Weekend at Windstar Casino by graylover

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I invited Sara to join me on a trip to the Windstar Hotel and Casino in Okalahoma at the indian reservation for the New Year's Eve.

Sara had just finished having dinner and gambling with me and went to her room.While getting her drink, she realized that she had forgotten to lock up her room door. So she walked to the door, locking the door, and decided to go take a shower and to get ready for bed. She started to undress,sShe removed her low cut blouse and black slackes and tossed them aside. She was now standing in front of the fulllength mirror in just her bra and panties. She looked at herself, smiled a little, and though to herself damn i look good. (Which was true Sara is 5ft 7in tall and weighs about 110 lbs. She has a 38b chest, flat stomach and the perfect little round ass.) She reached around and pulled off her bra then bent down and removed her panties. She walked to the bathroom not realizing that I was in the closet watching her beautiful body move around.

Sara went in and started the shower water so it could warm up. She collected the stuff she needed for her shower off of the counter, turned on the radio in the bathroom, and stepped inside the door. Hearing Sara close the shower door, I carefully came out of hiding. I was thankful Sara left the bathroom door open and had the radio on so she wouldn't hear me. I took off all my clothes, and headed into the bathroom to take my prize. I opened the shower door, scaring the hell out of Sara, and jumped in the shower. Sara screamed and tried to fight me. I grabbed her hair pulling her head back towards me.

"We are going to have a fun time getting to know each other, now your going to do what I want." I said. Sara said yes and started to cry.

"There is no reason to cry or scream, just relax and get ready." With that said I began to run my hands all over Sara's body. I rubbed her tits and played with them while she chocked back her tears. My hands worked their way down her stomach and started to trace the outside folds of her hairless pussy. Sara tried to close her legs but I pushed my hand into her neck causing her to gag for breath. Sara cried and allowed me to do what I wanted because she was afraid of me. I pushed her up against the shower wall and rammed my finger inside her cunt hole. I forcefully violated her pussy with my finger then as she begged me to stop. I then without warning or lubrication shoved two fingers inside her.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Sara screamed in pain as she felt my fingers ripping her pussy apart.

"Shhhhhh! " I whispered to her her as I pushed my fingers inside her and began fucking her tight pussy. Sara screamed again " AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" When will you learn to give in and let this happen, it will be alot easier on you if you do. It will happen whether you fight or not so just be good. Understand?" Sara sobbed and shook her head yes. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and forced her out of the shower and bathroom.We went into her room, I forced her down onto her bed and pushed her legs open with my hairy legs..

I held her chin and made her look at me again. “You don’t have to feel uncomfortable with me, you know.” “I know.” She whispered.

“I would never say or do anything to hurt you.” “No... Wait. Please stop.” She said as she gently held my hand. “Relax.” I whispered as I slowly laid on top of her. “I don’t wanna do this.” She whispered with a trembling voice. She looked at me with fearful eyes. I smiled at her. A kind, soothing smile. I took my hand back from her pussy. I saw the expression on her face suddenly soften, as she thought I’m going to be so considerate and do whatever she tells me. At that moment, as I saw her full confidence in me rise up again,

“Now listen to me. You will do as I say!” “ John, what happened to you?” “Nothing. You’re too trusting, my love.” “Please leave.”

I slowly removed my hand from her mouth and let her cry silently as I started licking, sucking and massaging her breasts and nipples. I put my fingers in her and started fingering her pussy again. She started gasping, pleading for me to stop. “Please. Let’s just forget it. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea. but I’m just not ready. I’m sorry, so sorry. Please!” I grabbed her thighs and started spreading her legs apart. She grabbed my head, trying to get it off of her mouth, probably so she could whimper and beg one more time. I forced my tongue into her mouth and continued kissing her, waiting a few seconds before removing my lips from hers.

“Please. Please, I can’t. Please. Please. I can't .” She pleaded. “I know. You told me everything, remember? You also told me how much you fantasize about sex, didn’t you?.” “Please, John. I wasn't serious I was just flirting.” Sara struggled furiously to relieve herself of my weight, but I held her down as my hands began to roam over her body. " John, stop," she sobbed. I ignored her pleas, my hands roughly explored her breasts before moving down over her waist to the curve of her hips. " No!" she wailed as I shoved two fingers back into her tight opening of her pussy. She grabbed my wrist with both her hands and tried to push my hand away, but I continued my brutal assault thristing into her hard and deep. She gasped as she felt me slide a third finger into her.

" John, you're hurting me. Stop!" My body crushed her aganist the mattress and she felt the bulbous head of my hard cock poking aganist the tender lips of her cunt. As my mouth covered hers my hand slipped between our bodies and I positioned the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy. I groaned into her mouth as I pushed into her, I could feel her pussy was lubricated. I could feel a part of her liked it. I thursted hard into her driving the head of my cock into her, “ OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!” Sara screamed. " Oh! Baby, your so tight. My God, ssssoooo tight!' I pull completely out of her.

Then with the head barely touching her lips again, I drive my hips forward using all of my might. For a brief moment, like a hundredth of a second, her lips resist, and then split to allow the instrument enter her, slamming through her tight vaginal canal and driving itself at least 6 inches in on the very first thrust. Young virgins and women are not meant to be deflowered or stretched like this, so I wasn’t surprised at all when her whole body jerked in response to the white hot pain of the instrument slicing into her small tight young pussy as she emitted a screech " OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH! ". She screeched " AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH! " Pulling back several inches, I saw lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down on to the bed. Then I drove forward again, slamming the head right up against her cervix. I still had a few inches of shaft to go, but that would take a bit of pile driving action. I drew back and started ramming the tight young woman as she howled pitifully " OMG! AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAYYYY! AAAAHHHH! ". Whatever it felt like for her, the feel of her underprepared and tight undersized virgin pussy milking my cock sent shivers of excitement through my body as I slammed her with my cock.

The pain took her by surprise but in a moment she felt my large balls resting against her pussy flesh and she knew she had taken all of me. The feeling of fullness was incredible! In a way she was proud of herself. She had taken all 14" of me. I began to pull out but quickly thrust deep back home. I was building a rhythm gradually taking longer and longer deeper strokes until I had sheathing and unsheathing of my full 14" on each stroke. Her pussy resisting each thrust, clamping down in a vain attempt at stopping each subsequent penile impalement. Tears were pouring from her face as her tight canal was stretched, scrapped and torn by the sustained ramming I was inflicting on her. Gradually, the continued ramming of my cockhead gave to the back of her pussy caused it to give a bit, and I was able to ram the last few inches in. It felt great, having her tight young pussy grasping the entire shaft including the base of my cock, convulsing from the trauma, continuely spasming as her whole body heaves from the sobs and screams she was emitting " AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE STOP! Pleeesssse Sttttttoooopppp! ".

I groaned into her mouth as I continued slamming into her like a pile driver. Tears streamed from Sara’s eyes flowing into her long, blond hair. My fingers dug into the flesh at her waist and she cried out " AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!. “ John,” she cried pathetically, her hands at my face as she tried again to push me away. I fucked my young doll for several more minutes, loving the tightness, and getting off on her screams. I felt my orgasm approaching and started slamming harder, enjoying ramming the fuck out of her pussy as I pounded into the wailing young woman without mercy until my orgasm came, and I drove all the way in, holding it there as the volcanic explosion pumped my warm semen into the crying woman.

I held my cock there for a few minutes, feeling her pussy struggling to expel me. After a few minutes, I pulled my cock out and looked at the blood on it, and the blood and sperm dripping out of her split open pussy, as it still twitched from the trauma it had just endured. She sobbed heavily for a few more minutes, I rolled Sara on to her stomach. I grabbed her waist pulling her up onto her knees, her tight virgin ass in the air begging to be fucked. The feel of fucking a young woman's small tight virgin ass is undescribably. My hard cock was dripping with all kinds of goo, so that would suffice as lube I grabbed her hips making sure her ass in the right position and I parted her cheeks roughly as she cried out " OUCH! OMG! STOP NOT THERE PLEASE! ". When I rubbed the head of my cock against her tight puckered little anus, she went wild, struggling against her me with renewed vigour as she screamed desperate pleas " STOP! STOP! NOOOO! NOOO! ". I laughed, watching her pathetic struggles, listening to her screams.

Well, no better time than the present. I lined my hard instrument up and leaned in hard, pushing the swollen head against the resisting ring. Her entire body tensed, in an effort to resist the coming impalement with all her might. I was experienced in fucking a tight ass, to know that I would win this battle. Pushing hard, I had to hold on to my cock to prevent it from sliding off of her ass. She wriggled, clenched her sphincter and grunted with exertion as my cock head fought against her resisting ring. I could feel the ring was starting to give, ever so slightly.

She could sense it too, and she started crying out " OMG! STOP! STOP! " from exertion and fear as the ring slowly started to lose the battle . I pushed a bit harder and suddenly the her anus lost the battle and parted as my cockhead forced it’s way in. Her whole body arched, her head going back as she emitted an agonized screech " OMG! AAAAAGGGG! " when her anus was forced much wider than it had ever been in her life.

She was shocked and shuddered as she was trying to shake the pain from her body, yet couldn’t get rid of it. The pain was about to get worse....much worse. Once the head was in it was the beginning of the end as I was able to now push inch by inch, slowly into her rectum as she convulsed and howled " OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO" from the pain as her rectum was cruelly stretched, and forced open very deep within her. Finally I got my entire shaft in, my balls resting aganist her ass. Her traumatized sphincter clenched and convulsed around the base of my hard instrument. It felt so fucking amazing, so unbelievably tight. The violation of her body, with my cockhead right up in her bowels was sheer ecstasy for me as it was agony for her. She was insane with pain, of the invading rod stretching her insides.

I pulled back and then shoved it in again, causing insane convulsions from her and high pitched noises " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" . Her ass forced my thrusts to be slow, as it resisted every inch of my shaft. That would soon change. I started ramming like a pile driver into her "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW" , its tearing me, take it out, don't push it in," she yelled.

I started working my cock in and out, with long deep merciless thrusts as she screamed "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW" and cried. I rammed my hips against her ass with repetitive thrusts, WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! battering her . Her buttocks and thighs kept quivering in response to the violation of her ass. She struggled endlessly. Her cries were pitifu"AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW".

I carried on slamming my cock into her tight gripping rectum as she howled " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!! "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW" , still trying to thrash around, yet not succeeding. After another 10 minutes, I felt my orgasm coming, and planted myself deep inside her clenching asshole as she tensed every muscle in her body. I came in powerful jets of semen that fired deep into her as she cried loudly . " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!! "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW" When I finished, I held it there for a few more minutes, then pulled it out.

Both of us collapsed on the bed, I rolled off of her breathing hard and she laid there sobbing." The weekend is just getting started, Sara."

Rating: 40%, Read 8389 times, Posted Feb 04, 2013

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