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True Story | Blowjob, Boy, First Time, Gay, Teen Male

His name was Scott and he was the most unbelievably beautiful guy I had ever seen. At 18 he stood 5’10" and boasted 155 lbs of perfect teenage jock muscles. His long and shaggy blonde hair and eyes so brown they appeared black, a button nose and the most adorable dimples when he smiled had me enthralled since the day we first met. He was the star athlete and "cock-of-the-walk" in this small town, and he had his choice of girls. He was physically stunning and he knew it. This was a good thing, as he seemed to enjoy showing off his many attributes, including often going bare-chested under his signature faded jean jacket and wearing "spray on" jeans that left nothing to the imagination. I knew he was left-handed before I even knew his name.

Add to all of that the fact that he was just about the nicest guy you’d ever want to know and I was head over heels. I tried to be near him as often as possible no matter how much sleep I lost while splashing out load after load every night fantasizing about him. I was driving myself crazy with mad desire for him but I couldn’t make a play for him in this early 80’s small town. I wasn’t as worried about being found out as I was over the possibility of losing our friendship.

In retrospect I now realize that I had given myself away with my behavior in his presence. He would catch me looking at him and grin at me slyly or wink. When we were alone together he would talk endlessly about sex. He was a self-proclaimed "pervert" who never stopped thinking about or actively pursuing sex. His magazine collection was legendary and he would often brag to me how many times he had jerked off in a day and he would often take off his shirt at some point. I think he got off on being looked at. He always flaunted his nudity in the locker room and would challenge the other guys to see whose cock was bigger. If he got hard in the shower he’d laugh and start chasing guys around the room waving his massive boner at them and threatening to give it to anyone he caught. He was so charming and well liked by everyone that he got away with it without anyone thinking about it. Like everyone else I was oblivious.

One weekend my parents went out of town and left me alone. I immediately planned a party.

I had invited a small circle of friends including Scott. We were all pretty drunk and everything was in full swing when a group of girls showed up. They had brought along Lisa, a new girl in town who was, I was sure, the only girl Scott hadn’t fucked yet. Although he was sloppy drunk he began putting the moves on her and eventually they were seen sneeking into my bedroom. About 20 minutes later the girl exited the room and left with some of the girls. The guys joked that Scott must be losing his touch if he only lasted 20 minutes. I peeked into my room and saw him passed out flat on his back and buck-naked on my bed. I went over to get a better look at the star of my sexual dreams. His body was perfect. Wide and thickly muscled shoulders lying above a well-defined chest and washboard abs gave him that wonderful "V" shape that led the eye inexorably down to his virtually non-existent waist and the treasures below, like a pointing arrow. He had gotten a lot of sun over the summer, turning his smooth skin a copper-brown. The band of pale white skin around his groin drew my attention to his perfect cock like a spotlight. I felt my blood pulsing and my cock throbbing. So close was I to throwing all sense to the wind and crawling in beside him I quickly threw a blanket over him to remove the temptation. I closed the door and rejoined the party where I learned that Scott apparently couldn’t get it up and then passed out with the girl. Everyone laughed good-naturedly and the party continued. I couldn’t keep my mind off the beautiful naked boy in my bed. The rest of the evening was pure torture. Soon enough the beer ran out and everyone left.

I locked the front door and then flew to my room. He was in the same position as before but had kicked off the blanket and was now snoring. I also noticed that his perfect 8" uncut cock was hard and bouncing up and down on his rippled tummy right at his navel which was filled with his glistening nectar. Every time his cock bounced it made a little wet sound as the fat drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his pole was splashed into it. My blood was on fire and surging into my painfully engorged cut 7 incher. I was shaking as I quietly stripped off my clothes. I left my tighty-whities on for the moment. They were by now sticky with my own freely flowing lube juice.

I slowly climbed into the bed beside him, careful not to wake him. As I slid in next to him I could feel his body heat on my exposed skin causing my granite like member to jump and spasm in my shorts. I was very close to blowing but managed to calm myself enough to forestall my building orgasm. My heart was beating like a hummingbird’s and my breathing became quick and shallow. I was lightheaded and overwhelmed with the prospect of what I intended. I could no longer deny myself as my animal lust took over. I knew what a risk I was taking but couldn’t stop. My shaking hand moved gingerly over the expanse of his hairless torso. I gently pinched one of his quarter sized pink nips as my hot mouth moved over the other. I had never been so turned on before in my life.

I slowly inched my body closer to his and froze when I felt my painfully engorged cock contact his hand. There was no reaction so I moved my hand down to his raging hard on. I dipped my finger into his overflowing navel and brought it to my mouth. His juice was salty-sweet and caused me to moan. I deliriously reached over and purposefully placed my hand directly on his juicy meat. The steel hard rod was slick with his honey as I began to slide my hand up the shaft. I pulled the generous foreskin over the large purple head and saw more honey pulse from it. I couldn’t resist leaning over and sticking the tip of my tongue into the pre-cum filled cup formed by the soft folds of his foreskin. I brought my mouth closer and sucked the head into my hot wet mouth and swirled my tongue around it as I pulled down the skin. My mouth was suddenly filled with his essence causing me to suck harder. Scott’s slow regular breathing started to quicken and I stopped what I was doing. Almost immediately I felt a hand come down on the back of my head pushing my mouth back onto the monster dick.

"Don’t stop," I heard his voice whisper above me.

I couldn’t believe it was true. I was sucking off the sexy straight guy of my dreams and he wanted more! I was more than happy to indulge him.

I dove back onto his tasty meat with a newly acquired level of passion. I stopped swallowing him only long enough to take his meaty balls into my sucking mouth.

"That’s so fuckin’ good!" he moaned as both of his hands pushed me all the way down the length of his tool.

I handled it like a pro and continued deep-throating him until I felt his hand on my dick begin to fumble around trying to release my roaring stiffy from the sticky confines of my underwear. I released him from my sucking frenzy to remove the last obstacle between our surging bodies. As I pulled my shorts off, Scott rolled over on top of me and ground his dripping hard cock into my own. He pressed his lust filled chest against mine and suddenly we were kissing. His hot tongue probed deeply into my mouth, then he pulled my tongue into his mouth and began sucking on it like I had sucked on him. His hands were cupping my ass and roughly mashing our fun-sticks together. I was nearing a level of excitement I had never before known and in immanent danger of blowing my load between our now heaving bodies.

I pulled my tongue out of his mouth and breathed into his ear, "I can’t believe this is happening. This is so fucking hot!"

He grinned mischievously at me and suddenly lifted off me, turned around, and sucked my rigid bone to the base. When my mouth opened to gasp he deftly inserted his own and I was lost. The hormones raging through my young body had me reeling in ecstasy. My hands reached up to his ass and pulled him fully into my throat. He began to thrust his meat in and out to a frenzied beat and sucked wildly on my over stimulated cock. My brain shorted out as my body convulsed in electric ecstasy. My last shred of restraint was gone and I let loose the most intense orgasm of my young life. Pulse after pulse I was wracked with rapture. I was seeing stars and still shooting my love-spunk down Scott’s throat in wave after wave of joy. At that point his deeply thrusting member began it’s own series of pulses and I tasted his hot pearls of passion. I pushed up on his hips so that I could feel him blasting on my tongue.

We continued to suck each other until our tremors calmed and our breathing began to return to normal. My dick was still hard and Scott’s sucking mouth started to get me going again. I began to thrust into him again.

He pulled me out and laughed. "You’re a maniac!"

"And you’ve done this before!" I quipped.

He turned himself back around and we were face to face. His hands brought our still roaring hard cocks together and rubbed slowly up and down. His face moved closer to mine so I pulled him the rest of the way and we were kissing again. Hot, slow and deep.

We rolled our bodies around together on the bed, rubbing and hugging each other when Scott suddenly was on top of me again. He then proceeded to blow the last remnants of my mind by taking my tortured hardness in his hand and sitting down on it in one fluid motion. I had barely registered what was happening while he began squatting up and down on me. I instantly started to cum inside his gloriously hot hole as I watched him jerk out his own load all over my face and chest.

With my still hard cock inside him he leaned over and licked his jizz from my face. I grabbed his head and forced our mouths together and got to taste him again. Gradually our hard cocks softened and we lay together cuddling for a while enjoying the closeness.

"We can do that again anytime you want!" I enthused.

Scott just laughed again and kissed me.

And we did it again. Many, many times and even with other guys we knew. I’ll write more accounts if anyone’s interested.

Rating: 95%, Read 502583 times, Posted Jun 28, 2011

True Story | Blowjob, Boy, First Time, Gay, Teen Male


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