A Taste Chapter 8 by Tim+I+Done

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I must have almost immediately dozed off because the next thing I knew I was dreaming that mom was insisting I come to her bed.  She was going to show me all about sex but she kept calling me Timothy Ivan. 

When she did that I was usually being disciplined so I was resisting going to her bed.

Mom was shaking me.  She said, “Timothy Ivan wake up.  We have chores to do.”

There weren’t nearly as many chores to do as there used to be since before dad left he had sold the cows and butchered most of the chickens.  We only had the pigs and a half dozen laying hens so as I checked to see that the chickens had not fowled their water and gave them some feed, mom slopped the sow.

We were done and back in the house in less than half an hour.  We washed up and mom fixed us a simple dinner.  As we sat down to eat I was thankful that she had not said a word about sex but then she said, “I bet you have all kinds of questions about sex?”

I had questions but I was not about to ask my mom.  “No, I don’t,” I insisted.

“Okay, well…then when you do…I have all the answers,” she said with a little sound of hurt in her voice.  She was silent through the rest of the meal and when she would have asked me to help her with the dishes she said nothing.  Without being asked I dried while she washed.  After dinner as usual we went to the living room.  Mom lay on the couch and read and I sat in the big red chair where I read.

When bedtime came mom said, “Come to my bed and I will read you to sleep again.”

“No, I can read myself to sleep.”

“Ah Timmy, let your mother read you to sleep,” she said in a tone that warned me that if I did not agree she might get angry.

Even so, I tried to talk her out of it by saying, “What if the same thing happens again?”

“I told you that was only natural.  It won’t bother me so come to my bed.”

Again I felt like she was telling me and not asking so I reluctantly said I would after I went to the bathroom.  While I beat off I thought about asking mom if I could lick her.  If I could get courage enough to ask, I was sure she would let me.  I remembered how she was enjoying being licked by Jerry.  And maybe if I licked her pussy she would lick my dick.

Before going to her room I went to mine and changed into my pajamas.  When I entered mom’s room I found she was already in bed.  I expected her to ask me what had taken me so long but she said nothing.  After I crawled under the covers she asked, “Where should I start?”

“Where the bookmark is,” I said.

The moment she started reading I began to try to go to sleep.  It didn’t take me long.

I asked mom if I could lick her pussy and she said I had to start on one of her tits.  That sounded like a good way to start so when she uncovered a tit I went for it.  At the same time my dick was stone hard and pressed against her thigh.  I sucked and she moaned and I humped her thigh.  This kept up until I erupted.  I woke from this dream with mom holding my head with both of her hands.  She was pressing my face into her bare breast.  I had her tit in my mouth and my dick was coming all over her leg.  I attempted to pull away but she held me in place.

She was saying, “It’s okay baby.  Mommy loves it.  Mm mommy wants her baby to come all over her.  Suck my tittie baby.  It’s been so long since you sucked on me.  Mommy loves it.”

I continued to suck on her tit after I had stopped coming and she continued to encourage me.  After a while I pulled back, resting my head on her shoulder, I asked, “Think I could lick you pussy?”

There was a long silence.  I closed my eyes in anticipation of her anger.  I did not know if she would shout at me or hit me, but I prepared for both.

Instead she said, “Sweet baby Timmy, as much as I would like that I don’t think we can call that natural.  So far we haven’t done anything that isn’t natural.  Let me think about that.”

It was just before sunrise and the predawn light coming in the windows made it possible to see her tit.  I let temptation lead me and I moved forward taking her tit into my mouth once again.

“Oh yes baby, suck it good.”

I fell asleep sucking her tit.  When I awoke again mom was not there.  My pajama bottoms were a sticky mess and I had to pee something awful.  I got up and rushed to the bathroom.  The door was closed.  I knocked on it but there was no answer.  I tried the knob and found it was locked.  I asked if she was okay and she call back saying she was just soaking in the tub.  I had to pee so bad that I ran to the laundry room and peed into the laundry tub.  After cleaning up and getting dressed I checked and found mom still in the bathroom.

After grabbing a bite to eat I checked and mom was still in the bathroom so I went out to the hired hands room and looked at magazines.  The newspaper was still on the floor and once again I soaked it with my come.  Soon looking at naked women in magazines was boring.  I wondered if there were magazines showing men and women fucking.  That would really be something.

When I went into the house I found mom on the couch with a cloth over her eyes.  She was having a bad day so I tiptoed out of the house and went back to the hired hands room.

 I looked around to see what else Jerry might have left behind.  In a night stand by the bed I found a supply of condoms.  I had never seen one of these so I tore open one of the packages and took out the rolled up rubber.  I decided to try it on and it was a perfect fit.   After filling it up with a load of my come I looked around to see what else I could find.  I found a jar of peanut butter and a box of crackers.  While eating too many crackers and peanut butter I thumbed through another magazine.  All the nude women began to look alike but the pussies, when they could be seen, were still interesting.  I decided that the most beautiful thing in all of creation was a woman’s pussy.

Mom’s bad day continued so I did the chores and fixed dinner.  Mom refused to get off the couch to eat.  I ask if she wanted me to bring food to her to eat there.  She said no, she couldn’t eat a thing.  While putting the leftovers in the fridge I found some apple cobbler and some cream so I fixed a small dish and took it to mom.  She refused it but I left it on the coffee table.

Instead of sitting in the big red chair to read, I went to my room and lay on my bed to read.  When I noted it was bed time I checked on mom.  Not only had she eaten the apple cobbler and placed the empty dish in the sink but she had gone to bed.  I checked and locked the doors, turned out all the lights and went to bed myself.  I fell asleep as I reviewed the occurrences of the night before.

I woke in the morning with the sound of mom’s car pulling away.  I got up quickly and ran to the living room window.  I could see mom’s car as it went down the road in the direction of town.  I wondered why she had left so early.  I waited all day for her return.  This had never happened before.  When dinner time came and she was still not home I ate alone.  After doing the last two day’s dishes I sat in the big red chair to read.  When bedtime came, I locked the doors and turned off all the lights except the reading lamp by the red chair were I continued to read until I fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of loud banging at the backdoor.  I rushed to the door, unlocked and opened it.  There was mom with one of her heals in her hand.  She had been using it like a hammer to bang on the door.

“Well, ish abou’ ‘ime yoush got here,” she slurred out.  I had seen her inebriated before but never this bad.  Stepping over the threshold with one shoe on and one off, she tripped and fell flat on her face.  “Oh shit!” she exclaimed as she rolled over to her back.  She added, “If I wasn’t so drunk, that woulda hurt.”  I closed the door and looked down at her.

Continuing to lay on her back she began to giggle and raised her legs up causing her skirt to rise up.  I could not keep from looking and saw she was not wearing underwear.  I admired her beautiful blond haired covered pussy.  I tried to tell myself to look away but I could not.

At last she lowered her legs and slurred out, “Come on Timmy help yoush mommy up she needsta go a bed.”

Because I was a farm boy I was pretty strong but getting a drunken woman up off the floor without discernible help from her was nearly impossible.  I managed to get her to a sitting position.  Getting behind her I knelt and put my arms under her armpits and across her breast and lifted her to a standing position but she began to fall forward nearly pulling me down.  I managed to stop her and lean her against the wall.  I lifted one of her arms over my shoulder and half carried, half drug her to her room.

I started to let her down on her bed but she slipped from my grasp and fell face down on her bed.  Her feet were still touching the floor.  I tried to move her legs up on the bed but she began to slip farther off the bed.  To get her onto her bed I rolled her to her back and on to her stomach again.    

 I thought of leaving her that way but then I thought she would sleep better out of her dress.  It was the black one she had bought on the previous Saturday.  The one I had told her looked good on her.  It seemed tight on her now.  I pulled down the zipper and found she was wearing a black slip under the dress.  I tugged and pulled.  I rolled her from side to side as I tugged.  Eventually I managed to get her dress and slip off.  She lay there with only her bra and nylons on.  Her bare butt was all I could look at for the next few moments.  Then I decided I needed to remove her nylons.  She wore rubber ring garters with the tops of the stockings rolled over them.  I rolled one up to get a stocking free.  I pulled the stocking down off her leg and foot, tossing it to the floor.  I did the same with the other stocking.  I returned to the garters and began to roll the first one down her thigh.  She opened her legs again and there before my eyes was her beautiful pussy with its short blond fuzzy bush around it.  I wondered how it would taste.  As I rolled the second garter down I asked, “Mom are you awake?”  She did not answer so I asked, “What will you do if I eat your pussy?” 

Again there was no response.  I moved up and unhooked her bra.  I rolled her to her back.  Her eyes were half open but when I waved my hand in front of them she did not even flinch.  I lifted her bra and admired her tits.  I pinched each one and again she made no response.

I looked down her naked body admiring how well she looked.  “I’m going to eat your pussy now.  If you have any objections you better say them now,” I said.  Since there was not a sound from her I parted her legs and got on my knees between her feet.  I lifted and parted her knees and watched as her pussy opened invitingly.  I was sure she would taste as good as or better than sis.  I moved in closer to her and suddenly it hit me.  An odor that was stale and repugnant.  I moved in a little closer and the odor was even stronger.  It was coming from her beautiful pussy.  Even if I could have gotten passed that smell I am sure it would have tasted as bad. 

I covered her and went to my room wondering if she always smelled that bad.

I was so sleepy I almost fell asleep before I could get in bed.    I dreamed that Liz was teaching me how to suck my own dick.  Just as I was about to come, I awoke.  I was sucking my left thumb while jacking with my right hand.  Before I could get a handful of tissues I made a mess of myself and my bed.

It was only moments after sunrise and the sun was shining on the far wall of my room.  I was sure mom would not be up so I grabbed my pajama bottoms and ran naked to the bathroom to bathe.  After a quick bath I dried off and slipped into my pajamas. 

When I came out of the bathroom into the hall there was mom coming toward me from her room.  She was as naked as I had left her on her bed the night before.  There was nothing I could do to avoid meeting and passing her in the hall so I walked toward her.  She suddenly saw me when we were almost at arms-length form each other.  She said, “Oh Timmy dear, mommy feels so bad, could you give me a hand to the bathroom?  I gotta pee so bad, don’t think I’ll make it.”

I moved in beside her and draped one of her arms over my shoulders.  Putting an arm around her naked waist, I guided her into the bathroom.   “Help me onto the pot,” she said.  I maneuvered her to a sitting position on the toilet.   I started to leave as her piss gushed out of her and she said, “Timmy, stay with me.  I’m gonna need help getting into the tub.”  I shifted form one foot to the other as I looked over mom’s tits.  “Put the plug in as start the water,” she said.

I did as she said and once I had regulated the water to a comfortable temperature, I turned back to find mom falling slowly off the toilet.  I managed to catch her but in doing so I grabbed her right tit.  She seemed to make no notice of where my hand was while I lifted her to her feet.  I then guided her to the tub and helped her in.  “Are you going to be okay?” I asked.

“No, stay with me so I don’t drown.”

I stood there watching the water slowly fill up the tub.  When it nearly covering her naked body, I turned off the water.   She was laying low enough for her chin to be touching the water as she began to moan before saying, “Oh Timmy, your mommy is so dumb…so dumb.  She went lookin’ for work.  Spent all mornin’ and part of the afternoon goin’ from place to place fillin’ out applications.  Decided I deserved a drink.  Then I let some young gents buy me some drinks.  They got me so drunk…so drunk I let ‘em do what they wanted.  Don’t know how many of ‘em did me right there in a booth in the back o’ the bar.”  She moaned some more before saying, “Oh god Timmy, I shouldn’t o’ told you that.  I’m sorry Timmy, your mommy is just a fuckin’ whore…just a fuckin’ whore.  Promise me Timmy, you will never tell anyone what I just told you.”

I asked myself why I would tell anyone.  I promised her that no one would ever know that she had told me what she had done.

She sat up in the tub and soaped up a washcloth.  She began scrubbing herself everywhere she could reach.  I asked her if she was going to be alright and she said she wanted me to wash her back which I did.  While I did she washed her pussy.  I hoped she would get all that stink out of there.  I was still planning to lick her pussy.  When I had finished washing her back she asked me to get her toothbrush, toothpaste, and a glass of water; which I did.  Once she had brushed and rinsed her teeth she asked me to shampoo her hair.  After I had done that I helped her stand.  While the water drained form the tub I toweled her off.

Once she said she was dry she had me help her back to her room where she pulled down the blanket and sheet on her bed and lay down.  She had me cover her up.  “You’re such a good boy.  I hate to ask any more from you but I need some tomato juice.”

“Sure,” I said as I started to leave.

“Wait,” she said, “I need more than just tomato juice.  Do you know where my gin is?”

“Down in the lower cupboard below the good dishes,” I answered without thinking that she might ask how I knew that.

“Get a tall glass.  Put about an inch of gin in the bottom.  Add about five shakes of salt and the same amount of pepper then fill the glass to about an inch of the top with tomato juice.  Give it a good stir with a spoon and bring it to me.”

I was back with her drink as quickly as I could.  She appeared asleep but when I said, “Mom, here is your tomato juice,” her eyes opened and she raised up on an elbow, making no attempt to keep from exposing her tits.  She took the glass from me.

I watched as she drank half of it down.  “Here,” she said as she passed the glass back to me and added, “Set it on the night stand.  And now you go be a boy instead of your mommies nurse maid.”  As I turned to go she said, “Wake me at noon.”

Rating: 92%, Read 17756 times, Posted Sep 10, 2012

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