Rapehouse: The Beginning by LovesHotGirls

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Fantasm | Domination, Female, Rape


I live in Hollywood, California, and I am 30 years old and Caucasian. I just started a criminal business last week. I bought a huge house up in the mountains. My plan is to kidnap really attractive women and keep them there in cells. And people come to my rape house, pick a girl they like, pay a fee, and rape her.

I know who I want to be the first prisoner. A girl called Jeanne. She is a 24 year old cock tease. She has dirt blonde hair and is thin, but has huge tits and a nice plump ass. She is my co worker at my new office job and she would always flirt with me and I'd buy her things. And then she had sex with one of my friends who was 32 who she barely knew. And when I tried to fuck her and she refused. That pissed me the fuck off. Then she got a new boyfriend and used it as another excuse not to fuck me. 

Tonight I drove to her house with my team of kidnappers at 11pm. She was dropped off by her boyfriend. I was camping in my black van with no license plates. I watched them kiss passionately, and they went into the house together. 

"Fuck that!" I yell "I ain't letting them fuck! Let's get her!"

I put on a generic robber mask and my team, two buff black guys, did the same. We were armed with handguns. Our names are secret, but I was called Delta, and my team mates were Charlie and Bravo. We have been friends for over 5 years. We met in Iraq, we were U.S. marines. We just got back from years of no pussy, so that's why we decided to start this business.

It was quiet so I used hand signals. "Bravo breach through front door take out the guy, Charlie and I smash through back and get the girl."

Bravo stomps the front door down and rushes inside to the bedroom. Jeanne screams as Bravo tackles her boyfriend and pistol whips him unconscious. Jeanne's scream is suddenly muffled by a sandbag that I throw over her head. Charlie grabs her legs and we carry her out and throw her in the back of the van. I throw Bravo the keys to the van and we all drive off swiftly. In the back Charlie and I are stripping her and tying her up. After tying her hands behind her back I rip her white blouse open an cut her bra off with a knife. I had my first view of her nice big tits. I immediately start groping them and biting them, leaving bleeding teeth marks on her right tit.  

Charlie ties her legs and cuts off her uniform skirt and her panties. She had a cute blonde happy trail leding to her beautiful pussy. 

We arrive at our new rape house. Alpha, the nerd of my staff let us in through the gate. "did you get her?" he asks. I open the back of the van and the struggling naked babe is exposed. "Hell yeah!!!" Alpha screams in exitement. 

"I got dibbs!" I yell. I wanna have a little fun with her before I rent her. I bend her over a table I made. It had a bar that puts pressure on her back so that she cannot move from a standing doggy style position. It was also short so that her boobs hang off the other side and the table was bolted to the ground. I remove my mask. I want her to know who's raping her. Then I remove the bag over her head. 

"Remember me, bitch?" I say angrily. "No one will know why you don't arrive at work tomorrow, ha ha. These walls are sound proof and we are up in the mountains where nobody can hear you anyway, so please scream!"

"No, please don't do this! Just let me go!" she begged. I backhanded her in the face and laughed. 

Having her beautiful naked body tied up and defenseless in front of me made my cock so hard. I unzip and release my pulsing eight inch cock. I walk up to her bent over ass. She had a tramp stamp tattoo. "tramp stamp? Yes you are a tramp." I say to her. "I'm gonna fuck you like the slut bitch you are"

I caress her pussy with the head of my cock until she gets wet. Then I push my cock through her pussy lips. Jeanne let's out a cry as I grab her hips and thrust my eight niches into her. After loosening her up a bit start mercilessly pounding her pussy doggy style.

"Is this what it fucking takes to get inside you, you fucking cunt!?" I angrily scream as I am thrusting my cock inside her, balls-deep. It felt nice as my balls were swinging forward and slapping against her clit with every deep thrust into her. As Jeanne is whining like a bitch I spread her ass cheeks and harshly grab her right ass cheek with my right hand and clench HARD. As I continue fucking her. I let go of the handful of ass and start slapping it over and over again. I loved the sight of her nice plump ass jiggling with each slap. I kept slapping her ass until both butt cheeks were bright pink.

I knew I was gonna cum. I didn't wanna get her pregnant if I was going to reuse her. So I put a device inside her mouth that did not let her jaw close beyond the thickness of an average cock. Alpha designed this so that we can get blowjobs without getting our dicks bitten off. 

"Open wide bitch! This is you dinner!" I say. "If you spit out one drop, I will make you drink that shit off the ground!"

She tried to close her mouth she couldn't. She shrieks as I push my cock through her lips, which were struggling to close. There was enough pussy juice and pre cum to lubricate the entrance of her throat. Jeanne gags as I force my cock down her throat. She starts coughing and choking, but I ignore it and grab her hair face fuck her until i'm ready to come. She looked so good having her chin coated with my big, sweaty balls as my whole length is down her throat. 

Her lips could still close, just not her jaw, so I commanded "suck me off!" she turned her head away from my cock in disgust. I angrily backhand the right side of her face with my right hand so hard her teeth cut her cheek and blood runs out of her mouth. "you don't want me doing that again, right? So suck me off and swallow every drop."

Jeanne starts sucking the head of my cock, making these beautiful smacking noises. She was crying so much her make up is all messed up beneath her eyes. "Suck bitch!" I yell. She starts bobbing her head back and forth as she sucks and slurps on my ready-to-cum shaft. I can't hold it. I explode and pump wave after wave of hot cum into her mouth. Scared of a beating, Jeanne swallows it all in three gulps.

"This is just the beginning of what I have in store for you..." I say. "Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, knock yourselves out." I leave Jeanne's cell and go get ready for bed while the other three guys rape the hell out of her. I call all my friends and tell them to spread the word, that the grand opening of the rape house starts tomorrow. Only one girl, so only 50 dollars to fuck her. No cumming in her pussy, anal sex must be last in sequence. 


The next morning there is a line of six people when I wake up.

"listen up bitch, you have to swallow each drop of semen of everyone who cums in your mouth, or else you don't get breakfast." I watch and masturbate through a one way glass as each guy, one after another, fucks Jeanne. I blow my load onto an egg sandwich I made for Jeanne. The first guy throat fucks her and cums in her mouth, she swallows. Few minutes later the second guy does the same. Etc.

Eventually she swallows the six loads. "very good, here is your sandwich." I tell her. And remove her jaw device and release her from the table. "don't worry, semen has alot of protein"

"You fucking asshole!" she yells when she notices the semen. She starts sobbing and kickes it. Six hours later she sobs as she picks up the sandwich and eats it from hunger.

When the six men recover from the first orgasms, they lined up for her ass. "I get dibs on her ass" I say. Alpha Bravo and Charlie line up too, so a total of 10 men are about to rape her ass open. I instantly get hard as I secure her to the "doggy style table" again. I lube up her ass hole and my cock with lube and force my cock all the way in her in one go. Jeanne let's out a scream so loud it hurt my ears. I lay on top of her back and grab her tits as handles and start pounding my eight inches in and out of her tight asshole. Hearing her cry was music to my ears. I can't hold it. I push my cock as deep as I can go, and unleash my load of cum deep in her, wave after wave. I start moaning loudly with pleasure as I am collapsed on jeanne's back.

The other nine men take turns fucking her ass and cumming inside. By the time the last guy was done, her ass was so gaped I could stick my hand up her ass if I wanted to.

The next morning at work there is a meeting. And my boss said "Jeanne has gone missing and here is detective Rogers to ask you all a few questions."

"Greetings. I work with the LAPD, all we have as evidence is a witness, the boyfriend. He was attacked by a black male and that's all we know." he says. I raise my hand. "Yes?" Rogers asks. 

"So ONE black guy took out her boyfriend and kidnapped her?" I ask. 

"That is what we believe happened yes." the detective says. I then text Alpha. "Dude, they think it was one guy. We are so in the clear."

The next morning I invite Alpha Bravo and Charlie over for coffee at my office. Detective Rogers walks up with 5 other cops and says to me. We recently say a survaillance tape from the neighbors. The attackers were 3 not one. And we have anonymous reports of you harassing Jeanne, you have 2 black friends of similar bulid. You guys are under arrest." Held at gunpoing by 6 cops, it was stupid not to bring guns that day. Luckily they didn't even look at Alpha, they just took the three. Guess they didn't know he was involved. 

Alpha immediatly runs downstairs and sabotages 2 of the 3 police cars, nerdy as he is, cutting the wires, he did this before the cops exit the building. He grabbed a convenient baton from inside the cop car.

"Excuse me officer, do you know what time it is?" he asks Rogers, hiding the baton behind his back. The cops didn't have their guns out since the three suspects were in hand cuffs. Suddenly Alpha strikes Rogers in the face with the baton and then the next cop. As this happens, Bravo, Charlie and I start headbutting and kicking the others. Alpha takes a gun from a fallen cop and points it at the cops, which are all downed. "Whoever moves gets shot, I bet there is at least 6 bullets in here." Alpha says. "YOU, hand me the keys the the cuffs" The cop with the keys gives them up. Bravo, Charlie and I were now free. Alpha tosses the gun to me so I can keep the cops pinned. Alpha then hotwires the working cop car.

"Ready!" Alpha called. As soon as I put my gun down, Rogers grabbed his gun. I jumped in the car and ducked. We were being shot at but then made a successful getaway.

Rating: 63%, Read 36240 times, Posted Jun 13, 2011

Fantasm | Domination, Female, Rape


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