My son and I_(1) by xmistiex

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I am 57 of medium build I am married but have had some male sexual experiences to so I guess you call me a Bi-sexual my wife dose not know anything about my gay side and I always hope to keep it that way.

My son is 25 and has had a few girl friends in his time but I have often wondered if he was bi-sexual like me as I have often seen him looking at men in magazines.

Last week my wife was out doing a night shift and she starts at 9 and is not home until 8:30 so normally my son is out until late and I am at home alone but one evening last week he stayed in, I was watching something on the TV and he was up in his bedroom which is above our lounge.

I was sitting watching the TV about half hour after my wife had left for work and I could hear this knocking sound then it stopped and then a few minutes later it started up again it was a steady banging noise just like you see when watching TV and someone is having sex in the next room and the headboard is knocking against the wall, this kept it's stead pace so in the end I got up and went up stairs to find out what it was.

When I got up stairs the noise was coming from my my son's room the door was just open and I crept up to the door and looked though the gap, my son was laying there naked legs up in the air and he was fucking his ass with a dildo and wanking his long thick cock and this is what was making the headboard knock against the wall.

I just stood there for a while and watch as he fucked and wanked himself so I had a big hard on and it was bursting to be released from the confines on my jeans and boxers, so I took a deep breath and just walked in on him and said you know what you want my boy is a real man to do that for you, the look of shock and horror as he saw me standing there he pulled the dildo from his ass and tried to cover his hard cock with the bed cover.

Dad,Dad he said I sorry you should not have seen me doing that I am sorry Dad, Son I said don't worry I have done it myself many times, what you he said but but, look I said I am bi-sexual but for Christ sake don't tell your mother as she dose not know,but I have often been with a man when your mother is out don't think that means I don't love your mother to bits as I do but I just like being with a man to.

So tell me how many men have you been with son, none he replied it's just that I like to look at them and I get hard when I do I have been with women but I just feel drawn to men, well I said if your gay or bi-sexual you know it will be ok with me and your mother, but maybe we should see if you really up for male sex, James's eyes popped open and said what , what do you mean me and you sure why not after seeing the size of your cock I would love to feel that open me up and fill my ass, so what do you say James.

He looked puzzled then said OK if your sure I must say that it would be nice for the first time to do it with you, well I said in that case stop hiding your cock under that cover and let it free, his cock came back into view and his cock looked about the same size and mine 10” long and about 6 and a half inch's in girth so he just lay on his bed and watched me as I stood in front of him and took of my t-shirt and my hairy chest came into view, Wow he said you have a hairy chest dad , it's nothing compared with my balls I said and laughed,

I walked over to the bed and told him to sit up which he did and I told him to undo my belt and jeans button his hands were trembling and he popped the button on my jeans,now the zip I said he took a deep breath and lowered the zip and took hold of the side of my jeans and pulled then slowly down and I stepped out of them and I just stood there in my boxers, well come on what you waiting for son take my boxers down my cock is waiting to be set free.

James slowly took hold of my boxers and started to pull then down and as he did my cock came in to view and the look in his eyes was of shear delight and once there were over my hips they fell to the floor and I step out of those too and now stood totally naked in front of my totally naked son.

James slowly put his hand out and looked and me as if to is it ok to touch it, go I I said touch it, it wants to feel your hand round it and stroking it, slowly James took hold of my twitching cock and curled his fingers around it , my foreskin can still cover the head of my cock even when fully hard so as James lowered his hand down my shaft he pulling the foreskin back over the now purple swollen head and as it rolled back pre-cum oozed out of the slit and James lent forward and licked it up with the tip of his Tongue, it made me take a sharp in take of breath as his tongue flicked the top of my cock and I let out a long Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and he started to run his hands up and down my cock and he placed his lips just on the top of my cock as he wanked me off.

I placed my hands gently on the back of his head and pushed it further onto my cock I wanted to feel my cock in his mouth and he let go with his hand and just let me push him forward onto me cock and he just let it flow into him and for someone that said he had never had another man's cock he took the whole 10” with out gagging once as my cock went in I could feel his throat open up to take it and his throat was tight around the head of my cock and he started to withdraw and back down on it again, this was heaven even his mum could not take the full length in her mouth.

I wanted to last a while so took my cock from his eager mouth and told him to lay back on the bed and as he did I knelt down beside the bed lent over and took his cock into my mouth, Oh Fuck dad he said that's better than anything I have ever dreamed off I can tell you, I took his whole length as he had done mine and I started to give him the best blow job he had ever had, I cupped his balls into my hand and played with them , James was now breathing very hard and saying yes yes yes dad that's wonderful Oooooo yes then he said sorry dad I can not hold back much longer.

I started to speed up when he said that and I was now taking him out of my mouth so the tip of his cock was just touching my lips before opening my mouth and sliding the whole way down once more, YES YES O god YES I AM CUMMING he shouted and with that he forced his hips up and I was coming down and he cock went into my mouth and throat as far as he could get it and as I reach the bottom his cock just exploded inside my mouth.

God his cum tasted good I did not think he was going to stop shooting his warm creamy cum there seamed to be tonnes of it but I was not complaining god it was nice to feel my own son shoot his cum into my mouth, after a while the last of his cum left his twitching cock and I licked suck and gobbled his cum up from his slowly softening cock.

Oh Dad that was so fucking good no girl has ever done it like that before “O” Christ that was good, Glad you liked it I said now it's my turn to loose some cum Ok he said lets change places No No I said I am going to loose mine inside your ass, REALLY he said well I went on to say we said we were going to see if you liked men more than women or both you have had your cock sucked of and you seamed to like that, More than liked it he said fucking loved it,

Ok I said I want you to kneel on the floor and bend and rest your body on the bed, is this going to hurt he said well you have had the dildo right up inside you so no it should not hurt as it will have opened you up, I got the tube of lube he had used on his dildo and spread it over hid ass and pushed two fingers into him and they slid in as far as I could get then, I found his prostrate and started to rub it as my fingers moved in and out of him and he was shaking with pleasure as I did this, and then I took out my fingers and placed some gel on my cock and got between his legs, and ran my cock up and down his ass stopping from time to time over his hole then moving on again and every time I stopped over his hole he tensed he ass so I just kept on doing what I was doing for a while then when I got on top of his puckered hole I just pushed forward and with out must force the head of my cock popped into him and his ass closed tightly round it and I just held it there until his ass released it's grip on my cock and as he relaxed I pushed forward once more.

“O” my fucking god fucking hell Dad that,s fucking much much better than that hard dildo I have been using that's for sure “O” my fucking god yes yes , on I pushed and I at times just pulled back a bit then on again and it was not long before the whole thing was inside him he had pushed his face into the bed covers and was moaning in pleasure as I pulled out and forced it back into him our bodies slapping together as I forced the whole thing in as far as I could.

I took hold of his of his waist and started to fuck my son's ass as hard as I could, YES YES YES dad harder harder he kept shouting I moved my hands up onto his shoulders and I was now really force him back as I forced myself into him after a few minutes of this hard fucking I knew I was going to come very very soon and I said Son I hope your ass is ready to take it's first load of cum, Yes dad Yes dad fill me fill me he said , I was now at the point I could hold back no longer and with one last hard push and I pulled him back onto me by his shoulders I empted my cum as far up his ass as I could, giving out a loud Aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yes as I did.

“O” dad “O” dad James said that was so wonderful I could feel your cum shoot from your cock as it throbbed inside me and I can still feel the warm cum up inside me ass “O” my god I never though sex could be such a pleasure dad thank you so much,

well I said as I pulled out of him and I could see some of my cum seeping I stopped say what I was going to say and lent forward pulled his ass cheeks apart and licked my cum from his ass making James shudder as I did this. He turned round and sat back up on the bed and pulled me to him and kissed me fully on the lips and said thanks dad, well I said I see your hard once more well after what you just done to me James said it's no wonder it is hard again.

Well I said in that case I think you have better fuck my ass don't you, Really he said your up for that now well my cock is soft and will take a lot longer to get hard again then your young cock, and I have sucked you of and fucked you so now the only thing left is for you to fuck me so how would you like me son.

If you lay on you back can you please dad so that what I did and James got on his knees between my legs and took hold of my limb cock and started to lick it and as he did I felt so cold gel being rubbed onto my ass and then he slipped a finger inside me I just closed my eye and let the feeling flow though me ,after a while he had three fingers fucking my hole and boy did my son lean fast he found my prostrate and sending feeling like I have not felt in a very long time and I told him that.

Then he started to kiss up my body and as he came up he kissed my stomach and up my chest and took a nipple into his mouth licking and flicking it with his tongue, as my son moved up my body he placed my legs onto his shoulders so the higher he got up my body the high my ass came up from the bed to give him greater ease to enter me and when he reached my mouth with his I felt him take hold of his cock and place it so the head so resting against my hole he took his hand away and pushed forward and like my the head of his cock popped inside me I whisper in his ear O James my son that's wonderful go on push it right it fill me up please my son.

It was not long before my son was fucking his dad's ass hard he lifted himself up by pushing my legs right up on my chest and pushing himself up so he could look down and see his young cock fucking his dad's ass Yes son yes son go on son “O” yes son I was saying as he kept on ramming home into me then I felt his cock swell just a bit and I knew he was getting ready to shoot his cum, he was now giving me the hardest fuck I have ever had and with one last push he collapsed down onto me as I felt his cock spill it's juice upside my ass.

We stayed like that until his cock was so limb it just slipped out and I lowered my legs and we just lay the in each others arms for a while taking in what we had done and how enjoyable it had been.

Well son I said what do you think to male sex them, well dad he replied I think it is bloody wonderful I have never had feeling like that with any women it's not to say I would have sex with women again but god what we just did I never knew feelings like that were possible.

Well if you ever want to repeat it just say my son and my cock will be yours anytime, well dad mum is on nights three nights next week how about every night then, “O” my god I said I have created a sex monster well you can wear me out anytime my son anytime,

Rating: 88%, Read 35023 times, Posted Jul 03, 2014

Fiction | Gay


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