking my breast around and around the outer sides not going near the nipple…SHIT are all the animals here sex mad I wondered relaxing slightly thinking, HOPEFULLY that he wanted the same as the fish and the snakes because if he was angry or wanted to harm me he’d have done it by now.

Looking down my body and between his legs all I could see was a fucking enormous dog cock throbbing and dripping and standing to attention and ready for action.

THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY that thing is going inside me I whispered to myself hoping he could understand me.

I’d heard about people fucking dogs and that when the dog gets aroused they drip cum constantly and his certainly was dripping all over my stomach and running between my thighs and down to my brown hole.

Changing to my other tit he started licking the nipple now, fuck that rough tongue was amazing, sending shivers of pleasure down my entire body, his rigid cock pressing against my stomach now I could feel how wet he was with his semen.

Moving his legs I wondered what he was doing, two legs alongside my upper body he kept licking and kissing my breast, suddenly he lay down on top of me the two legs now laying next to my torso and his other legs on the outside of my thighs.

His rock hard massive cock was resting on my stomach his heavy balls dangling between my thighs and moving up and down with his panting rubbing against my outer pussy lips which by then were almost begging for IT, ANYTHING.

His cock head was oozing cum and was pooling in my belly button it was that long and big, he didn’t seem to be in a hurry and I wondered what he was doing.

Suddenly he stopped licking my tits and re adjusted himself on my prone body, shuffling down slightly his head thrown backwards as if he was excited, like I do when I climax.

I couldn’t help it I put my arms around his torso pulling him to me…YES I was horny and turned on and wanted to go further with this!

As he moved on top of me his cock had dropped down and was now resting under my cunt between my thighs his semen soaking me even more now.

He was dry fucking me trying to get his cock inside me, I knew he wasn’t going to manage it in this position so I moved my hips and tried to give him the hint to move, all of a sudden he stood up and his magnificent cock was dangling between my legs touching my anus.

Raising my hips and pointing them to my head I reached down and took the wet slimy dog cock and it was then I realize the thickness of him…OH SHIT!!

(Web find)

Grabbing just under his balls I ran the tip of him over my cunt lips trying to get as much of his dog juice on my pussy as I could to lubricate it ready for the biggest fucking of my life, of that I was sure.

He was panting now and growling low in his throat like he knew he had won the battle and was about to get what all dogs wanted when they had found a bitch in heat, his hips thrusting now and his saliva drooling on my body.

His thrusting increased and the tip of his cock was inside me but only just, our position wasn’t god so I pushed him away from holding him so he knew I wasn’t trying to escape.

Quickly rolling over onto my stomach I looked back to see his dark green eyes shining like a star, he knew he’s won and I started raising my hips for my master like a subservient slave .

As I raised myself I felt his enormous cock resting under my body rubbing against my pussy lips as his mammoth frame stood guard trapping me under him.

Then he jumped as I was expecting him to, I felt his two front paws on my back and dry humping the air aiming for the bitches cunt that he so badly wanted to fuck.

I felt disgusted, humiliated and degraded that I was pinned under an animal of the outback with his feet on my back about to fuck the living daylights out of me…


Looking between my thighs his cock was hanging down and cum was dripping from him onto the ground his pendulous balls swinging under the swollen cock.

Moving slightly I tried to maneuver so that his cock was nearer my pussy opening, I took hold of the fallen tree just above my head were my clothes were resting for balance and reached behind me taking the thick slimy fantastic cock in my hand.

Guiding him to my begging sodden wet throbbing pussy his cock head came in contact with the opening. Moving gently back the tip entered me just a little bit.

Sensing he was about to get what he was seeking his hips began propelling forward trying in vain to submerse himself into me. Pulling myself slowly I moved both knees one step towards the tree trunk and lay my body spread eagled over it submitting myself fully to the beast as I lay over it my arms on the ground on the far side and my ass in the air, legs spread apart waiting for the master.

Then he took charge fully, he moved quickly he jumped up putting his front paws on the tree trunk next to my head and stood there for just a few seconds with his cock resting against me…THEN...AGHHHHHH, FUCKKKKKKK, SHITTTT.

I was impaled on the biggest cock in the world; initially the cock slid in easily then came the thick knobby part in the centre of his cock.

My pussy didn’t want to part and allow him to enter but the beast knew his prize was close and just rammed and thrust repeatedly until…OH MY FUCKING CHRIST, taking my breath away and my eyes almost bulging from their sockets he had slid fully inside me.

I could feel the head of his colossal gargantuan animal cock buried as far inside me as he could possibly be…IT WAS AMAZING,FUCKING SUPERB, it was hurting as he stretched me beyond anything had ever done before but was becoming more comfortable slowly.

He stood there and let out a loud animal wolf like cry telling everyone he had taken the bitch and she was his now.

I wanted fucking by the monster I wanted him to ram me hard and thrust that fucking huge cock deep inside my wanton pussy.

He didn’t disappoint me he began thrusting withdrawing every inch of him and plunging hard back into me, I was in heaven, I was moaning like a bitch in heat and he was loving it. He was growling from his belly and panting hard his saliva drooling over my back.

With every thrust he pushed my body against the harsh bark of the tree trunk, my hands against it trying to buffer myself but I could not, I could feel the skin rubbing raw as he continued fucking me.

He was standing fully upright now his huge paws on my shoulders his body thrusting into me and both his and my juices were pouring out of me down my thighs onto the sand below, I had never felt anything like this in my life but I knew one thing…I would be coming back for more …and VERY soon.

As stupid as it may seem on hindsight but at the time it felt as if he was making love to me not like an animalistic fuck, he was taking his time withdrawing and thrusting deeply with each thrust, I was in heaven, maybe when I get home if I try fucking myself with a wine bottle I may get the same feeling I was experiencing at this point in time!

Pussy tingling with those familiar feelings nipples hard, clit swollen I reached back and took a handful of his harsh rough dirty fur pulling him deeper, if he could.

He must have been aware of my arousal, I could smell animal sex and human sex in the air, I was starting to build to orgasm.

Humping my hips back against him moaning to my lover, MMMM, AGHHHH pulling him hard into me he must have sensed my urgency.

His thrusts increased with his hips speeding up, he was fucking me to orgasm now he knew it and I wanted it.

My thighs were soaking with fluids and I was shouting obscenities at him or anyone that could hear I didn’t care if the whole world was watching us at that point.

Lifting my knees of the sand I straightened them under my body the animals cock burying itself even deeper in my womb.

OHHHH SHITTTT CUMMMMING I shouted and almost at the same time he rammed me as hard as he could with all his energy forcing me back down onto my knees with the force, I thought he was going to push his cock through the roof of my mouth.

OWWWWW, SHITTTTT I screamed as I started cumming, just after I hit the peak his body moved with incredible speed fucking me like a mechanical machine propelling himself at an unbelievable speed sending me over top.


My orgasm exploding and my body jerking against his thrusts my juices spurting down his shaft and down my thighs I started crying like a child with the exhilaration and the absolute fulfillment of the orgasm this beast had given me.

At the moment my orgasm starts subsiding he thrust hard several times grunting and howling into the air his hot juices I felt spew out high in my womb and hitting my cervix.

OH FUCK! YOU WONDERFUL BEAST! I told him as I still cried the tears running down my face with sheer enjoyment.

His body resting on mine as he finished cumming his panting like that of a marathon runner, I could still feel hic cock pulsating and throbbing inside me as the last of his animal semen left his shaft.

Pushing his paws away from the tree trunk he pulled out of my gaping pussy with aloud plop and squelching sound and stood back, fuck he was huge his cock still semi hard and saturated with juices .

I didn’t have the energy to move so I just lay there over the tree trunk legs apart and his semen and my juices pouring out of me onto the sand.

OH MY GOD he’d moved back towards me and was now licking the juices from my body his harsh tongue licking my inner thighs and now moving upwards to my pussy…OH SHIT!

He was licking my asshole and flicking my outer pussy lips with his long tongue.

OH CHRIST! I was getting turned on again; I leant on the trunk, reached back and spread myself for him once again.

His tongue was running under my body and licking me in every part of my pussy and bum.

I turned over on my back against the tree trunk, he moved to position himself looking between my thighs. I grabbed my legs lifted them up towards my head spreading them as wide as possible for the animal like I do when my boyfriend licks my cunt.

Looking down at him he went straight for my sensitive parts he just drove his long thin tongue inside me, his eyes flashing dark green again.

FUCKKKKKK, SHITTTTTT his tongue seemed to be inside my womb it was that fucking long, this was THE Best head I’d EVER had , sorry to my boyfriend but this animal was amazing, I’m sure he’s been here before as a man!

OH HELL he’s found my clit, the rough surface of his tongue running around in circles and…OH MY GOD, I threw my feet down on the sand and took his head as if he boyfriend and hold him there so he not move.

He seem like he know what he doing and started gently biting my clit, it sent me crazy he good I start fucking his mouth and tongue I start cum again, then he stop…OH NO! Please I look at him but him moving closer to me.

Then he put front paws on tree next to me and his cock down by pussy, he want fuck again so I take him in my hand and put at hole of pussy.

My master pushed his hips forward and his cock go in me easily and pussy stretched wide open, I feel really good.

He not move he leave cock deep inside pussy high in womb, but me just start cumming and I push pussy on him and fuck him as I lay on tree, my hips they fuck him like when woman fuck man….SHITTTTT, CUMMMMING again I scream very loud and he know I think he smile at me and green eyes shining.

My body stop shake and I drop arms to side of me I very tired now, he look at me and push away with paws and I hear plop again as cock fall out.

I look at him and tell him THANK YOU, he bend forward and lick my face like he kiss me, then he turn around and just walk away his cock still nearly hard hanging down between his legs swinging as he walked away from his bitch in heat.

I stay on tree for few moments and get strength back, my legs they shaking and had to sit down for about 5 minutes then I take everything and walk to car thinking how crazy my day had been.

Snakes in pussy fish sucking nipples and fucked 2 times by a wolf animal, I start get horny again think of his huge cock.

I get back to hotel and shower and need drink I get bottle of red wine and then I think…I lie on bed and put cream on thick end of bottle and rub up and down pussy over clit and lips.

Then I put end on pussy opening and move around so the corner goes in and I work the bottle round and round, pussy start stretch again for third time today.

Moving it around I suddenly feel pussy open and bottle now in me and I push slowly and take more of the thick wine bottle.

It feel good but not like my animal lover from today.

AGHHHH yes, feel good stretch me Mmmm, start fucking pussy now with bottle, Oh shit IT GOOD…I look down and see pussy stretched wide like today with wolf my clit swollen and bottle half in now...I start think about everything that happen today and start horny again, pussy tingle and I start breath heavy.

OH SHIT OH YES!!! I fuck pussy harder now bottle sliding in and out faster.

FUCKKKKKKKKK, hips go up and down fuck bottle my cum start and body shaking YESSSSSS I cumming and I push it in as far as it would go as my orgasm start to stop my lips swollen and tingle like many times today.

When I stop cum I put bottle on floor and pull blanket on me and I go into deep sleep thinking of many things about today, me a happy woman and wonder when my boyfriend is going away again so I go come back on “HOLIDAY”.

Rating: 82%, Read 122884 times, Posted Nov 18, 2009

Fantasy | Asian, BDSM, Bestiality, Domination, Humiliation, Submission


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