Selena speaks to a school class and more. by Bear66

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Fiction | BDSM, Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Fan fiction, Female, Humiliation, Latina, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Pregnant, Rape, School, Submission, Teen Male

It was a beautiful Friday morning when Selena Gomez arrived at the local school. Getting out of her car she grumbled to herself about her manager forcing this publicity event on her. She entered the school and went to the office to check in with them. She was told that she would be talking to Ms. Alyssa Fitchs class first then every hour a new class would come in for her to speak to.

Selena went to the first class and as the students came in saw that it was about thirty students consisting of about eighteen young men and twelve young women. Once everyone was seated the attractive young teacher introduced Selena. Selena stood up to start speaking and all of the males stared at the young star.

She was dressed in black flat shoes , black thigh high silk stockings , a sheer white sik blouse and unfortunately that morning running late did not put on panties or a bra after her shower. Selena stood up in front of the class and blushed when one oof the girls pointed this out which with the young men already staring at her made her nipples become large and hard.

I always knew she was a slut another girl stated loudly she probably slept her way to fame it couldn't be her talent she has none. Well if she likes being fucked lets help the boys fuck her. Ten girls rose up and five girls restrained and gagged Selena and the teacher. They were quickly stripped and tied down to the desks. Selena was spread eagled on the teachers desk her feet tied to two student desks

at the two bottom corners of the desk.

Ms. Fitch was tied down the same way on the large desk at the back of the room.The young men all started taking turns fucking the two women. Selena felt the first young cock push into her vagina and being young it did not long for it to empty into her fertle young womb and being gagged she could not explain she was not on birth control and this was her most fertile time.

At one point one of the girls laughed andwent to another class room returning with a snake and as it was filmed forced the snake in and out of first Selenas cunt then Alyssas until they orgasmed. This gave others ideas and other school animals were forced to fuck the two captives. Finally larger animals introduced to the two helpless woman. Selena sobbed as first dogs fucked her then pigs then larger animals a young bull and horse.

To their shame both Alyssa and Selena had massive noisy orgasms to the animals fucking them. The worst was the powerful orgasms when the hamster was forced into their cunts and the fur stimulated their clits and then they were forced to give head to the hamster. After that the girls thought it would be amusing to film the two scissoring.

E.ach was then filmed with a young bull. Forced to lay over a barrel a young bull was stimulated and once hard pushed forcefull into Selenas young cunt. She screamed as its cock spread her to her limit and filled her cunt to its fullest. She felt every thrust and its cum sprayed out around its appendage Alyssa faced the same fate. Then the young horse was brough in and forced up on to her.

She had just been fucked by a young bull so she figured she was okay to accommodate a young horse until an evil young girl laughed and reached in and moved the young horses cock to her asshole. She screamed as the horses cock filled her asshole then her bowels with its cum.

Young man after young man used her until the bell rang and that class left and a new one took its place. Selena and Alyssa were used by over one hundred males that day and many more by the end of the weekend not to mention a few animals. One of the girl students said lets give my grandfather and his friends a thrill and Saturday morning the two were taken to a retirement home and the old men along with the male attendants used them all day long.

Their wombs were filled all day with cum until it sprayed out around the cocks filling them. The male staff and residence were all satisfied that day as Alyssa and Selena were their cum sluts. When the old men were satisfied the old women brought out their dildos and used them on all three of their holes. Finally Selena and Alyssas holes were used until they orgasmed

Selena and Alyssa were fucked all weeknd by the students and teachers even the janitors joined in the fun. Sunday night tiring of the fun they were hung from the ceiling and a dildo attached to a table below them and each was lowered onto a dildo and spun. They were raised and lowered onto the dildo until they orgasmed. One stuent was heard saying now that is what I would call getting screwed.

Finally released and warned not to say anything or the pictures and video would go up on the internet and since the newer videos they appeared to be willing they would not be believed trying to claim rape. Alyssa continued to be used by her class and the male faculty for the next four months.

Nine months later they both gave birth to a pair of beautiful twins a boy and girl to each. Neither knew who the father was and selena tefused to have the men and young men in the school tested. Having videos Selena was forced to visit the school for one weekend each month to have an orgy with them.

Rating: 41%, Read 6980 times, Posted Oct 26, 2020

Fiction | BDSM, Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Fan fiction, Female, Humiliation, Latina, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Pregnant, Rape, School, Submission, Teen Male


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