Wife's Night Out - Part 2 by Kimiko

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Kimiko strolled along the sidewalk, her size two, form-fitting red minidress hugging her curves. It was her second foray as a hooker, and already she felt more at ease, having learned at least a few essential tricks of the trade, as it were. She swayed her hips saucily from side to side as she walked, watched the passing cars, turning to look as horns honked or people shouted at her from car windows.

It was 10:30 in the evening, and she had not yet had her first customer of the evening. She wondered what the night would bring, the mere thought making her damp with anticipation. Her husband Eric was on the East Coast on business, and she would be able to stay out all night if need be…and if she dared.

A sleek Jaguar pulled up to the curb beside her. Kimi turned and peered in through the windshield, making eye contact with the driver, a young black man in his late twenties. He motioned her to the driver side window. She walked slowly around the front of the car, bent down and leaned into the window, inhaling leather and new-car smell as well as the man’s cologne. Glancing at the Rolex on his wrist, Kimi thought to herself that he didn’t appear to be exactly hurting for money.

“Hi sweetie,” she said, engagingly, her plunging dress giving him a nice view of her unfettered breasts. “Want to play?”

“Sure, get in,” he said.

Kimi walked around and climbed into the bucket seat. “So, what did you have in mind tonight?”

He scrutinized her for a moment, liking what he saw. “I was thinking you could come up to my hotel room for the night. Nothing too fancy, just your basic sucking and fucking. $500 cover that?”

“Sure, sweetie, anything you say.” Kimi found herself very pleased with this turn of events. Although she had one or two misgivings about going to a hotel room with a complete stranger, the idea of fucking on a bed seemed like a vast improvement over the likely alternative of fucking in an alley. Doing it with a black man appealed to her even more, since she had often fantasized about that very thing as she contemplated walking the streets that first night. And of course, one $500 trick had distinct advantages over five $100 ones.

“My name is DeShawn,” said the man as he maneuvered the Jag through the busy streets.

“I’m Kimi.”

“How long you been doing this, Kimi, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“This is my second night.”

“Uh-huh. You work for anyone?”

“What do you.…oh, you mean like a pimp?”

DeShawn chuckled. “Yes, that’s what I meant.”

“No, I guess I’m what you’d call self-employed,” said Kimi.

“Yeah, thought so,” said DeShawn. “Here we are.” He pulled into the parking garage of an upscale hotel just off Union Square. He got out, came around the door and opened it for Kimi.

“My…such a gentleman,” she laughed. This was going to be fun, she thought to herself. He walked with her to the elevator, and they rode up to the 8th floor, not seeing anyone. Good, she thought, thinking that she might look a little bit too much like a whore to get past the front desk.

Inside the room, which was large and plush, he wasted no time, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his wallet, counting out five $100 dollar bills. “Want to take a shower first? I did a few minutes before I picked you up.” He was putting the money on the dresser.

“No, that’s okay, I’m fresh as a daisy,” she said. “You’re my first customer tonight.”

“How about a drink?” said DeShawn. “I’ve got a pitcher of Grey Goose martinis here.”

“That sounds good,” replied Kimi, grateful for anything that might take the edge off her nervousness.

DeShawn poured two highballs full, dropped an olive in each, and handed one to Kimi. She gulped it down as he sipped his.

Feeling the warmth of the drink as it hit her stomach, she set the glass down and turned her back on him. “Help me unzip?”

DeShawn set down his own glass, then reached up and grabbed the zipper. Slowly lowering it, he confirmed that she wore no bra. He slid his hands underneath the front of the dress and closed his big hands around her firm, bare breasts, bending his head forward to kiss the side of her neck. He’s the romantic type, Kimi thought as she shivered delicately, one of her own hands moving down behind her and grasping the thick shaft of his penis through his slacks. My god, he was huge! Was it true what they said? She smiled to herself as her fingers caressed his fat cock through the thin material. His fingers closed around her taut nipples, pinching them roughly as she moaned softly, her knees weakening.

After a moment, he stepped back from her, and began methodically removing his clothes. Kimi turned and stepped out of her shoes, shrugging the minidress off her shoulders and wriggling it down over her hips. Then she slid her panties off and faced him, naked except for the gold chain around her waist.

The sight that greeted her made her eyes widen, her pulse quickening with lust. His penis was immense, long and thick as it hung between his muscular thighs, like a black snake, alive and pulsing with blood. DeShawn took a step back and sat down on the bed. “Suck my dick, baby,” he said simply.

Kimi dropped to her knees on the plush carpet. Resting her arms on his knees, she reached for his penis with her fingers, raising it and stroking it slowly, watching it lengthen and thicken. It was uncircumcized, and Kimi watched in fascination as her fingers caused the glistening head to emerge, then disappeared again as her fingers moved upward along the shaft. “God, what a magnificent cock,” she murmured, to herself more than to DeShawn. The thought crossed her mind that any man with a cock like this would hardly need to pay a professional, but she quickly forgot it as she contemplated it thrusting into her. It was all mine, she thought happily, for the entire night.

Leaning forward, she slowly slid her tongue around the bulbous head, lifting her eyes to watch his face. Her lips slid down over the crown and she began bobbing her head, sucking him hungrily, her lips stretched around it’s immense girth.

“Go slow,” he said, coaching her. “Take it deeper in your mouth. Stroke it with your fingertips as you suck on it. You like my big black dick, baby?”

“Mmm-hmmmm,” said Kimi, slurping noisily as she did as he asked. Her mouth was flooded with saliva as she made love to his cock, taking it deeper into her throat as she began to adjust to its presence. As she nursed on it eagerly, her fingertips stroked the part of the shaft that remained outside her mouth. This girl loves it too fucking much to be a good whore, thought DeShawn, unwittingly echoing the words of a certain cop the week before.

“Damn, you’re an elegant little cocksucker,” he said as her cheeks hollowed around his thick shaft. The sight of her beautiful Asian face impaled by his big cock was enough to cause a familiar stirring in his sperm-bloated balls. He told himself not to hurry, not to make it easy for her. “Play with my balls, baby.”

Kimi nodded obediently, moving one hand lower and caressing his taut balls with her long fingernails as she continued to patiently slurp on his cock. She imagined the sperm being manufactured in his balls as she teased them, imagined it erupting with volcanic force in her mouth. She wanted that, wanted to taste this black man’s hot, pulsing semen as it gushed forth into her mouth. Suddenly, she thought of Eric, imagining him watching as she serviced this man, a stranger who had picked her up off the street. The obscene thought made her pussy flood with her need, and she slipped one hand down between her legs, easing into her wet folds and gently rubbing her clit as she worshipped his cock.

After several minutes she raised her head, letting his cock escape from between her lips and gasping for breath. Strands of saliva draped between the glans and her lips. DeShawn reached down and grasped the base of his cock. Slowly he rubbed the dripping-wet head all over her upturned face. Fuck, she was nasty, he thought to himself. “Stick your tongue out,” he said.

Once again Kimi complied. Looking down at her, DeShawn slapped his rigid cock wetly a few times on her outstretched tongue, so hard that the sound seemed to fill the silent room. Then he reached behind her head, holding it as he guided his aching cock back into her mouth and forced her head down until he penetrated the back of her throat. Kimi made gurgling sounds as she nearly gagged, her jaw open as wide as she could as he fucked her throat. Then he withdrew again, stroking his dick as she coughed, a tear running down her cheek as she regained her breath again.

“Cum in my mouth,” she panted, looking at him with an expression that betrayed her mounting lust, then plunging her mouth down on his drenched cock. She began to suck him with growing urgency now, her fingers milking his sperm-filled balls, coaxing them into giving up their pent-up contents.

“Ohhh, baby,” he groaned. “I’m gonna pump a big load of hot cum down your throat.” He gripped her head with both his hands and began thrusting into her mouth as he forced her head up and down in the same rhythm. Kimi felt his balls contract against the base of his cock, felt his cock expand ominously in her mouth. Eagerly, she awaited her reward.

“OhhhhhhFUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!” he groaned as the first heavy deluge of cum erupted into her mouth. Her lips clung to the shaft as he eased her head upward, his balls spasming as he pumped a huge quantity of sperm into her eagerly sucking mouth.

“MMMmmmmmmm…” she moaned as his cock flourished and pulsed and she tasted his hot, creamy cum bathing her tongue. Her lips pursed tightly around him and she sucked eagerly, squeezing his balls now as they emptied themselves into her greedy mouth.

At last he was done. She felt the last spasm of his body, the last ooze of sperm as it drooled out onto her tongue. Carefully, she eased her head back, keeping her lips pursed to prevent the loss of a single drop. Releasing him, she looked up again as she opened her mouth to let him see his cum gathered on her tongue, feeling exquisitely slutty. Then she let it slide back into her throat and she swallowed the thick fluid.

DeShawn gazed down at her as he slowly regained his composure. He couldn’t believe his good forture, running into this hot little bitch by accident. He had plans for this one, that was for sure. After he fucked her, that is.

“How about another martini,?” he asked casually, as if girls sucked him off and swallowed his cum every day. No big deal.

“Mmm, you read my mind,” she smiled, collecting a stray droplet of sperm from her lower lip with her tongue. She sat on the bed, and he walked back to the dresser, pouring them both fresh drinks. Kimi again drank quickly, restoring the pleasant buzz she had felt earlier. This wasn’t about being a prostitute any more, she thought to herself. This was about getting fucked, hard, in every way possible. Fucked savagely by a black man with an immense cock. The fact that he had picked her up on a street corner, had paid her to fuck him, just made it better.

“You’re not a whore, are you?” said DeShawn, as he sipped his martini. “Not really.”

She gazed at him. What difference did it make now? “No,” she replied. “It’s just something I thought of doing, maybe just once or twice.”

“You married?” asked DeShawn.

Kimi hesitated. It was like he could read her mind. “Yes,” she finally said.

“Something tells me he’s not keeping your feet warm at night.”

She gave a wry laugh. “What gave me away?”

DeShawn shook his head with disgust. “Dumb motherfucker,” he said. “Got someone like you at home, and he’s too fuckin’ busy to keep you happy and not cruising the fuckin’ streets looking for somebody like me. Fuck him, he deserves what he gets.”

“I don’t know about him, but I definitely deserve what I’m going to get,” she said, smiling and putting down the empty glass. “Ready for Round Two?”

“Get on the bed,” he said, feeling his cock lurch to life again. Quickly, Kimi moved to the bed and lay down on her back, her knees bent and her legs slightly parted. The alcohol had taken away what was left of her inhibitions. She had to feel that monstrous cock thrusting into her tight pussy.

But DeShawn had other ideas. Approaching her on the bed, he grabbed the backs her smooth thighs in his big hands and abruptly forced her legs up and apart, raising her ass in the air, exposing her bare cleft and the tight pucker of her anus to his gaze. She draped her legs on his back as his arms folded across her tummy, holding her firmly and lifting her pelvis upward toward his mouth. She gasped as he lowered his head and slowly licked the length of her slit, his tongue slithering between her glistening labia. Stiffening his big tongue, he sank it into her juicy vagina, stabbing it deep inside her, fucking her with his tongue as she watched.

Kimi’s nectar bathed his tongue as it skewered in and out, and she moaned excitedly, her orgasm already building. She had almost cum while rubbing her clit when he had erupted in her mouth. She knew she wouldn’t take long now, her mind filled with the sheer deliciousness of living out her obscene, depraved fantasies with this man.

DeShawn withdrew his tongue, then let it slide over the sensitive ridge of flesh that separated it from her anus, licking it and bathing it with his spit. Without any further preliminaries, he stiffened his tongue again and slowly forced it past the tight ring of muscle, thrusting it deep inside her asshole.

“Ohgodddd,” she moaned as his tongue invaded her ass and she squirmed against it. Her mind swirled with thoughts of her husband. “Can you see me, Eric?” she thought. “Can you see his big black tongue stuck up my ass? He paid me to let him do this! And I love it!”

Again and again DeShawn sank his tongue inside her ass, feeling it relax to accommodate the obscene invasion. Finally, he withdrew it, and let it slide upward along her cleft, fluttering it against her defenseless clit. Almost instantly, Kimi’s body exploded in orgasm.

“AAAAAUUUGGGHHHH!!” she cried, her hands clawing at the bedspread as his lips closed around her clit and he sucked on her, holding her tightly as she violently convulsed against his mouth. He held her there, her lower body suspended, as she sobbed with each tumultuous spasm of her climax.

Finally, she began to descend, as he lapped gently at her clit with the flat of his tongue. Before she could fully recover her senses, he eased her back down onto the bed and climbed over her, poising the head of his cock between her legs. He paused there, rubbing it up and down between her labia. Then, with one slow, powerful lunge, he buried his stiff cock deep in her welcoming cunt.

“Oh god, yes!” Kimi groaned, her drenched vagina readily stretching to accommodate the thick girth of his shaft. She would never have dreamed she could be so completely filled by a man’s cock. She clasped it to herself as if it was the only thing giving her life. This IS what she lived for, she thought feverishly, for the second time in a week. To be impaled on a man’s stiff cock, any man’s stiff cock. To be fucked, to be used, to be a willing receptacle for his steaming, syrupy cum.

Holding himself above her, resting on his hands, DeShawn began to slowly piston his cock in and out of her, loving the feeling of being gripped so tightly by her wetly-clasping vagina. The gold medallion around his neck bounced as he thrust in and out, possessing her completely.

Her hips drove up to meet his thrusts, working with him, her muscles clinging to him each time he withdrew. Kimi’s entire being focused on her impaled cunt, on the rigid rod of flesh saw in and out of it. “Yesssss, FUCK me!” she sobbed, feeling her orgasm once again building within her. She was lost, she knew. She would do anything for this man, if only he would keep skewering his big, black cock in and out of her until she came again.

DeShawn began to fuck her with savage abandon, sinking his cock all the way into her writhing cunt with each vicious, animal thrust. His face began to drip with sweat as he quickened his pace, the salty drops falling down from his nose and chin onto her heaving breasts. He watched her face, flush with her arousal, and felt her body tense.

“OHHHH!!! UHHHHH!!! I’M CUMMING!!!” she screamed as she bucked upward against his rampaging cock. He buried it all the way inside her and waited as her second orgasm seized her body in its white-hot grip, her pussy grabbing his cock tightly as she trembled violently through waves of intense pleasure. As much as he ached to unleash yet another torrent of sperm into the young wife beneath him, he had still more in store for her. He waited patiently for her to come down from her climax, moving slowly in and out of her now. Finally, she collapsed back onto the bed, and he slid out of her onto his back.

“You didn’t cum!” said Kimi, somehow disappointed, her breathing still ragged.

“Not yet,” said DeShawn. “I want to fuck you in that tight little ass of yours. Get on your hands and knees.”

Kimi, despite the tremors of orgasm that still coursed through her body, was shocked and frightened. “No!” she exclaimed. “I can’t! Please, it’s too big! It’ll tear me apart!”

The sudden vicious sting of his hand knocked Kimi back on the bed. Her cheek burned where he had slapped her, and she looked up in sudden fear.

“Don’t you EVER say no to me!” he growled. “That shit might work on that fuckin’ husband of yours, but not on me, you know what I’m saying? Now get on your fuckin’ hands and knees!”

Kimi roused herself and got up on all fours, the vivid memory of the slap making her cringe in fear. What have I gotten myself into, she thought. “All….all right. I’m sorry. Please don’t hit me again,” she whispered.

DeShawn reached for a bottle on the nightstand. His voice was calm again, almost soothing. “I’m sorry I had to do that. Just relax, it’ll be cool.” Unsnapping the lid, he poured some of the slippery lubricant on the upraised cleft of Kimi’s ass, watching as it descended between her cheeks. He reached down and spread it over her nakedly exposed anus, then slowly inserted one finger into her asshole, already wet from the earlier invasion of his tongue. Gradually, he felt her body adjust, as he wormed his finger in and out of her slippery hole. After a moment, he slid it out and replaced it with two fingers, stretching her still further. Kimi began to calm herself. At least he hadn’t just stuck his cock in, she thought, gratefully. Once again, she felt her arousal begin to replace her fear, and she found herself writhing back against his fingers as they thrust in and out of her. His violent outburst began to seem like just another part of her fantasy.

With his fingers still buried inside her tightness, DeShawn reached again for the bottle of lubricant with his free hand. He squirted some on his massive dick, then set the bottle down and spreading it over the head with his fingers. Finally he loomed over her, guiding the head of his cock to her stretched asshole. Easing his fingers out of her, he grabbed his cock, pulling back on the foreskin to expose the glistening head, and pressed it against her constricting entrance, lodging it there as Kimi braced herself for the onslaught to come.

Slowly, he pushed forward. Her body resisted, then gradually stretched to admit his huge girth. Kimi felt it slowly force it’s way forward…and then, with a quick intake of her breath, the head popped inside her. Tears streamed down her face at the sudden, intense pain. She dared not cry out, despite the blinding pain of her impalement. DeShawn waited patiently now for her body to adjust.

At last the pain began to lessen. DeShawn slowly thrust his penis deeper in Kimi’s defiled ass, loving the way she looked with his cock imbedded in her. He moved slowly in and out, sending it deeper into her bowels with each stroke.

Gradually, Kimi began to emerge from the fog of her pain, and her mind raced with the mental picture of his monster cock skewering in and out of her asshole. The salacious thought caused a slow resurgence of her lust, and she began to wriggle against him.

“Yeah, it’s better now, isn’t it? You like my big black dick in your ass now, don’t you, baby?” said DeShawn, sensing the change in Kimi.

“Y…yes….,” she whispered.

“What’s that?” he said, his voice more demanding. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes,” she whispered again, once again feeling her body and mind betray her. “I like it.”

DeShawn reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair at the base of her neck, yanking her head back as he sank his cock deep in her ass. “Say it louder! You like my dick in your ass, bitch?”

“Uhhhhhh, yes, I love your cock!” Kimi groaned through her sobs. “Do it! Fuck my ass!!”

DeShawn began to skewer his cock in and out of her, her asshole still gripping him tightly like a hot fist, but moving more easily now with the slippery lubricant. Kimi moaned with mounting lust as he ass-fucked her. The pain was banished now. Even the slightest motion sent waves of intense pleasure swirling through her. Her mind was filled with the vision of how she looked, and the thought made her almost dizzy with pleasure. She realized now that she wasn’t the only one acting out a role. The slap of his hand, the viciousness in his voice as he demanded her abject surrender -- it was all part of the scene they were playing out. He was into her fantasy, just as she was.

“We’re gonna roll over, baby,” said DeShawn. “I want you on top of me.”

She complied eagerly, her anus still impaled on his throbbing dick. On top of him now, leaning back against him, she began to move with him, squirming as his cock moved in and out of her defenseless asshole. She loved it. She wanted to feel his sperm pulsing into her body, flooding her intestines. It would be the ultimate depraved act of a wanton woman.

Suddenly, both DeShawn and Kimi froze – a card was being inserted into the lock outside the room! She wanted to jump up, but DeShawn was holding her tightly, restraining her. “Don’t worry, Kimi, it’s just Crystal. I should have told you.”

“What?? Who the hell is Crystal?” demanded Kimi, embarrassed and frightened that some stranger was about to walk through the door and see her with a monstrous black dick impaling her asshole.

At that moment, the door opened and a young girl came through the door. She was young, very young, about 15. She’s just a child! Kimi thought to herself. She had blonde hair in Shirley Temple-style ringlets, and impossibly white skin, accentuated by her somewhat garish eye-shadow, rouge and lipstick. She wore tight short-shorts, a sequined tube top, and high-heeled platform sandals. She looked, in short, like a whore.

“Kimi, this is Crystal,” said DeShawn, casually. “She works for me. Crystal, this is Kimi. I picked her up tonight down on Larkin.”

“Hi! Don’t get up,” Crystal said, smiling at Kimi. She seemed blithely unconcerned, as if she barged in on people fucking their brains out all the time. She walked over to the dresser and mirror, pulling some things out of her small clutch purse.

“Ummmmmm…nice to meet you,” said Kimi incongruously, feeling somewhat at a loss, like she was in the middle of an absurdist play.

“Now, where were we?” said DeShawn, thrusting his cock upward a little.

Kimi’s mind raced. She had never been watched during sex by another person, let alone a teenager. Certainly not being fucked in her ass in a hotel room. Well, what did you expect? she thought to herself. You’re a prostitute, a whore! Get a grip! Slowly, she began to squirm on the stiff cock deeply embedded in her ass.

Meanwhile, Crystal had poured some white powder on a small hand mirror, and was busy tapping it with a razor blade, arranging it in a neat horizontal line. Then she took one of the bills on the dresser and rolled it up, bringing one end to her nostril while leaning forward. Holding her other nostril, she quickly inhaled the powder, wrinkling her nose as she raised her head again. Then she turned, rubbing her nose, and walked over to the bed. Climbing up on it, she watched eagerly as DeShawn’s thick cock fucked in and out of Kimi’s exposed ass.

Kimi was past caring what happened now. She didn’t care that a teenage girl was watching her with a frankly salacious smile. She didn’t care that the girl had done cocaine, that DeShawn was probably pimping her on the street. All that mattered was the cock embedded in her ass.

Crystal slowly reached out her hand and began fondling DeShawn’s heavy balls with her slim fingers as his cock slid deeper into her ass. “Ooooh, yeah, fuck her, DeShawn,” she murmured.

“Crystal, lick her pussy,” he said, calmly.

Instantly, Crystal got down on her tummy between Kimi’s splayed legs. She scooted forward, extended her tongue, and began caressing Kimi’s clit with her tongue.

“Oh my god!” whispered Kimiko, her mind once again swirling in disarray as bolts of pleasure crashed through her body. She’s just a child and she’s licking my pussy! Kimi had often harbored thoughts about sex with another woman, but she had never dared to act on them. Certainly she had never dreamed that a teenage girl would be lapping eagerly at her nakedly exposed clit. What kind of monster was DeShawn, to corrupt this poor innocent girl?

Once again, Kimi’s thoughts were banished under the gentle onslaught of Crystal’s tongue. The girl knew what she was doing, her lips and tongue making exquisite love to Kimi’s aching clit, providing a sharp contrast to the thrusts of DeShawn’s penile shaft. Kimi felt her orgasm once again surging upward from deep within her. Kimi squirmed against the stiff rod in her ass as Crystal lapped hungrily at her clit, still fondling DeShawn’s heavy balls as they drew up tight against the base of his impaled, thrusting cock.

DeShawn groaned suddenly as he felt his balls begin to spasm. “Oh fuck, here it comes!”

Kimi writhed against his cock as her own climax erupted with primal force, driven by Crystal’s knowing tongue. “OHGODYESSSS!!!” she screamed, her body exploding in carnal ecstasy. She felt DeShawn’s cock erupt inside her ass, shooting spurt after hot spurt of cum into her depths as she shuddered violently in the throes of her own shattering orgasm. Crystal closed her mouth around Kimi’s clit and suckled it, her hand rhythmically squeezing DeShawn’s balls as they pumped their sperm into her flooded ass.

A half-hour later, after Kimi had showered and dressed, she came back into the room and sat down unsteadily in a chair. DeShawn and Crystal sat on the bed, both of them smoking cigarettes. Kimi was having trouble believing what she had just done. She felt guilty about participating in DeShawn’s corruption of Crystal. And yet, it was clear that Crystal was no innocent.

“I’ll drive you home in a few minutes,” said DeShawn casually. “Where do you live?”

“Thanks,” said Kimi. “Just drop me off where you picked me up. My car’s there.” She turned her gaze to Crystal, then back to DeShawn. “Um….what exactly does Crystal do for you?” she asked.

“Oh, lots of things,” said DeShawn, laughing. “I met her a few weeks ago at the Greyhound depot. She ran away from some farm in…where is it, Iowa?” This last was directed at Crystal.

“Minnesota,” said Crystal.

“Minnesota. Anyway, she’s been working the streets for me the past week or so. She learns fast, and she fucks like a mink.” Crystal smiled proudly at the compliment.

“You know, you really ought to consider working for me,” continued DeShawn. “You’d make a fucking fortune, and I’d keep you out of trouble.”

“Oh yeah, the way you kept her out of trouble,” said Kimi, glancing at Crystal. Fun was fun, but she couldn’t imagine becoming further entangled with these two utterly depraved people. “No thanks.”

“Now, what did I tell you about saying no to me?” said DeShawn softly, just the slightest edge in his voice. “Look, take a day or two to think about it. I’ll give you a number you can reach me at if you change your mind. And I think you will.” He handed her a card.

Kimi took the card, put it in her purse, and stood up. “Thanks, DeShawn. It was……an interesting evening.”

She thought idly about his offer as he drove her back to where her car was parked. She knew she could never do it. She would be giving up every other aspect of her life to accept a life of violence and danger.. She had lived out her fantasies, that was enough. It was over. She would go back to her job, go back to being a wife. The memory of DeShawn’s massive cock thrusting into her mouth, her pussy, her ass…the memory of Crystal licking her to orgasm…the memory of blow jobs in darkened parking lots, of a corrupt cop fucking her roughly on the hood of his patrol car and leaving her lying in an alley…those memories would sustain her.

She said goodbye to DeShawn as he dropped her off, once again the perfect gentleman. “Talk to you soon,” he said confidently. She closed the door of the Jag and he drove off.

“Not likely,” she murmured, watching his tail lights fade in the distance.


Rating: 61%, Read 63115 times, Posted Mar 29, 2005

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