Quintuplets sisters and a little Brother: the beginning by AlexKnight60

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My name is Alvin Carlson I'm sixteen years old, I'm just your average teenage kid. Ok I'm lying I'm not average, because I live with my mom and my sisters and by sisters I mean quintuplets, that's right I have five older sisters that are the same age, I'm just two years younger. My father Marcus died eight years ago and it was hard on my mom but before my father died my mother was always a strong independent woman, she bounced back from depression fast. I'm guessing taking care of six kids can do that. My mother Amarah who's 42 years old, is a genius doctor not only is she good with plastic surgery she saved many lives through operation. She has her own medical empire, yes we are rich but mom still wanted us to go to public school and not end up like snot nose rich kids. She's mostly never around cause of her job so it's just me and my five quintuplet sisters, isn't that fun.... NOT!

Now about my sisters let me just say they may have the same face with blue eyes like the sky and for some reason the same body, breast size, waist size and the same weight but all of them have different personalities, hair styles, taste in food and different interests like hobbies, tv shows, music and movies. Let just start from the first born to the last born.

Iris the first born, has short light brown hair that looks very good on her that you can't understand what so ever on how she pulls it off, also she's the most mature of the 5, she's always looking out for me and even protects me at home and at school. I recently found out she's doing modeling to earn money for college. She love's funk music but mostly any music she can dance to.

Hailey the second born she's smart in her own way and has shoulder length dark brown hair and is really popular at school but she can be a huge bitch. One time she accused me of stealing her iPod when in fact she left it at school in her locker and didn't apologize for accusing me. I really can't stand her, on the plus side she's an amazing cook and loves K pop music. Out of the five Hailey's cooking skills are unmatched even to mom.

Maya the third born has long burnett hair and is basically the quiet type, she listens to any kind of music and likes to draw and takes photos. She loves art weather its music, drawing or photography. She isn't mean but isn't nice either she basically just keeps to herself even at shool.

Jenny the fourth born is your basic tomboy with short dyed orange hair down to her neck and loves any sport as well as helping around school. She's kind and fun to be around but sometimes forgets to study. She's in the girls hockey team and loves the sport more than any other. Her favorite music is hip hop.

Natalie the fifth and youngest sister has long dyed red hair, she's a bookworm and loves to study, out of the five she has the highest grades and is the student council president at school. She likes classical music because she says it helps her academics improve.

The reason mom and dad gave them different names without having the same initial is because they wanted their daughters to have their own identities, their own lives and personalities and to be treated differently. I mean I love my sisters but they can be a handful and sometimes I feel like I'm the outcast in the family, even Hailey said I was adopted just to mess with me. My friends talk about how they wish they had my life, others try to get on my good side so they can hook up with one of them. It's annoying and troubling, sometimes I think that I don't have real friends.

One day I stayed after school because of clubs, I'm in the computer graphic club to study for Video Game design. I started leaving the school and as I head down the halls of the school I over heard some delinquents talk about my sisters anf how they will treat them like prostitutes to get a bunch of money and that really pissed me off that I just jumped and attack them. By the time the fight finished I was beat up a bit but left them on the ground unconscious, luckily there were only 3 of them and I was a 9th degree black belt in karate and muay thai.

As I limped home I remember that mom was in Florida for a doctor's convention to catch up with some friends and trade information on medical stuff. I went inside and notice it was quiet as I tried to quietly go to my room I heard a gasp behind me, i turned around and see Natalie in her pink pjs, glasses and a plate of PB&J sandwich. "What the hell happened to you Alvin!? Is someone bullying you?!" She asked while walking to me and looking at my bruises.

"Don't worry about it Natalie I'm fine, I'll b-" "don't tell me not to worry! My little brother is bruised and bloody!" She interrupted and yelled at me. "Shush! You want everyone to hear you?" I whispered to her. "Oh please Iris is doing photo shooting, Hailey is at a friends house, Jenny is doing hockey practice and Maya is asleep in her room now come with me" she grabbed my hand and dragged me to her room and walking fast while being pulled hurts.

"So tell me what happened?" She asked while applying disinfect lotion on my wounds. "Ow... well some guys were talking about you and the others and I got pissed so I jumped them and well it was three on one so... I won" I explained, and she smacked my head "idiot! You could have gotten hurt worst then this" she said worried. "Hey one would say I'm the hero in this story so-" "Don't be Stupid! What if you gotten hurt worst then this!? Your my only little brother! We can't lose another family" she said in tears a bit. It just hit me that losing dad brought everyone closer together.

I can't blame her for feeling this worried about me. "I'm sorry I'll be more careful and besides I'm a 9th degree black belt in two martial arts so try to worry less please" I smiled, "I'll try" she smiled back. "Now take off your clothes" she said, "huh?!" I was shocked. "Your clothes are ripped I dont want you to get an infection from any wound I may have missed." I stood up and slowly took off my shirt because of the pain "woah I forgot hot ripped you are, the girls must be all over you" I smirked "nah I always wear baggy clothes so they wouldn't notice my muscles" as we talked she applied disinfect lotion on my wound. "Oh and why is that?" she asked "well because non of them are my type"

She looked at me curious but then focus on my wounds "drop your pants, shoes and socks" "what!? why?!" again I was shocked. "Because you were limping I kneed to know if it's your knee or ankles" she explain "I could just tell you" I said "I still need to treat it" she said "but-" "Now little brother!" When she calls me little brother she means business. So I take off my shoes, socks and pants and I saw a big bruise on my left thigh and she started applying disinfect lotion. While doing that my cock started twitching for some reason and as I look down I see her cleavage and I felt myself getting hard. "Oh... I didn't even touch it" Natalie said "let me do it" "no it's fine, its natural at your age" she smiled up at me and continued which made it worst cause now I was getting harder and my cock made a tent in my boxers.

She looked directly at it for a few seconds then looks away blushing. I couldn't look at her, I felt so embarrassed and humiliated that the room was completely silence. "So why don't you like any of the girls at school" she asked trying to break the silence and awkwardness. "Um I don't know" I tried to think of a reason why I don't like any of the girls at school, I mean I'm not gay I know that much but I can't think of anything.

"Is it because your attractive to me?" She asked "huh!? No of course not, I mean you are beautiful and attractive but your my sister... and" she chuckles a bit "forget it" she kept chuckling "do you want help with that?" She points at my hard cock and I was in shock she asked me that.

"Huh?! But.." "it's ok, it's just a sister helping her little brother" she said smiling. I didn't know what to say, I mean of course I find her attractive all my classmates do and I would be lying to myself if I didn't fantasy about them while masturbating. "Well ok... but" I said thinking I may not have another chance. "But what?" She asked.

"But it's unfair if I'm the only one naked" I said it. She blushed really hard and then thought about it, she looked at me and smiled as she stood up "your right it's not fair for you to be the only naked" she said as she started unbuttoning her pajama top and I was able to see her black Lacey bra covering big breast. "Um... what's your cup size" I asked while awkwardly looking away. She looked away blushing and biting her thumb nail thinking "um I'll tell you my cup size if you tell me your... size" she said. I think she ment my cock, I was surprised myself when I measured it a long time ago. "Um 10inch long" I said while blushing and I notice her face turn even more red as she gulp "um... 36DD" I looked down and felt my cock twitch from her answer.

She continued to unbutton her pink pajama top as I look at her toned stomach and then dropped her top to the floor. She then pulls both straps of her bra down her shoulders and I notice the bra hooks were in the front and she unhooked it and her 36DD breast popped out jiggling. She blushed hard from this and lean down pulling her botton PJs off. "Um you can leave the underwear if you want" she smiled a bit and left them on, and I started pulling my boxers down and my 10inch cock sprang out. She looked at it for a bit then looked at me, then she knelt down in front of me. "Um ok well I've seen this done before" "huh?" I gasp in surprised "I maybe a bookworm but I'm still a normal person like any other one" she said smiling as she she slowly reaches for my cock.

She hesitated at first but then slowly touches it and tries to wrap her hand around it but couldn't because it seems I was also really thick. She started stroking my cock slowly then goes a bit faster, I looked down at her and she looked me in the eyes as we stared at each other in silence while she pumped me. I moan as she went a bit faster and I don't know if it was from being horny right now but I swear I heard her moan too while she licked her lips. She kept stroking me then used her other hand and it felt amazing, I wanted this to last but looking at her breast jiggle as she stroke me wasn't helping. A picture of her sucking and titty fucking my cock came into mind as I moan "I'm close Natalie" "cum little brother cum for your big sister" she said and that put me over the edge and I came so much that some of it landed on her face and glasses.

I pant and looked at her "oh my god I'm so sorry!" I said "No it's ok" she said. I quickly grabbed my stuff and headed out the door, fast to my room. I closed my door and fall flat on my bed thinking about what just happened, and to be honest a huge part of me like 79% doesnt regret it while the other 21% is regretting it..

To be continued

Rating: 90%, Read 22463 times, Posted Jun 15, 2020

Fiction | Fan fiction, Group Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male


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