Bathroom Encounters With A Vampire by blueintheface

Rating: 81%, Read 20924 times, Posted Jul 16, 2011

Fantasy | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Death, Fisting, Gothic, Oral Sex, Written by women

I knew he’d be back soon, I didn’t think he would be able to resist for long; he’d enjoyed our encounter just as much as me. I could still taste his sweat on my lips, the sticky residue he left behind slowly drying onto me. I needed to take a shower, in the same shower I had just fucked the hottest vampire in, I couldn’t even look at it without my pussy aching, how I was gonna get in it with the memory of fucking there, I don’t know.

It had only been an hour since he had left with his promise of returning, I was hoping he wouldn’t last long and return soon, I was desperate to touch his perfect abs and kiss his cute mouth.

I really needed that shower, but still I lay naked on my bed, the same place I’d been laying since he left. It seemed like too much effort to move; it was like the amazing sex was a drug that left me paralysed, unable to move from the spot where I was left.

I feel asleep. I woke at 11, I didn’t mean for that to happen, but too late for that now, still feeling tired I decided on a bath rather than a shower, didn’t need to use so much energy to take a bath. 5 minutes late I was in a hot, deep bath, relaxing back into the soap suds.

I never heard him coming, no knock on the door, no window draught, no floorboard creaks. I opened my eyes, and Ian was there in my face, his eyes now dull red, not the blue they were when he left the night before. I stared back into his evil eyes, then lowering my eyes to watch the fangs extend. Damn I was salivating at the sight, why did vampires do this to me.

“I feel asleep” I told him sleepily.

He grinned but with his fangs fully out, it made the grin look evil, and somehow it turned me on, my pulse quickened, I knew what was coming, his open mouth edging closer towards me.

I didn’t even notice he was actually in the bath with me until I felt the water move as he did. Of course, he wouldn’t be in my face like that unless he was actually in with me.

I moved my head so he could get to my neck, wanting and knowing he would bite me. He nudged my hair back with one long finger, and ran his lower lip down my neck line, I gasped, anticipating the sharpness that would occur, but he was delaying. “You know I would never hurt you, right?” He didn’t let me answer, pressing his soft lips onto my wet ones, his fangs making it difficult to get a proper, intimate kiss.

Abandoning the kiss he pulled back, moving so gently, I felt his fingers run slowly down my stomach, touching the top of my thigh, the water rippling with his soft movements. His hand pushed between my thighs, I moved my legs as far as the tub would let me, his thumb rubbing against my oversensitive clit as his fingers sought out my pussy hole.

His nose almost touching mine, I heard the faint whisper of “Don’t hate me”. I didn’t have time to be confused. His teeth punctured my shoulder so quickly I hardly felt it, I gasped as I felt a shockwave flow through my pussy, all his fingers rammed into me, and his hand slowly inching further into my tight tunnel, my pussy growing tighter every second, his lips still firmly attached to my shoulder, sucking all the red nectar out of me. The sharp pain was still there, but I wasn’t really feeling it, the pleasure I was feeling in my vagina totally blocking it out. I didn’t even realise his fisting was a diversionary tactic until last minute, as I was slowly losing consciousness, and the pain and pleasure both ebbed away. My vision growing faint, I felt Ian pull away, roughly forcing his hand from my pussy, hearing him rip into flesh, and forcing his blood down my throat, I was barely alive, hardly feeling his life flowing into me, my pulse faint, vision blurring more, then I felt him push me under the water, hands around my throat, my barely breathing lungs now flooding me into death.

It all felt wrong, the water was gone from around me, I could smell something that smelt like sweat, but much stronger, I could feel softness on my back that I didn’t recognise. The pain in my mouth and eyes that wasn’t there before.

“Finally, I never thought you were going to come round”, his arrogance showing in his voice. “I decided last night that you should be a vampire, sensed that you wanted it. So I turned you.”

A vampire. He drunk my blood to the edge of draining me, and turned me into a vampire. Fuck yeah, my dream had come true. I smiled at Ian, “I don’t hate you”. He smirked, realising I had heard his faint murmur before he murdered me.

I could feel the thirst in the back of my throat but chose to ignore it; I would deal with that later. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Ian was bent over me as I lay where he had left me, “Thank you” I whispered onto his lips. “Hey, didn’t you leave me hanging when you killed me? I thought you didn’t like leaving a woman waiting?”

“Your right, I did and I don’t.”

It was then I realised I was lying on the floor of my bathroom; the softness must have been my towel underneath me. I sat up as Ian shifted from over the top of me, moving his weight back onto his heels, he crouched at the side of me for a long second, both of us moving in what felt like slow motion but was probably faster than the average person moves, he was in front of me, kneeling between my legs before I had chance to blink, his fingers for the first time since my death, parting the lips of my vagina, circling the entrance, making my juices leak down onto the towel below me. The ache from before returning to my pussy. “Lick me” I commanded him.

He put a hand round my throat, squeezing, knowing it wouldn’t kill me, forcing me down onto my back, I could easily resist his pressure but I gave in, letting him force me backwards so I was back lying down. Leaving his hand round my throat, he forced the fingers of his other hand into my pussy, I moaned out loud. “I SAID LICK ME”, it burst out so aggressively my fangs half extended, Ian chuckled at my authority, but proceeded to press his tongue against my clit, then gently flick it back and forth, gaining a therapeutic momentum, my vagina thrumming, an orgasm building inside me. My gentle moaning egging him on, he probed my pussy hole, forcing his tongue slowly in further and further, only to withdraw and return to my clit. Finally he let go of my throat, his tongue still working my clit, his hand now edging into my pussy hole finger by finger. I moaned loudly as his hand and wrist penetrated me, shockwaves flowing through my entire body as he moved it hard in and out of me. I moaned harder and harder, “I’m gonna cum right fucking now” I screamed at him, he tore his hand out of my body, I screamed out as a torrent of my juices sprayed out of my pussy, Ian’s face, which was inches from my vagina, took most of the force, his perfect face left dripping in cum.

He pulled himself up to his feet, grabbed my hand and lifted me up, making my face level with his “Lick it off you whore.” I ran my tongue over every centimetre of his face, washing away every last drop, enjoying the taste of myself.

He dropped me on the floor, not scared of hurting me, now I was a vampire. He stood there, looking like the dominant vampire that he was. Well I wasn’t going let him get off on that one for long, already naked from his in bath experience; I grabbed hold of his hard 9 inch cock, rubbing my hand up and down the shaft fast. Vampire speed was useful for some things. “Your gonna have to try harder than that if you’re gonna make me cum” he hissed as he grabbed my hair, forcing my mouth onto his cock, his whole 9 inches hitting my throat, he forced me back, pulling my hair backwards, snarling at me ,“Suck it like you mean it”. I didn’t have chance to obey, he did it for me, continuously pushing my head down onto his cock, and back up faster than humanly possible. For a few minutes he continued like this, until I let my fangs loose, a feral sort of snarl escaping from around his penis, my mouth still fully over his cock, my fangs scrapping his balls leaving imprints in his vampire flesh.

“You bitch, you are so going to be punished for that”. Lifting me to my feet, he pushed me into my bedroom, despite him saying the night before he didn’t like fucking on beds, that’s exactly where he headed. His cock as hard as rock, my pussy dripping juices at the thought of it being sunk deep inside of me. Throwing me down on the edge of the bed, holding my ankles in a vice like grip, he shoved my legs as far back as they would go and wrenched them so they were open wide. His fangs now out with all the emotion he was exerting over me, the veiny appearance taking over his face, his eyes glowing red, my fangs were still out to match, the true vampire coming out on the faces of both of us.

A snarl ripped across his face as he assaulted my vagina with his cock, his 9 inches hammering in and out me, his cock grinding with extreme force against my vagina walls, the head easily brushing my g-spot. Faster and faster he pounded, deep, monstrous growls coming from his throat as his shaft was squeezed by my pussy.

Using my sheer strength, I forced my ankles out of his grasp, twisted round, tearing his cock from my pussy, I wanted to take control. I bodily lifted him from the ground, unceremoniously dumping him on the bed, not giving him a chance to get up, I leaped cat like onto the bed, pinned him by the shoulders, and lowered myself back onto his cock. I braced myself, making sure he wouldn’t escape and raised my hips up and down, even though I didn’t need to breathe, I did anyway, heavily, making sure he knew I was going to explode on him very soon. My body moving so fast, it was nearly a blur even to me, the friction building, and my orgasm just about ready to be let loose from my body, my grip on Ian slackened, before I could even move I was back on my back his cock buried in me, but I couldn’t last much longer.

“You ready to get wet again?” I hissed. As his cock tore from my pussy for the last time, he moved down the bed, ready to take the force of my orgasm again. He rubbed my clit hard, pushing me over the edge, I screamed in ecstasy as a tidal wave washed over Ian’s face, the spray coming thick and face from my vagina, and showing no sign of relenting any time soon. I’d never felt anything like it, the orgasm ripping through my body, making me buck as well as squirt a lethal load over my guy.

Taking his cock in his hand, he crouched over my face, a second later he unleashed his own large amount of cum straight into my mouth, swallowing it all down in one gulp.

“Well vampire sex if definitely all it’s cracked up to be” I panted out as Ian dropped down onto the bed beside me. Somehow I think I am going to like be a vampire.

Rating: 81%, Read 20924 times, Posted Jul 16, 2011

Fantasy | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Death, Fisting, Gothic, Oral Sex, Written by women


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