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(Written after reading The Story of O, by Pauline Reage, of which Graham Greene said, “A rare thing, a pornographic book well-written and without a trace of obscenity.”)

Blindfolded, John and Mary sat in the limo along with Kelly and James. Another Saturday night. Their Toy had convinced them to come along to this rendezvous, sight unseen, for an adventure they had not yet experienced. Another sexual thing. They were assured no pain or humiliation or “discovery” was involved for them. They knew they could trust her.

They sipped champagne as the car hummed along. Kelly sat opposite them, leaned forward and touched both their knees -- “You guys trust me, okay, we’ll have fun tonight, and you are honestly the Boss, okay? No shit, Sherlock.”

Mary replied, “Kelly, you know we trust you. We’re looking forward to whatever this is about…”

A bass voice greeted them as they entered the house. “Good evening. My name is not important. I will lead you to Puttana’s party. Please remove your blindfolds and come with me.”

The three did as he ordered and found themselves in a large entryway they’d suspected from the echo. A stairway reminiscent of Scarlett O’Hara’s Tara stretched before them. A butler in black tie and tails led them up to another room, a parlor with blazing fireplace, bookshelves and heavy draperies. Through this, and to a doorway that led downward in this mansion.

“Have you been here before?” asked Mary to Kelly.

“No, never.”

“Are we safe here?” questioned John.

“Yes, absolutely,” replied Kelly. “My friend Puttana even gave me one thousand dollars to convince me that we will be safe here, and that we are the boss of whatever happens tonite. So, half is yours, of course, and James and I split the other half. I know that Puttana and her husband would consider this pin-money, a trifle.”

“Then we accept whatever is to come, Kelly. It is on you from now on,” said John, giving his Toy a slightly furrowed brow.

Led down the stairs by the butler, the four came to a room and were seated. Chairs side-by-side. Red textured walls in a huge room. Dim lights, candles glowing. A dais before them, with silver chains hanging. Clamps on the pedestal. Soft Brahms playing. Clearly, a “scene” for something to come.

The butler gave each of them a plain card. Inscribed was this:

A. I submit to bondage and discipline sexually, in return I expect that my Master will love, cherish, and safeguard my well-being.

B. The Slave will wear a collar that a leash or chain may be attached, when acting as a Slave.

C. Leather bracelets with rings will be worn at this time.

D. Pubic hair will be shaven. No exceptions.

E. In private situations with her Master, or those designated by her Master, the Slave will provide ready access to her breasts, mouth, and genitals at all times. No refusals are permitted. Thus, panties and bra are not permitted.

F. Legs must be kept open at all times.

G. “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” is our motto.

“Now, this is exciting,” said Mary, “but who is this for? I’m not sure I want to be a slave to someone I don’t even know – and I don’t want my husband or our Toys to, either!”

“She told me she’s the Slave. I’m told that she is a high-powered lawyer in Los Alamos, but she wants to give up being the one in charge at times like this. I guess this isn’t surprising for people who control other people in their daily work. That’s what she says. Her husband is also a big wheeler-dealer, and he’s gone most of the time.”

“How in the world did you ever meet her?” said John.

“She helped Teri get set up for her sex-change operation.”

The butler served hors d’oerves and champagne. “If you have no questions, the lady will arrive,” he said. “You are free to take full advantage of her, since you are the Master now.”

He disappeared, leaving the four alone in the cavernous, dimly-lit room.

From a small door adjoining the room, a light and a person appeared. The lady walked forward with her hands behind her. She wore a black dress, blonde hair cascading, and a black blindfold. The butler appeared again, a knife in his hand. The music played on. He led her to the platform, laid her down. The knife was handed to Mary. He chained her hands spread-eagle to the bonds on either side of the platform. Her legs were similarly spread at the base, and the three watched as the dress was spread tightly and faced them. The darkness of the room prevented further inspection, but Mary suspected she wore no underthings. The butler departed, saying “Please remove your Slave’s clothing.”

“I wish to serve my Masters tonite. You are my Masters. Take of me as you wish,” said the lady. “My name Puttana means prostitute, or whore, in Italian. Tonite I am your whore, your prostitute, and you can do what you wish with me, as long as you follow the rules given you. What do you wish of me, Master?”

“I want those restraints off immediately!” said Mary. “No woman needs to be restrained and held captive, whether she agrees to be a fucking whore or not. Butler, come here and release her!”

The man materialized from nowhere and released her from the bonds. The lady now laid easily on the dais. “What do you want of me?” she asked in a soft voice.

“You know me,” said Kelly. “We will take every advantage of you, as you asked me to.”

Mary approached, knife in hand. She handed the knife to her husband. He said, “Get on your hands and knees, bitch, I’m cutting this dress off you.” She did as he bid, and he slipped the blade beneath her dress collar, cut down the back to the hem. It fell aside, revealing her nude back and behind. Kelly pulled the material aside. “Lay your head on your arms, expose your buttocks, slave,” said John.

The lady did as ordered.

“Yours now belongs to us,” said Mary. “Come, my friends, sit with me and we’ll decide what we want to do with this bitch.”

The four sat back in their chairs. Before them the naked lady, on hands and knees, her behind raised and vulnerable. The music continued softly, the candlelights flickered. They conferred, deciding what to do next to their Slave.

The butler entered again, bringing a basket. He placed it at their feet and departed. They opened the container, found willlow switches, metal chains, a riding crop, silver handcuffs, ropes, dildoes and other implements.

“Please whip me,” the lady said from the platform, “I’ve been bad and you must discipline me. Pry me open and force me ….you will have my gratitude. Take whatever you want. I give myself to you willingly…please.”

Kelly: “I want some of her. I’m going for it. She said she wants it bad.”

John: My god, this is just a dream come true. This beautiful blonde wants us to do whatever she wants, and Kelly is hot to trot, too.

Mary: This riding crop is just what I want.

James: I can’t believe this is happening!

Mary stood, stripped off her clothing and approached Putanna with the riding crop. John and Kelly watched as she struck the lady’s raised rear moderately hard, leaving a light red mark. A yowl and soft moaning, and Mary hit again, a redder tint now on the slave’s backside. Mary slid the riding crop down the naked backside before her, down through the cleft rear, up through the open legs, and again cracked the buttocks. Putanna groaned, and Mary thought she heard a slight sigh of pleasure from the Slave. Mary leaned close, licked her backside and threw the crop aside. “John, come here,” she said.

John rose from the chair. He approached the platform, climbed up. The lady’s rear was before him, her legs spread as required. “Hit her,” she said to her husband. He smacked her ass hard, then again, and again. Mary laughed and replicated his effort. “John, take our Slave….hard…” goaded Mary.

John removed his trousers and his briefs, naked except for his shirt. Already hard. The dark and narrow passage before him fully exposed and ready for invasion. “Spread your cheeks for me, whore,” he ordered. Hands came around behind and she spread the two halves of her flanks. The dark gap between glistened and he saw the two gaping holes and knew he could penetrate either easily. John nestled his body into Puttana’s, thrust into her lower fold of flesh, sank inside the moistness. His length probed her depths, sliding readily, forcing the passageway into a thoroughfare, an open avenue into her belly. John pumped, and Mary came behind him and ran her hands over his naked backside, in pride and fascination as she watched him take the defenseless Slave. Her arms came around him as she pressed her nude body against his rear, sharing his muscular dominance.

“Stop, stop – I think she enjoys it too much!” said Mary as she reached around her husband and pulled his body out of the Slave. On her knees now on the platform, Mary engulfed the man, strong sucking replacing the intercourse with the Slave, and she reveled now in the new taste. So far in their new experiences, she’d tasted the essence of Kelly, and herself, on her man’s hard cock.

“We’ll share and share alike with our friends, baby,” said Mary. She stood, hard-slapped the Slave’s naked rear, and inserted the whip, pumped it in and out. “Kelly, show us what those balls on a rope are for…”

Kelly withdrew the Ben-Wah balls from the container, joined them on the platform. “Turn over, you cunt,” ordered Kelly. The Slave rolled over on her back, her legs spread as required. Three spotlights from different angles suddenly hit the dais, trained directly on her pubis. Two were white, one was red. The butler was well-acquainted with what needed to be done at times like this.

Kelly put three fingers together, shoved them inside the Slave, said “Oh, you are ready now…” and pushed the balls in one-by-one, each joined to the others by the rope. The balls were nearly the size of golf balls. The first disappeared inside as the others watched Kelly work the Slave. Mary was reminded of the first time she’d taken James as her Toy, pushing her black silk panties inside herself and then forcing (allowing) him to remove them with his teeth. She wondered if she should be the one to remove these – it was up to Kelly, maybe. She stroked John’s cock as she watched the action, and James too had moved to the platform to watch, then helping Kelly. He put in the sixth and seventh balls, the Slave complaining in a whiny girl-voice, “Oh, I’m so full, please stop, please…”.

As James took over the task, Kelly moved to apply nipple clamps to Putanna’s breasts. The sharp metal edges seemed to bite into the woman’s points, as she gasped and then sighed. It was impossible to tell if the Slave was tortured or pleased.

“She said once it is a fine line for her between pain and pleasure, and that I should know that, we all should know that by now. I said fuck that, that pain hurts! She replied, ‘But when it’s given by someone you love or care for, it’s the reflection of their love for you, as well as your absolute desire to please them.’ “

Kelly kissed the woman’s breasts, ran her tongue over the clamps, and then slapped Putanna’s face hard, once, twice, and again – “you’re just a fucking whore, nothing but a bitch whore.” James felt her labia tense and close as Kelly hit her. He forced the last balls in despite the woman’s involuntary response. Mary and John watched as he licked his fingers and smiled.

Kelly pulled the blindfold down from Putanna’s eyes and forced it over her mouth. Once again she slapped Puttana, this time with the woman fully aware of Kelly drawing her hand back and preparing to hit her. Eyes widened, the slap resounded, and the woman’s eyes seemed to soften and smile in gratitude. “Roll over, Slave,” said Kelly.

“James, bring that dildo to me,” ordered Kelly. She handed it to Mary. “Set her ass afire, darling – we want it big enough for John and James…”

Mary licked the white ivory shaft as if it were John. She pried the passageway with one hand as her other penetrated the gape with the big tool. In moments, as the Slave groaned and huffed, she drove it half in. John took it from her and continued to stroke and push, discounting the cries of the Slave. The ass before them was now their toy, their territory, held in common, to be used as they wished. Sweat beaded up on the Slave’s back as the spotlights went purple. Mary ran her tongue down the spine and the spotlight went stark white, then light blue. James was now at the front of the platform, his organ thrust in the Slave’s mouth, forcing her compliance, his hands on her head and driving his entire short length into her mouth. Kelly’s hand roamed the Slave’s belly, her breasts, and down to her bare pubis, squeezing hard. Mary reached below, her fingers straying inside and finding the rope. She pulled slowly, a Ben-Wah ball popped out as John continued to force the dildo into her. One by one, the balls popped, until the string was finally out. Mary draped them around the Slave’s neck and pulled the dildo out.

“John, spoon with the Bitch and roll on your back. Take her ass.” He happily complied with his wife’s order and slid inside her open compartment. “James, climb on and take her like a whore,” said Mary.

Puttana willingly did as bid, now pried open and forced, mouth again gagged and eyes wide open.

The sweet taste of submission, she thought to herself … bondage is the refuge of the dominant, how little they know….

The men pushed themselves into the wet holes, fully engaged in the lust of sex.

“Oh, please, please, not so hard… spare me, please” she mock-plead, working her role.

Mary was entirely satisfied to stand beside them on the platform and watch the two men take her. Kelly couldn’t stand to be idle next to such libertine behavior beside her. She rubbed James’ butt as he drove into the Slave, drove her hand up between the cheeks, forced her finger into him and fucked him in rhythm, while her other hand circled her clitoris in the same rhythm.

The men’s breathing shortened to gasps now, both girls knew it was time. With hard groans and thrusts, they spilled inside the Slave -- a mere sperm bowl for the two penises buried inside. The hot fluid filled her, leaked as the men pulled out.

James moved off, and Kelly instantly dropped her mouth onto the Slave, licking and sucking the holes below. Mary knelt before James and sucked the combined juices of the Slave and her Toy.

As the spotlight mysteriously faded again to the dim candelight, the foursome likewise faded off the platform, leaving the Slave alone, naked, lying there. Unfulfilled.

“Please, make me come… please, I haven’t come yet. Don’t leave me like this…please, please,” begged the Slave.

Kelly stepped up on the platform again, brought her hand to the Slave’s face and slapped her hard. “You’re just the whore,” she said. “Don’t beg.” She opened one nipple clamp, put her hand between the Slave’s legs and clamped it to the bare clitoris, now standing upright, engorged and flaming. “That’s for the whore,” she said.

Leaving, the group looked back at the dim platform, the naked woman now lying silently, almost purring, like a kitten in its comforting basket.

Rating: 54%, Read 11896 times, Posted Jul 29, 2009

Fiction |


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