Girls at my work (Part 2) by PunkBonerBoy

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Fiction | At work, Consensual Sex, First Time, Virginity

A few days later, Ashley, Erica, Maria and I all had the same closing shift again. The only difference was that since it was closer to the weekend the store would be a lot busier than it was the night that they all gave me a blowjob. Tonight I was hoping that we would all be able to have sex for the first time.

I left a note telling the girls to make sure that the store was clean and to stay on top of it all as it was the weekend and we all wanted to go home as soon as possible. I hoped they all knew what I meant and that what I really wanted to happen was going to happen. Now since the night of the blowjob, I hadn’t masturbated at all, I hadn’t cummed since then. It had been a very long time since I had gone days without it, and it had been 4 days. I desperate to cum and I hoped tonight I would be able to cum in each girl.

Work went by a lot slower than I had wanted, but at least it was busy so I had other things to worry about. When we had about a half hour until we closed, there was no one left in the store so we started to clean at top speed, the girls had been their normal flirty-selves and all three of them were wearing the tightest clothes possible and a push up bra.

Then finally, it was closing time, so we locked the doors and I started on my paperwork and the girls were vacuuming and cleaning. They all finished at the same time and it had only taken us about 10 minutes to do, so we gathered up the garbage and took it out back and then we were all in the break room together again.

The girls looked at me and then at each other, then Ashley asked, “What do you want to do tonight?”

Erica piped up saying, “I don’t know about you two, but what we did last time was great, but I’d like to do more.”

The other two agreed and then looked at me, Ashley asked me, “What do you want to do?”

“I’m all yours girls, do what you want with me.” I said.

“Take off your clothes then.” Ashley said as she lifted off her shirt.

I did what I was told, and then when all four of us were totally naked, and I was as hard as a rock, Ashley pushed me into the chair that was in the back and she climbed on top of me. At first I thought I was going to fuck her right then and there, and then she adjusted herself so that her wet, glistening pussy was near my face.

“I want you to do what I did to you, first.” Ashley said, “Erica, Maria, get on his cock. Suck on him while he sucks on me, we’ll see what we can do.”

I put my hands on Ashley’s perfect round ass, and held her close to my face, I felt my facial hair brush her inner thighs and she giggled. I laughed a little and put my tongue inside her warm, wet pussy. She started to moan and put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself, I could feel her boobs brushing the top of my head as she leaned over me.

Right then, I felt a soft warm hand wrap around the shaft of my hard cock. Then I felt another hand on the head, lightly rubbing it. This happened for a few minutes and then they stopped. I kept licking Ashley’s pussy and her hips were beginning to buck forward at an alarming rate, she was close to cumming.

Erica and Maria began to lightly kiss my hard cock, getting it wet, slowly but surely. Then one of them, licked up the shaft, starting at where my balls met my cock, and then up until the head. Then the other did the same. Then I felt one put her mouth around my shaved balls and the other put her mouth around my stiff member. As I was licking I moaned and then Ashley screamed.

Her juices exploded all over my face and into my mouth, I savored the juices as they ran down my throat. She shuddered and then started to climb off, so right then the other two stopped sucking on my cock and balls.

Erica then climbed up to take her turn at my tongue. Maria and Ashley then started to play with my cock, but lightly, so as to not make me cum, I think that they were afraid that if I came, then we would have to stop. Right before I started to pleasure Erica I looked at the clock and only another 12 minutes had past, we had at least another half hour, since it was the weekend; we were expected to stay a bit longer.

I began to pleasure Erica, doing the same thing that I did to Ashley, and then I felt the girls below fondling my cock. I felt something cold on my cock and then I smelled it, Ashley had gotten her lotion out and was rubbing my shaft with it, making it slippery. I felt their hands moving up and down my shaft at an alarming rate, but they weren’t applying enough pressure to make me cum anytime soon, so I kept on pleasuring Erica until she screamed and came into my mouth, just like Ashley.

After Erica got off, Maria hopped on up to take her turn and she came quicker than the other two. Within no time, she was bucking her hips at my face and her juices were all over. Then she got down and then the girls were on their knees again and my cock was throbbing.

Ashley said, “So how was that?”

“Amazing.” I said, “Now what do we do?”

She looked at the time and figured that we had about another 25 minutes or so, so she said, “We can do what we did last time, or something else.”

I was a little frantic, I wanted to cum, and I wanted to cum bad. I said, “How about each of you take a turn on top of my cock? Like, you know, let me fuck each one of you? Until I cum. How about it?”

The girls looked at each other and nodded simultaneously and then Maria asked if she could go last. We all agreed and Ashley volunteered to go first. This was more than a dream come true, I was about to lose my virginity to Ashley. She climbed up onto the chair again and then positioned herself right above my cock, and then she said, “I don’t know what I’m doing, I can’t see anything, Erica, can you guide his cock into my pussy?”

Erica said, “Yes, hang on.”

She grabbed my cock and held it straight, then she told Ashley to move downward. Ashley moaned as she felt my head enter her pussy, and then I moaned as her still wet pussy enveloped my entire cock. She looked at me and I looked at her and then she began to move up and down. She put her hands on my shoulders and stared into my eyes and she bounced up and down on my cock.

I moaned as I felt her pussy muscles pulsating on my rock hard cock, and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming.

I watched her tits bouncing as she moved up and down and then I began to lightly buck my hips as I felt the urge to cum getting more and more intense. Erica and Maria stood there watching in amazement. I noticed that Erica was beginning to finger her own pussy as she watched us fucking.

I grabbed onto Ashley’s hips and pulled her close and grunted in sweet pleasure. I was cumming, I felt my cock throb deep inside of her four times. As each stream came out of my throbbing cock she moaned and pulled me into a tight hug.

She then got off and Erica got on top of me. By this time, I felt like I was ready to go again, and so then Maria guided my cock into Erica’s pussy. The same thing happened and I felt myself shoot up inside of her and she moaned each time, just like Ashley.

Maria hopped on for her turn and she began to bounce on top of me at an alarming rate. I came up inside of her within only a few thrusts, but she came all over my cock so she was done too.

Once Maria got off, Ashley grabbed my cock and licked it clean and then she gave it a kiss, and the other girls kissed it too. Then Ashley said, “Next week, we’ll do something different, maybe we’ll all take it up the ass.”

Rating: 88%, Read 12337 times, Posted Nov 03, 2014

Fiction | At work, Consensual Sex, First Time, Virginity


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