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True Story | Cheating, Incest, Male, Mature, Old Female, Reluctance, Wife

Maya wrapped herself in a towel and made it look like she was going to get herself a bath and the door finally opened. To her satisfaction it was her elder sister who was due that day to be in the city. "oh hi" said Maya realizing how forgetful she could be. "hey there" said Priya, "is it not a good time?". "no just going for a bath" Priya didn't seem to buy thisThe room was smelling of sweat, Maya's thighs were quivering and her towel near the groin area was already wet as if her pussy alone had gone for a bath. She realized there was something fishy going on and give her an evil smirk and closed the door.

This tensed Maya a lot. If anyone know what happened on that bed that particular night, Maya would be in for an insulting scene. Maya washed herself, dressed appropriately and yes appropriate only in Maya's terms. she didn't wear an inner bra, only the translucent blouse on her that showed almost all of her boobs and wore her saree as usual, barely covering her boobs at both ends. She stepped out of her room and finally welcomed maya to the city and her house. They both hadn't met each other for a long time and went off to catch up in the kitched while they cooked dinner. Meanwhile Jay slowly woke up from under the bed, his 12 inch cock still erect from the sex he had with maya and took his pants and fled to his room even without wearing them. Maya made sure Priya was turning the other way when Jay made the run. However, Priya was indeed seeing everything that happened in the glass cupboard's reflection. She was sure not to miss his monster cock and now she exactly knew what was happening. Jay was in his room getting dressed for dinner and Maya's husband Ganesh had returned from office as well. As soon as the dinner table was set, both the men joined the dinner table the ladies had prepared. It was the first time Ganesh had seen Jay too since he arrived. It was the perfect family reunion only thing being Jay had ravaged maya with his horse dick a couple of hours before. And then his face turned to Priya, the new hot milf in town. He could see all women in the family had very big boobs indeed. Priya had H size boobs, slightly a smaller size than her elder sister but these breasts were very firm and didn't go any lower then their position. They were very stiff like an erect penis. They were perfectly shaped melons and Priya's dressing sense being very similar to that of her sister's wore a blouse too. Unlike Maya, Priya had very large nipples, they were almost 2 inches long and this was seen despite her wearing an inner bra. Jay couldn't resist this again. He once again had a boner. He wondered how many more times he would have to cum that night.

After dinner the table was cleared by Maya and soon all of them hot the bed. Priya took Jay's room for the night and jay crashed on the couch. He made no attempt to give a peek for Priya, all of his thoughts were revolving around Maya alone. He thought if she would be able to sleep that night or would want a cock to help her get tucked in. He slowly went inside her room, hid behind the lamp and tapped on her pussy to wake her up. She woke up in shock, her husband had never done such thing to her and when she checked he was still asleep. She looked around and saw Jay standing behind the lamp asking her to come out. She came out and Jay started making his moves on her. He held her waist firmly and made his way to her monster boobs, but Maya simoly pushed him away and said "I've already committed a sin Jay we can't do this anymore, I'm a women committed to god alone." Jay was truly frustrated to hear this. He nearly broke the coffee table beside him and stormed away to the porch. Maya knew nothing could be done, she let him go. She was firm in her decision and knew she wouldn't commit the mistake again. Even when she slept she wouldn't slip into something comfortable, she slept with the saree on her. The only thing Jay liked about her being religious is that she would never wear an inner bra and she also lost the habit of wearing panties over the months.

It was now three months after jay had been there and not once after the first day did she let him have sex with her. This exasperated Jay, especially when he had to watch her with no inner wear in those translucent clothes giving him a hard on multiple times a day. It was not her intention to do this to him but what choice did she have, her devotion to god had surpassed the lust she had for his cock. Quite a hard decision to pass a opportunity to fuck such a long one but she did. Jay had to sleep every night with blue balls only masturbating to the pictures he would take of her secretively. When she bent to search for the remote under the sofa, when she was not properly dressed whilst in the living room and when her saree fell to the ground and her translucent blouse would openly display it's belongings. Maya stopped dumping her laundry under the stairs so that Jay cannot get access to her blouse. It was a night mare for Jay and he felt like he was nothing more than a living corpse. It was more than 5 months now and Priya had again returned to the city to crash for a few days. Jay once again had to crash on the couch in the living room, he tried hard to fall asleep but couldn't since he was having a hard on and was sick of masturbating. He'd rather sleep rather watch porn or sexy pictures of Maya.

It was close to midnight and Maya got up to use the bathroom, there was no water in the taps and faucets, she thought there should be some problem with the water pump in the motor room that was by the garage. She didn't want to wake her husband and went on her own to the motor room that was in the yard, she had to cross Jay in the living room to go there first, she didn't mind him though, on her way out Jay was still awake and asked Maya if she wanted help with anything, she didn't bother giving him a reply and went on to the motor room. Though he was a little disappointed he never missed an opportunity to take a peek at her boobs or her sweaty armpits for that matter. Jay went back to try sleep than waste his time on her, though he wondered what she was up to. Back in the yard Maya opened the door of the motor room with her key she held in the keychain. It was only a 2×2 room only built to protect the machine from coyotes and other stray animals. It was very small and could only accommodate one person at a time and that was too very small to stay for more than 10 minutes. She went inside and checked what was wrong. It was nothing but a loose connection to the main circuit and she fixed it in a matter of minutes. when she was about to go out of the room she saw a giant lizard on the door and was scared out of her soul, what can I say that is very typical her. she screamed to her fullest crying for help, unfortunately no one heard her but Jay who was not asleep yet. He ran very fast to the motor room where the noise came from and barged in to see if she was okay. He probably thought she was touched a live with and came in contact to high voltage. Thankfully she was fine and the lizard had escaped but it looked like they were locked from outside. It was a schlage automatic lock and was unlikely to break it from the inside. Now the problem in their hands was to be solved, they were locked out in a 2×2 meant for one person, it was only 12 in the night and they had to wait for at least five hours for someone to notice they were gone and get help. They were standing inches away from each other and Maya could feel Jay's breath on her. she was so close to him, she could smell every inch of his body. unlike her, he wore a strong cologne and it's masculine scent aroused her. Jay hadn't touched her for the past five months, her thought maybe this was the right time to get close to her and maybe touch her like he did the first time he was in town. Maya said "don't even think about it, I'll chop your balls with whatever I can get my hands on".

with that Jay was greatly demotivated to make his move. He leaned towards Maya against the wall with his hands on the wall to support him. though he was closer to her than before, she realized there was no other way in a room with no place to stand and since she transferred her weight on him by pressing her chest against his she couldn't complain either. Her boobs were hard pressed to his chest now and he could feel her nipples getting harder by the minute. Her nipples were rubbing against his and both pairs of nipples were hard enough by now and brushing a little faster and harder than before, of course this was involuntary and Maya did not do it consciously though hey was greatly enjoying it. More than 40 minutes passed as they stood and there was no ventilation in the room either. Both of them began to sweat, profusely. Jay was almost wet and Maya needless to say was drenched. By this time she slowly lowered her saree to get some air and Jay started taking his shirt off too one button after the other. She finally took her saree down to her hips and his shirt was on thw last button and the only thing keeping up her chastity was her blouse as she knew there would be no way of stopping once he realized her blouse is transparent. Jay couldn't keep looking away anymore and decided to take a peek at her boobs. As he looked down, he was taken aback, figuratively of course, as he was taller than her he could see the whole of her cleavage and all of her boobs and nipple through her blouse. It was like he almost fogot how humongous her boobs were, the perfect firm J cup, and now it was all covered in sweat and it was too sexy to resist.

He was instantly turned on like he had a switch to his dick; dick would be an understatement to his monster cock. It once again grew to 12 inches in a matter of seconds and was harder than a steel rod. This time Maya knew she was in trouble because she was in a full swing to have hot, wet and sweat covered dirty sex like a cheap brothel whore. His 12 inch cock was poking her belly navel, there was nothing either of them could do and they were standing there still. As the temperature grew in the room they had to remove their clothes one by one to adjust to the heat. Jay removed his shirt and Maya released her saree to the ground, slowly jay was able to see her thighs, calves and even her pussy as she stopped wearing panties a few months ago. All she had on was her blouse and he removed his pants and there was nothing on him but his boxers. It was nothing but a waste of money to cover his private parts as it could only cover up to 4 inches of his erect monster cock, the rest 8 inches were pressing outside poking Maya's navel. He was slowly rubbing it against her navel as if it were a pussy hole. This turned on Maya a lot and the she suggested "There's no use of that shorts now, no harm in removing it". Jay said "But you will be able to see all of it and the least I want of all is more problems". "I can see most of it already may be I can help you hide it in my mouth" maya said seductively biting her lips. She looked like a whore at that moment, she literally suggested to give him a blow job. Jay slowly removed his boxers, now completely naked. Maya bent as down on her knees and took the monster in her hands and slowly lowered her mouth on his cock. There disappeared his cock inch by inch, he was pleasured at first but later he was shocked as she went past 7 inches then 8, 9 and at last 10. It was the deepest any whore had gone on his cock and without any gag reflex. She was literally deepthroating him and he couldn't resist it. After the first round going down she came back up releasing his cock out of her mouth inch by inch. It looked like an anaconda coming out of it's burrow. This went on for the next half an hour and it was 2:30 AM already. If they had to do anything, they had to do it fast. Maya was surprised of his stamina, even after half an hour of blowing he wouldn't cum, while her husband would cum and sleep by the end of four strokes.

Finally he started twitching and she knew he was about to cum, she picked up her pace and began stroking and blowing at the same time. Even at her best speed it would take 7-8 seconds to swallow the whole cock. Such a monster it was. At last after 45 minutes of blowing he finally came in her throat or throat pussy as he like to call it. There was no need for her to even swallow the cum, he directly shot it in her stomach. The word throat pussy matched her throat aptly as it was sucking his cock bone dry, until there was no cum left in it. She slowly rose from her knees hoping the session was finally over but sad-happily it didn't go soft and was as hard as it would be the first time he had a hard on.

Now she knew sex was inevitable and once again took the cock in her hands and now pushed it hesitantly into her pussy;jay showed no hesitation and pushed it like a shove digging out land, while she was on her toes trying to fit it inside her, this came as a shock and she tried to resist him doing this but was unable to do anything and started screaming like a whore.. A Herculean task of course. Jay was starting to feel the warmth of her pussy and the pleasure it gave it to him the first time, it was as tight as a virgin's, he was wondering if her husband even looks at it once in a while or was it as thin as a pencil. Maya was still screaming, it was not easy to take the cock instantly without being in shock and screaming like a tractor ploughing your pussy. But the pain was also accomapanied with pleasure, a lot of it. His Big beautiful cock(BBC) could touch all of her pleasure spots easily, like a racket hiiting a shuttle; swift and smooth.

Suddenly Jay stopped in the middle of the sex and was looking at her, she was totally impatient and told him "fuck me like a whore you idiot, what are you going to do with that BBC of yours you bastard, fuck me, plough me with your cock". Jay said "I'm completely naked, it would only be fair if you would lose your blouse" "why the fuck would you want to remove it you dirty bastard, it's already transparent with all my dirty, filthy swear that you've given me, now go on and fuck my pussy" and she started moving her hips on her own against his cock. It was a giant anaconda going in and out of her pussy. With this Jay felt a little turned off, he had never ever seen her boobs.

Her monster J cupoed boobs. The first time he saw it when she opened the door on his first day in Hyderabad, it was behind a saree and the blouse, the second time on the dining table when she ripped her saree, the third time when she was in his room when she came to confront him and his sperm spashed on her nipples, the fourth time when he had sex with her in her master bed room when her boobs was wet with sweat and her blouae was transparent just like now. Never had he seen her boobs naked. Those j cups, the first thing anyone would notice in get body other than that slutty face of hers. He had been fantasizing about it all along and never seen it once naked. He started pulling out his dick feeling disappointed.

This worried Maya not knowing when she would get such a dick again in life, after all striking up such a dick was like seeing the Halley's comet not everybody experiences it and she had been ignoring it like it was nothing for 5 months. She didn't let him pull his dick out "no wait" she said and she held it tight in one hand against her pussy and ripped the blouse apart with the other hand. It tore with full force and her boobs was free I'm there air for the first time, and since they were fucking face to face, he was staring at her boobs with so much pain that he would swallow them like she did with his cock. He was eating those juicy boobs and licking her nipples, the one he shot with his cum. He was sucking it furiously while he fucked her filthy pussy with his BBC. Suddenly he caught a stench of her armpit and thought how he could forget this beauty. He could still smell that good ol days when he licked it vigorously like he need his tounge for nothing else and would scrape all of her armpit just by licking it. The musty smell had still stuck to her armpit like she didn't use perfume or take bath since that day, He licked it harder than a hungry dog that was trying to pick up every morsel of rice that was scattered on the ground. Maya started screaming," lick me you dirty dog, yess, lick me harder, were you born to a bitch with no spine? Why the hell are you so slowww, lick it harder, HARDER, HARDER, OH YES, OH YES, OH YESSS, GOOOOD YESSSS".

He was so aroused his cock literally grew an inch, it entered her womb and started hitting the roof of her womb. Now there was so much pain as there was pleasure. She started screaming like someone was whipping her with a leather lash. She yelled " you dirty fucking bastard, you'll rip my pussy apart if you dont pull it out" she was only saying things out of spite on him, but she indeed liked both the pleasure and pain equally. She was nothing less than a whore after enjoying a cock like this that would have killed most women. " Yes, Yes you man whore fuck me, fuck like you used to do that day, push it harder". "oh yes, oh yes, faster faster, fassster!!!!" she yelled, the bitch.. what a whore she was he thought. Finally he came like a water hose was pushed in her womb and the water was turned at full speed only but this time it was his cum and not water. Both of the climaxed, and were exasperated. they could neither sit nor kneel at the same time, such a small room it was and when they attempted to wear their clother rhey were almost torn to pieces in their vigour. It was only 3:30 and it was very unlikely any one would be up yet. They thought they could still go back to the house and wear some clother before anyone could see. They wore whatever pieces of clothes that remained and Jay got ready to push his way out the door breaking the lock joint. And suddenly the door was opened by Priya, Maya's sister.

Maya said " sister I was stuck in the motor room, it is Jay who saved me from here" Priya was no fool, she could hear her whore sister all the way to her room and said " And that explains his cum all over your body and dripping out of your pussy, you're done today, Ganesh will know about this". Priya ran to the house to tell Ganesh about the incident.

Maya was quick enough to catch up with her, pulled her by her hair and dragged her to Jay's room. Jay dared not enter it with both of them fighting and sat on the couch while Maya tried to regain control of the situation. Priya struggled and yelled, "leave me, I need to tell Ganesh". Maya had no idea how to control her sister, she was screaming at the top of her lungs and if it went any further Ganesh would wake up. Maya quickly ripped her saree apart once again, took a handful of cum from her pussy and stuffed it in Priya's mouth. This shut her up indeed. Maya said " what will you gain from telling Ganesh?, an award, a million dollars?, I will share Jay's cock with you, it's a monster, you would have never seen something like that in your life time" Priya was still enjoying the cum in her mouth, relishing it's taste, drinking it drip by drip. She was enjoying it so much, Maya though she could talk her into the deal with ease. After drinking it down Priya was sane again, sge kicked her sister to oneside and tried to make a run towards the door, Maya didnt budge easily, she pulled her by the leg and tossed her on Jay's bed.

She quickly went over priya's head and placed ger cum filled pussy on priya's mouth, this was particularly easy as Maya was already naked from feeding Priya Jay's cum by hand. This again shut up Priya, she was licking Maya's pussy so hard it looked like she wouldn't even give up one drop of it. Maya was enjoing this too, her pussy was being pleasured and Jay's cum was being cleaned from her insides at the same time. Finally all of her insides drained into priyas mouth, priya sure did enjoy the pussy flavoured cum from Maya. She signalled maya to get up, Maya did the same hoping she wouldn't run this time as she couldn't stop her again with no cum left. Maya sat down on the bed and priya woke up from her pussy licking position and sat next to her sister.

Maya said " I can't afford to lose my relationship with Ganesh, I can give anything in my power to shut you up, what do you want money, Jay's cock, it jay for yourself, I'll give him up, anything you ask". "I don't want any of that", said Priya, "shove it up your pussy where his cock was" Maya frowned. "I don't want anything" continued priya " but this" she said as she held Maya's pussy with so much force Maya thought it would come out. Maya squealed in pain and was at least remotely satisfied as she could do something to keep her sister shut. But she still continued to scream, how much pain for a pussy in a day she thought. Priya let go of her and said "go down on me like you did for him". Maya was a seed slave to her younger sister now. Maya undid Priya's skirt and was about to lick her pussy when she was shocked for a hundredth time that night, it was a cock again. Maya's suster Priya whom she knew to be a female all life had a 9 inch cock, it was snaller in length compared to Jay but it was fat and girthy like an elephant's trunk. The girth of Jay's cock was no match to Priya's. It was at least three times fatter than Jay's cock.

Priya was not the female Maya knew, she is now a shemale.

Rating: 62%, Read 5595 times, Posted Sep 09, 2020

True Story | Cheating, Incest, Male, Mature, Old Female, Reluctance, Wife


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