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The moment I heard sounds downstairs and realized what time it was, I jumped up from my bed, my mind filling with panic. “My parents!” I yelled, “we have to get dressed!”

“Don’t worry,” Debby said, taking my arm and pulling me back on the bed, “just relax.” She put an arm around me. “Everything will be fine.”

I couldn’t help wondering just why she seemed convinced that everything would be fine. Yet she appeared genuinely unconcerned, completely relaxed and without a worry in the world. I didn’t understand. Here we were, my babysitter and me, the both of us naked on my bed. And if that wasn’t enough, my sperm was still coating certain parts of her body. Now this looked bad for me, but for her as well, I thought. My parents had hired Debby to look after me tonight, not to have wild sex with me.

“But my parents,” I sputtered, “they’ll be here soon! What will they say when . . .?”

“Hush,” Debby gave me a reassuring smile, “they won’t be mad.”

Whatever my parents’ response to this was going to be, we were going to find out soon. I could hear their voices now and their footsteps on the stairs. While their voices grew louder and closer I resigned myself to whatever punishment they would mete out. I consoled myself with the thought that whatever they were going to do to me, they were not going to undo the marvellous experience I’d had tonight. In spite of this consolation, I couldn’t help being afraid of how embarrassing this was going to be.

My heart was racing while I heard my parents’ footsteps drawing nearer. Then the door to my room opened and they walked in, still dressed as they had been when they left for their dinner party. Well, this is it, I thought. I glanced at Debby, who still seemed wholly unconcerned.

When I dared to look up at my parents, expecting to see anger in their faces, I was perplexed to see that they were both smiling at me. I thought I was going mad. How could they smile at the scene they just found? Coming home and discovering their young teenage son naked on his bed with his equally nude babysitter?

“Did you enjoy your evening, son?” my mother asked. I just looked up at her in confusion, not knowing what to say. Did this mean she didn’t mind what had happened? Turning to Debby, my mom said, “from the looks of it, I would say you have made a man of my little boy.”

“I sure did,” Debby laughed, “and you can be proud of him, too. He acquitted himself well. He came three times and I came twice.”

“That’s my boy,” my dad grinned.

“Son, we have a little confession to make,” my mother said, “Mrs. Newton isn’t ill at all. Your father and I just felt it was about time for you to become a man. So we asked Debby to take care of that.”

I was stunned. My parents not being mad was one thing, but to learn that they had actually staged this themselves?

“But why did you lie to me?” was all I could think of to say to my parents.

“We just thought,” my dad said, “it would be more fun this way. More fun than if you had known up front.”

I found myself nodding. My dad had a point. This whole experience would have been somewhat less sensational if my parents had announced beforehand that a girl would be dropping by to take my virginity.

“After all,” my mom added, “it’s not like you weren’t ready for it. We thought we did what was best for you, instead of just letting you have to make do with those sticky magazines you keep under your bed.”

Again, I was stunned. She knew about those?

“There’s nothing wrong with being horny, son,” my dad empathically said, “and there’s nothing wrong with having sex, when you’re ready for it. You obviously were. Don’t think we haven’t noticed you use every chance you get to ogle your mother’s body.”

They knew that too? And I thought I had been so discreet.

“Now that the four of us are here anyway,” my mother said, “why don’t we have some fun together? We were bored to death at this lame party tonight, we could use some fun.” She glanced at my father. “And I’m sure horny George here is more than eager to stick his dick in Debby again.”

My mouth fell open. Was my mom implying that my dad had fucked Debby before? And didn’t she mind that? And why was she using such language?

My dad, noticing the look of utter confusion on my face, said, “like I said, son, there is nothing wrong with having sex and it’s way too much fun to limit yourself to just one partner. Your mother and I are part of a circle of close friends who regularly get together to have sex. Debby’s parents are part of that circle, that’s how we know her.” He grinned. “Debby herself is also part of that circle. And you can be too, if you want to that is.”

Yet again, I was stunned. My parents were swingers? I had never imagined anything even close to that. The fact that my dad invited me to join in their debauchery, though equally astounding, did sound like music to my lewd ears.

“Come on, George,” my mom said to my father, “these kids are already naked. Let’s rid ourselves of our clothes too.”

My mother immediately took hold of her tight black dress and pulled it up over her gorgeous ass. Then she pulled it up further, over her marvellous breasts that were exposed immediately since she wasn’t wearing a bra. Finally, she pulled it over her head and discarded it. She was now standing in front of me wearing nothing but skimpy black silken panties, her black pumps and silver necklace and bracelets. With one hand she began rubbing her pussy through her panties; with the other she massaged one of her breasts. The mere sight of this made me think I had died and gone to heaven.

Meanwhile, my father had rid himself of his expensive business suit as well and was taking off his underwear, exposing his still-limp dick. Even in this state, it was larger than mine, but then again mine would still grow larger when I grew older and being my father’s son, I had reason to hope that one day my dick would be as large as his.

Now that both my parents were naked as well, my father immediately turned to Debby who knelt before him and started to eagerly suck on his cock. Due to Debby’s expert administrations, it didn’t take long for my dad’s prick to become fully erect. I was amazed at its size; it must have been nine inches. Every now and then, Debby let my dad’s cock slip out of her mouth and he would stick it between her massive boobs for her to massage his member with.

This sight of my dad being blown by Debby was arousing me no little and within moments my own cock was rock-hard too. My mother turned to me and, glancing at dad and Debby, said, “well, we can’t let them have all the fun, can we?” She lay down on my bed and spread her wonderful legs. “Show me what you’ve learned tonight, son,” she smiled, “eat me out.”

Now that was something she didn’t have to say twice. I climbed on the bed with her and put my face between her legs. I instantly noticed the differences between my mom’s cunt and Debby’s. Whilst Debby’s was fully shaven, my mom had a bit of pubic hairs just above her slit and her pussy lips were more delicate and, for want of a better word, elegant than Debby’s. Her cunt tasted just as good, though. Fervently I began licking and sucking my own mother’s cunt. While she rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples I slobbered away, licking her lips, putting my tongue in her hole and scraping her clit with my teeth. She seemed to enjoy this as she was moaning and panting while I worked her pussy.

After a while my mother put a hand on my head and gently pushed me away from her cunt. “Come,” she said, “let me suck your dick.”

I lay down on my back and my mom knelt over my crotch, resting her huge boobs on my belly. Without hesitation, she engulfed my stiff prick with her mouth and began blowing me. Surprisingly, she was a bit less subtle than Debby had been. She simply sucked on my cock very hard and very fast. With ease she took it into her mouth in its entirety. Her lips moved up and down my prick at a frantic pace while she worked my shaft with her tongue.

While my mother was sucking my dick, I looked aside and saw that my dad was now fucking Debby from behind. She was on the floor on all fours and my father was kneeling behind her, wildly thrusting his massive cock back and forth in her pussy. He was fucking her so hard that with every thrust came a loud sound of flesh upon flesh. Debby seemed to like it, though, as she was panting and moaning noisily while my dad’s onslaught caused her huge boobs to violently swing under her. My dad had his hands on her buttocks, but every now and then he took a hand off her behind to squeeze one of her mammoth tits.

The sight of my father fucking my babysitter aroused me even more than I already was and I felt that I was about to ejaculate. My mother noticed this, however, and let my stiff cock slide out of her mouth. She smiled at me, licking my pre-cum from her lips. “You like watching dad fuck Debby? Does it make you horny?”

“Yeah,” I said, “it’s great.”

“Indeed it is,” she laughed, “now you fuck me like that too, my son.” She got down on all fours on the bed. “Come on, stick it in!” she commanded me.

I knelt behind my mom, put my hands on her breathtaking bottom and pushed my stiff prick against her crotch, until I found her pussy hole and shoved my rod inside her. I began thrusting slowly, before carefully speeding up a little bit. Since I had already come three times tonight, it took me lot longer before I began to feel I was about to shoot my load. I wanted to last a lot longer this time, though, so I slowed my thrusting a bit again. My mom was rubbing her clit while I was fucking her and she was sighing and panting loudly.

Looking aside while fucking mom, I saw that my dad and Debby had changed positions. My dad was lying on his back on the floor now and Debby was riding his prick with her ass. She too was rubbing her clit while my dad was ass-fucking her and her boobs were swinging wildly as she frantically moved up and down on my dad’s cock.

After a while, Debby let my dad’s prick slip out of her butt hole and bent over his cock, altering between sucking it vehemently and massaging it with her incredible tits. Before long my dad was grunting and he came, splattering his seed al over Debby’s face and tits. She eagerly accepted his offerings as she had mine earlier, rubbing his sperm all over her massive boobs and licking up every drop from her lips as well as his prick.

“Isn’t that great,” my mother said between sighs and moans, while I was still fucking her cunt from behind, “to see your dad coming all over the same girl you came all over just a few hours ago?”

I responded by picking up my pace again and fucking her as hard as I could.

“Slow down a bit, son,” my mom panted, “I don’t want you to come just yet.”

While I did as she told, she called my dad, who was lying on the floor with Debby on top of him. They were gently caressing and fondling each other. “George!” my mom yelled, “get over here, I want to suck your cock while our son is fucking me!”

My dad let go of Debby and climbed onto the bed, kneeling in front of my mother and putting his dick, that was flaccid again now, in front of her face. She immediately grabbed his cock with her mouth and started sucking on it furiously.

My dad and I were now looking each other in the eyes. “Isn’t this great, son?” my dad asked, “you and me fucking your mother together?’”

“Yeah,” I panted, nodding enthusiastically.

Apparently Debby found this family moment the three of us were sharing very arousing too, as she was looking at us and frenetically masturbating at the same time.

My mother adjusted her position slightly so that she now rested on one arm and had a hand free to stroke my dad’s cock while sucking it. Her skilled administrations had my father’s huge prick fully erect again surprisingly quickly.

After some time, my mother let my dad’s prick slide from her mouth. “Take it out, Joey,” she told me. Doing as I was told, I let my cock slide from my mom’s cunt. She got up and sat on her knees. “Now, boys,” she said to my father and me, “give it to me.” My dad and I each knelt on one side of her and she grabbed both our cocks with her hands, stroking them ferociously. It kind of looked like she was rowing a boat! She started sucking on our pricks as well again, altering between them, always still stroking the one she wasn’t blowing.

She kept this up for quite a bit, until I finally was the first to come. My mom felt this and opened her mouth to receive my semen. I simply exploded, shooting my sperm all over my mom. Thick drops of my young seed spurted from my prick, landing on my mother’s tongue, lips, cheeks and breasts. When I was done ejaculating, she licked my prick clean while all the while vehemently continuing to stroke my dad’s cock. It wasn’t that long before he came too, spraying a huge load of cum over my mom’s cheeks, hairs, chin and breasts. I was amazed at the sheer amount of sperm that my dad was able to spew forth. Semen was literally gushing down my mother’s tits.

While my father was ejaculating, I saw and heard Debby achieving her self-induced orgasm. She was madly rubbing her clit with one hand while she was fingering herself with the other, moaning and screaming, all the while her gaze fixed at the incestuous antics of my parents and me.

When my dad was done, my mom licked his cock clean as she had mine. Her head and chest were now covered with sperm of both her husband and son. “That was nice,” she smiled, rubbing our seed over her breasts that were now glistening with semen. My dad and I only sighed, the both of us pretty worn out by now.

My cum-covered mom looked up at my father and me and smiled. “I guess you boys enjoyed this as much as I did?”

“Yeah,” my dad nodded, “this was what you call some real father-son bonding. Not to mention true family quality time.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Yeah, mom,” I concurred, “it was amazing.”

“Good,” my mom smiled, “if you liked this, you’ll just love the next meeting of our circle of friends.”

Rating: 91%, Read 85174 times, Posted Oct 30, 2008

Fiction | Anal, Female, Incest, Male, Teen Male, Threesome


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