Christmas at the Shore -- part 6 (College p1) by matlegend

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Fiction | Group Sex, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male

Please read the parts before these to get the idea behind the story. Just click my name above to get the list.

- - - -

“What room are you in?” I asked.

“On the end of floor 3, by the exit.”

“I’m on the other end.”

“Wanna get lunch?”

“Yeah, let’s do it. I’ll be down in an hour.”


I threw my empty suitcase under my bed, closed my laptop, and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the hot water, and looked into the mirror, taking off my shirt and sweats. Finally, I was out of the house. College. With my friends, too. Matt got a scholarship here, and Lisa is too smart, so she got in anywhere she wanted. And thank God, I got in here. Nothing like Southern California.

After I took a shower, I walked into the dorm and put on new clothes. I looked at my phone, but I had no messages. I grabbed my wallet and keys, and walked out down the hall. I knocked on the door, and there, opening the door, was Lisa. She kissed me on the lips the second she saw me, and said, “Hey.”

“Ha, hey. What’s up?”


And we got right to it. She fell back onto her bed, pulling me down with her. I kissed her, pulling my shirt off as late as possible while still liplocked. I kicked off my shoes, and pulled off my socks while she pulled off her hoodie and shirt, revealing her bra.

“You smell great…” she whispered.


I got under the covers and laid back, as she pulled the down comforter over her. The blanket reached my pecs, shading her from view. I felt my pants get ripped off as I closed my eyes, and put my head back, sighing in pleasure/relief. I felt the lips I was dying for, ever since Christmas, wrap around the head of my dick. I laughed as she started going up and down. My hands searched the bump of the blanket finding the top of her head, and holding it, slightly pushing where necessary.

“You’ve got no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.” I said.

She laughed while blowing me, which actually felt great. My face twisted in disbelief from the feeling, and she upped the place. After what seemed like ten or so minutes, her head appeared, her brown hair frizzled, eyes in a crazed look. I smiled, and pulled her onto her back. I raised myself, looking down at her moist panties, yanked them off, and kissed her again. Her legs raised as we kissed, and I looked back to let myself in. I pushed into the girl of my dreams, feeling the sensation that won my heart. I kissed her again, feeling her groan harder and harder every centimeter I dug deeper. Her moans made it harder for me to concentrate on what was going on. Kissing her, listening to her ecstasy and still fucking her. Her arms held me in a tight vicegrip just like her pussy, which was getting harder and harder to handle. Maybe a condom next time, I thought, I never want to leave this.

My balls started to clench, and nails dug harder and harder into my back. Her whispers were going from “Joe” to “O” fast, and I was pounding so quickly, I think the Earth stopped. When I finally came, it felt like I was milked from every drop I had. I really hope this didn’t get her pregnant. I collapsed, putting my arms around her and snuggling into her side. I kissed her cheek, and she gave a weird laugh. Then another. And another. Wait, that wasn’t her laugh. I looked at her, and she wore a look of terror.

I looked in the doorway, and saw the part open door littered with faces, smirking. We never closed the door. I smiled, and she hit me in the back of the head. “Ow!” I yelled.

“Fuck, Joe. You didn’t close the door!”

“You fucked up too. We both had the responsibility.”

“This- is- embarrassing.”

“I don’t know, from the look of it, you performed well.”

The guys in our crowd were astonished that we were human beings, and the girls were taking photos. I put my head back down, and closed my eyes. She slid back down uneasily into my arms, and turned her back to me, naked butt right in my crotch. After I got hard again, she laughed, and the door made a long-awaited closing sound.

- - -

I woke up to some weird bubbling noise, and a sweet smell. Lisa wasn’t in my arms anymore. I rubbed my eyes, realized I was naked, and laughed. I looked behind me and saw Lisa hitting a bong with two of her girlfriends, Alicia and Becca.

“Hey,” I said, blanket covering my waist down.

The two other girls laughed shyly, and Lisa turned around, exhaled, and held the hose up to me. Either my nose wasn’t working or I smelled no bud smoked at all. I took a hit leaning over the bed, and realized it was hookah.

“Good shit,” I murmured, “What is this, apple?”

“Berry.” Said Becca.

Becca turned on the TV, and the two of them sat back in their bean bag chairs, hitting the hookah, watching the OC. Lisa came back, wearing my shirt and her favorite shorts, which looked great on her, and snuggled into my front. I kissed her neck, and she laughed, putting her arm around the back of my head, pulling me in. I was rock hard within minutes of doing this, so I snuck my hand into her shorts, and started rubbing her pussy. I snuck a finger in, and she gasped slightly. She started to grind her hips a little, which meant she was horny. She two friends were touching themselves too just listening to her, which was cool I guess.

She sat up holding me, and put me in a sitting position on the bed. I was covered, until she tried to sit on my lap. Becca and Alicia snuck a peek at my crotch, and laughed when I realized they were. They sarcastically gave me a thumbs up, and looked away, until Lisa’s shorts hit the floor. She had my shirt on still, facing the other way, and had the blanket cover her belly button down. She raised her hips and grabbed my throbbing cock, until I stopped her.



“Shit. That’s a good idea.”

I grabbed my wallet, and took one out. I tore the wrapper eagerly, and pulled the rubber down my dick. When it was all good, she raised her hips again, and teased me by rubbing the tip at her entrance. I grabbed her hips, and she slowly sat on me. She had her back in pleasure, and I couldn’t believe how great she felt with a condom on. She started a twisting motion, driving my nuts insane. She looked so sexy with my shirt on and her hair in a pony tail, and I was the only one who could see her immaculate ass. Once she started bouncing a little on it, it was getting tough not to bust. She looked back, gave me sexy look, and smiled. My eyes widened, until I couldn’t hold it in.

“Oh SHIT!” I yelled. Unfortunately, Lisa got off, and pulled her clothes back up, leaving me unfinished, while she came twice. Becca got up and took off her sweats and panties, and put her arms around me, facing me this time. I sat up again and she grabbed my sopping dick and sat on it. She felt just as great as Lisa, and maybe warmer. I put my arms back to keep myself up, and she sat on her knees in a cowgirl way, fucking me. This felt great, and she came pretty early. She kept going though, and shortly after, I had the urge again. “FUCK FUCK!” I said.

She bounced harder than ever, and I couldn’t believe how hard she was going. I finally blasted into my condom, and she smiled, giving me a kiss on the cheek. She got up again, pulled her clothes back on, uncaring of her previous nudity, and sat on the end of the bed.

“Lisa, could I get my clothes?” I said. She tossed me my jeans, boxers, and socks. I got up completely nude, and slid up my boxers. The girls watched intently until my dick became covered, and I laughed. I pulled up my jeans, and sat on the bed to put on my socks. I grabbed a hose, took a huge hit, and walked over to Lisa, giving her an intense kiss, exhaling after we finished. I grabbed my phone and wallet, and walked out.

My phone had twelve texts and nineteen facebook requests after my hook up, which felt pretty good. Eighteen of those requests were from girls, and the texts were from my boys on the basketball team I met through Matt. It was funny reading all of them, from “Heard about that girl you fucked,” to “Good work boy.” College is great.

Rating: 90%, Read 12607 times, Posted Mar 05, 2011

Fiction | Group Sex, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male


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