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It was such a warm night, a little humid but not too sticky in the house. Still her room was far too warm, Kendra Evans thought. She had already stripped down to nothing but still no luck sleeping. It was a good thing it was Friday.

Maybe cold water would help, she rose out of bed. She slipped on a long thin white shirt that hugged her firm body. At thirty five and one kid she hadn't lost a step.

Her tits where full and just a hint of sag to give them a nice fold at the bottom. Her ass, which poked a little from the shirt, was firm and heart shaped. Her hair was still curly and its same wonderful shade of light brown. She was a real treasure, and most found it astounding she was single.

She made for her door knowing full well that the warmth was not the reason sleep evaded her. No, in the back of Kendra’s mind she knew the real reason was in the room she had to walk past. It was her fifteen year old daughter Chelsea’s room.

She walked a little closer to the door then normally she would have. Her hearing was focused in the way of someone trying not to hear something and sure enough she heard it. A light girlish moan fallowed by rapid breaths, then another, this one just a little deeper.

Kendra sped up her step and left the hall. She knew she would hear the sounds, and she didn't lie to herself about what they were, it was the sound of a girl enjoying sex. This time however it was not Chelsea’s moans it was Daphne's her girlfriend. Least she was pretty sure.

Her lovely daughter Chelsea was a lesbian. She had been for quite some time now, all her life if Kendra thought about it. Chelsea had met Daphne several years ago. The two had been fast friends and one day Kendra had caught them kissing. Kendra really could not even say it really shocked her. She set them both down talked with them. Both girls were freaked out but Kendra told them it was alright. She told them it may just even be a phase they were going through. Kendra herself had always been straight; some would say even a little boy crazy. Still she heard of other girl going through a time like that. She knew neither could get pregnant this way and she decided the girls could have a safe zone at her home.

They keep most of their activity out of Kendra’s safe for a little cuddling and such. The house was well built and the rooms proved to be quite sound proof, and really the sounds of the two girls enjoying each other had never bothered her before. What little discomfort she may have had vanished for good after Daphne came out to her parents and was kicked out and moved in with them.

The girls had carried on like a married couple for a while after that, but one night a year back had caught Kendra a little off guard. The girls had had a friend over, another girl about their age. Kendra had simply thought this to be an actual normal sleep over, until she decided to surprise the three with a midnight snack. She and cracked open the door to see both Chelsea and Daphne, both bare asses in the air, with their face mouths working over their naked little friend.

Kendra had not been noticed and backed out slowly. That had rattled her a little but she figured it was all girls involved so no harm. Still the scene had stuck with her; it was the look on the girls face. It had been a look of pure sexual ecstasy.

When Kendra was honest with herself, she was jealous. It had been a long time since she had felt the touch of a lover. She just could not bring herself to seek others since Chelsea’s father had passed.

Since she that night Chelsea and Daphne had the occasional week end sleep over with some random girls, a few repeats but mostly curious girls having a one-time go. Still each time a girl stayed the night Kendra would remember the first girls face twisted in delightful agony, and masturbation was starting to help less and less.

All this fleeted swiftly through Kendra’s mind as she pulled a pitcher of cold water from the fridge and drank deeply. She was just putting the pitcher back when she turned her head and caused a startled yelp.

"Oh my god! Miss Patricks," fallowed. It was Vivian, the girl spending the night tonight, and she was safe to say she had not expected to find anyone up for all she wore was a pair of tiny yellow panties.

Vivian was pixie cut, black haired beauty with pale cream skin. Kendra could not quite tell her age but she looked far younger then she could be for a girl in her daughter’s class.

"I'm so sorry, I figured you were asleep. I was just coming for a drink," she stammered trying to cover her slim bare tits. Meer pink nipples and swells on her chest really. "I shoulda put on a shirt."

"Relax dear. It’s not like I've never seen 'em before," Kendra chuckled and handed the pitcher to the girl.

Vivian instantly relaxed and took the pitcher. She took a quick gulp and few drops ran down her chin to her puffy breasts. She handed the pitcher back and said "Seems we had the same idea."

"It would seem." Kendra said and took another drink as the petite pantie clad girl hoped herself up on the counter.

"So trouble sleeping?" She asked, and Kendra nodded her head. "It's not cause of us is it?"

Yes went screaming through Kendra’s head, you are reminding me that I have not been naked with someone I years, but she answer. "No, just one of those things."

"I see," Vivian said, "that's good. And you don't have to worry bout us. I not like lookin to still one of them or the other. They really love each other a lot ya know. I'm just here for some fun. Um...” she shied up a little. "I just wanta say thanks, for um... letting us um... ya know,"

Kendra was really sure what to say to this rather open girl. "Well I just think it’s safer here I would guess,"

"Yeah, lot more comfortable too. Better than the back of a car, with a boy trying to get in one spot and a gear shift trying to get in the other." Vivian giggled.

This got a laugh from Kendra. "Yeah, I've been there." She blushed realizing what she said and moved to cover it. "So you know a bit about boys?"

"Oh, ya guess that may seem odd. Yeah I go with boys a lot. But I find girls just as fun. I'm kind of a slut I guess," she said it without an ounce of shame. "And Chels and Daph, well I just couldn't pass on that."

"So have those two done anything with boys?" Kendra asked.

This got a laugh from Vivian. "No. Naw those two only got hearts for each other and bodies for women,"

"Well I guess that's good," Kendra said, "so are they really that active with girls?"

"Well," Vivian said, "I would guess it’s a yes and a no,"

"I've see the girls they have sleep over dear." Kendra said a little more sternly then she wanted.

"Yeah, well I mean they've played with a good number, but they almost do it as a favor," Vivian said. "Well that didn't sound right. Like everyone in school knows they are lesbians, and that make it earlier for some of the girls that don't really know if they are or not. So Chelsea and Daph let them work it out and fool around if they want. I've done it myself for a few girls and actually it’s a big relief for some of them. Most are just one time things and others finally learn what they want."

Kendra was a little stunned. She kind of felt proud of her girls. She had worried that they maybe slutty or taking advantage of girl but now she found they were helping.

Vivian miss read the silence. "I mean when you were our age didn't you ever wonder about or have a crush on a girl. Maybe even go a little further?"

"Huh," Kendra asked collecting her thoughts. "Well no actually. I mean to be honestly I was really into boys," she snickered. "I guess I was bit of a slut myself,"

"Really? Well your secrets safe with me. So are you still a bit of a slut?" Vivian asked intently.

"You are just a brazen one aren't you?" Kendra asked. Vivian just smiled, like the mischievous pixie her body suggested she was. “But if you must know, it’s been a while, a long while. Probably why I can’t sleep tonight."

Kendra had not meant to say that last one and to cover her embarrassment she turned back to the frigid to put the water back. With her back turned she heard topless little teen nymph behind her slide from the counter.

"Well thanks for talking,” Vivian said. "You a pretty cool mom, mine wouldn't do so well with this,"

Kendra stood up but did not turn around. "You're welcome," Kendra said and she thought that was it until she felt Vivian's arms slip around her waist.

"Ya know it’s a shame you've had to live here with those two having all the fun," Vivian said and she pressed herself into Kendra’s back running her hands over her stomach. Kendra knew she should stop it but the feeling of a warm body against her was just too good.

"You know I could take care of the whole not getting any for a while thing," Vivian said, and before Kendra could react Vivian's delicate hands cupped her thinly covered breasts. The girl’s fingers pinched Kendra erect and sensitive nipples.

The touch was like a live wire running straight to Kendra’s lonesome pussy. She could feel herself wetting. Kendra was paralyzed by the sensations. She stood there letting Vivian kneed her soft tits. It was only when she felt Vivian's hand slide down her side and tug the hem of shirt up did Kendra find the will to protest.

"No, we gotta stop," Kendra said and took hold of Vivian’s slender wrist.

"Why? Is it the fact I'm a girl?" Vivian asked with a pout. "Because these don't seem to mind," and with that she gave Kendra’s nipple another pinch.

Kendra could do nothing to stop the moan that came from it. "Even if I did want a woman," she finally said. "You're my daughter’s friend, you just too young. I could be your mother."

"My mother was never as hot as you Miss Patricks," Vivian said.

"Kendra, call me Kendra," Kendra told her dumbly. Where did that come from? She thought. This was not a time for politeness. Vivian still had her arms around her and Kendra could feel her young breast pressed to her back.

"Well, Kendra, you wouldn’t be the first older women I've been with. I told you I'm kind of a slut, so it’s not like you're doing anything to take advantage of me. And if you really didn't want it this would have no effect."

Kendra’s night shirt had been too short to start and with all the squirming it had ridden up higher leaving her pussy exposed. Vivian swept her hand, the one Kendra was holding by the wrist, down and across it.

It was the lightest of contact. A mere brushing of feathery fingertips across Kendra’s outer lips, but damn it was enough. Kendra let out a slightly too loud awe and went weak in the knees.

"Why don't we take this to your room? We don't want any other thirsty girls interrupting us."

Kendra was helpless. She had no power to fight this tempting little pixie or desire to if she could. "Yes please," was all she could reply.

They made their way down the hall to Kendra’s room, Vivian leading her by the hand. Once inside, by the bright glow of the nightlight, Vivian embraced her this time from the front. She pulled Kendra in for a deep tongue filled kiss as she let her hands wander the older women’s back all the way down to her bare ass cheeks peeking from beneath her night shirt.

As her hands found bare skin Vivian pulled back with a smile and said "I see you came dressed for the occasion." Then returned for more kissing.

Vivian then pulled Kendra to the elegant, welcoming king size bed. She laid Kendra on her back and starting at her hips began kissing her way up as she removed the night shirt inch by inch.

She kissed across her flat stomach and then to her ample breast. She went agonizingly slow as she exposed Kendra’s nipples. First the left and she took it in her mouth and nursed it to its fully erect state then her right and she gave it the same.

Finally she pulled the flimsy garment over Kendra’s head. With it gone she attacked Kendra’s neck and collar bone and earlobes with kisses and love bites.

Her hands still toyed with Kendra’s nipples and finally with a finger she began tracing her way to Kendra’s hyper active pussy, stopping just before her slit and tracing tiny circles.

"I'm not a work of art, Miss Patricks, feel free to touch," Vivian said just before returning to nibbling Kendra’s neck.

Kendra took the invitation and tentatively placed her hand on the young girls exposed breast. They were small but the nipples were as hard as her own. Kendra was astonished at the pure erotic thrill she received from toying with Vivian's puffy breasts. She just had to go for more.

She pushed Vivian back enough to get her mouth to those succulent little teenage mounds. With a mounting delight Kendra sucked a pink puffy nub into her mouth. She was rewarded by hearing Vivian let out a low moan.

"Awe there we go, Lover, just let yourself go." Vivian said as she straddled Kendra giving the older women better access to her chest.

Kendra lavished the Vivian’s tits with licks and kisses and love bites. It was not long before Vivian was squirming and grinding her panty cover pussy on Kendra’s stomach.

For her part Vivian kneaded and pinched Kendra’s large firm breasts. Some she leaned in and nuzzled her way to Kendra’s neck. With more force than before she locked her lips to the delicate neck and sucked forcefully, leaving her lovers mark. Kendra cried out in pleasure.

"Are you ready for the main event, my lover?" And began kissing and licking her way down Kendra’s body. There was no mistaking her goal.

Oh my god, Kendra thought, am I really going to do this. Am I really going to allow another women, no, a young girl, am I going to allow a girl my daughters age to lick my pussy? Still Kendra knew her answer. She had come this far and if she where she were honest with herself it was the erotic sexual experience of her life. So without a moment’s hesitation she spread her long legs, revealing her glorious shaved pussy to her young lover.

"Oh, you are so beautiful," Vivian said. She drew herself slowly closer until she could smell Kendra’s arousal. Then slowly touched her tongue to the outer lips and drew it up and down them until they bloomed for her.

For several minutes Vivian worked her tongue over, in and around Kendra’s slit. She would flick her clit and the suck it, she used her finger to open her lover to get deeper and firmer contact. Kendra clawed at the sheets, moaning and biting back screams. She could not believe what this young girl was doing to her cunt. After several more minute of this oral assault Kendra could take no more, her body clinched up and a scream tore from her throat. The world spun and Kendra was hit by waves of orgasms then she collapsed.

After a time the fog lifted and she felt Vivian still toying with her body. "That was amazing," Kendra panted.

Vivian moved to her face and planted a deep tongue kiss on her. Kendra could taste her pussy on the girl’s mouth. "Well I aim to please," Vivian said when the kiss was broken.

"Well now it's your turn," Kendra said. Her pussy may as well not be the only one she tasted tonight. "I've never done this before, but I'll give it my best."

Vivian ran her hand comfortingly through Kendra’s hair. "Just do what feels natural to you," it was hard to believe she was the younger and yet Kendra was the one that felt like a virgin.

Vivian spread her young slender legs and showed her prize sixteen year pussy. It was a creation of pure beauty, all pink and aroused. She keeps a small tuft of hair atop an otherwise smooth bare cunt.

Kendra did not know what to think but the sight of this pixie girls pussy made her want to cum again. The sent was amazing, mild but womanly. She placed her tongue at the top of the slit and traced it down the lips until she was almost tickling Vivian's puckered little rose bud. Then she took a long slow lick back up, her tongue slipping between the lips this time. The taste of the girl’s pussy was amazing. Next Kendra found Vivian's clit; she attacked it with her tongue mercilessly and quickly had Vivian writhing in joy.

I was a surreal moment for Kendra to think that maybe when she had seen Chelsea and Daphne making that girl cry in ecstasy, she might have envied more than just the girl but the ones making her cum.

The orgasm hit Vivian like a truck. Kendra found her mouth flooded with girl cum as Vivian pushed her away from her over indulged sex.

Kendra moved to lie beside the young little sex pixie. They shared a few more kisses as Kendra spooned up close to her. "You have no idea how great that was for me," Kendra said as she stroked softly along Vivian's small breasts. "I guess it’s really lucky we got thirsty at the same time."

Vivian giggled and snuggled in tighter against the older women. "Yeah, Miss Patricks, I should tell you. I was never thirsty."

Rating: 92%, Read 17720 times, Posted Feb 27, 2013

Fiction | Female, Girl, Lesbian, Teen Female


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