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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Romance

This is my second story, constructive criticism only please!

Michael Roberts parked his black Chevy Camaro in front of the Regal Cinema. He sighed and smiled to himself. Born in Pennsylvania, and raised in New Jersey, Michael had moved several times throughout his life before landing in the city of Millville where he currently resided. Making his way through High School and College, he graduated from his local County College with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

Following graduation he had applied to the local Sheriff’s Department where he was contacted for an interview. He went in and was one of several young men who had interviews that day. He answered questions honestly and truthfully no matter the topic. He had a feeling that the officers were impressed with him. He was dismissed and told he would be contacted in a few days.

His application was accepted and within a short time he was enrolled in the Police Academy with a lot of other young men and women like him. The training was grueling, but Michael prevailed and graduated with the remaining candidates. He had been a Sherriff’s Officer for about a year now, working from 9-5, 5 days a week. What he really enjoyed about his job was that he worked humane hours unlike other branches of the police force. Michael lived in an apartment by himself, no girlfriend, but he did have a cat named Emily. He was pretty satisfied with his life so far.

Michael exited his vehicle and pressed the lock button on his key ‘til the car chirped. He made his way inside. He met a reasonably short line, and was greeted by a very attractive cashier.

She smiled at him, “Good afternoon, Sir.”

Michael returned her smile, “Good afternoon miss, one ticket for Kingsmen please.”

She rang him up, “That’ll be $8.00.” Michael handed her a gift card and she scanned it. She handed it back to him, “You have $20.00 remaining, enjoy your movie, Sir.” She said while handing him his ticket. He thanked her and proceeded inside. He passed a pair of bathrooms on the way in and Michael had a feeling that he should go before the movie started.

Michael emerged a few minutes later and stopped for a drink at the water fountain before he went to his theater. He stood up, and started walking to his right when he bumped into a girl coming from the opposite direction. The collision caused her small bag of popcorn to fall to the floor, and a small bit of drink to fall on her shirt, “Oops, I’m so sorry. Here let me help.”

The girl sighed, clearly annoyed, but didn’t lash out at him, “It’s fine don’t worry about it.” They bent over at the same time reaching for the bag of popcorn and they bumped heads, “Ow! What’s your head made of?!” She asked as her sunglasses clattered to the floor.

Michael felt even more like an idiot. He sheepishly picked up her glasses and her bag of popcorn, and stood up to hand it back to her. The person standing in front of him almost caused him to drop both items to the floor. She was perhaps one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen in movies and on TV, and he never would have imagined he’d ever meet her in person. She was 5’ 9”, the same height as Michael. She had long dark brown hair falling past her shoulders, and beautiful green eyes. Her face was probably what caught his attention the most. She had full lips, and her cheeks were covered in freckles, every inch of it was pure beauty.

“Oh my God! You’re - .” Michael was silenced suddenly as she put her hand over his mouth as a small group of people passed them.

“Yes, I’m Jennifer Lawrence.” She said as she took the sunglasses from his hand and put them on again.

Michael shook his head in disbelief, “I can’t believe it! What are you doing here?” Michael never would have figured that a celebrity like Jennifer Lawrence would ever come to where he lived. The place wasn’t all that attractive, and the crime rate was very high, along with the teenage pregnancies…

“I’m on a road trip by myself.” Jennifer said as she took the bag of popcorn from him.

“That’s cool! Where are you headed?”

“Up along the East Coast, I’m making my way to Acadia National Park in Maine.”

Michael smiled, “I was up there many years ago, it’s absolutely beautiful!” He paused and looked at her curiously, “Alright so you’re on a road trip by yourself I get that, but what’s with the sunglasses and you shutting me up as those people went past?”

“I’m going incognito, or trying to. I’m trying to get away from all the media for awhile and have some time to myself.”

“I get that, so what movie are you going to see?”

“Kingsman!” She replied excitedly, “The commercials make it looks so cool, and according to the reviews it’s a pretty good movie!”

Michael smiled again, “That’s what I’m going to see too, do you mind if we sit together?”

Jennifer smiled slightly, “Yeah sure, least I can do for one of my fans.” They laughed and headed to the theater together.


When they emerged about 2 hours later they were laughing and recapping the parts of the movie they found funniest. Michael walked her to her car and they stood there awkwardly, “So where are you going from here?” He asked.

“Back to my hotel, I’m gonna relax in my room and probably order room service.”

“What are your plans for tomorrow?”

“Not too sure yet, I’m gonna spend at least one more day here before moving on, but I’ll make my day up as I go along.”

Michael suddenly had an idea, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of the things you enjoy doing is horseback riding right?”

Jennifer smiled, “Yep it is! How did you know that?”

Michael chuckled, “I was at home one day surfing the web, and I looked up your profile on Wikipedia. I read through it and that was among the things about you. My offer is to take you horseback riding tomorrow.”

Her eyes widened, “There’s a place for that around here?”

“Yep, there’s a farm nearby where I keep my horse. I was planning saddling her up tomorrow, would you like to join me?”

Jennifer’s smile widened, and she nodded, “Yes I’d love to!”

Inside Michael was jumping up and down, “Great! So I’ll pick you up around 10?”

“Sounds like a plan!” She said excitedly.

“Alright! So where are you staying?”

“At the Marriot, behind the shopping center.”

“Okay so I’ll see you tomorrow then! Goodnight, Jennifer.” He took her hand and kissed it.

Jennifer giggled, “Goodnight Michael.” At that, they got in their cars and went their separate ways.


At 9:55 the next morning, Michael pulled into the parking lot in front of the Marriot. He was about to get out and walk in when Jennifer came walking out. Michael backed out of his spot and pulled up next to her. Jennifer smiled and got in.

“Good morning, Ms. Lawrence!”

“Good morning, Mr. Roberts!” They both laughed as Michael pulled away, “How far away is the ranch?”

“It’s not a ranch it’s actually a small farm. The drive isn’t long, only about 20 or 25 minutes.”

“Okay then.” Jennifer replied settling in her seat. Michael glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. She was wearing a dark green tight fitting shirt that clung to her sizeable chest, light blue skin tight jeans, and old white sneakers. Jennifer could sense Michael looking at her, she looked at him and his eyes quickly returned to the road, “You were looking at me weren’t you?”

Michael smiled nervously, “Yeah I was, you look nice! Good choice in shoes by the way, you’re going to need to watch where you step.”

Jennifer chuckled, “Thanks for the compliment and the heads up!”

“Sure thing!” They continued in silence for minutes, and Jennifer found herself looking Michael over. She realized just now how handsome he was. He had a very handsome face, no acne, or facial hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and a very nice smile. She admired the muscles in his arms as he drove. She imagined him with his shirt off and it made her cheeks turn red at the thought.

“So what do you do for a living?” Jennifer asked.

“I’m a cop actually. I have been working for the local Sheriff’s Department for about a year now.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened in surprise, “Wow! That’s impressive! So what do Sheriff’s Officers do?”

“I provide security at the court house in the city of Bridgeton. It’s about 20 minutes away from where I live.”

“Have you always wanted to be a cop?”

“No, I made the decision about halfway through the summer before I started college. I chose it, because of personal reasons.”

Jennifer nodded in understanding; she didn’t want to pry though. Either Michael would tell her his reasons, or he wouldn’t, “Do you enjoy it?”

Michael shrugged, “It’s a good job, not all that exciting, but I feel like I’m doing a good thing. In a year or 2 I’m going to try and transfer to the State Troopers.”

Jennifer gave a short laugh, “You certainly have your career planned out don’t you?”

Michael smiled, “Took a lot of thought and dedication.”

“I’ll bet.” She said. “How old are you?”

“22, why?”

“I was just curious.” Jennifer said.

They passed a Wawa, “Do you want to get anything to drink? You might get a little thirsty while we’re there.” Michael asked.

“No I’m fine. Thanks for the offer though!”

“Anytime.” They drove in relative silence the rest of the way.


Michael turned onto a dirt road that divided 2 small pastures. On their left were 6 mini horses, and on their right were 4 full grown males. Jennifer looked around as they drove down the road, “This is so pretty!”

“Yeah it’s pretty nice out here.”

“Do you own all these horses?”

Michael laughed, “No no no, I only own one. You’ll see her in a minute. There’s a woman who owns this property and takes care of the horses.” Michael pulled up to a row of tall, thick green grass and parked. They got out and Michael gestured for Jennifer to follow him.

Jennifer glanced at Michael’s car, “Did you buy this?”

Michael chuckled, “Nope, my parents bought that for me after I graduated college. They heard me brag for years of wanting a Camaro, and they bought me one. You can imagine my shock.”

“You take really good care of it.” Jennifer said admiringly.

Michael smiled, “It’s my pride a joy.” Jennifer rolled her eyes.

They walked up to a large steel container with a bolted and locked front door. Michael knelt down and entered the combination on the tumbler lock and it snapped free. Michael removed the lock, unbolted the door and it noisily swung open.

“What’s in here?” Jennifer asked.

“Saddles, bridles, and other forms of equipment. Pretty expensive stuff so it’s gotta be kept locked up.”

“I can imagine so.” They stepped inside and Michael opened up a tub and pulled out 2 small plastic boxes and handed them to Jennifer. Michael grabbed a saddle, bridle, and saddle pad from one of the mounts. He led her over to one of the riding rings and they set the equipment down. Michael pulled a lead line out of his trunk and they headed to one of the pastures at the back of the property.

Michael looked at Jennifer, “Hold out your hand.” She looked at him questioningly, but she did as he asked. Michael dropped several treats into her hand, “You’re gonna need these.” Jennifer smiled in appreciation.

They approached a gate which led into one of the back pastures. Michael removed the electrical line that rang along the top of the gate, and opened it, “Ladies first.” Michael said gesturing.

Jennifer laughed, “Why thank you kind sir!” As she walked past Michael’s eyes fell to her shapely ass. Michael closed the gate behind him. Jennifer took in the sight before her. They were in a small rectangular pasture that led into a larger one. In it, stood 2 horses, one white and one brown, “Which one’s yours?”

“The brown one, her name is Mae.” Michael whistled. Mae raised her head and saw them approaching. She whinnied in greeting, and stood her ground, “This is a very good sign! She’s not running away!”

“Does she always do that?”

“No, but at times she gets nervous around new people, maybe you better stay back and I’ll go get her.”

“Sure, no problem.” Jennifer watched as Michael proceeded towards Mae. He reached into his pocked and took out a treat. Mae lowered her head and ate the treat while Michael clipped the lead line to her halter. Michael kissed her near the eye, clicked his tongue, and started leading her back towards the gate.

Jennifer eyed Mae as Michael led her towards Jennifer, “She’s a beautiful horse, Michael!”

Michael smiled, “Thanks, Jennifer.” Jennifer stepped forward and gently stroked Mae’s muzzle. Mae dipped her head down and stuck her nose by one of Jennifer’s pockets. Michael laughed, “She’s smelling the treats I gave you through your pocket.”

“Should I give her one?”

“Sure, go ahead.” Jennifer pulled a treat from her pocket and offered it to Mae. Mae stuck her nose in Jennifer’s hand and the treat disappeared. Michael clicked his tongue and he led Mae out of the pasture, and Jennifer closed the gate behind them. Michael led Mae over to the riding ring where the equipment had been left. Jennifer opened the gate and Michael led Mae inside. He detached the lead line from Mae’s halter and gave her rump a light smack. Mae walked forward and proceeded to eat the knee-high grass that was growing in the center of the ring. Michael looked at Jennifer, “Can you please go and stand in the middle for me please?”

Jennifer stood in the middle of the ring while Michael lunged Mae, loosening and warming her muscles up before they saddled her up. She watched as Michael skillfully directed Mae one direction, and made her turn around and canter in the opposite direction. He moved with a skill and grace that could only come with years of practice. After several minutes Michael slowed Mae down until she was standing still. He led her over to where the saddle was lying and asked Jennifer to follow him.

Michael handed Jennifer a comb and she proceeded to run it through Mae’s mane and remove any of the knots that were there. Michael took a brush and began to forcefully run it along Mae’s coat where the saddle would be. Its purpose was to loosen any dirt that would irritate her when the saddle was put on her back.

After a few minutes both items were returned to one of the boxes and Michael placed the saddle pad on Mae’s back while she stood there eating grass. Michael looked at Jennifer, “Would you like to put the saddle on?”

Jennifer smiled, “I’d love to, thanks!” Jennifer placed the English saddle on Mae’s back and tightened the cinch until it was snug. Mae jerked a couple of times as it tightened around her stomach. Michael stood next to Mae’s head and slipped her halter off her head. He handed it to Jennifer and pulled the bridle onto Mae’s head. Michael fixed the straps, clicked his tongue and led Mae over to the riding block.

“I’m going to ride her first if you don’t mind. I want to loosen her up before you get on.”

“Sure, no problem.” Jennifer stood in the middle while Michael climbed into the saddle. He squeezed Mae with his calves and Mae took off at a walk.

For the next 15 minutes Michael made Mae go through various paces and had her change direction a few times. As Jennifer watched Michael, she couldn’t help but like him more and more. Finally Michael pulled Mae to a stop and got out of the saddle, “She’s all yours, Ms. Lawrence!” He said while smiling.

Jennifer smiled as she took the reigns and led Mae over to the mounting block, “Why thank you kind sir!” They both laughed. Michael watched as Jennifer adjusted herself in the saddle and start Mae at a trot. For the next five minutes Michael watched intently as Jennifer led Mae around the ring. He was enjoying the sight of her bouncing breasts as she moved with Mae.

Suddenly Michael heard the sound of an engine and his hear-rate spiked. He looked to his left and saw a dirt bike heading along a path that ran parallel to the riding ring where they currently were. Michael cursed; Mae was always jumpy around dirt bikes and quads. He was very concerned for Jennifer’s safety. The rider revved his engine and blew past them. Suddenly his worst fears came true. Mae suddenly halted throwing Jennifer off balance, but she stayed in the saddle. Barely. Then, all of sudden, Mae bucked, sending Jennifer flying through the air.

Michael moved faster than he ever did in his life. He leapt up onto the railing lining the fence and caught Jennifer as she fell back down to the ground. The only problem was Michael was thrown off-balance and he landed hard on his back with Jennifer on top of him. Michael gasped as the breath was knocked out of him. He heard Jennifer grunt as they landed.

Jennifer was trying to catch her breath. She had never been bucked off a horse before, and it had absolutely terrified her. What shocked her even more was that Michael had been there to catch her, thereby protecting her from serious injury. She felt temporary pain from the fall, but it wasn’t too serious. She looked down at Michael and heard him grunt in pain, “How bad are you hurt?” She asked gently.

Michael chuckled and groaned, “My back took the brunt of the impact, but other than that I think I’m okay.” He smiled, “You know it’s not everyday that I catch a beautiful actress after she is thrown from a horse.”

Jennifer blushed, “Thank you for catching me. I could have been seriously hurt if you didn’t.”

“I’m glad you’re okay.” They looked at each other silently for few seconds and Jennifer kissed him on the cheek.

“You really did hit your back hard. Come with me back to my hotel, I’ve got some icy hot that will relax your back.” She held out her hand and Michael grunted as he slowly got up.

“Don’t go to too much trouble.”


Jennifer took care of most of the heavy lifting letting Michael relax. After Mae was led back to her pasture and the saddle and other forms of equipment were put away, they got back into Michael’s Camaro and were on their way back to Jennifer’s hotel.

20 minutes later they arrived and were soon in Jennifer’s room on the third floor. Michael looked around the interior of the room. It was a basic single bed room like any everyday person would get. He looked at Jennifer surprisingly, “I thought you’d get one of the more expensive rooms.”

She shook her head as she closed the door behind them, “No, like I told you before, I’m trying to keep a low-profile. This is all a girl really needs. Now, take off your shirt and sit down on the bed.” Michael slowly peeled his t-shirt off and Jennifer found her eyes glued to his torso. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on it. The muscles were well-defined, and they looked like they had been chiseled from granite.

She forced herself to look away and took a deep breath trying to get her heart rate down. She rummaged through her bags until she found the icy hot. She sat behind Michael and gently began to knead it into his sore muscles. True to her suspicions Michael’s muscles were as hard stone. She felt herself getting increasingly turned on as she applied more and more of the gel.

Michael was in heaven. He never would have expected that he’d be getting a massage from Jennifer Lawrence. He groaned as she gently worked her way up and down his back. His erection was iron hard by this point. He was covering it with his hands trying not to embarrass himself.

Jennifer’s nipples were rock-hard and her breathing was getting harder by the second. She moaned softly as her hands rose higher and began to massage Michael’s shoulders. He groaned and tilted his head slightly to the side. Jennifer leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the cheek several times. He turned his head to the side and they looked at each other intensely. Their lips met. They kissed softly at first, but as each second past their lips pressed together harder, and their arms went around each other. Michael slid back onto the bed, and Jennifer swung herself around his body and lay on top of him as they kissed passionately.

Michael’s hands were running up and down Jennifer’s back, holding her tightly to him. Jennifer moaned into their kiss. She pressed her tongue against his teeth and Michael opened his mouth and they began French kissing. He wrapped his arms around Jennifer’s back and pushed himself up off the bed. Jennifer wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. He pressed her up against the wall and ground his crotch into hers.

Jennifer broke the kiss and gasped at this new sensation. She unwrapped her legs and stood on the floor. She took his hand in hers and pressed it against her breast. Michael dipped his head and kissed Jennifer’s neck as he squeezed her breast tightly. Jennifer moaned and slid her hand down Michael’s body until she was gripping his erection. Michael groaned at Jennifer’s touch.

He slipped his hands under her shirt and ran them along her smooth skin. With her free hand, Jennifer nudged his arms upward, encouraging him to take her shirt off. Michael obliged and it fell to the floor. Jennifer felt Michael’s washboard abs. The combination of feeling them, and Michael’s touch made her increasingly wet.

Jennifer’s hands found the clasp on her bra. She removed it and tossed it to the side. Michael’s hands immediately latched onto her breasts. He kneaded and caressed them gently. He got down on his knees and took one of her nipples into his mouth and began sucking on it like a newborn infant. Jennifer gasped and held him tight against her chest. Michael’s hands were planted on Jennifer’s back, pulling her chest harder into his face. He wanted to get as much of her breasts as he possibly could.

Jennifer’s hands found the waistband of Michael’s pants and she unsnapped his jeans. She jerked them down and they slid to Michael’s ankles. Her hand snaked inside his boxers and grabbed a hold of his dick, and squeezed it tightly. Michael paused from sucking on Jennifer’s breasts and groaned as she felt his manhood, and slowly began to jerk him off. She then pulled down his boxers, and Michael kicked them along with his pants free.

Michael dropped to his knees, unbuttoned Jennifer’s pants, and slid them along with her underwear down to her feet. Michael was now facing Jennifer’s tight, wet, and hairless pussy. He grabbed her soft ass cheeks with both hands, and proceeded to eat Jennifer out. Jennifer moaned and gasped as Michael expertly attacked her pussy. She could feel an orgasm rapidly approaching. She squealed suddenly as she came, drenching Michael’s face with her girl cum.

Panting, Jennifer slowly began to fall to her knees until Michael caught her. He carried her over to the bed, laid Jennifer down on her back, and they began kissing once again. After a few moments, Michael broke their kiss and began kissing Jennifer’s face, and neck. She sighed and tilted her head back giving Michael better access. He stopped kissing her and looked into her green eyes, “Dear God…” He whispered.

“What?” Jennifer asked.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I never imagined I’d be doing this.”

Jennifer’s hear skipped a beat when he said that. She rewarded his compliment with a kiss, “Thank you for saying that, it’s not often that I get to hear someone say that.”

“You’re very welcome, Jennifer.” They French kissed for a few more minutes before Jennifer rolled Michael onto his back. She smiled at him, and swung her body around until she was facing his dick. She licked his shaft several times before taking his entire length into her mouth. Michael gasped and shuddered as Jennifer sucked his cock, “Oh Dear God you’re amazing Jennifer!” Her reply was muffled by his cock.

Michael focused on Jennifer’s pussy again. He grasped her ass cheeks and kneaded them for a minute, admiring their firmness, and then he began attacking Jennifer’s pussy once again. She paused from sucking Michael’s cock and moaned out loud. Michael drove his tongue deeper and deeper into Jennifer’s vagina, desperately trying to bring her to orgasm before he did. Several minutes passed and Michael could feel Jennifer on the verge of cumming. As one, they both came, violently.

Jennifer removed her mouth from Michael’s cock and shrieked as she sprayed her juices all over Michael’s face, and Michael groaned as he exploded all over Jennifer’s face. Jennifer collapsed on the bed panting heavily. Michael sat up, reached down and pulled Jennifer to him until he was cradling her in his arms. He kissed her shoulder and she moaned in reply. She took his hand and kissed it,

“That was incredible, Michael. How are you so good with your tongue?”

Michael chuckled, “I learned a few tricks during my first time.”

Jennifer pulled a few tissues out of the box on the nightstand next to the bed. She wiped the cum off her face, and craned her neck and smiled at him, “She taught you a few things then, huh?”

“Yep, you could say that she was experienced.” The couple laughed. They cuddled for a few more minutes when Jennifer realized that Michael’s re-hardened cock was sitting between her ass cheeks.

“Feels like you’re ready for another round.” Jennifer said, she reached behind her and gripped Michael’s cock. He groaned and said yes. She twisted herself around and pushed Michael onto his back. They kissed softly and Jennifer lined his cock up with her pussy. Slowly, she slid his cock into her. They both gasped loudly at this new sensation, and Jennifer began to slide up and down Michael’s cock.

Michael felt like he was in heaven, never in a million years did he figure he’d be having sex with Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer moaned and gasped as Michael’s dick drove into her time and again, she was loving every minute of it. He seized Jennifer’s hips and drove himself harder and deeper into Jennifer every time their hips met. Jennifer gasped and lowered her body towards his, her breasts bouncing in his face. Michael latched onto one of her nipples and began sucking on it while his hands alternated from running up and down her back, to squeezing her ass, or fondling her free tit.

20 minutes later Michael was reaching his peak. Jennifer could feel him getting close and their eyes locked. Michael was unsure of what to do, but Jennifer gave him a brief nod and gasped as Michael slammed himself one final time into Jennifer and unleashed his load into her womb. Jennifer exhaled loudly and slowly eased herself down until she was lying on Michael’s chest. The 2 lovers panted heavily catching their breath.

“I don’t have words to describe how amazing that was.” Michael murmured.

“Neither do I.” Jennifer agreed. They looked at each other and kissed, holding each other loosely. They both turned until they were spooning each other, both were lost in their thoughts.

“After today, it’s going to be really strange going back to work tomorrow.” Michael murmured. “I never did tell you why I became a Police Officer did I?”

“No you didn’t, I figured I would wait for you to tell me. It’s your business after all.”

“Heh, that’s true.” Michael said, “I suppose what originally sparked my wanting to be a cop was my Dad’s house being burglarized when I was 16. Several years later his house was burglarized again when his air conditioner got stolen. After that happened, I knew what I had to do. I knew that I would not be able to stop all criminals, but I would stop the ones that I would be able to. I know it’s a dangerous job, but I’m willing to risk my life to stop crime and protect this county’s citizens.”

Jennifer looked at Michael with new respect, “You’re a very brave and noble man.”

Michael kissed her neck, “Thank you, and you’re a very talented and beautiful actress.”

Jennifer kissed his arm, “You’re welcome, and thank you.” They cuddled for a few more minutes. Jennifer turned around and looked at Michael, “So are you ready for another round?” She asked while smiling.

He smiled, “I think I have enough in me to go a few more times.” Jennifer pulled Michael close to her and they began to make out, ready to go again. They went 5 more times before they collapsed on the bed exhausted and drained. Slowly, they pulled the sheets over themselves and fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Michael slowly awoke and glanced at the clock, the time read 7:45. He had to be at work by 9, and he had to get home, shave, shower, and get ready. He looked at the beautiful brunette in his arms sleeping soundly, and immediately knew that he didn’t want to leave her. He felt worn out and sore from the long hours of sex yesterday, and knew that he didn’t have time, or enough in him for another round. He leaned down and kissed her awake.

Jennifer opened her eyes and embraced Michael and snaked her tongue into his mouth. This continued for a few minutes until Michael broke the kiss, “It kills me to say this, but I have to go.”

She hugged him tighter, “Call in sick.”

“I can’t…” Michael said sadly, “I have an important job to do. If something happens and I’m not at work I’ll never forgive myself.”

Jennifer nodded, “I understand, I apologize, I shouldn’t have asked that of you.”

Michael kissed her and said that it was okay. He pushed the sheets back and climbed out of bed and got dressed. Jennifer grabbed a bathrobe, slipped it on, and walked Michael to the door. They stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to say.

“I guess I could say thank you, but that would sound a little bit odd…” Michael said. Jennifer gave a short laugh and agreed with him. He decided to drop the question, “So, where do we stand?”

Jennifer waited before answering him, “I don’t know honestly. I don’t normally do what I did with you yesterday.”

Michael nodded, “I believe you.”

“The reason why I did what I did was because I just liked something about you.” They stood there staring at each other for a few seconds, and then they seized each other and made out heavily for a few minutes before they finally separated.

“Give me your phone.” Michael said. Jennifer handed it to him and he entered his number into it, and handed it back to her, “Maybe you’ll give me a call sometime?”

“Maybe.” Jennifer whispered. They kissed one more time, and Jennifer opened the door for him. Michael thanked her, kissed her cheek, and walked out of the room. Jennifer watched him walk down the hallway, and then she sighed heavily and closed the door.


2 weeks after spending the night with Jennifer, Michael had just gotten home from work. A fight had broken out in one of the court rooms and he had to intervene. He received a black eye and a big headache as a result. He put his gun away, changed out of his uniform into a pair of pants and a t-shirt and he went to the kitchen and pulled a bottle of hard cider from the fridge. He twisted off the cap and held it to his head.

On the kitchen table, his cell phone began to ring. He walked over, sat down, and picked it up. It was a number he didn’t recognize. Michael took a swig from the bottle and pressed the talk button, “Michael Roberts speaking.”

The person on the other line paused before speaking, “Michael, it’s Jennifer.”

Michael smiled, “Hi Jennifer.”

The End

Rating: 93%, Read 17449 times, Posted Oct 09, 2015

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Romance


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