A Family Betrayal Chapter 5 by Hawkrider

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After spring break nothing very exciting went on except classes. I spent my spare time on my business as well as time with my brothers. Jack and Adam went to a few parties on campus while I stayed in our dorm to keep myself calm. I took my medication that was prescribed to me months ago. I felt what I did back in December was stupid, but gave me a second chance at life. If it wasn’t for my best friends who are like brothers to me I would be 6 feet under. I missed May still, but as her words still pressed against my mind I knew she would want me to keep going.

As the next two months past with us three making passing grades with smiles. The last week of May was here as was the last day of college being a Friday. Jack, Adam, and I were all sitting on the couch we had thinking of the past year when something came to me that I never thought of asking.

“ Where you guys going for the summer?” In a very concerned tone I asked

“ Back home and be bored except for the occasional party why do you ask?” Jack answers as I look at Adam

“ Probably find a job around here.This is my only home bro you know that.” Adam answers as I shake my head

“ Why I ask is why don’t you both come spend it with me. I mean I have a big house with plenty of room, and a beach just out the back door.” I say as they both look like they are contemplating about the idea

Jack and Adam get up stepping away. I look at them both with confused eyes as to what is going on. They go over to the hallway whispering back and forth. I get a left out feeling watching my two friends turn to look at me with serious looks. As they walk back over to just stand on the other side of our makeshift coffee table only look up to see smiles form.

“ Sure why not could be fun, but on one condition.” Jack tells me as I grin only to nod before he continues “ You, Adam, and I party the whole summer. I don’t mean a house party, but party on the beach.”

I take in his words seeing Adam nod just to think of their condition. I stand up looking into their eyes, and with a smile I agree.

“ This summer is going to be cool.” Jack says as Adam and I nod

That evening we load up my truck with all our stuff like clothes, game consoles, T.v., etc. I lead us home that is 20 minutes away. Adam is behind me as jack is behind him. The drive is relaxing, but yet exciting as I will not be alone. Jack and Adam have been true to their words. I look back in the driver side mirror to see Adam keeping up. His car is old and only hanging on by a thread and prayers. Jack and I keep advising him to trade it in for something better, but every time he comes back with ‘ I don’t have the money’. I keep trying to figure out a way to give him the money without him taking it wrong. Jack told me last month we both should just go get him a car, and tell him to deal with it. I told Jack that I didn’t want to force it on our brother as it would make them feel bad. He thought at my words only to agree that would look bad on us. I kept the idea though in the back of my mind since that talk for future reference. After 25 minutes on the road I pulled into the drive way to only be followed by Adam then Jack parking up beside my truck. We got out making our way through the front door. I thought of something entering the big living room.

“ GRANDMA WERE HOME!” I yelled letting her know we were there hoping my words made her smile

“ Bro was that necessary?” Adam asked from behind me

“ Yep it was, and sorry guess it’s a bad habit for me.” I answer feeling a hand on my right shoulder

“ Sorry my bad, and it’s not a bad habit as she was the closest person you had in your life before Jack and I.” Adam says getting a nod

“ Yes all that’s true, but this is a time of relaxing and happiness so lets get this summer started off right.” Jack says stepping by us with two beers before continuing “ To new beginnings as brothers on our quest to enjoy the beach, and all the ladies upon it’s sand.”

Adam and I turn to look at Jack with raised eyebrows.

“ What..what did I say wrong now?” Jack asked with a confused expression

“ Sorry bro, but that is one weird way to start the summer.” Adam says as we see Jack shrug

“ Hey I plan to watch the ladies in their bikinis walking the beach.” Jack says getting chuckles

“ Jack man your just a horn dog needing a booty call.” I say as he smiles big nodding

“ Yep I am what’s so wrong with that.” Jack asks as Adam and I shrug with nothing before our bro continues “ See so lets unpack and relax before the summer officially begins tomorrow.”

We went back out to unload my truck. As I started to untie the rope that held everything in place Adam came out with a question.

“ Hey bro you going to need any help with the bills?’ He asked getting Jack’s attention

“ I got that all taken care of so don’t worry.” I answered as they both looked at me

“ Sorry man, but I am going to worry. You and Jack know I don’t want to be handed anything. I plan to get a job for the summer to help out.” Adam says as I take in his words

“ Heath, Adam is right as I have to agree. We are here as your best friends, but also guest.” Jack responds as Adam nods

“ No your my family first off. As for helping out that’s up to you both. On the way here I did spot a sign asking for help over the summer.” I explain seeing them look at me intently

“ Where and what was the job?” Adam asks me as I point down the street

“ I don’t know, but the flyer was on a light pole down that way.” I answer seeing Adam start walking

“ Bro where you going? We have to unload the truck.” Jack asks seeing Adam turn

“ Sorry, but I am going to see what the job is about.” Adam replies as Jack looks from him to me

I watch as Jack smiles before running to catch up with our brother. I laugh as Jack reaches him only to jump on Adam’s back. Adam shakes his head carrying Jack on his back. You would think they were real brothers by the way they acted. Each balanced the other like yin and yang. As I stopped to smile as I watched them walk down the sidewalk I couldn’t help, but think what if Travis was still around. Maybe him and I would act just the same. I shrugged the thought out of my mind finishing up what I came out to do. Once the ropes were removed I started unloading the truck bed taking our stuff in placing the duffle bags on the couch. After 2 more loads I was standing in front of the mantle looking at the locket after removing the dust from the pictures. I looked at May’s smile knowing I was home. I heard a noise outside that grabbed my attention. I made my way out the front door to see Adam and Jack talking to a older woman. I thought she looked familiar from the side. I walked over to them as Adam looked over at me.

“ Bro you might want to explain to your neighbor we are not thieves.” Adam says as the woman turns to see me

“ Heath, are these two with you hun?” The woman says after turning to look at me

“ Yes ma’am they are my best friends, and like my brothers.” I answer getting a smile from her

Mrs. Talbert was a neighbor just a house down from mine. Mrs. Talbert was a kind woman just as May was. She was in her late 50‘s, 5‘10, 121 lbs, long sandy blonde hair with gray streaks.

“ Heath how many times do I have to tell you. Call me Gina hun as ma’am makes me sound old.” She says with a stern smile

“ Ok Gina, but yeah these two knuckle heads are with me.” I say chuckling as Adam and Jack give me wide eyes

“ Knuckle Heads are we just you wait bro you have a butt kicking coming.” Jack tells me getting laughs

After a few minutes Gina comes over to me asking to talk alone. Adam drags Jack over to my truck to get the t.v. for Jack’s room. Gina and I walk to the back down to the beach. I get concerned about want this could be about. Gina stops walking making me stand beside her.

“ Gina what is this about?” I ask as she looks up into my eyes

“ Heath, I want to say sorry about May. I haven’t been over to tell you my condolences.” Gina tells me as I nod before continuing “ So how have you been holding up hun?”

“ Well it was rough at first on top of the things from my um past, but Adam and Jack have been there helping me day after day.” I tell her not bringing up the incident before Christmas

“ That is good Heath as I have been worried about you. Look if you every need anything just knock ok. My door is always open for you as it always was.” Gina tells me as I nod

“ Thank you Gina as you were a great friend to Grandma May.” I say getting a smile

“ Honey May was a good friend to me, and you are as well.” She says getting a smile

We talk for a bit before she gives me a hug that I return. Gina tells me she as to go fix dinner for her family. I nod saying I had to go see what was for dinner getting a laugh. As I watch her leave walking down the beach I step over to the spot I sat just last year. I sit on the sand looking out along the ocean. I smile knowing that this place will be more special to me then anywhere I have been. This was where I actually felt a family. First May taking me in becoming a grandson to her. Adam and Jack becoming my friends then brothers to me after that first day in college. I know there has been a few bad days, but they have helped me all the way. It’s not long that I am joined by my two brothers. Jack hands me a beer that I accept as they both sit on either side of me. As we drink our beers watching the waves.

“ It’s moments like this that speak volumes.” Adam says getting Jack and I to agree

“ Well guys a toast, May our summer draw us closer as friends as well as brothers, and to each sunrise brings a better day towards a wonderful future.” I say getting smiles as our bottles clank together

After the brother bonding I find out the job they went to check was Life Guards wanted. Adam and Jack both expressed they were taking the jobs. I nodded as well smiled to them. They both looked excited about the thought of being on the beach especially Jack. I had to chuckle to the image of him helping some damsel in distress. It would be more like him saving a fling, but getting knocked down. I had to only feel bad for the goof ball as he tries so hard to find love. Adam although was the shy one of us three. He was a smart, caring, and loving guy. I hoped that one day he would find that one who would see him for his heart.

After dinner which was pizza we watched some t.v. until around 10 p.m. when I called it a night. I made sure the house was locked up to keep those I cared for safe. I went up the stairs to my bedroom only to go look from the big window at the ocean. I sighed looking up at the moon that was shining so brightly upon the water. My mind wondered to the past on the west coast. Of all the times as a child being with the family I loved. The days back then seemed to feel magical, but it was all a illusion after my father died. My brother and sister changed for the worse. My mother was loving one summer to only change the next. They say life has it’s up and downs as family has there moments. My mind traveled to those that took me in after that day I returned home before my 17th birthday. A family that stood by me for two years giving me love to keep my heart strong, but their kids betray me causing my heart to grow cold. I felt my heart racing telling me I had to calm down before I fell to the floor. I looked up at the moon one last time with words that would soothe it’s beams of light.

“ Dad may you never stop watching over me. Grandma May you shall always be in my heart. As I say these words please keep those that are with me in this house safe. Let them know they are my beacons as you two were, and still are in my dreams.” As I speak those words I smile going to my bed for some restful sleep

Those next two weeks of June were great. Jack and Adam got the jobs as Life Guards which was fun watching Jack be one as his eyes were mostly on the young women and older ones. Adam was the good one shaking his head as Jack would get knocked down as I predicted. I worked on my business just relaxing on the beach under the sun. I had my glass of tea, ice cooler, and laptop, plus my chair I always sat in the summer before. It was the last Wednesday of June that things got interesting. I was in my spot on the beach when I heard a commotion just not far from where I was. I turned to see Adam and Jack being somewhat out numbered by some locals. It’s at that moment I see Adam get shoved hard enough that he landed on his ass in the sand. I don’t know what came over me as I snapped. I got up quickly running over just to see Jack stand between Adam and the idiot. I ran hearing Jack yell as I saw Adam get up from where he landed. Once I got to where they all stood I cut between Jack and the muscle bound idiot.

“ WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?” I yelled asking them very mad

“ That asshole was kissing my girl.” The guy says as I turn to see Adam shaking his head

“ I was giving her mouth to mouth after she almost drowned.” Adam says protesting with some anger

“ Bullshit I saw you after coming back from my car.” The guy says with his own anger

I think for a moment until I shoot the guy a look of stupidity at his behavior.

“ So you left your girlfriend alone to get something from your car?” I ask seeing him nod before continuing “ And what was it your brain dip shit. Any person knows when the waves get as high as they are today not to leave a person out there alone.”

He looks at me with some hint of being a idiot. He turns looking at his two friends standing on either side of him. I watch as he turns around looking at the girl that is still coughing.

“ Janice is what they, he says true? Did I jump the gun and screw up again?” He asked her getting a nod

He turns back with some worry as if feeling stupid. He looks at the three of us as not seeing my brothers or I standing down.

“ Look I am sorry for shoving your friend as I usually jump before asking questions. I am sorry for my ignorance man.” He says as I turn to my bro Adam

“ Well is that good for you bro?” I ask seeing Adam look at the guy standing in front of me

“ Yes, but next time make sure she is out of the water before you check on your car.” Adam says getting a nod

We all shake hands before they go back to relaxing. We find out the guys name is Mark, and that him and his buddies just graduated high school. I stay to make sure Adam is ok as I feel my body shake. I guess Jack and Adam notice seeing their eyes show concern,

“ Heath you ok man? Your not having a attack are you?” Adam asks as my head shakes

“ No, but I think it was close. I just need to go back to my chair.” I say as they both help me back before returning to their stations on the beach

I spend the rest of the day relaxing as around 5 p.m. my brothers come over to join me getting a beer before they do. After a hour of them relaxing Jack goes in to start dinner around 6 p.m. Adam is still worried about me from the incident earlier and he stays close just in case. After dinner and a movie I turn in about 9:30 that night. I guess my heart beating over time did wear me out. That night I sleep soundly with no dreams of hurt or pain. Just dreams of happiness, care, and love. May is there this time with concern, but also a smile holding me on the beach as a grandmother would. May told me she was proud of all I have done. I told her I was glad as I never wanted to make her never not be. As my dream ended she gave me a kiss on the right cheek saying she would see me another time. I smiled as she faded away as she walked upon the ocean. I sat on the beach as always in my dreams watching what was just out my back door.....the ocean.


Selena’s POV: Middle of July day before Heath’s Birthday

Tiffany wasn’t lying about the pain of giving birth. It feels like my vagina is about to explode. My mother and Chris are helping me with my breathing exercises as I squeeze their hands. Everyone else is out in the waiting room except one person that I prayed would of been. My eyes are burning from all the crying I have done. I have a earplug in my ear to help me through the pain also. The song is of how I feel, but also of how I think the man I called my brother and still do is feeling. As it plays I push listening to the words.

There's another world inside of me

That you may never see

There're secrets in this life

That I can't hide

Somewhere in this darkness

There's a light that I can't find

Maybe it's too far away...

Or maybe I'm just blind...

Or maybe I'm just blind...


So hold me when I'm here

Right me when I'm wrong

Hold me when I'm scared

And love me when I'm gone

Everything I am

And everything in me

Wants to be the one

You wanted me to be

I'll never let you down

Even if I could

I'd give up everything

If only for your good

So hold me when I'm here

Right me when I'm wrong

You can hold me when I'm scared

You won't always be there

So love me when I'm gone

Love me when I'm gone...

When your education X-Ray

Cannot see under my skin

I won't tell you a damn thing

That I could not tell my friends

Roaming through this darkness

I'm alive but I'm alone

Part of me is fighting this

But part of me is gone


Or maybe I'm just blind...


Love me when I'm gone...

Love me when I'm gone

When I'm Gone

When I'm Gone

When I'm Gone

“ OH GOD THE PAIN!” I yell as the doctor told me to hold

“ Almost there Selena just one more good push.” She tells me as I just nod

“ Your doing fine honey stay focused on your breathing.” My mother tells me as I breathe

“ Now push Selena.” The doctor tells as I do

I feel my vaginal muscles work as I push again squeezing harder on my mom and Chris’s hand’s. I am told to lay back and relax. It’s just a few seconds later that I hear a loud cry coming from down between my legs. The doctor asked Chris if he wanted to cut the cord in which he nodded making his way over to do just that. I look to see my baby being handed to a nurse who walks over to clean him up. Chris and I found out I was having a boy. We smiled at the thought of a boy. After a few more minutes the nurse brought our baby over handing him to me. Chris stepped back over to my right to see our little bundle of joy. As my mother leans over to see her grandson the same nurse comes over to ask for the name we chose. I look up at Chris who is looking at the baby. I see his eyes water up as he smiles. I know what name he is going to use as I nod.

“ Heath Alexander Jarvison.” Chris says as the nurse writes the name down

As I hold my son I can only feel happiness, but sadness at the same time. I am happy for having my son, but sad that his uncle isn’t here to see him. I have tears looking down at the baby as I am being stitched up.

“ Selena you ok honey?” My mother asks sounding concerned

“ Yes and No. I wish my brother was here. He should be here to meet his little nephew.” I say as my mother places her hand on my left cheek

“ Honey I know you do, but you know why he isn’t here. The day will come when he will be just be patient until then ok.” She tells me as I just nod look back down at my precious baby

After about 2 hours of visits from family I am left in the room with little Heath over in the crib. Chris went with the family to eat and relax. I look over to see my baby sleeping after feeding from my breast. I have tears as I hear the song play again. I make a promise to my baby at that moment with my tears falling.

“ My precious son I promise one day you will meet a wonderful man. You will meet your uncle that you were named after. I love you my little man.” I say as I look up at the ceiling closing my eyes before I continue “ I love you too my brother Heath. Please forgive me for being so stupid.”


????? POV:

It’s the month of August and the second weekend in fact. It’s a enjoyable Friday afternoon as I am laying out on my beach towel soaking in the rays. I came out east in search of the man who I love. I tracked him down to the college that is only 20 minutes away. I have my sunscreen, juice, sunglasses, and binoculars so I can look down the sandy beach. It’s around 2 p.m. that I have my binoculars in hand looking around through them. I see a few that look almost like the wonderful, amazing man I fell in love with. As I watch three guys wrestling in the sand my heart stops as I see his face. I watch him stand only to take in his face. He has changed from over a year ago. His eyes are not as bright any more. His body is built beyond what he looked like a year ago. His arms look strong from where I am sitting. I notice a tattoo which he wears making him that much sexier. I want to get up and run to him. I want so much to be in those arms of his. His legs are sexy as well as his ass. I bite my bottom lip feeling a tingle between my legs. I have loved him for so long that I feel empty as well alone if I am not close to him. I can’t wait until Monday as I walk the same halls as he does. Maybe my prays will come true as I smile seeing him bend over for something bringing me back to the present. As he turns to talk to one of his friends I look at the bulge he has, and can’t help from going wide eyed. I drop my binoculars only to gasp at what I just seen. I giggle at the images that come to my mind. Oh god my imagination gets away from me as I feel my pussy get wet just from the thought. I pick up my binoculars again to see the man I love smile at the two that stand by him. I don’t know if he sees me as his eyes are looking in my direction. I drop the binoculars to lay back down. My chest is heaving from watching the masculine man as my breathing is heavy. I have to calm myself before I go back to the motel and relieve myself. I turn looking past those on the beach to see him walking off toward a big house. Letting out a sigh I sit up to only smile.

“ I found you Heath the love of my life. And I promise to build up the courage this time, and tell you how I feel just don’t reject me honey.” I say softly to myself as I look back down the beach not to see him in sight


Summer vacation ended with no problems except for that incident with Mark. My birthday consisted of Adam, Jack, and I hanging around the house watching movies, and relaxing on the beach. It was a great summer all in all as I had my two brothers with me. We have been back in college for a month now as it’s the middle of September. The funny thing is I have found letters here and there. The exact same kind from private school. It’s Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. as I step into the dorm room only to find a letter on the floor by the door. I pick it up before shutting the door. Making my way to the couch dropping my bag. I sat down to open the letter. I started reading it when the door open. I turned to only see Jack and Adam come in shutting the door behind them. I went back to reading the letter only to feel the words seep into my skin. I know the hand writing was a girls as the O’s looked like hearts. Adam sat on my right offering me a beer. I accepted it taking a drink only to go back to reading. As I was getting to the end Jack came over to sit on my left.

“ Another letter bro?” He asked getting a nod “ Yes, but they are from the same person from when I went to private school.” I answer as he gets a concerned look

“ Hmm sounds like your admire found you after a year.” Adam says getting a agreeable nod from Jack

“ Well don’t you guys find it well creepy?” I ask getting chuckles from them both

“ Bro, maybe a little, but look at it like this. Whoever this girl is she really digs you.” Jack says as I look at the letter to see hearts up and down the sides

“ Heath man you need to just wait, and see if she shows up or confronts you in college. Whoever she is must know you very well.” Adam says as I let out a sigh

“ Maybe your right, but I don’t think I am ready for a um....girlfriend.” I tell them getting sincere nods

“ Bro it’s been a year right? Well you need to get on that horse and ride again. We are not saying bed her the first moment. Just get to know her as she will you. If the girl that wrote this is the same from that private school then she will need to know you. Look we love you, but we can’t love you in any other way as my ass is exit only.” Jack says getting Adam and I to laugh

“ Smart ass.” Adam says as Jack smiles

“ Yep that I am especially around you two. Look Heath all I am saying is give it time. If whoever this girl is I say give her a chance. Maybe she will be the one that is true.” Jack says as I give him a nod

That evening we did the assignments our professors gave us. We decided to stay in our dorm still getting over our summer fun.


Jack’s POV: A week later

You ever get that feeling your being watched. For the past few weeks I have felt eyes staring at me, but when I look around the feeling stops. Just the other day as I was headed back to the dorm room only to catch some girl in a hoodie standing outside the door. I yelled just to see her leave in a hurry.

It’s Friday around 3 p.m. that I get that feeling again as I sit with my brothers. Instead of looking up I look with my head kind of lowered. It’s at that moment I see a girl in the exact same hoodie. She is staring over at my two best friends and I. I think of what to do then a idea comes to me. I look up at my two brothers with a smile.

“ Be right back guys going to stretch my legs.” I tell them getting nods in return

I get up making my way over to the young woman. She is shorter then me of course as I just act normal. As I get closer I notice her still looking over at my bro’s. Once to her I sit across from her getting a worried expression.

“ Why are you staring at me?” I ask getting a shook head

“ I..I am not staring at you sorry. I’m staring at the man in the middle.” She tells me as I turn to see Heath working on his report

“ So you like my bro Heath?” I ask as I see her slowly nod

I sit there thinking of how to deal with this then it hits me as I give her a smile.

“ Grab your stuff then follow me.” I state to her with a grin

“ You sure about this I um.” She tries to tell me as I nod to her

“ Yes, you like my boy so let me introduce you to him.” I tell her standing up as she also stands

We make ourselves over to the table my family are sitting at. I feel some relief finally finding the person giving me the weebe geebe’s. Almost to the table I hear her gasp as afraid to approach the man I call brother. Once over she stands across from Heath as I show a smile before speaking.

“ Yo bro this hot girl says she likes you.” I say as he looks up to only have wide eyes

“ Hey Heath how are you hun?” She asks him as if she knew him

“ Hey Jasmine it’s been awhile. Im good how have you been?” He says asking the young woman across from him

“ I have been good just you know college.” She says with a small smile

“ How do you know my brother miss?” Adam asks getting a giggle

“ Heath and I went to high school together. The night before graduation he left, and no one knows what happened to him. And you called him brother...are you in a fraternity?.” Jasmine says answering only to ask with a smile not taking her eyes off Heath

“ No heath and I are both orphans and are very close like brothers.” Adam says as Jasmine nods to his statement

“ What about me?” I ask getting chuckles and a giggle

“ Your mom should have swallowed or spit.” Adam says coming back at me

I stand there as Heath laughs as Adam finally had a come back against me. I smile shaking my head to his words.

“ Wow it took you a year to finally hit me with a come back, and you do it in front of a stranger.....but I'm proud of you bro.” I tell him getting a smile

“ Well I am sure it won’t be the last time.” Adam says as I nod with a smile

I got up making my way to Adam giving him a bro hug. He returns it in kind as I hear Jasmine laugh. We are joined by Heath who squeezes us tight in his arms. After the hugs are broke Heath and I return to our seats.


I am looking over at Jasmine who I have not seen in over a year. She hasn’t changed still looking pretty. I get up my courage to ask her a question.

“ Jasmine um are you busy? Maybe we can go somewhere more quiet and talk. That is if you don’t mind.” I ask her seeing a gleam of hope in her eyes

“ No I’m not busy. Where did you have in mind?” Jasmine answers asking me as I look at my friends

They look between Jasmine and I giving me a nod in return.

“ Well if you don’t mind going to our dorm we can talk you and I.” I respond as Jasmine nods her head

“ Heath I would like that. I been wanting to find out why you left without saying goodbye to me, besides the way you did.” She tells me as I nod knowing I owned some kind of answer

I gather up my stuff placing my books into my bag. I tell my bro’s I will see them later getting nods again. They tell Jasmine it was nice meeting her as she also stands. Jasmine replies telling them the same as I lead her out of the building. The walk to the dorm room is a quiet one. Jasmine walks beside me on my right keeping up with me. Once we make it to the place my best friends and I call home. I open the door letting Jasmine enter first as I follow shutting the door behind me. I place my bag on the couch as Jasmine does the same.

“ Can I get you something to drink ice tea, juice, or a beer?” I ask seeing her eyes go wide

“ How do you have beer Heath?” She asks as I chuckle

“ Don’t ask as Jack would kick my butt.” I tell her getting a giggle

“ Beer will be fine as I am nervous.” She tells me getting my attention

“ Why are you nervous Jasmine? We are just going to talk, and catch up.” I ask exclaiming to her

“ I..I know it’s just um....never mind I am acting like a high school girl.” Jasmine tells me as I grab two beers from the fridge

I make my way back in the living room only to have Jasmine follow me to my room. Once in I shut the door handing the beer to Jasmine after. I make my way to the bed taking a seat on the edge. Before Jasmine sits by me I watch as she steps to the dresser seeing the letters that my admirer had given me. She picks one up from high school as I start to get up only to hear her speak.

“ Did you ever think of who gave these to you?” Jasmine asks in a soft voice that I could still hear

“ No as I never.” I stop as the way she asked caught my mind as I watched her turn looking at me before I spoke again “ Your the one that gave me all those letters?”

I watch Jasmine nod her head with a worried look. I can see why she is nervous as she is the one who was my admirer. I motion to her to come sit by me so we can talk. Once she does Jasmine takes a drink from her beer as I do to calm our nerves. Afterward I look at my beer before turning to see her doing the same.

“ Jasmine why did you never tell me you loved me?” I ask getting her attention as her eyes met mine

“ Heath I was scared of rejection, and still am. I never could get the courage, and when I did you were always around Tiffany. I over heard her and Selena that day of graduation in the bathroom. I wanted to slap them both before I gave them a piece of my mind.” Jasmine tells me as I chuckle at the last part

“ Yeah well they are not worth the slap.” I say getting a nod in return

“ So they are the reason why you left?” She asks as I take a drink of my beer before answering

“ Yes, sorry I left it’s just I was so hurt and filled with anger that I had to. That is why I gave you that speech as you never hurt me in the short time we talked. I found you as a good person as well as a true friend.” I respond getting a nod

“ Heath all I wanted was to be close to you. All those times I left a letter in your locker I was so afraid you would tear them up or worse. I could never tell you of my true feelings.” She tells me with a tear slowly falling down her left cheek

“ Jasmine, I never tore them up I kept them.” I tell her filling her in

“ You...you did?” Jasmine asks being shocked as I nod

“ Yes as I felt love as I read them. It’s like my soul needed to have something not tainted or touched. When I caught um those close to me it crushed me, but every now and then I would get one of the letters and read them. I guess I hoped that who gave me those sweet letters would finally come into my life.” I tell her getting hopeful eyes

“ Aww Heath I can understand that, but why do I feel there is more to what your saying?” Jasmine says as I sigh nodding

“ Jasmine I am damaged beyond anything. Jack and Adam have been like my anchors to this life.” I tell her seeing concern

“ What do you mean Heath I don’t understand? And what is it about them, and what is this about being orphans?” She asks as I stand up to speak

“ Jasmine.” I say pausing before continuing “ Adam, Jack, and I don’t have anyone to really call family. If you will trust me I will tell you when it’s the right time ok.”

I watch as she comes over to me placing her arms around me. I think to step back, but her arms feel nice around me. I place mine around her placing my head on top of hers.

“ Heath I will not pry or push you into anything. Just being here like this means so much. I will be patient with you as I never want to hurt you any more then you are. Maybe I should of told you over a year ago of my love for you, but I was to scared.” She tells me as I feel my shirt getting wet from her tears

“ Jasmine I don’t know what to say?” I tell her stating more then asking

“ Just tell me I can be in your life. Tell me that one day we will have a chance to be in the others heart. Just tell me that there is hope for a future together. Heath Thompson I love you so very much. I will do what it takes to heal what hurt you have. I will never try and hurt you, and if I do we will talk it through instead of losing each other. You are all I want in life Heath please give me a chance to prove my love to you.” She tells me looking up in my eyes with tears

“ Jasmine you mean all that? I mean deeply as I don’t need anymore pain?” I ask getting a nod

“ Yes I do as I don’t want you to hurt anymore. I see it in your eyes that once were Bright blue, but now are the color of the ocean. Oh god Heath feel my heart beat for you. Look in my eyes as they have never lied to you, and never will.” Jasmine says as I do look in her eyes

“ So if Jack and Adam came through that door, and say offered to give you pleasure you wouldn’t join them?” I asked knowing it was a big risk

“ No I wouldn’t as I have vowed to only be with you. If I was to never be with you I was going to join a convent.” She tells me as my eyes went wide

“ Your not lying are you?’ I ask getting a shake of her head

“ No I’m not as I mean everything I say.” Jasmine says as we stand there looking in the others eyes except hers has tears

We stood there holding each other in a warm friendly embrace. Jasmine was beautiful in every way. I had a thought smiling as she looked at me confused.

“ Jasmine you want to hang out? I mean to get to know each other again?” I asked getting a smile in return

“ I would like that very much.” She answered as we broke the hug

She turned to get her beer as I took her hand after leading her out of my room. Making our way back to the living room we were met by Adam and Jack who were sitting on the couch with beers of their own. They each saw Jasmine and I holding hands. I saw Jack smile looking at my eyes.

“ So is every thing ok bro?” He asked as I turned to see Jasmine nod

“ Yeah man were going to take our time as she doesn’t want to rush me or add to the hurt I have.” I tell them answering seeing Adam nod as Jack looks sad

“ I suppose that is best man. I just hoped since you both knew each other well.” Jack says as I smile to him

“ I know Jacman and it may come, but don’t rush something that can be forever.” I tell him getting a grin

I went to the other chair we got at the beginning of college. Jasmine sat down on the floor between my legs. That evening was fun as Jasmine and i got more reacquainted. She also got to know Adam and Jack who by the end of dinner accepted her as a friend. She stayed having dinner with us. She helped Jack cook saying she wanted to cook for me. I smiled as Adam chuckled saying now I had 2 wives with Jack flipping him off from the kitchen. Between the two dinner was great. Around 9 that night I walked her to the dorm she was in. We didn’t kiss except my lips to her forehead.

After that day Jasmine came back in my life she never left. We hung out everyday at my dorm. Adam and Jack were also getting closer at being friends with Jasmine. Adam made it a point of being protective by telling Jasmine to never hurt me in which she promised she wouldn’t. The middle of October Jack announced we were having a party on Halloween. Jasmine and I looked at him as Adam did the same. I thought about it then looked at Jasmine asking if she would like to be my date. She smiled telling me yes with a sparkle in her eyes. Those next few weeks were fun between classes, my online business in which Jasmine watched me do, plus hanging out with my best friends, and Jasmine. We all went looking for costumes with Jasmine riding with me. That was a experience as Jasmine chose a belly dancer outfit as I thought of mine with a laugh. Adam chose The Crow, and Jack picked Zorro.

The day before the party I told Jack the party was being moved to the beach house since there was more room. He looked at me as Adam agreed. Jack smiled saying he would let those he asked to come the directions and change. Jasmine was excited as this was our first date. I was nervous to no end, but I had my brothers there to calm me down. That night before I slept off and on as I was excited myself.

Halloween came being on a Saturday. The guys, Jasmine, and I went early around 10 a.m. getting things fixed up. After getting everything in drinks, food, decorations. Jasmine went over to the mantle to look at the pictures by the urn.

“ Is this your grandmother Heath?” Jasmine asked me as Jack and Adam stopped what they were doing to look at me

“ Yes she is.” I answer walking over by Jasmine

“ She looks so beautiful I can’t wait to meet her.” She says before I let out a sigh before she continues “ Where is she away visiting family?”

“ Um no she died last year before Thanksgiving. That urn is holding her ashes.” I answer getting wide eyes

“ I am so sorry Heath I didn’t know please forgive my rudeness.” She tells me as I shake my head

“ No your totally ok Jasmine.” I say taking her hand before placing my arms around her

“ Jasmine, May gave Heath all that she had as a thank you for him coming into her life.” Adam says getting a nod from Jack

“ You might say she gave him a place to start family. She even took Adam and I in as Grandsons.” Jack says as Adam nods

“ Still I am sorry for bringing up memories.” Jasmine says with tears

“ It’s ok Jazzy I am ok now I have Adam, Jack, and now you in my life. You three help me stay grounded and calm. I promise to tell you more later ok, but now lets get this place fixed up.” I say as they all nodded

The day went by as Adam started getting his songs ready. I thought of one song I wanted played. I went to tell my bro about it. He smiled saying he would add it to his mix. As evening came we all got ready as Jack’s guest started to show up. Jasmine looked beautiful as well as sexy. I was nervous to seeing her like that. I was dressed up with a mixture of Sagot and Vega from Street Fighter. Jasmine smiled, but bit her bottom lip seeing my upper body. It was around 8 p.m. when the song that I wanted played came over the speakers. I looked over at Jasmine who caught my eyes smiling. I made my way to her offering my hand. She took it after placing her drink on the coffee table next to the wall. A few other couples took to the floor to dance. I led Jasmine over to a place by the back double doors. The moon was high in the background. As the song played Jasmine placed her arms around me as I placed mine around her. Listened to the lyrics that were flowing into my soul.

She took my arm,

I don't know how it happened.

We took the floor and she said,

"Oh, don't you dare look back

Just keep your eyes on me."

I said, "You're holding back,"

She said, "Shut up and dance with me!"

This woman is my destiny

She said, "Oh, oh, oh,

Shut up and dance with me."

A backless dress and some beat up sneaks,

My discothèque, Juliet teenage dream.

I felt it in my chest as she looked at me.

I knew we were bound to be together,

Bound to be together

She took my arm,

I don't know how it happened.

We took the floor and she said,

"Oh, don't you dare look back

Just keep your eyes on me."

I said, "You're holding back,"

She said, "Shut up and dance with me!"

This woman is my destiny

She said, "Oh, oh, oh,

Shut up and dance with me."

Oh, come on girl!

Deep in her eyes,

I think I see the future.

I realize this is my last chance

As those words filled my mind I looked to see Jasmine looking up at me with tears. I could see her love showing as her heart beat against my body. The next thing that happened I think surprised us both. I leaned down placing my lips against hers. The kiss was unexpected, but felt so right at that moment. Jasmine moved her hands up behind my neck returning the kiss that I placed. I felt my heart race in this moment in time as our mouths opened as that moment I heard a voice speak to me ‘ She will never hurt you Heath as her heart is true’. The voice was of May telling me that the young woman in my arms was true to her words. I smiled a bit feeling Jasmine’s tongue play with mine. As the song ended all I could say to myself was ‘ Jasmine was my last chance and my future in this place and time’.

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