Flexible: Act 1 by Kevon3383

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In his office, Tom sits waiting for his next patient to arrive. Tom gets a phone call from his patient and they have to cancel. He's alone and has time so he dicides to masturbate because he hasn't had sex in weeks. Toms a 41 year old husband and father to his daughter mellany, a 17 year old 5'8 gymnasts. Mellany has silk black hair that shines even in the dark. She's what one might call a slut. Mellany indiscriminately blows boys at her highschool, and when they want sex she's does anal.

Mellany comes home and hears her dad grunting and gets curious as to what could be happening. She walks to the back of the house and peeks into the doorway of her father's office. She gasps and quickly looks away but the image of her father stroking his long thick cock got her hot. Mellany wanted to feel a huge cock ramming all her holes but the thought of her father being that person grossed her out and she crept away.

She opened and closed the front door and shouted "dad I'm home". Tom quickly froze and put his pants back on in the blink of an eye. He got up and met his daughter in the kitchen which is right outside his office.

"Hey baby how was your day"?

Tom hadn't cum, so seeing his daughter in a skirt that barely covered her ass he was horned up. When she bent over to get something out of the refrigerator, he immediately thought dirty thoughts. Mellany had on white cotton panties and they didn't do her any favors for they were thin and showed her pussy lips pushing out to be seen. Tom realized it was his daughter that he was thinking about and focused on the floor while also trying to hide his erection.

Mellany rose her head " ah same old same old. You learn some stuff, have a quiz and then forget it".

In toms head he's thinking his daughter usually wears baggy clothing so why was she dressed like this. "Why are you dressed like that mellany? Don't tell me you went to school like that."

She closes the door and walks slowly toward tom. " Why Daddy? Do you not want other people to see your daughters body?" Mellany notices the boner her dad has and is trying to hide, but this time she's not disgusted. Mellany continues walking slowly toward her father and both not breaking eye contact. Tom knows he can't move because his daughter would see his erection.

Tom slowly backs into his office and Mellany follows him into the room.

"What's wrong daddy you look pale? Is it my outfit?"

" No I just need to sit down for a second."

Tom turns and promptly sits on the couch facing the door. Mellany slides down her skirt and takes off her top.

"Daddy I need a therapist. I have a sex related problem."

"Sorry baby I can't help you right now, maybe later though."

"No daddy, I need it now. Do know what I do when a boy wants to have sex?" She slides down her panties exposing her waxed genitals.

"Put your clothes back on mellany. I'm your father you don't need to be undressing in front me!" Tom was thinking the complete opposite of what he was saying. A beautiful young woman with figure wants fuck, why not?

Mellany unstraps her bra showing her perky tits with pink nipples already hard?

"Don't you want to know how your daughter likes to be fucked in the ass and sucks dick like a vacuum. Or how I want a bigger dick to really fill me up." Mellany drops to her hands and knees with her tits swinging like a pendulum and an ass like a black girl she crawls to tom.

"You and I are the only ones around. I won't tell if you fuck me daddy."

Tom is dumbfounded. He's been hypnotized and mesmirized by the body of a woman whom he thought he knew. Mellany put her hands on toms lap and unbuckled his pants with no resistance from tom. A dick pops out like a soldier at attention and a gasp let out from mellany as she's never seen a large dick before only the small ones at her high school.

"Oh my, it's so big wow" with a stunned and amazed expression on her face mellany grabs it by the shaft wrapping her tiny hands around it. Tom is still confused about what is happening but it's to late because his dick is already is in his daughters mouth. He moans a little because of the sexual drought between him and his wife who should be here in two days. A loud slurping is all that can be heard throughout the house. Mellany is so excited she deep throats the very large penis but still only going half way down. Tom is 6'4 so his small daughter feels wrong somehow minus the incest.

A warm cock in her mouth mellany is hot like an oven and wants to go farther. She paused on the blowjob and removed toms pants. She gets off her knees and climbs on top of tom.

" I want you to fuck me daddy as hard as you can, give it to me."

Mellany reaches back and takes out her anal plug and drops it on the ground. Then she turns around and trys to put toms cock in her tight little ass. "Uuhh fuck it's so big" she exclaimed. Tom finally snaps back and grabs his dick and gropes Mellanys hip putting the head to her ass hole slowly pushing his way in "oouuoummm" a grunt from both.

Once toms penis is in enough he grabs mellany by the hips and trys to push her down on it.

"I'm gonna make you wish you never fucked me." Tom said.

"Please do I want you so bad!" Mellany said in a high pitched voice.

Tom moves his hands upwards. His right on on her tits an his left on her stomach pushing their body's closer with his chest and her back sliding while she bounces up and down on his monster of a cock. Tom can't really tell the difference between anal and normal sex besides ones tighter and less lubricated. Tom grabs mellany by the sides and pulls her off of him turning her around and throwing her on the couch and tittys jiggle as she squrims for more pleasure. Tom sees her breast and can't resist the temptation to put them in his mouth. Mellany laughs because she's never had that done before and it tickels.

Tom leans up and grabs his dick putting it in whatever hole he can find while staring in Mellanys beautiful green eyes. The hole has closed so Tom has to force it in again and mellany gasps realizing he's in the wrong hole but she doesn't care she grabs his back sinking her nails into it.

"Uuhh, that's the wrong hole!" And continued to moan.

Toms thinking it can't be because she likes it so he keeps going as deep as he can filling up his daughters vagina unknowingly. Five strokes In tom bust so hard he had to look down to see all the cum.

"Oh shit, well to late now wanna keep going?"

"Yes I'm almost there hurry before I lose it!"

Tom sees the anal plug and grabs it off the floor, he puts it back in her ass and puts his dick in Mellanys little tight pink pussy. For a few minutes they went at It. Mellany is close to an orgasm. She starts yelling and screaming joy. "Uh uh uh I'm almost there, harder!" Her pussy was already red from the force tom was pounding her with but he continued and he was also ready to cum again. if someone was to walk into there house they would either run or freeze with all the moaning and yelling curse words you'd think something horrible is happening if you couldn't see it. With one more thrust tom had cum again and Mellanys vagina took the cum as fuel to the fire and finally blew she never experienced a feeling like this and she shook like a washing machine full of bricks. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm" is all she could let out. Her dad continued to fuck her slowly and pulled out seeing all of the fluid and goo that covered his couch.

Mellany quickly shot up collected her clothes and ran upstairs to a bedroom. Tom startled and unsure of what she might do after this he ran after her. They ended up in the master bedroom tom was unaware of where he was until he saw the bed Mellany was on. She got under the covers.

"Come on get in the bed daddy we're not done yet." Tom smiles and joins her in the bed.

In the bed tom is pushed back by Mellany and gets on top taking out the anal plug. She wants it hard in her ass. Tom with both hands on her hips is already hard all she has to do is lean back and it's in there. Mellany slaps her dad's hands away and slides down to grabs his dick.

"I'm in charge now daddy. You can't move unless I say so."

He laughs and agrees "Ok".

They're in sync. What usually takes couples years to do they did in less than an hour. Mellany strokes her dad's cock and leans her face down wrapping her tiny around the tip of the slightly flaccid penis. Breaking through her lips mellany takes it into her tiny mouth. Tom takes Mellanys long hair and pulls it up taking it out of the way. Up and down her head moves while stroking the shaft for maximum effect. Mellany leans up still holding the cock and slides foward sitting on her dad's thighs.

" Are you ready daddy?"

He nods his trying to determine, which hole now?

Toms cock disappeared between her legs and into her vagina so warm and slippery yet tight.

Mellany gasps and tom shouts "oh fuck, your so tight." Easing further mellany can already feel the dick deep in her womb. Mellany starts crying due to the pain and pleasure of her daddy's cock. "Oooohh, it's so big daddy."

Finally she's far enough down to were she can ride.

A lot of moaning and shouting is all that can be let out. Tom is ready to cum again and mellany cant tell so she's about to be surprised. Tom cums and mellany is startled by the explosion in her and laughs "ooh you came in me again daddy I must be good."

Tom flips mellany on her back they wrap their arms around each other mellany digs into her dad's back as he thrust his abnormally large cock in her already bruised cunt. She wraps her legs around him and yells "oh fuck ooh fuck, I'm cumming!" She bites his neck because she has lost her mind she doesn't know what to do anymore. Tom can feel her tight cunny convulsing and slows down as mellany is inflicting a lot of damage on him. Minutes after her crazy orgasm tom and mellany take a quick interlude.

"Daddy I thought about this for a long time, please don't be mad." She said lying beside him.

Tom couldn't care about what mellany just said he has to many worries. The exhaustion from loss of fluids affects both of them with the sun shining through the window tom recovered enough to answer.

"That's okay baby, I know you suduced me."

"Then why didn't you stop me."

" I don't know."

Tom knew why he didn't stop because, he liked that a younger woman was attracted to him. Both nude tom turns his body towards Mellany and turns her to her side spooning her.

"This feels nice daddy. Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Why not baby tomorrow is Saturday."

They drifted off to sleep wondering what's next.


She's in a bar and sees an attractive guy. Robins flight has been delayed and has time so she eyeballs the guy signaling him that she's available. Robin is ready for a long awaited cock tonight.

Rating: 86%, Read 8502 times, Posted Mar 11, 2021

Fantasy | Blowjob, Incest, Male, Teen Female


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