Puppy Slut by SilverStorm

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Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Spanking, Submission

She decided, today was the day when she would go hunting. She took her time in getting ready as tonight, had to be just right in order for her to secure her prey. She showered, making sure, she was clean, inside as well as out and that her legs, underarms and her pussy were shaved very closely. She stepped out of the shower cubicle and patted her slender body dry. From her cabinet she took her lotion and applied it all over herself, making sure every part of her was covered and it was rubbed in well. In her bedroom, she already had her clothes picked out for the hunt. She dried and styled her long hair and put on her make up, finishing with getting dressed. She had decided to wear a black lace thong with suspender clips attached to fishnet stockings. Over this, she pulled on black latex pencil skirt, that almost reached the top of her knees. She had never worn one before, but straight way, she liked the feel, the sexual thoughts that raced through her mind just from wearing this skirt. Should she wear her bra? No, as she was wearing a black thong, she could not wear a black bra as it would be seen through her white lace blouse which she knew clung to her perfect breasts. She glanced at herself in her full length mirror and smiled. She reached for her purse, then went downstairs and out the door. Her hunting ground tonight is a mall in the next town over from hers.

She enjoyed the drive to the mall. It was a beautiful evening, with a cool gentle breeze blowing. She didn't have any problem in finding a car space near the entrance to the mall. As she walked through the mall, looking for a bar that appealed to her, she couldn't help but notice the looks and whispers she was getting from women, as well as men as she glided past. Her head was high, her shoulders back making her cheast more apparent. Hey eye was caught by one bar so she went in to go look around. She liked what she saw so decided to stay. She saw an few empty bar stools at the center of the bar and knew that would be her spot to sit and wait, in full view, so her prey would come to her.

She ordered a drink, and it didn't take long before men were offering to buy the drinks for her. Of course, she accepted the drinks, but offered no more than a quick glance and a thank you. A man came, and asked if the stool next to her was taken and before she could answer, he had sat down and was ordering a drink, and one for her. He was about 6'2", black hair and his eyes, she noticed when he passed her the drink, were so blue, deep rich blue. She knew, she had found her prey.

She turned to face him and smiled. She started talking to him and soon they were deep in conversation. She found out he have a house out in the countryside, not too far from here, was single and enjoyed his job, what, he wouldnt say though. She enjoyed his company. Soon though, he glanced at his watch and told her he would be heading back to his place now, was there some place she could be dropped off? She grinned and said his place would do just nicley. He laughed, took her by the elbow and guided her out of the bar, back through the mall and out into the night.

They talked more and laughed a little on the short drive to his house. It had a lovely long drive and had no neighbours to pester him. He warned her the house wasn't all decorated as he had only just taken the house over a few months back and hadn't had the time to finish it yet. He added, the best bits are finished, and winked at her. She knew now, she had caught her prey.

They walked into the large open hall way, where he took her coat and lead her through to his bar he'd had built. He sat her at the centre of the bar on a stool and went behind the bar to get her a drink. He poured one for himself and rejoined her sitting on the stool next to hers. He started to look deeply into her eyes and moved his hand, to gently stroke the back of her hair. He took the glass from her hand and placed on the bar. He took her face in his and turned her and kissed her gently on the lips. Harder and deeper he kiised her and soon thier tongues were dancing together. He moved his hand back to her hair and began to stoke it again. His hand moved down slowly to the small of her back where it stopped and held her firm. The other hand moved down to her neck and traced its way to her breasts. He could feel she was wearing no bra and enjoyed the feeling of her pert erect nipples pushing against the lace of her blouse and onto his hand. He started to unbutton her blouse and she made no attempt to stop him. He freed her breasts and took hold of the first nipple between his finger and thumn and started to roll it, squeezing it tighter and tighter, before giving one good pinch, hard. Abruptly, she took her mouth from his and protested. After all, she was the huntress, he was her prey.

He looked at her and told her that was how sluts got treated. She stood up saying she was no slut and he pulled her firmly back down to the stool with a quick grab on her arm. She told him to let her go, but he could see the small smirk of her mouth indicating she is enjoying herself. He just smiled and told her good girls get treated right, bad girls get punished.

Again she protestestes and threatened she would call out and scream. He reminded her that no one lives within a couple a miles of the house, so she could scream all she wanted. He instructed her to drink up.

"Now, my slut, would you like another drink before we begin our night of fun?", he asks. She told him, she didn't like being called a slut and that she was a good girl. He looked her up and down and told her she looked like a slut with that outfit on. He pulled her up to a standing position and told her that his slut should know her place. He told her to remove the blouse that was hanging open revealing her breasts. She shook her head and grinned, so he pulled it fast and hard away from her. Her hands shot to cover her breasts,but he soon slapped them away. "Now, my slut, remove the rest of your clothes, I have a better outfit that is more suited for you". She refused, so he tut-tutted and grabbed her by the waist and bent her over the stool so quickly she didn't have a chance to do anything. With his legs pressed against hers and his strong hand holding her down he spanked her bottom three times, firmly, but gently. She yelped and shouted he was a bastard. He just laughed, and gave her three more slaps. "I am now your master, and you will call me sir, am I understood?". "Fuck off" she yelled. Three more spanks hitting her behind. "OK, yes sir!" He was happy with that and helped her up rubbing her sore butt cheeks a little for her. "Now, will you stip off those clothes like my good slut?, or will Sir have to spank you again?". "No Sir", she whispers and starts to undress. Master is very pleased with his slut now.

He takes her clothes and tells her to face the bar, and if she moves, her tender, but now bare bottom will get another spanking. She does as was instructed and faces the bar. He is gone only moments before returning to her. "I have your outfit here, and you will wear this at all times, am I understood slut?". "Yes, yes sir" she answers. She was instructed to stand up straight but not to try to look back at him. There were large mirrors behind the bar, so she could see what he was doing, and going to dress her in. First he took a leather set of straps and placed it around her chest. The straps crossed in the centre of her breasts but covered nothing. A leather thong type set of straps were placed on her, with straps going each side of her pussy and up the middle of her butt cheeks fixed to a strap going round her waist. Leather cuffs were placed on her wrists and ankles and finally a collar was put around her neck and was attached to a leash. He took hold of the leash and at arms length, stood to admire his slut. How beautiful he thought she looked.

"Come slut, we are almost finished with getting you ready, one last thing to finish you off". He took her to his bathroom leading her through the giant halls and spiralling staircase. He ordered her to stand in the doorway to the shower cubicle and raise her hands. As she did, he secured her to the frame by attaching her cuffs to two rings at the top of the fame. He took her ankles and she soon saw the hooks at the bottom of the frame. Once satisfied, he ran the sink with hot water. He dipped in a flannel and started to wash her pussy. Once she was soaked, he lathered up his shaving brush and smeared foam all over her. She started to wriggle and protest again. One quick slap to her thigh and she queitened. She was warned, another word and a gag would be fitted. As much as she restrained herself, as soon as the razor touched her skin, she yelped. He got up and left the room without saying a word. He soon returned with the gag that she was threatened with. It was a thin black leather strap that went round the back of her head fixing the large rubber ball inside of her mouth. Over this, was a larger piece of leather, that fixed over the ball gag, hiding her mouth completely, ball and all. Saying no more, he bent back down and continued to shave her pussy bare. He took great care in this, stopping now and again, so insert a finger or two just to tease her, then back to shaving. Once satisfied, he cleaned her up, cleaned the bathroom, then released her legs and stood to watch her try to rub her legs across herself to feel her smoothness. He unhooked her hands and told her to feel how soft she looked and to look in the mirror to see how beautiful she was.

He took hold of her leash and told her to get down on all fours and walk beside him like a dog. She did as was told and he walked her along, commanding 'heel' at every chance he had. She was becoming so wet, even though she had just been cleaned and towel dried. She was loving this. He walked her through the hallway, up and down, teaching her the commands sit, stay, heel and beg. Now and again, she would make a mistake, on purpose, and get a quick spank to her bare bottom and would yelp and whine to her master for forgiveness. Once satisfied she knew it all, he lead her through to his bedroom.

He had a large bedroom with not much furniture in there, lots of room to play in she thought to herself. She saw in the corner of the room a large dog bed and he commanded her to go to bed, while he sorted himself out. She did as told, and on all fours, she climbed into her doggie bed and curled up, head hanging over the side watching her master. He took a box from the top of his dresser and emptied the contents on the floor so that she could see. There was a dog bowl, soft balls to play with and a few squeeky toys. He looks over to her and gives the command to come. Straight away she is out of the bed and scampering to her master. He pours water into her bowl and tells her to have a good long drink, till he says she has had enough and he removes her gag. She bends over, and lowers her head and starts to lap at her water. He walks behind her, sits himslf on the floor and looks at his view. He strokes her bottom gently and then moves his hand lower to her pussy, which is now sopping wet. He runs his finger up and down and finally places his finger inside her. The feeling makes her lift her head momentarily and he slaps her bottom sharply and reminds her she is to drink till he says to stop.

He goes back to sliding his fingers into her, first one, then two, then three, and finally four. Each time he pulls them almost out, he pushes them back in a fraction further. She is moaning now with pleasure and so wants them to work faster, but master knows best. While his hand works, the other hand stokes her butt cheeks softly, almost absent-mindedly. He works faster and faster and he feels her start to swell as she is almost at the point of climax. Swiftly, he removes his hand. She moans unhappily and gets a swift spank on her butt for making too much noise. He sits back and watches her continue to lap at the water bowl and calm down from her almost orgasm. She is NOT happy he laughs to him self. When he thinks she is calm enough, he slides his tongue along her butt and down to her sopping pussy. He sticks it deep inside her, up and down he runs his tongue and finds her clit. He starts to flick his tounge over and over it, getting faster and faster. She starts to arch her back in time with his tongue and as before, as she reaches a climax, he moves away quickly. She starts to whine and is getting very unhappy. He throws a ball and tells her to fetch. She runs after the ball and grabs it in her teeth and brings it back to her master. Again and again, he throws the ball for her, and she runs off and fetches it back, each time, placing it in her masters lap, firmly against his hardened cock. He takes the ball and places it back in the box. Now he tells her to play dead. She rolls onto her side and closes her eyes. He playfully lifts a leg and drops it, just to see if she is dead or just sleeping. It falls to the floor, so he tries her arm and the same. Yep, she must have fallen down dead. He lifts her leg and supports it on the bed. He gives a squeeky toy a quick squeeze and then starts to rub her pussy with it. He pushes it against her and finally inserts it right into her pussy. Now and again, he squeezes the toy letting a quick waft of air inside her. His other hand has found her clit again. He looks to her face and sees that this dead puppy has a smile on her face, so he stops. So does her smile. "Stand", he commands her, but as she goes to take her leg from the bed, he holds it in place, and helps her over onto her hands and knees. Now, my beautiful slut puppy, I'll show you how puppy sluts have sex. In one quick movement, he plunged his hardened cock deep into her pussy. He holds her up by holding onto her breasts as they hang and sway in time to their rocking. He pushes harder and deeper and faster. She can feel him about to come, but not before she does. He won't stop her, not this time and she explodes into wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure. She just wants to buckle to the floor, she feels so weak, but what she has in her mind, won't let her. It's his turn and he leans back, releasing her breasts as he comes to his climax and releases his load deep inside her.

Just as he is half way through, she takes in a breath, and lunges forward so quickly, he doesnt stand a chance. She stands up, and flies at him, laughing as she lands on top of him. She releases her own collar and quickly gets it round his neck before he regains his breath and is able to fight her off. She stands up quickly and yanks him up too.

"Now, my new puppy, I am going to teach you a few things", and she leads him out of the bedroom and back downstairs, back to the bar, where she became his slut pup. Now, she is smiling very broadly..............Now it was her turn!

Rating: 52%, Read 39777 times, Posted Mar 09, 2004

Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Spanking, Submission


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