My Mother's Moist Cunt by Fuckallmothers

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Diary | Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Domination, Extreme, Female, First Time, Fisting, Hardcore, Incest, Male, Old Female, Teen Male

I think I was only, just, hitting puberty when I first caught a glimpse of my moms Cunt.

Before that, the idea of my 'Mother' as a sexual being was utterly ridiculous, I mean, that would be incest, wouldn't it?

I had been at home alone and naturally, being at the beginning of puberty, I had snuck onto my parents pc to look at porn.

We weren't exactly well off nowadays with dad losing his job and all, so it was the only computer left in the house.

I had been watching one of my favourite porn clips intensely when I heard footsteps from around the corner.

'Shit, who's that, I didn't hear them get home!'

I immediately turned off the monitor and still fully nude, slipped behind the large filing cabinet near the corner of the room.

I couldn't afford to get caught here either, having left my clothes in my room.

I sat there listening with my eyes closed but hearing only scuffling sounds as someone pottered around putting their bags and other essentials away.

Then I heard the 'blip' sound as someone turned on the pc monitor, followed by the "argh, yeah, fuck me in the cunt, use me, make me cum, make me CUM!"

"Jarred" I heard my moms voice huff out.

"Well, I guess he is a teenager now," she mused, "it'll only get worse from here on out."

I expected her to exit the porn site, and get on with whatever it was she had turned the pc on for in the first place. But the sounds of "YEAH, that's right, fuck my cunt!, Fuck!, My!, Cunt!" kept coming from the speakers.

After a while, I started to hear a slow rhythmic panting on top of the scratchy pornographic screams coming from the computer speakers.

Ever so gently, I turned and peeked out with one eye from behind the filing cabinet to see a most incredible sight.

There she was, my Mother, splayed out and arching her back over the computer chair. The buttons of her tight office work shirt were undone, leaving her flat, toned, stomach and perky round D-cup bra visible. But the most shocking thing was the fact that she had one hand down lower and was ploughing herself relentlessly in her dripping Gash with a gigantic black dildo.

I jerked my head back around, breathing hard and my heart racing, only to find my cock harder than ever before.

Staring helplessly, it slowly dawned on me that I was hard from seeing my Mother getting herself off.

'No!, bad!' i thought, 'this is so wrong, she's my mom, not a fucking pornstar.'

Though I did have to admit to myself that she was easily the hottest Mom out of all of my friend's Moms.

What was that song they used to tease me with?...

'Jarred's Mom has got it going on.'

And it was all because she'd wanted implants after I was born.

She had been feeling a bit insecure about her body at the time, having just gone through childbirth and being a bit of a fitness freak she had wanted to look as good as possible as soon as she could so that everyone would want her again.

So that's what dad had done, he had got her a pair of large silicone teardrop implants.

At the time he was still employed and doing quite well for himself, so money wasn't that big of an issue.

As I sat there in my uncomfortable position staring at my throbbing member, I finally worked out what everyone had meant when referring to my Mom as a MILF.

By this point in time, moms panting had blossomed into full-blown moaning, and my erection was still standing at attention, so I tentatively reached forward and prodded it.

I'd never actually jerked off before, only having just discovered how to find porn on the internet.

But hearing moms moans of "MMF... yeeaaah" prompted me to grab it and start slowly massaging the length of my shaft.

I chanced a look again, my blood thumping hard in my eardrums and started jerking vigorously as my Mom upped her intensity getting louder and louder.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, her tongue lolling out as she started trembling all over, her eyes rolling back in her head.

Then came a steady stream of fluid spurting out of her pussy, landing in a sizable puddle on the other side of the room.

She bucked on the chair, multiple times, before falling off and collapsing on the floor, her body still spasming with small orgasmic seizures.

After maybe five minutes, she managed to pick herself up off the floor and leave the room.

I looked down at the cock in my hand to see it had gone slack and spunk had gone all over my belly.

'Oh! God! what did I do! No! I jacked off to my Mom! Noooooo!'


I tried my best to put the incident behind me over the next couple of years, and mostly, it was a success.

It was only in the darkest hours of the mornings when I couldn't cum no matter how hard I tried, that my mind strayed back to the image of my Mother in an almost catatonic, orgasmic state.


I had only just turned eighteen a couple of months previously when Mom kicked dad out of the house.

He had been sitting on the couch in an only semi-sober state for about the last two years, having long ago given up on ever finding a job again.

I didn't feel much remorse for him considering the alcoholism.

Moms birthday was coming up soon, and she would be turning thirty-five having given birth to me quite young.

For her age, I had to admit that Mom had kept herself well fit, going to the gym at least twice every single week.

'Wait... No! Bad!... I will not think about Mom that way; I will not think about Mom that way, I will not think about Mom that way, I will not-'

"Jarred" called my Mom from the bedroom, "can you come in here for a moment?"

"Okay, mom," I yelled back, struggling to get rid of my semi-hardon.

I opened her bedroom door to see Mom reading a book.

She was lying diagonally across the king-sized mattress propped up on one elbow in nothing but a set of thin, red lace, lingerie.

My eyes were instantly drawn towards her luscious Cunt, seeing as how her hips were splayed wide open, giving me a direct view. A thin piece of lace was the only thing in the way, and what a sexy piece it was, too, pulled up high above both hips Brazillian porno style.

"Mom! at least put some clothes on if your gonna call me into your room."

"Okay!, Jesus!" Mom replied a hurt look on her face, "your making me feel old."

"No-, Mom-, I didn't mean it that way..."

"I'll be thirty-five in a couple of weeks, then I really will be old," she said wistfully, looking out the window.

"No mom, your not old at all," I said, struggling to make her feel better, "in fact, pretty much all my friends refer to you as a MILF..."

'Oh dear God!, did I really, just, say that, Out Loud! please let this be a hallucination; please let this be-'

"Really?" asked Mom, turning to look at me, a mischievous smile playing over her lips, "So you're embarrassed about seeing your mommy in her underthings, huh?"

"No-, that's not it-," I said as I struggled for words, " why were you nearly naked and calling me you into your room, in the first place?" I asked, finally grasping the point.

"Well, to be honest, I didn't actually notice my, err, nudity," she said, looking at herself, "I was just hoping to talk with you about plans for my upcoming birthday party.

This is the first one without your father here, and you are the 'man of the house' now."

"Oh, okay," I said, sitting down at her coffee table as Mom pulled on a loose satin robe, leaving it untied as she sat down beside me.

'Yeah, that's right, leave your legs open at just that angle. I can get a full view of your juicy, lace-covered Cunt if you perch your legs right there-, Wait!... No!...Bad! I must not think of my steaming hot, superfit, fuckable Mother that way-, Wait!, No!... I did it again!'

Mom was off in party mode as she talked about maybe getting someone to play barman and weather or not it should be formal or informal.

I was having a hard time following her though, with every animated gesture Mom would make, her tight body would twist in a strange new way, giving me glimpses every now and then through the gap in her dressing gown.

My semi was now a fully erect shaft, and I cursed myself for my dark, lustful thoughts as I squirmed in my seat, trying, unsuccessfully, to hide my erection.

"Oh, and one more thing," Mom said as she closed up the party planning folder, "you're expected to bet present and sober, Okay, maybe a little tipsy, for the entire night. the hosts go to bed last, don't you know..."

"Yay," I said in the most deadpan voice I could muster, as I saw her gown fly freely open.

'Oh!, what a sight to behold! I ache to run my fingers over your thinly toned, flat stomach; to take my fingertips and drive them deeply into your phenomenal booty cheeks; to use just one arm to-, Wait!... Shit!... I did it again!'

I tried to hunch over as I left the room trying to hide my manhood, but I swear I heard Mom giggling as I made my way out.

I was back in my room before you could say motherfucker twice.

As I lay there, I tried to sort out what was going on inside my head.

'Okay, so Mom is hot... but it's just so Wrong!... I do want to lick her all over, though... No!...Bad!... I will not think about my own Mother like That!... My fit!, Sexy!, Fuckable!, Mega MILF Mom!...noooooo!... I did it again!... What's wrong with me?... Why do I keep envisioning doing things like taking both of my moms, well-exercised legs and pinning them behind her head as I plough her majestic Cunt?... AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!... I must be fucked in the head!'


I tried my best over the next couple of weeks to fight off my dark, lustful desires, but in the end to no avail.

As moms birthday party rolled around, I found myself increasingly trying to maneuver myself into positions where I would have the best view of my mothers curves. I even tried once or twice to get a look at her while she was in the shower, unfortunately, I was unsuccessful at those attempts.

On the day of the party, Mom went into her room for about two hours before coming out when the people started showing up.

She looked heavenly, all decked out in a beautiful, long, flowing black dress that clung tightly to her form, at every possible angle.

I was left standing there, momentarily speechless as she went to greet the arriving guests.

Just how had that goddess managed to instil itself inside my Mother.

The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, to be honest. All of my attention was being focused on Mom and her smiling thirty-fifth birthday party antics.

I frowned seeing her being a little 'too' friendly with some of the blokes who came to the party.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

So at about one in the morning, most everyone started leaving except for one guy, named Mark, that Mom seemed to be sweet on.

"We're going to bed now, honey" my Mom slightly slurred at me as she stumbled past.

"Okay, mom," I replied, deadpan again, knowing that I would be cleaning all this up.

I had just started to pick up cups and glasses as the noises began. It started slow and rhythmically at first as I heard the creaking of the bed and my Mother's moans of "Mmmmmmmmf...yesh" muffled only slightly by the bedroom wall.

Then they started to get faster and louder.

'Mom your such a Cuntslut!... you like it like that, don't you!...getting your constantly moist, Cunt!, pounded Relentlessly!-, Ah! No!... I've gone and done it again...why must I keep thinking of Mom in such a way... but... even, still... I can hear you, Mom, being fucked hard, I can hear you sing out in wails of pleasure as I get closer to the crack at your bedroom door. You didn't fasten the latch properly in your haste for bed, so I can see you there in the gloom rolling and grinding your sopping wet Cunt on Marks hipbones, trying in vain to get enough cock inside yourself for completion.'

I see my mothers problem as Mark slips his unfortunately below average penis out of moms gaping wide Cunthole. He is a genuinely unfortunate man, at about three inches long and half the average girth of a normal cock.

Instead of crashing the night, he makes his way towards the door, giving me seconds to get to my room and out of sight.

As I lay awake in bed, breathing hard, I realized that I had just witnessed my Mother getting fucked, albeit by a sub-par penis.

'fuck it, I give up... I wanna fuck my Mother so bad! I want to lick the sweat out of every pore and plug up every Gash with my throbbing manhood-'

"honey, are you still awake?" asked, Mom sticking her head into my darkened room.

I quickly throw my blanket over myself.

"yeah, only just, a bit loud weren't you," I asked, still a little tipsy from the party.

"yeah... about that..." Mom said, leaving the sentence hanging as she slipped into my room

"where's mark?" I asked, sitting up and already knowing the answer, "he's not asleep already is he?"

"No... he's gone home already... it seems he can't perform well under pressure." Mom replied, deflated

"so he just didn't do it for you," I said getting more interested in the conversation.

"well... no... I guess not," Mom complained as she sat next to me on my bedside.

"oh well, you can't win all the time," I said, as I put my hands behind my head and lay back.

"Oh!..." let out Mom as she turned to see the shape of my Throbbing solid shaft quite visible through my boxer shorts.

"Oh, Honey!" she repeated, staring at my crotch area.

Then I felt it, an odd yet not entirely unenjoyable tickling coming up my thigh before I caught sight of my Mother spider walking her fingers towards my penis.

I was frozen in place as I watched moms hand slink inside my waistband and grasp hold of my engorged member at the very base.

Then looking back at me, she licked her lips and gave a wink as she started to gradually massage me from base to tip, bringing in a second hand to provide a bit of extra inspiration.

Finally, when I could no longer take it, I let out the words I thought I would never speak aloud.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum, make me cum!"

With that, I sprayed a fountain of semen above our heads and in all directions and finished.

"Mom!... You just?... This is sooooooooo bad... We can't do this, it's illegal."

"Its mommies first birthday without your father. Can you consider this a birthday present for me? I just want a proper sized cock and Marks just didn't do it for me..."

"looking at this, however" she continued playing around with my quickly rehardening member, "you should 'easily' be able to satisfy mommies needs, and then some..."

We locked eyes as we both gave each other the okay, then I pulled my Mother towards me, locking lips with her as we began to wrestle our tongues violently.

We barely parted as I ripped her nightgown off, leaving not a trace of fabric on her.

I rolled her onto her back and lifted both ankles onto my shoulders as I began to ram her hard in her moist Cunt. I gripped my hands on either side of her tight waist and wailed as I let go of all my forbidden feelings.

"Yeah! That's right Mom!... You just take it!... Let the sweat drip out of your every pore, as I slam my shaft into your juicy Cunthole!"

Mom only answered me in turn.

"Oh, Yeah!... Fuck mommies cunthole Hard!... Let yourself go completely, don't hold back... Fuck my Cunt!... Fuck, mommies Cunt!... Fuck Me!... Fuck Me!... Fuck Me!... FUCK!...ME!... AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

She started to buck ferociously as I came inside her, spraying fluid all over me as I pulled out.

"MOAR" she screamed, as she pulled me back, "Fuck Mommy MOAR!"

With both hands, she forced my face into her insatiable Vagina, but I went more than willingly.

I was almost able to drink it; she was so wet down there. I had to fight for breathing room she was pushing so aggressively.

"Wait-," I yelled, finally not able to stand it much longer, "I need to be able to breathe Mom, "do you want me to suffocate?"

"Just!... Keep!... Fucking!... Me!" came her strangled cry as her eyes rolled back and she foamed at the mouth, all the while still violently rubbing her own Cunt, "Fuck Mommy!... Fuck Mommy!... I don't care how, just FUCK!...ME!"

"Okay Mom, Are you ready for fisting?" I inquired.

"Yesh!...Yesh!... YESH!" she confirmed cuming again hard.

Moving forward, I quickly worked four fingers into moms sopping wet Cunt.

Then as I took a little more time to work My thumb in I finally slid my whole hand in all the way to the wrist.

With my other hand, I rearranged the pillows to hold moms drooling face up, giving her a clear view of her vaginal penetration.

"See Mom" I commented, "watch your belly bulge as I Cuntpunch you senseless."

And then I did.

"Oh, Mom!... You are such a horny Slut!...can you feel that as I slowly Punch and retract my fist inside your Big! Wide! Sloppy! Vagina!...Yes! That's, It!... Moan for me, Mommy!... Let me feel your pleasure!... Yes! That's, Right!... Vibrate!... You want me to punch you Deeper!... And, Faster!... Don't you?"

"Punch mommy deeper and faster!... I want MOAR!" she shrieked in answer, "MOAR!...MOAR!...MOAR!..."

"Alright," I announced, before removing my whole entire fist and half my forearm from her Cunt.

I held it up in the light letting the juices sparkle like diamonds, then, mercilessly, I plunged my fist directly into Moms cunthole and began to punch her insides as hard and fast as I possibly could.

My Mother shook in seizures of delight as great globules of drool came flying out of her mouth.

By this point, my arm was all the way up to my elbow as I fisted her Cunt relentlessly.

I was starting to hope for some sort of a climax to this strange little after party, we were having.

Just then, Moms seizures took a violent turn as she let out a long, painful sounding "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her limbs jerking in all directions.

'Oh, shit!... What did I do?... Is Mom, okay? Is she alive?... I bent forward and felt her pulse, faint but still there, good...Now...What to do, what to do... If I take her to the hospital they'll most probably mark here as a rape victim... can't do that now can i... don't want to go to jail labelled as a Motherfucker... Oh! God!... I'm a MOTHERFUCKER!... NOOOOOOOOO!'

then I looked down at my Mother's superfit unconscious form.

'Meh, it could have been way worse... Mom might not have been the MILF of every teenager's dreams.'

Looking down again, I noticed her start to twitch again and then "Ahhhrrgh!" Came a noise from moms mouth as she rolled onto her side and vomited.

"What the FUCK! did you do to Me?" yelled Mom before rolling over and vomiting again.

"Uhm..." I started before I realized I had no idea what to say, "Happy birthday, Mom."

I smiled sheepishly

"we'll sort this out in the morning" she whispered, leaning into my ear before kissing me passionately on the lips for a minute or two.

Then she stood up fully nude and walked seductively to my bedroom door.

She smiled back at me, licking her lips and turning off the light switch with a wink.

"Goodnight, honey."

'Wow, that kiss tasted bad... vomit!... blurgh!'

Rating: 87%, Read 46595 times, Posted Sep 10, 2019

Diary | Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Domination, Extreme, Female, First Time, Fisting, Hardcore, Incest, Male, Old Female, Teen Male


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