Neice on a Leash by DaddiesLittleBitchCunt

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Until the summer I turn 15 I had never spent much time with my mother’s brother Phil. He was always off doing some wild and crazy something. But he had finally settled in one place and my parents wanted to take a cruise to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. So here I was being shipped off to a summer with no friends, no boys, nothing, but my uncle who I never met, and who lived on a farm of all things.

My mother helped me pack my bags making sure I would have clothing apparently for artic weather as well as summer weather and I started to wonder exactly how long this trip was going to last. Surely they would be back before school started. Mom just claimed she wanted me to be prepared for cool nights.

The day of the big trip I begged and pleaded not to go. I didn’t know this man; I had met him five times in my life. And I could only honestly remember one of them. And I didn’t like him at the time either, his girlfriend (god knows how many he’s gone through) wore too much make up and too much perfume and I swear to god didn’t know that clothing came in sizes that would fit. And he was a bit too flirty, pinching my butt when he thought no one was looking.

Arriving at the farm my uncle Phil looked like a new man. A man I never met, a “changed” man. He looked older and more disciplined, I remembered mom saying something about him joining the service for 4 years or something like that, but I felt my mouth go slightly dry as I pulled up. His shirt was unbuttoned slightly giving way to just the finest of curling hair, his pants unlike those of the boy’s I knew were fitted and showed the slightest of a crotch bulge. My eye’s dropped to my lap confused as to why I noticed these things. Upon his head was a cowboy hat, more than likely the same one he had always worn. His feet were bare as if he had been lounging around and not expected guest.

Mom jumped from the car soon as Dad hit the brakes and ran to her brother embracing him tightly. Apparently from the things mom told me they were close when they were younger, but than the teen years hit and you can guess it from there. Dad popped the trunk of the car as I slowly crawled out; my eye’s staring at the dirt drive, afraid to look up to my uncle.

“Let her get her own bags Dan.” I heard Uncle Phil say. With a sigh I gathered two of them one in each hand with a purse slung over my shoulder and took them into the house. Mom was darting about the house squealing about the different things she could picture in the house and how he could fix it up.

My uncle showed me to my room. It had a full size canopy bed, a large mirror on one wall. Posters decorated the walls of movies and musical’s, a dresser was against the wall next to the mirror and a walk in closet and a private bathroom. I was amazed and my jaw opened in shock. He just chuckled at me and told me to set the bags on the bed for now and continue to bring them in the house. Two trips later and might I add some very sore muscles I was done and told to return down stairs.

The adults were all sitting on the porch with lemonade and my uncle offered me a glass. I still couldn’t look into his eyes as I took the glass from his hand. I took a long cold drink, it tasted a little odd but the coolness of the drink was refreshing so I drink it fast. My parents left shortly after that, yelling out the window to listen to my uncle Phil. I was feeling a little light headed at this time. My uncle helped me to my feet and into the house, a low chuckle in his voice.

“Not much of a drinker I see, well that will be good.” Uncle Phil said as his hands slide up my sides to cup my tits. Automatically my nipples hardened, his chuckle deepened as his fingers went to wrap around my nipples. I fought against him to no avail, I was woozy and he was much stronger. Finally the next thing I knew everything went dark.

Minutes or hours later I came too. I wasn’t in the beautiful room he had provided me; I was in a darkened room, the lights very low. I was cold, so cold, stirring slight I felt the cold steel table beneath me and knew I was completely nude. My uncle had stripped me of all clothing! My head was pounding slightly as I tried to sit up; I heard his voice from across the room.

“I’ve been waiting for you to grow up and your mother to be a dumb cunt enough to leave you with me.” Uncle Phil stood from his chair and walked over to me, my hands instinctively went to cover my breast as my legs clamped closed. He roared with laughter as his hands shot out and pushed my thighs open against their will, one hand shot from my breast to cover myself from his gaze.

“Look you little cunt, move your fucking hands or do I have to restrain you?” I didn’t move, he stood up and I tried to move from the table, he was too quick and grabbed my wrist slamming it back down on the table and tying it to a leg of the table, moving quickly he tied my other hand down as well. Fresh tears sprang to my eyes terrified of what he would do. He moved to the foot of the table my legs closed and crosses tightly to protect my sex from him. Grabbing and yanking first one leg over and tying it down and than the other to the other leg of the table, leaving me open to his inspection.

“What a delicious looking cunt you have Vonnie,” his voice a cruel whisper, “but I cannot for the life of me stand you having hair covering your cunt from me.” I felt warm water poured over my sex, and I moved, the sounds of shaving cream from the can and I screamed flailing about on the table. The sudden strike of his hand across my face stilled my quickly.

“Look you fucking bitch, unless you want me to slice your clit off, you will stay still.” His tone scary and harsh, my body stilled as his fingers began smearing shaving cream on my nether regions. Suddenly the cold steel of a razor against my skin as slowly he began to shave me. Tears poured from my eyes as he went about his task. When finished he rinsed me, the warm water rushing along my now silken mound creeping slowly under me as the water spread on the table.

Uncle Phil untied me and lead me to the room he had shown to me before, gone were my bags, my eye’s went to his in question.

“You will not wear anything I haven’t approved, you will come to me every morning showered and shaven and nude. I will choose your outfit for the day and you will wear what I wish of you.”

“Yes Uncle Phil” I replied shakily.

“Oh and Vonnie, you will come to call me Master by the end of this week. And I believe I will call you my sweet little cunt.” A sharp smile crosses his lips, reaching to his eyes.

I stepped into the room as he turned and shut the door behind him; I heard the click of a lock and knew I was in here for the night. Crossing the room I went to stand before the mirror on the wall and looked at my shaved sex. My eye’s glued almost to that spot; it took me minutes to rip my eyes away. I looked like a child again. Stepping before the dresser I opened each drawer to find them all empty. Finally I crossed to the bed and pulled back the blanket and slid under it, curling onto one side I sobbed till I fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning I was awoken with a click of the lock being released on my door and the sound of foot steps leading from my door. Stretching my long limbs I stepped from the bed, the image of my nude body beaming off the wall across from me. Shuddering slightly I turned to the bathroom to empty my bladder and shower for the day. There were bottles of soap and shampoo, conditioner all the normal bathroom things a girl would need.

Stepping from the tub I reached for a towel, there wasn’t one hanging in the bathroom, so I looked through cabinets looking for one. I found feminine products and a brush, but no towel. So I stood there and allowed myself to air dry while brushing my hair, once the tangles were out I reached for the tooth brush and paste and cleaned my teeth.

Walking through my room I grabbed a sheet from the bed and wrapped it around my naked form before opening the door and stepping into the hall. I walked down the hall to Uncle Phil’s room and knocked on the door.

“Enter sweet little cunt,” was the reply I received from the other side of the door. Taking a deep breath in, I wrapped my hand around the knob of the door and turned it and pushed the door inward. Releasing a shaky breath I stepped through the door way, Uncle Phil was sitting on the edge of his bed wearing a pair of boxers and nothing else; my eye’s slid quickly to the floor as I stepped forward to stand before him. His hand whipped out and pulled the sheet from my body with a growl.

“Do not ever enter my presence covering your naked form cunt, am I clear?” he said. All I could do was nod. He stood and walked around me, inspecting me. His hands slid up to cup my right tit, fitting over the cup easily with his massive hands. My nipples instantly hardened.

“Well cunt, it’s time for you to learn the rules of how things are going to be around here. In the mornings you will shower and come to my room naked, if you have behaved well the night before you will get clothing, if not, you will be naked. If I want to touch you, you will not flinch, you will accept it. If I want you to suck my cock, you better be on your fucking knees or I will break them. I will fuck you when I want how I want and you will enjoy it, if I let you. At night you will be locked in your room unless I decide to have you sleep with me for the night. If I need to piss you will either hold my cock while I piss or I will use you as a toilet. Have you emptied your bladder this morning?” The question came as a shock.

“Yes Uncle Phil, before my shower” I replied.

“Wrong answer cunt, you are never to piss before your shower, you are not to piss without coming to me first, clear?” It was more a demand than a question and I nodded. That was my first big mistake. Grabbing a hand full of my hair he pulled me over to the bed and flung me down on my belly, next thing I knew his hand was coming down sharply on my ass, repeatedly. I could feel the heat growing on my ass. As much as it hurt, yet was oddly erotic at fifteen to be spanked by an older man.

My second mistake was a slight moan escaping my lips. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but he heard it and took it that I enjoyed it. I felt his hands slide between my legs and push them apart; he shoved a finger inside of me. I heard a laugh come from behind me as his finger assaulted my sex.

“So my sweet little cunt’s a virgin after all?” His voice a kind of sing song, as he continued moving his finger in and out of me. He roughly shoved another finger deep inside of me along with the other and I felt the soft skin stretch and rip a little, I screamed out in pain. He laughed behind me and continued to pump his fingers in and out of me.

“Scream all you want little girl, there’s no one out here to hear you but me. Besides, I love the sounds of your screams.” Pulling his fingers roughly from my cunt he smeared the juices that were starting to leak from me on my face and my lips, I tried to move away from him and he just chuckled and with a free hand held my face still against his chest. Shoving his fingers into my mouth I tasted for the first time my juices odd as it sounds I wanted to taste more and licked my lips when his fingers left my mouth.

Shoving me back down on the bed he walked away for a moment only to return with a dog leash and collar. He put the collar around my neck and tightened it, than hooked the leash to the collar and pulled me from the bed to my feet. Pulling the leash behind him he started from the room.

“Better keep up slut,” he said as we started down the hall to the stairs. Once we descended the stairs he pulled me into the kitchen. I was commanded to sit on the floor while he made breakfast; soon as it was done he ate in front of me, a glorious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and juice. I was almost in tears from hunger by the time he was done. When he was done eating he scraped what was left on his plate into a dog bowl and whatever left over from the pan into it as well and sat it on the floor before me. I looked at the bowl and to him confused.

“Look cunt, if your hungry you better eat up, you have five minutes before I begin your training.” His voice calm yet impatient.

“Uncle Phil, may I please have a fork?” I asked my voice timid.

“Not till you learn to address me correctly cunt.” He said. I knew what he wanted me to say, but I couldn’t say it. My hands dug into the soggy mess and brought it to my lips. I ate the breakfast provided feeling only a little sick afterwards.

Once breakfast was done he washed the plate, pans, and his cup and fork, setting them aside to dry. I offered up the dog bowl and he laughed at me and took it throwing it back onto the counter without washing it.

With a tight tug on the leash I was taken once again to the dark room with the table. In the light of day the room was a little brighter. The restraints he used last night on me were still in place and he wasted no time in tying me to the table. He placed a blind fold over my eyes and I felt his hands massage my breast. How odd it felt to be so aroused and yet so appalled at the same time. His right hand worked lower and he started playing with my sex again. Shoving a single finger in and out, massaging my insides. It didn’t hurt as much this time, but I was still uncomfortable.

Feelings I had never felt were beginning to built up, his left hand left my breast and started massaging around my anal ring. I tried to move away from his hands, but was stopped by the restraints. Suddenly I felt his index finger of his left hand push against my ass hole and push in deep. I screamed out in pain, this was worse than when he began finger fucking me in his room. I was tearing up and screaming when I felt his right hand strike my cheek.

“Look cunt, you will enjoy this if you shut your fucking mouth.” He said as his right hand slid back down to finger fuck me again. I felt so full so violated, yet at the same time, I was getting excited. It was starting to feel good, my lips parted in a soft sigh as I began to run with the feelings he was creating in my body. Suddenly I stiffened and cried out, I felt myself tighten up in both of my assaulted holes. A low chuckle was heard from him as he extracted his fingers from me.

“Little slut does like it huh?” He moved around to the head of the table and dropped his boxers, his stiff cock exposed as he pulled me toward him, my head hanging over the table. All I could see in my vision was his cock and balls. With a slap on my cheeks he rubbed his cock against my cheeks and lips; finally he reached down with two fingers and held my nose till I had to open my mouth to breath. Once I did I knew I was in trouble and he shoved his cock full length into my mouth, I felt it hit the back of my throat and gagged. My eye’s instantly watering as I trying to refrain from puking.

“That’s what I like to hear cunt, the sound of a gagging bitch.” He slowly started moving his cock in and out of my mouth pushing hard against the back of my throat for several minutes before a substance shot into my mouth, I knew it was sperm from heal class. And with that I had given my first blow job, the tears streamed from my eyes.

“Swallow it cunt, and don’t you dare miss a drop.” The taste was salty and foreign on my tongue and I swallowed quickly to avoid pissing him off. He slapped my cheek again with his hand and told me to open my mouth again. I did as I was told to avoid being punished in whatever manner he saw fit and instead of shoving his cock into my mouth he slowly and steadily started to piss in my mouth. I was shocked and appalled. I didn’t know what to do and I let his continue to piss in my mouth. Once he shook his cock off releasing the last drip into my mouth I was told to swallow.

God was I disgusted. My uncle just pissed in my mouth! And I swallowed it! While I was disgusted, I was also in need of release. I begged and pleaded with my uncle to release me to please let me go to the restroom; he just knelt at the foot of the table and told him to piss myself. Crying and sobbing my uncle just sat there, unmoving, waiting, watching. Finally it was too much, I couldn’t hold back any longer and my bladder gave way, my piss slid down my slit to the table I could feel it seep below me under my body. I heard a low chuckle from the foot of the table.

“Now cunt was that too hard to do?” I lay shaking on the table the sharp pungent smell of piss in the air. He untied me and let me up, holding tight to the leash dangling from the collar around my neck. Marching me back up the stairs I was told to sit on the floor of the kitchen again. He moved about making his lunch. When he was done his scraps were again placed into the unwashed bowl along with a few leftovers and placed in front of me.

“Eat up bitch, and maybe this time you will wash your own fucking bowl out.” I ate quickly without complaint the taste from the remaining bits of the breakfast from the bowl turned my stomach. Once I managed to swallow the remaining bits I stood and filled the sink with water, taking care to clean what apparently was to be my food dish for the remainder of my stay with him. Setting it aside I turned back to him, my eye’s firmly planted to the floor, afraid to look up at him.

“Good girl,” he said grasping the leash dangling between my breasts and pulling me toward the living room. Sitting down on the couch he motioned for me to sit on the floor next to him despite the rest of the couch being free and there being two open chairs. Not daring to question I sat on the floor quickly, my legs crossing before me as my eye’s remained down cast.

I felt his hand stroke through my hair and I shuddered. I was afraid, but yet when his hand stroked my hair again I leaned into his hand like a cat. He just chuckles and turned on the television and flipped through the channels. Finally settling on a hockey game he settled back. My eyes began to drift closed, I tried to fight it, but to no avail I fell asleep sitting upward while he watched his game.

When I awoke I was in his room again, lying on my stomach holding a pillow tightly. The lights were low, but I could tell he was in the room. I felt the side of the bed dip down some as I stirred. His hand came to stroke my back in a soothing way, I felt him move to position himself between my legs, pushing them open. I felt his fingers spreading something cold against my asshole, I struggled a little.

“Please struggle, it makes it much more fun and exciting for me, fight me, call rape, please.” His voice almost monotone as I stopped moving and I laid there scared. Finally he lifted my hips a little pushing a finger inside of my asshole pushing some of the cool substance into the tight anal ring. I flinched and yelped, the pain not as bad as I knew it would be soon.

He rose up behind me a little pushing the head of his cock against my asshole. His hands were gripping my hips, pushing hard against my anal ring, finally the head popped in and I screamed out in pain. The burning sensation of having my asshole ripped open by his cock was excruciating, slowly he began moving behind me pushing his cock further in. Tears sprang to life in my eyes not yet falling. Once he was finally in me fully he held himself in there for a while, one of his hands moving to stroke my back gently. The gentleness of his touch scared me and the tears fell from my eyes to the pillow below.

Uncle Phil slowly began moving in and out of me slowly, still stroking my back. His movements quickly became longer and faster, his hand moved from my back to my hip, giving him better leverage. His grunts were filling the room as I continued to cry, once in a while yelping in pain when a particular stroke was too hard. Finally his grunts grew louder and he suddenly stilled and thrust himself fully into my asshole. I could feel him twitching inside of me and his sperm filling my ass.

He collapsed on my back his breathing hard and labored, his cock still deep inside of me. He rained kisses against my back. The tears fell harder, I’d never had sex and here my uncle had raped one hole. I knew the other wasn’t far behind. Finally he rolled off of me onto his back. Wrapping one arm around me and pulling me over to him, holding me. As much as I hated him for raping my ass hole, I almost felt comforted in his arms now.

“You did very good little one, very good.” His voice full of satisfaction, and pride. With a swat on my sore ass he sent me to the bathroom to empty my bowels and wash up. I was told to return to him when I was done.

Stepping from the shower I saw there were still no towels. I walked to his room, and knocked on the door. After being allowed in I sat about five feet from his bed. My legs folded under me and my eye’s looking to the floor.

“You are a quick study niece of mine. I like this.” His voice was full of pride, he walked to his closet and pulled out a long red hot dress, there was a slit in the side that went entirely way too far up. He took it and hung it over the edge of the bed.

“Tonight for your reward for being a good little whore is we are going out to dinner. You will wear this dress and I have makeup for you in my bathroom as well as various hair products. If you are a good girl, this will be a regular occurrence, if not, well you will find out the punishment of not following my orders.” With that he walked from the room telling me I had a half hour to be ready or I would starve. I stood and walked to the bathroom, hair products and clips covered the back edge of the counter top. I quickly swept my long hair up into a bun, securing it with chopstick looking hair pieces before setting about to work on my makeup.

I had never really worn makeup before but the minimal so I started there, the colors were darker than I would have chosen for myself, but I wasn’t dressing for me, I was dressing for him. When I was done I looked more along the lines of 18 than 15. Slipping from the bathroom I looked around for underwear or a bra, finding none I slipped the dress on, the zipper I was unable to close and the dress seemed about two sizes too small, the slit on both sides came to rest at my hip bones, the low swinging top almost revealing my tits.

I stepped from the bedroom, looking to the dresser seeing the collar and leash I grabbed it as I went out the door and headed to the living room. Uncle Phil was standing in the middle of the room with a tuxedo on; a small smile broke out on his face as he took in the sight of me. His eyes raked over my body and than he looked and noticed the collar and leash in my hand and his smile widened.

“Not tonight little one. Tonight I have a special collar for you.” He removed them from my hands, before moving behind me and zipping the dress. I heard him rustle in his pocket and felt something smooth and cold against my neck, hearing the buckle close he stepped around to admire me. He turned and walked over to one of the low tables in the room and picked up a box. He handed it too me and I opened it, inside were a pair of 6 inch heeled shoes, red to match the dress and strappy.

“Uncle Phil, I will never be able to walk in these!” My voice full of alarm as I didn’t want to disappoint him and ruin dinner.

“Oh you will lean against me when you need to walk and besides, it’s dinner. You will be sitting a lot. But do not think of removing them when we get home little one,” his voice full of amusement. I sat down and put the shoes on with care and stood up shaking slightly, the heels too tall for my feet to be able to stand comfortably. He guided me to a mirror and I looked at myself for the first time.

With the exception of being very uncomfortable with the lack of underwear I looked beautiful. The collar around my neck was simple, a tiny line of metal with a red stone in the center. He led me from the house and helped me into the car. He drove mostly in silence pointing out interesting things on the way.

Reaching the restaurant I was assisted from the car and taken inside. The restaurant was LOVELY. Just beautiful, all the tables small and intimate, each with a low lit candle and the lights above turned off. Uncle Phil came in and wrapped an arm around my waist and led me to a table. Looking around as we walked in I noticed many of the women here were little more than girls most around my age or younger with men old enough to be there father or older.

He pulled out a chair for me and I carefully sat down still looking around. He sat in the chair opposite me and just smiled as I took everything in.

“I see you have noticed this is not a typical fancy restaurant little one. This is a special club. All the male members here are into a different sort of kink, all of us enjoy the company of a little girl to amuse us. I have been waiting years for your mother to bring you too me. She doesn’t know of my love for little girls so I knew it was a matter of time. This trip happened just in time too, three more years and you would have been no good to me. A month ago and you would have been a distraction.” The look on my face was one of puzzlement at the last statement.

“I had a girl, she turned 18 last month and I had to turn her out. Which was a shame cause she could suck like a hover and fuck like a whore.” His voice slightly wistful and sad.

“But now I have you,” a smile came to his lips. My eye’s continued to dart around looking at the other girls. Some in pigtails and frilly dresses some dressed similar to myself. Uncle Phil ordered for us and sent the waiter on his way.

A few men dropped by the table to admire me and congratulate my uncle on his new find. Some were genuinely surprised to learn that I was his niece and a few of them smiled wider at this news. I sat there quietly and only answered questions when they were directed solely to me.

Dinner was brought out and my uncle looked to me to see my reaction and picked up his fork and began eating. Soon as he took the first bite I picked up my fork and began eating a slight smile went over his lips as he continued to eat. I made sure to eat all of the food I was presented.

After dinner we adjourned to another room. There were leather chairs for the men and shorter stools provided for the girls to sit on next to the men who brought them. My uncle lead me through the room on his arm, I could feels eyes wondering my body as we made our way toward a huge fireplace. In front of the fireplace was a low bench and a five leather chairs next to each chair another stool. Sitting in the middle chair my uncle gestured me to sit on the stool next to him. I watched as what I guess you would call couples file in and take their seats, the four remaining chairs filled up quickly. Soon the room was full and my uncle stood.

“I would like to thank all of you for attending tonight. Tonight is very special to me. As you all know I lost my girl last month due to her coming of age, and I would like to thank you all for making that a special day for her as well. Tonight I have a new girl to introduce to the group and she will at least be with me for a few months,” nodding to me to stand. I stood and stayed a few steps behind my uncle not wishing to be seen by all of the room.

“This is my niece Vonnie. This moment she is a virgin, however, for much longer she will not.” My eye’s shot up to the back of his head, a look of terror on my face. Surely he didn’t intent to take the last bit of virginity that I had.

“After I am done with her, all are welcome to sample her ass and face. I do request her cunt be kept for me alone. Touch all you may, but please do not insert your cocks into her cunt. And the end of the testing we will have a whores bath for her, so please men, drink up.” He turned and smiled at me.

The four girls sitting in front of the room rose and walked toward me, stripping my dress from my body; they guided me to the leather bench and laid me down on it. I tried to struggle against them, but I was no match for the four of them. Two of them held my arms down while the other two held my legs open and up.

I heard the sound of my uncle’s pants unzipping and falling to the floor. He knelt on the bench between my legs and slowly started to slide his fingers in and out of me. The feelings I was feeling, shame, heartbreak, hate, lust, all building inside. I struggled for a while, than he leaned down and licked on of my outer lips, I stilled. The feeling was amazing. It was like 100 tiny bulbs all going off at the same time. His tongue reached out again, sliding between my lips and teasing the tight little bulb.

His fingers began to move smoother in and out of me and he continued to lick at my clit. Suddenly I felt my back arch off the leather bench and I cried out in pleasure. The men watching all stood and cheered. My uncle’s tongue dipped lower and his fingers removed from me, I felt his tongue slide inside of me and slowly move in and out. His tongue sliding back and forth between my cunt and my clit, I could feel the pressure rising. My breathing became shallow and labored again my back arched off the table, with my body shaking visibly I screamed out again in pleasure.

My uncle sat up right and moved to position his cock between my legs, his eyes locked onto mine and slowly he slid inside of me. Once he was fully inside of me he waited a moment, and than started slowly moving inside of me. It was almost tender, the rape of my virginity. His hips slowly rocked into mine for a time, the pain was horrible, but he leaned in as he was fucking me and whispered soothing things into my ear. He quickened the pace and finally started jerking in and out of me, and soon I could once again feel him spurt deep inside me with one final thrust. Slowly he pulled out of me and moved from the end of the bench, collapsing in his chair.

The two girls who had been holding my legs moved to kneel in front of him and began sucking his cock clean. The two girls holding my arms let them go and one moved between my legs and began tonguing my cunt as the other one knelt down beside me stroking my hair. Once this process was done the two girls who were attending to me helped me stand and placed me on a table, much like the one in my uncles’ house. I was bound to the table and my ass was smeared with slick goo. My uncle stood and walked over to me, knelt down and kissed my lips.

“Be a good girl and let the nice men fuck your holes. If you are good you get a special treat tomorrow.” With that my uncle moved away from me, and into another room. The men all stood in two lines, one behind me and one in front of me.

Repeatedly I was stuffed from both ends with cocks; I lost count of how many were using me. Let alone how much I had swallowed, I felt sick to my stomach. It seemed like it was days later when my uncle Phil returned to the room and untied me from the table. The bench at the front of the room had been moved and what looked like a kiddy pool had replaced it.

“Sit in the pool little one, it’s time for your whore bath.” His voice soothing and cool as he helped me step into the tub, I knelt down and waited, not sure what to expect. The men surrounded the tub with their cocks in their hands; soon they were pissing on me. When one man’s bladder was full another replaced him. Once all the men were empty the four girls from before stepped forward with small cups in hand, they dipped them into the piss surrounding me and poured it over my already soaked hair. I was in tears. I couldn’t believe my uncle was allowing this. Than he stepped forward cock in hand and the girls stepped back.

“Drink me mine,” he said. I didn’t want to do it. But I was drawn to him. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around his cock; soon he was releasing a steady stream of warm piss into my mouth. I swallowed what I could, not wanting to disappoint him. Once he was done pissing he stepped back a smile of satisfaction on his face. It was all I could do not to puke.

The four girls stepped forward and helped me from the tub, drying me with warm towels. Each of them smiling and welcoming me to the family. Once I was dry my uncle stepped forward and turned me back to the room, my naked body visible again to all.

“This is my girl, my cunt. Anyone who has an issue with her comes to me. Anyone who wishes to use her in any form comes to me.” His voice was loud and clear. I was shaking like a leaf hearing his words.

We left soon after that and headed home. I could still smell the piss on me. My uncle on the way home told me he was proud of me and very pleased, and that tomorrow I would have a towel in my room, but that I was not to let it leave the restroom. I nodded and began to drift off.

When I awoke the next morning I was in my bed. I stretched and went to the restroom, mindful of not emptying my bladder without permission I slipped into the shower and cleaned the piss smell off my skin. Once clean I stepped from the shower and true to his word my uncle had left a towel for me to dry with. I slid the brush through my hair and brushed my teeth. I stepped back into my room and slipped out the door and walked down to my uncle’s door and knocked. Being allowed entrance I entered quickly and stood beside his bed.

“Have you pissed today slut?” He asked and I shook my head no quickly. A smile spread across his lips. He crooked his finger to me and I was drawn to him like a magnet. He reached between my legs and started toying with my clit, a soft moan escaped my lips and I tried to move away for fear of pissing on the floor if I didn’t use the restroom soon.

“Please Uncle, I really need to go to the restroom, please don’t make me pee on the floor,” my voice more of a beg. He guided me to the restroom and watched as I pissed in the toilet. Once I was done I was told to remain on the toilet seat but spread my legs further. I did as told and my uncle gripped his cock and began pissing between my legs. It was oddly erotic, once he moved his cock so that his pee was hitting my clit and I moaned loudly. A chuckle came from him as he finished pissing and offered his cock to my lips. I leaned forward and licked the last droplets of piss from his cock head.

He turned and showered as I slipped back into his bedroom and knelt on the floor waiting. Once he was showered he came back out. He did not bother to dress before leaving the restroom and walked to the dresser grabbing the leash and collar he had placed there the night before. I raised my arms and moved my hair for him. I felt the collar lock around my neck and the leash in place.

I followed him to the kitchen and once again waited for him to finish eating before my breakfast, which was a little warmer than the day before ate quickly. I stood and cleaned the bowl promptly and my uncle smiled at me. Grabbing the leash he guided me into the living room and settled on the couch. I knelt beside the couch and watched the television as he flipped through the stations.

Every day was a new adventure for me with my uncle. Eventually I was allowed to not only sit at the table with him to eat, but eat from a plate. I was eventually allowed to sit on the couch with him if I had been good the day before. And eventually the room he had given me was no longer used as I slept with him in bed every night.

Each day was new for me; I came to enjoy being fucked by him, not only in the mouth and cunt, but in the ass as well. I was used by many of his friends and in turn would watch as he serviced their girls. I hated that most of all.

Each morning we would be lazy and spend the morning waking slowly watching what ever program struck his fancy and every afternoon in the dungeon, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends of his. I learned a lot that summer and thankfully was able to return on school breaks and on each summer.

My mother doesn’t understand the relationship between my uncle and myself. But I turn 18 tomorrow and I’m graduating college. I’m sad, but he and I have struck a deal. Something that has never been done in the club before, I am continuing past my 18th birthday as his, for I carry something he convents. I’m 5 months pregnant. It’s a girl. My mother thinks it was some random guy I was whoring around with and has told me I am out on my ass. My uncle has offered me a room with him, or at least that’s what my mother believes. I will reside in his bed, and rule the club with him. I will in time bare him more children and in time have a male of my own. For now, I happily serve forevermore, the Master of my Heart.

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