Little slut nicci - con't by nghty_lil_grl

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Fantasy | Exhibitionism, Female, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Threesome, Young

When I woke up the next morning I was alone in bed, and I heard the shower running. I groggily climbed out of bed, and went to the bathroom where I saw Daddy showering. A shower sure would be nice I thought to myself as I climbed in with him.

"Mornin' sweetie," Daddy said as I brushed past him to stand under the hot spray of water.

"Mornin'" I grumbled as I pushed my now wet hair back off my face as I enjoyed the sight of my father naked, and wet.

"Get down, and suck my cock like the naughty little slut you are," Daddy commanded making me quiver excitedly.

I was quickly down on my knees taking his half hard cock in my mouth as I looked up at him looking down at me.

"Are you gonna be a good slut, and do whatever I want," he asked as he put a hand on my head, and began to fuck my mouth.

I could only nod my head yes with my mouth full of now hard cock.

"Do you want fucked now," he then asked as he pulled his cock from my mouth, and lightly spanked my cheek with it.

"Please Daddy ~ fuck me," I begged wanting sooooo badly to feel his big cock pounding deep in my pussy again.

Daddy pulled me up then hooked his arms under my knees picking me right up. With my arms around his neck he pushed me against the shower wall so the water hit us from the side, and worked his cock in my eager pussy. He had a hold of my ass as he began to fuck me with long powerful strokes as I just enjoyed the fuck.

"Your big cock ..... feels sooooo good Daddy," I cried out as he thrust harder, and faster in my pussy.

Then I felt his fingertip on my asshole, and as he let it slide in I went out of my mind, and was thrashing wildly in his arms, and on his cock. I didn't even have time to announce I was cumming as my orgasm tore through me like a run away train.

"OHHHH DADDY ~ I wanna feel you cum inside me ~ PLEASE," I cried out as he continued to fuck me through my orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum sweetie," he groaned as I felt his cock swell then throb with every powerful squirt of his cum.

When he was done shooting my pussy full of cum he released my legs, and somehow I managed to stand on my own. We finished our shower then got dressed for the rest of the drive to his house. I chose my jean shorts that hug my sexy, little ass, and a tank top that was a little too small but outlined my perky breasts nicely. Daddy whistled his approval of my outfit making me feel even sexier than I felt.

"Are you still gonna be a good slut, and do whatever I want," Daddy asked once we were on the road again.

"Yes Daddy I will be a very good slut, and do whatever you want," I purred in his ear as I began to free his half-hard cock from his pants.

"This is gonna be such a great summer ~ now suck my cock like a good slut," he said as he pulled my head into his lap forcing me to suck his cock into my mouth.

I could only moan around his cock as Daddy wrapped his hand in my hair, and guided my head up, and down his now throbbing shaft. The thought of every trucker we passed being able to see my head in my Daddy's lap sucking his cock had my pussy quivering excitedly so I raised up onto my knees so my ass was in the passenger's window giving them a wonderful view of my ass.

"I can't till we get home ~ I need to fuck you now slut," he groaned as he released my hair then smacked my upturned ass.

I squeeled, and squirmed from having my ass spanked, and I was now very anxious to feel his big, hard cock pounding deep in my pussy. When I felt the car slowing down I lifted my head from his lap to see that we were pulling into a rest area, and knowing that in a few short minutes I'd have my pussy full of my Daddy's cock had my pussy on fire. We parked at the far end, and figuring we were going to fuck right there in the car I was about to climb into his lap when he told me to get out. As I got out I saw one truck-driver watching with interest as we met at the front of the car then I was lead away to the woods. We went into the woods on a foot path, and a only a few short feet into the woods there was a picnic table.

"Take off your shorts," was all Daddy said as he put the blanket he got out of the car on the end of the table.

When I had stepped out of my shorts I went into Daddy's arms, and after a tongue-wrestling kiss he spun me around to face away from him. With a hand between my shoulder blades he pushed me forward, and I put my hands on my knees to brace myself. With one hand on my hip he pulled me back as his other hand guided his throbbing cock to my wet pussy.

"OOOH YESSSS DADDY," I moaned out as his cock stretched my pussy, and I sowly took inch after inch inside me.

When I began to rock forward, and back fucking myself on my Daddy's cock I went to look back to see the look of pure pleasure I knew was on his face when I spotted the truck-driver I had seen when I got out of the car leaning on a tree watching us fuck. Being watched only spurred me to fuck Daddy with more enthusiasm as I watched the guy watching us.

"I bet he would love to feel your mouth on his cock," Daddy said as he slid his hands up the front of me dragging my tank-top to expose my breasts to the stranger.

"OOOH YESSS DADDY," I moaned out at the thought of sucking the guy's cock as Daddy fucked me.

It was a great fantasy that had me highly aroused but when the guy started walking towards us freeing his cock as he did I knew it was about to become a reality. When the guy was standing before me Daddy slid a hand to my back, and pushed until I was accepting the stranger's cock in my mouth.

"That's it ~ suck his cock like the naughty little you are," Daddy grunted as he held my hips tight, and began to move me faster, and harder on his cock.

The guy just stood there with his hands on his hips as Daddy rocked my body from his cock to the stranger's which turned me on to no end as I moaned around the stranger's cock. Just as my orgasm began to sweep over me the stranger grunted then was filling my mouth with his gooey cum. A second later Daddy held his cock buried in my pussy as he shot his cum deep inside me. When the stranger had emptied his balls down my throat he simply pulled his cock out of my mouth, and began to tuck it away as he turned to leave.

"Oh baby that was sooooo hot," Daddy said as he pulled me up so I was now leaning back against him.

"Was I a good slut Daddy," I purred as I recovered from my mind-bending orgasm.

"Yes baby ~ a very good slut you were," Daddy told me.

Rating: 80%, Read 97231 times, Posted Sep 08, 2006

Fantasy | Exhibitionism, Female, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Threesome, Young


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