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I work at a place where teenagers are able to work; I'm not talking 18 or 19 I'm talking about 16 and above.

My boss came up to me and said, "I got a 16 year old girl for you."

I didn't know how to respond to that statement. Of course, of the way she said it, it didn't sound dirty but in my mind I chuckled.

"That's cool," I said, "I am only eight years older than her, I'm sure I can show her my rope, I-I uh, mean the ropes."

She laughed at me and said, "just train her right this time, not like that other guy."

So a week had passed and I asked my other boss, who is the assistant manager of the store, if the new girl was anything to look at. I know she was only 16 but still, something to look at would be nice considering the company only seemed to hire ugly chics, as if it was a job description.

"Oh, no, if you like them fat she's for you," he said.

The weird thing was, my boss liked his women on the heavier side so I thought she must be a behemoth.

I responded back with a cliche, "I like them all colors, shapes and sizes, so it doesn't bother me."

Well, the day had finally arrived. I was to show her how to properly make sandwiches, brew coffee, bake bread and many other acts of a food service employee.

She came strutting through the door. Her long dirty blonde hair flowing in the air as she walked but rested all the way down her back when she paused to open the door to the office. I couldn't see from where I was standing but I was pretty sure her hair reached her buttocks. Pale skin and piercing blue eyes, she was quite pretty and looked a lot older than 16, so I didn't feel so much like a pervert. She wasn't fat at all, I was thinking my boss was a complete idiot. She had quite large breasts for a 16-year-old. I'm not a big fan of breasts, as I am an ass-man, myself. But her breasts were quite a work of art. Perky, firm like a titjob but obviously not as round and fake. She was a thick girl but all in the right areas. I'm not normally into blonde girls, weird thing is my girlfriend is blonde. But she was a real treat for anybody's eyes, except my boss.

"Alrighty, uh my name is Derek, I guess Jannet told you I will be training you," I told her.

"Yeah, yeah, she did. This really sucks. My mom forced me into this job. It's so ridiculous, I play softball after school and she thinks that's not good enough to keep me out of trouble, like I'm some kind of juvenile delinquent. Then I go home, and it's Anna this, and Anna that."

"Wow, so I guess your name is Anna,and I'm sorry to hear that, I wish I could -"

Help you is what I was going to finish my statement with before she rudely cut me off like most self centered teenagers would.

"So, you gonna show me how to bake the bread or what? I would love to get my job done and over with," she said.

"Well, there is a lot more to this job than that, there is..."

"Well, Jannet said I was just to help you out, nothing more. So, just show me what I got to do so I can do it," she said.

"Yeah, no problem, whatever you want to do."

I tried initiating several conversations with her but were all shot down by her dissatisfaction that she had to work a job her mother forced her into. I decided to add some of my humor to get a smile out of her.

"You know, it's a damn shame you have to wear your beautiful hair up, you could use your ponytail as a noose and just hang yourself if you want, so that way you don't have to work here anymore with me."

She smiled and said, "you know, it's not so bad working with you, you make it tolerable."

Just then, her name tag fell off her shirt and I chuckled with a witty comment, "so apparently, you don't want to kill yourself but your name tag just did a kamikaze attack to the floor."

I thought it was funny, but she burst out laughing so hard that she choked on her juice that she was drinking and it came flying out of her nose. She ran to the garbage can in the deli and spit the excess juice and whatever else she puked up into the can. It was quite gross but cute in a weird way. I was just happy to make her feel comfortable, besides all the unpleasant burning sensations she must have felt in her nose and throat.

"You're really funny, you know that?" she said with her pale white skin lighting up like a red traffic light.

"Imagine if I tried," I responded.

The rest of the night went smoothly, I showed her how to punch out on the computer in the office while she was on break. I would talk to her about all kinds of things, when I wasn't getting my ass kicked with sandwiches. It was like I knew how to make her laugh - how to make her smile. I couldn't understand why she had to be 16 and not around my age as we clique so well.

When it was time for her to leave, she worked only until nine o'clock since child labor laws were still in affect for her. She went to punch out on the computer and soon as I walked in to see if she needed help, I saw her ass arched in the air with her knees on the gliding chair moving it with her knees side to side. That feeling of blood flow from my stomach, down into my pelvis then into my crotch couldn't help me from muttering, "Oh, my God!"

She looked at me and said, "what?"

I said, "oh, uh, nuttin', nuttin' at all." And that's exactly what I wanted to do, nuttin' but nuttin all over her ass, I thought.

"Anyway, I'm only working today this week, she hasn't put up the new schedule yet, so, here's my cellphone number and just text me my schedule when she posts it," she said while writing down her number.

"Oh, no problem, I will sure text you your hours."

"Oh, and don't send me stupid texts, my boyfriend sometimes uses my phone when his dies, so watch what you text me."

Funny thing is, she flirted and never mentioned her boyfriend. The weird thing was, I never mentioned my girlfriend of three years to her either. She wasn't clear that I could text her anything other than work related.

A few hours later she sends me a text, "so, what was that 'oh my god for?'"

As I read it, my dick got rock hard, just thinking about her beautiful thick teen ass in the air. I didn't know what to respond, I didn't know how she got my number because I never sent her a text yet. But it didn't matter because I just told her the truth since she kind of caught me staring.

"Well, I didn't expect you to have your ass in the air like the way you did. It was quite shocking to say the least."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to," she responded through the next text message.

"Believe me, its not a problem."

"Well, did you like it?" she said.

I felt my heart rate speeding faster and I responded back, "well, if you weren't 16 and I was single, I would so be all over that."

"That's if I would let you," she responded back with her typed text wink.

We became really close the next few times we worked together. We would talk about relationships, sex, relationships and more sex. It was really odd how open she was. She wasn't a virgin as she did lose it to her current boyfriend of over a year. I couldn't help but think what a lucky man this guy is.

"So, how old is he?" I asked.

"What, my boyfriend, oh he's 19."

"Ha, talk about grand theft auto with the car seat."

"No, its not, plus you would want me if given the chance and you're what, 24?"

I couldn't believe she said that. I must have turned purple from excitement and embarrassment. I couldn't help but think impure thoughts about an attractive teenage girl. We clique so well, she was open and so was I. So many times I thought we could just run away with each other, forget about our significant others and make some dirty wild passionate sex. But the truth was, she was 16, and it wouldn't work out - that's why it always stayed a fantasy. I had to respond fast to her blunt response, though.

"Well, if given that the circumstances were different, like age, yes, I think I would."

"Remember, age is nothing more than the assigned time you have lived on this earth but what the numbers fail to mention are, what has been crammed into those years of living. I think I'm at least around your age in maturity," she said.

You know what, she probably was right. She did mature a lot since I first met her. Since then, we would constantly flirt back and forth. I would tell her I would take her to the hotel when she turned 18. She would flirt right on back asking what I would do to her. It was great... Until, of course the time came when she turned 18.

One day, my girlfriend and I decided it would be nice to double date with a couple. She asked what about Anna since, she knew she and I were good friends. What my girlfriend, Tarra, didn't know was how close Anna and I really were. I mean, Anna and I didn't sleep with each other but we sure talked about it, as if we did.

"Yeah, that should be fun," I said hesitantly.

Great, I thought, I couldn't say no because Tarra might think something is up. Anna and I never really hung outside of work, besides one time; we would mostly talk on the phone or text every night. I knew it was going to feel weird hanging out with Anna the first time with her boyfriend and my girlfriend. Now, that Anna was 18, it made it all the more difficult.

The next time I worked with Anna I threw the idea out there. I mentioned that my girlfriend came up with the idea.

"Yeah, that sounds fun, what do you suggest we do."

"I have no idea, maybe miniature golf?"

"Yeah, maybe, that sounds fun," she said.

About a week later, on a day we all had off we decided to go play miniature golf. It was a really hot summer night. Anna was wearing a white tight tank top that showed cleavage that I couldn't believe. I was trying not to stare every time she reached down to grab the golf ball. I got a view that could make a blind guy with erectile dysfunction aroused.

Anna would playfully act her age and do things like stick the golf club between her legs and stroke it like she had a penis. It was awkward since we were all older than her but it was funny to see she wasn't trying to impress us by acting mature. Terra was 22 and even, Donny, Anna's boyfriend was about to end his teenage years in a few months.

We all got along very well. Sometimes all of us would act goofy and no where near our ages because it was fun. But there was something about Anna gripping the golf club and looking straight at me that made me rub one out to her that night I went home.

We all double dated a few times after that. Donny got a great job but the only problem was he would have to work really late certain nights so that took away from all of us enjoying time with each other more often.

My girlfriend randomly called me with somewhat of an emergency.

"I'm so sorry hun, I'll make it up to you, I promise. It's just my cousin needs a ride back to his beach house and I thought I would spend some time there with the family, as well. I wish you could come but I know you don't want to miss any more days of work," Tarra said to me.

"Yeah, I mean I have off tomorrow but it wouldn't make much sense to drive all the way down there for one day."

"Oh, great you understand then," she said.

"Yeah, it's cool, have fun for a few days. You know I would go if I could."

Well, there was only one thing to do. Let's see if Anna wanted to hang out tomorrow, I thought.

Turns out Anna had to work. So, I waited to eleven o'clock since she passed the child labor laws, now that she was 18. In the car I drank a whole gallon of water. I would always drink about a gallon of water during my shift at work to stay hydrated but not in about a half hour time while I was waiting for Anna. She and I were going to go see a movie that started at 11:30. Why I drank a whole gallon of water in a half hour, I was a little nervous hanging out with Anna alone. No girlfriend, her boyfriend at work - we only hung out once by ourselves and that was to buy Tarra a christmas gift. Funny thing was, they didn't know each other but she helped me pick out a nice necklace for her.

Eleven o'clock came and I was doing the pee convulsions about a half a block a way from our job.

"Wow, do I got to pee!" No way am I gonna make it to the theaters,"I said

"Oh, well, Donnys apartment is right down the street if you really got to go. You should have went to the bathroom while you waited for me."

"Oh, no, this one crept up like a tidal wave," I said.

"Oh, turn here!" she said.

We pulled up to the apartment.

"Are you sure it's okay that I come in? I know your boyfriend isn't home," I said.

"I'm sure he won't mind. He wouldn't give me the key to his apartment for nothing - he trusts me," Anna replied.

"Well, I mean, all I really got to do is pee, really bad. All that water I drank is catching up to me."

"Believe me, Derek, he won't mind and how would he even find out if I don't tell him?"

"Okay, if you say so," I accepted.

So, there I was, walking up the stairs to her boyfriends apartment watching Anna's ass cheeks moving side to side with each step. I had to clench my fist from sexual combustion. Then she drops the keys on one of the steps and my face almost took a bite out her cheek. It was as if the ass gods were torturing me for being an ass-man. I didn't say anything because she knew how much I enjoyed her ass.

"Well, the bathroom is to the right."

"Oh, okay thanks."

As I was walking to the bathroom I saw this comedy movie I saw a thousand times lying on the kitchen table. I decided to use it as an excuse to see if we could watch it together there that night.

"Holy, crap! He has this movie - I wanted to see this for the longest time!"

"Oh, yeah? What is it?"

"Sour Grapes!" I answered.

"Oh, I heard about that! Yeah, I remember seeing the trailer for that a while ago, I guess Donny must have picked it up recently. We should watch it when you get out of the bathroom, if you like."

"You sure he won't mind?"

"It's out of the plastic, I'm sure he won't mind or find out," she replied.

"Okay, awesome!"

I went to the bathroom doing a silent victory dance in front of the mirror. Wow, did I want to rub one out right then and there but I wanted to get out there as quick as possible to potentially hook up with her. I came back out and she had the movie all set up on the main menu. She was lying on her stomach on the floor giving me a perfect view of her ass. She was twirling the big DVD remote controller in her hands. It looked memorizing as I couldn't help but think about her tiny hands stroking my cock like she was sub-or-consciously doing.

"Yeah, I like to sit on the floor when I watch movies, you can lay on the couch if you like."

I really wanted to lay on top of her naked but I just silently agreed. The beginning of the movie my hopes were high that I was going to get into her pants. I know it was wrong, we both were in relationships with other people but I couldn't help think about the sexual tension between us.

I began to realize halfway through the movie, she didn't budge or show any signs of getting frisky. Well, another failed attempt so I just kind of gave up hope. To cheer myself up I started paying more attention to the movie that I must have seen, honestly, a hundred times. I started to lip sync with all the funny one liners of the movie. What I didn't know was she somehow caught glimpses of me doing it.

"I thought you never saw this movie?" she said.

"Oh, uh, well, I haven't. This part was from the trailer," I said and I thought that would delete my lie.

"Hmmm... Well, I saw you do it for the last ten minutes, long trailer, huh."

"Well, you know how some trailers can fit all the funny parts of the movie into one minute." There I thought, that seemed rational.

"Sure thing, Derek. Whatever you say, she responded back sarcastically."

About three quarters of the movie through, I could tell she was getting a little restless. She got up and went into the other room to grab a blanket from her boyfriends bed and wrapped herself in it. I thought it was quite strange because it had to be like 80 degrees out that night. Although, it was quite comfy in the apartment I was clueless on why she did that. She looked like a mummy wrapped in the blanket.

"Cold?" I said

"Yeah, a little."

She laid back down in her mummified blanket. About five minutes later I saw her getting restless again. She began to slowly crawl towards me without any warning and without saying a word but made continuous eye contact with me. As she wiggled herself toward me the blanket began to loosen. I couldn't believe my eyes - her underwear became exposed but she wasn't wearing a bra. I just laid there as she ran both her hands up my legs slowly moving them to my crotch. Instant blood flow to my cock as I was in a state of shock and pleasure. She bit her bottom lip playfully before she grabbed my hair and stuck her tongue down my throat while continuing to massage my junk with her one hand.

"Quite the boner you got there," she smiled and giggled while feeling through my pants.

She slowly began to lift my shirt over my head and began to kiss me harder and faster. Both our chests were exposed and began making contact. She could tell my cock was as hard as it will ever get. She began to kiss slowly, nibbling and licking down my chest to my pelvis area. She began to use her teeth to unfasten my belt and used her fingers to unzip my jeans. She grabbed it with both hands and gasped.

"I can barely fit my hands around your shaft she said! My god, I don't think I can fit this in me! Sit up so I can see this monsterous meat hammer!"

I sat up in the couch and she got on the floor arching her ass in the air while she knelt over me stroking my meat hammer.

"You like my tiny hands stroking your tool?"

I couldn't say anything I was in utter shock. She continued to stroke me with both her hands. Finally, she began to lick the head. How I didn't explode on contact with her tongue was a miracle. Her moist pink hot tongue digging my dick hole. Finally her mouth wrapped around my head as she stroked my man meat and fondled my balls. I have no idea how I didn't erupt in the back of her mouth.

The more she leaned forward the more I felt the back of her throat. Her panties have slid halfway down baring only some of her luscious ass. While she continued to throat fuck my cock I slid her panties down to the back her thighs. Then it was my turn to pleasure her meaty pussy lips. Wow, was she soaked. Juices pouring out and it made a naughty squishing noise as I penetrated her with just my middle finger. I have never felt a pussy so incredibly tight before. She began to clench hard then deeper as I finger fucked her and she began to gag harder on my cock. I don't think she came up for air for about a minute. She looked up at me for a second just before she spat all over my balls and massaged them before deep throating my whole entire dick to where it met her ball clenching hand. I thought I finished in the back of her throat but I didn't.

She slowly took it out of her mouth and said; "want me to sit on this bad boy?" Before I knew it, she was facing the other way and her ass was facing me. She slowly glided it into her pussy from behind and grinded me. I moved to the edge of the coach so she can lean forward more. I couldn't believe how deep I was in her without me filling her tits up with my own white stuff. She moved as slow as possible so I could feel every crevice of her tight pussy. She was so tight, I didn't think it would be possible to get my penis back. At sporadic moments she would slam and speed her body up. At one point her hands were touching the floor as I began to pump her from behind and I could see her face between her arms while her expressions were filled with absolute ecstasy. Our sweat and juices filled the air with aroma and flight.

She hopped off me and this time she wanted eye contact, I could tell, so she guided my cock in her sweet nectar hive, face to face. Her knees digging in the back of the couch from where I propped myself up and her thighs wrapped around me; she bounced up and down like a rabbit with rabies. She pushed my head back so she could stick her tongue on to mine. I began to suck on her tongue and nibble on it playfully as I continued to fill her up with my sledge hammer. With my mouth open from extreme pleasure she spat in my mouth and that just made me grab her ass and pump her as hard as I ever fucked anyone before. She moaned louder than I have ever heard anyone moan before.

"Okay, okay, she said out of breath - let's do doggy style. I want you to smack my ass since I know how much you love my ass. Then when you're about to cum let me know where you want to shoot that nugget nectar - on my face, in my mouth or on my ass. It's your choice."

She leaned forward, her knees on the floor, her ass in the air and her breast on the couch. I slid my dickhead in and I quivered in absolute ecstasy. I was about to nut but I held back by pulling out quickly. I gained my composure and I crammed it back in. I was deeper than I was ever before. I thought if I blew my load here, it might come out her nose like milk laughter. I grabbed her ass with one hand and fondled her one firm boob that I somehow neglected the whole fuck session. I smacked her ass with the perfect rhythm of her gasping moans. Then it was time for me to squeeze her erect nipples and then her more-than-a-handful flesh mounds. I became closer and closer with each squeeze of her firm teenage breasts. I yelled, "I'm gonna cum."

"Where do you want it?" she screamed.

"I don't care!"

She opened her mouth and shoved the whole thing down her throat while cupping my balls. Feeling the clenching of my nuggets as continuous spurts of nut snot shot down the back of her throat. I shook in pure pleasurable exhaustion. She then spat the mixture of my cum and her saliva on her nipple - rubbing my deflating cock head on her tit.

We both said at the same exact time, "you have no idea how long I waited to do that!"

"I have never fucked like that before. I have never felt such a relief from sexual tension between somebody," I said.

She answered back, "so now what?"

Then we heard the apartment door open and slam shut, all while she still had my unloaded cock in her hand.

"Hurry, he's home!"

"I thought he was working late tonight!"

"So did I!"

I scrambled to get to my clothes on until I looked up and saw the most shocking and ironic thing of the night. Anna's boyfriend, Donny and my girlfriend, Tarra, barely dressed themselves while she playfully pushed him forward, up the stairs.

Rating: 92%, Read 110206 times, Posted Jan 18, 2012

Fiction | At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Teen, Teen Female, Young


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