The Night I Met Pam by Ellen340

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The Night I Met Pam

I was in a strange mood as I sat at the bar and watched the crowd. I had been hit on by three guys in the last thirty minutes but none of them seemed well….right. So, I politely refused their advances. I put my glass of wine down on the bar and looked at myself in the mirror wondering what am I doing here? This is not what I want. That was the problem, I did not know what I wanted.

I walked outside to go to the car and looked down the street and noticed Dolly’s had a pretty good crowd. So, I thought, what the heck. Dolly’s is primarily a lesbian bar with a little dike mixed in. So I headed in that direction. I had been to Dolly’s before but only with Mistress or Stephanie not by myself.

I should have known that it was going to be an interesting evening when I walked up to pay any cover charge there might be. I was told that it was Ladies Night. “Um, well, ok.” I said thinking ‘why in the world would a lesbian bar have a Ladies Night?’ I started to walk on inside when I noticed that the girl was holding up on of those ultraviolet stamp things.

I looked at her quizzically and said “If it’s ‘Ladies Night’ and there is no charge for ladies why do you care if…….” I stopped speaking and held out my hand…..she stamped it.

Properly not charged but stamped I proceeded inside. Just my luck, I thought, as I heard the band wind down and announce that they were going to take a break. I ordered a glass of white wine at the bar and sat down on a stool and looked around. The crowd was about 80% female with the usual mix of couples and groups.

“First time here?” the bartender asked.

“No, I have been here before it’s just been a while” I replied with a smile.

“Are you by yourself?” she asked in a whisper.

“Yep, it’s just me tonight.” I whispered not knowing exactly why we were whispering but I did check my wrist to be sure the stamp was still there.

She looked me over and I noticed her eyes lingered on my tits. She moved her eyes to my face and then back to my tits and said “A girl like you won’t have any trouble finding a friend in here.” she said with a wink and a smile.

I swiveled in my stool to look around to see what was where and I noticed that this place was rapidly filling up with people. That was when I heard a male voice behind me say “Hello there beautiful.”

I turned around to face a very nice looking gentleman smiling at me so I smiled back but did not say anything since I really wasn’t looking for a guy. I learned a long time ago that if I just shut up most guys will get the hint and leave me alone. Of course, though, not this guy. He says “My wife saw you come in and wanted me to ask you to join us for a drink.”

So, I’m thinking ‘this a married guy in a lesbian bar with his wife who sends him out to invite other girls to join them for a drink?’ Wrist check. I think not. “Thanks for the offer but…..(think of something quick! I thought) ….I’m waiting for someone.” I said not to convincingly.

“Yes you sure are and she’s sitting at my table waiting for you.” He said.

Another thing that I learned a long time ago is that if a guy does not go away with the silent treatment, be direct and to the point. “Look, I’m not interested, ok.” I said as politely as I could and smiled at him. I made 2 mistakes, first, I was too polite and second, I smiled at him.

He reached over and touched my arm and said “Honey, my wife can be very insistent, I’m afraid ‘no’ is not an option.”

This just pissed me off and when I opened my mouth to speak I heard a woman’s voice from the other side of me say “There you are! I have been looking all over for you, sweetie. Who’s the asshole?”

I turned to face her and I saw a very pretty blonde looking at me and smiling. I had never seen her before in my life.

I put my hand on hers and said in a friendly almost intimate tone “Well, HEY! Where have you been?”

“Looking for you! Oh I just LOVE those earrings.” she said looking at both of my ears one at a time. “and that collar is really CUTE.” she continued.

I was wearing a pair of earrings that Mistress had given me. They were a small silver chain about 2 inches long with a miniature dildo on the dangle end and the clasp was a small pair of handcuffs. They really were kind of cute. The collar that I was wearing was not my bondage collar. That one is wider and has silver rings attached to it and my name printed across the front. This one was also given to me by Mistress but was fairly narrow but would not be confused with a necklace and Mistress insisted that I wear it when I am in public.

“Well, thank you and I just LOVE that skirt! Is it new?” I replied.

“Yes it is. I found the coolest website…….” she left the sentence unfinished as she leaned over farther than was necessary and said softly and a little breathy in my ear “He’s gone.” I could not swear to it but I think that she licked my ear softly. It was too quick and light to be sure.

“Hey, thanks.” I said.

“No problem, I could tell that he was giving you a hard time. I’m Pam.” she said as she held out her hand.

As I took her hand I said “I’m Ellen, nice to meet you, Pam.”

She started to walk away and turned back to me and said “Ellen, honey, I have a booth over there would you like to join me? You seem like a very nice girl, let’s get to know each other better.”

I slid off the barstool and said “Sure that sounds like fun, let’s go.” As I stood next to her at first I thought that we were about the same height but then I realized I was wearing 4 inch pumps and she was wearing flats. ‘tall girl’ I thought.

As we got to her booth I noticed that she slid in right next to me. We talked like long lost friends and found that we actually really liked each other, we even danced a few times. I found that I liked the way she held me firmly against her body pressing her tits to mine.

After we sat down after what turned out to be our last dance of the evening she sat very close to me and I felt her hand on my thigh. She was looking me in the eyes as she leaned over and kissed me moving her hand under my skirt slowly as she did I uncrossed my legs.

The kiss was glorious her tongue probing every inch of my mouth as she slid her hand and touched my soaking wet pussy. Keeping her lips touching mine she said “No panties?’

Pulling my lips away but keeping our noses touching I said “No ma’am, they are not allowed, bras either.”

“Not allowed?” she asked as she reached up and cupped my right breast. “Oh, nice tits sweetie.” she continued as she squeezed me and pinched my nipple.

“Let’s get out of here, come on.” she said taking my hand and leading me out of the booth. On the way out of the club she said “I live just down the street, we can walk, ok with you?”

She was practically dragging me out the door. I was going willingly but she was just walking so fast it was hard to keep up with her in heels.

Walking along on the way to her house she asked “Ellen, honey, are you somebody’s sub?”

What makes you say that?” I replied.

“Well, those earrings, the collar and you have called me ‘ma’am’ about a dozen times tonight. I wish that you would stop that it makes me feel old.” she said chuckling at the end.

I said “The answer to you’re question is yes ma’am, I mean yes Miss Pam, I mean, well you know what I mean.”

She looked at me and started laughing and said “Well, you are very well trained, I’ll give you that.” as she smacked me on my butt.

She turned in at huge house practically a mansion. I looked at it and said “You live here?”

“Well, sort of, I rent the servants quarters in the back, it’s just through here.” Pam responded.

I followed her in the door and as she closed it she put her arms over my shoulders on the door trapping me between her and the door. “God, you are so hot.” she whispered as she leaned forward to kiss me. I felt her tongue on my lips as she traced my lips with her tongue as she put her hands on my hips and pushed my skirt off.

She then moved to the side some and gently kissed my cheek and neck. I felt my pussy warming and a tingling sensation in my tits as my nipples became fully erect. I was getting very horny and excited and I realized that I wanted this girl to do things to me very badly. I also wanted to do things to her, to please her in any way that I could.

I felt her hand cup my pussy “ooohhhh.” I cooed as she licked my cheek to my mouth and gave me a deep long passionate kiss while she inserted two fingers into me. I reached to her pussy and massaged her as best I could through her slacks when I did she increased the intensity of her kiss.

Releasing me from the kiss she stepped back a little and said “Take off that top, please.”

I said nothing as I untied my halter and let it drop to the floor. I was now wearing nothing but my stockings, garter belt, heels and my collar. She looked me over slowly smiling and said “You’ll do just fine.” as she cupped my tits. “Make yourself comfortable, I will get us some wine.”

“Ok” was all that I could say.

Pam went to get the wine and I looked around and noticed that on the table next to a chair was a dildo and a clitoral vibrator so I sat down. I spread my legs wide and inserted the dildo deep into my pussy moaning softly as I did. I needed to cum as Pam had really worked me into a sexual frenzy and I needed a release. I was fucking myself gently when Pam called from the kitchen “Have you ever been with another woman before?”

“Oh yes, many times.” I replied.

I heard her footsteps coming back to the room as she said “That’s good because….” she stopped talking when she saw me. I was fucking myself more aggressively now as I reached for the vibrator. I noticed that Pam was now naked and just how pretty she was. She walked over in front of me, set the glasses on the table and got on her knees saying “Let me help you with that, sweetie.”

She took the dildo from me and began to fuck me faster and deeper than I had been. I clicked on the vibrator and went to work on my clit. “mmm MMHUH!” I moaned as I felt the tingly feeling spread through my pussy. I was so horney that I felt like I was about to explode as Pam kept pumping me hard and deep. “Oh YES! Pam that is so damn good ! OOOHHHH…. Please harder….fasterrrrrrooooHHHHHH!” I screamed as I felt a huge wave of pleasure shoot through my body as my orgasm built. I threw my head back as I knew I was on the verge of cumming. I was rocked by jolts of pure ecstasy repeatedly as I screamed “AAHH….AAHH….AAHH….OOOOJJJJ EEESSS!” as I felt my cum shoot from me I opened my eyes wide and watched as I squirted way out into the room. My scream became just a very high pitched squeak as my orgasm crested.

The sheer power of my orgasm forced me to sit up which pushed Pam back and she took the dildo with her. My arms came to my lap as my squeak became a shriek as I was cumming a second time. My thighs were shaking as I shot my cum into my hands as I was squeezing my pussy. “oh god…oh god…oh god…” I said as I was panting and trying to calm down. I reached for the dildo in Pam’s hand and inserted it as I fucked myself gently, my pussy squished loudly as I calmed down. I looked up at Pam and said with my voice a little shaky “WOW! Now that was a good one. Holy shit.”

Pam stood and took my hand and pulled saying “Ellen, baby, come over here I think I want one of those too.” as I stood she led me to the couch. We both sat down but I was on her VERY quickly. I had never wanted another woman so much in my life. As we shared a long passionate kiss I began to finger her wet pussy, my heart leapt as I heard her coo and moan softly enjoying my touch.

After the kiss I got on my knees in front of her as she shifted her butt out to the edge of the couch. I put the dildo on the floor beside me as she spread her legs exposing her very beautiful and shaved pussy. I leaned forward and kissed her pussy and then began to lick her. I looked up and her and smiled as I saw that she was massaging her tits and enjoying me very much. “Got any lubricant?” I asked.

Panting slightly and a little breathless she said “On my dresser.”

I took the dildo and pushed it into her, got up and said “Be right back.” as I set out to find her room. It did not take long and sure enough the were two different kinds of hand lotion and some KY Jelly. I took the ky and on the way out of the room I noticed a strange piece of furniture that was covered with a blanket sitting off to itself on one side of the room. It kind of looked like a saddle on a stand although I could tell that it definitely was not a saddle but I had more important things to think about right now.

Arriving back in the living room I found Pam laying back on the couch fucking herself gently. I leaned down and kissed her as I took over on the dildo with one hand and began massaging her breasts with the other. “Turn towards me, and push your pussy to the edge of the couch and lean back, please.” I whispered to her as I lowered myself down licking her tits and belly as she shifted positions.

I began to lick her clit as I started fucking her much faster and deeper and she began to undulate her pelvis but I stayed with her as she began to moan louder. I inserted a finger up her butt and she arched her back and her thighs began to quiver and I knew that feeling all too well, she was cumming.

“Oh GOD, ELLEEEN!” she screamed as she began to really buck around now. I just kept fucking her with the dildo as I inserted a second finger into her butt fucking her there too.

I went back to work on her clit, I wanted this woman to cum and to cum HARD. I pressed my mouth over clit and swished it from side to side. I heard her screams of ecstasy as I felt her hands on the back pf my head pressing me to her. Her legs were now quivering as once again she arched her back but this time I felt, heard and tasted her as she came. Her juices flowed into my mouth and on my face as she climaxed for the second time.

“Jesus christ! Ellen, oh my god that was WONDERFUL!” she said as she tried to recover. I just smiled up at her as I opened the ky jelly and began to lubricate her pussy. “What have you got planned down there, sweetie?” She asked.

I just smiled at her as I began rubbing her pussy and finger fucking her. She was absolutely drenched, perfect for a fisting, I thought. I inserted three fingers at first as she laid back to let me play with her. Then the forth so as to slowly expand her cunt to take my hand. When she was as ready as I could get her I took my thumb and put across my palm and wrapped my other fingers around it.

I noticed that she was watching me now and I showed her my hand position but said nothing. “Um, oh, um Ellen you see….”she stammered then continued “I have never been fisted before.” she finally confessed.

“Well, you are about to be now.” I thought but again I said nothing. I lowered my head and began to lick her clit as I pushed part of my fingers into her pussy. I kept licking here as I fucked her with my fingers but with each stroke into her I pushed a little farther. Mistress taught me this technique and she uses it when she fists me.

As my strokes began to get VERY deep inside her she said “Oh MY GOD!” as she watched me as my entire hand disappeared inside her. She grabbed my wrist with both of her hands and just held me there. I looked at her and her eyes were very wide and her mouth was open as she stared at my arm coming out of her.

“It’s an interesting feeling, isn’t it?” I said.

“INTERESTING!? Oh jeez that feels great!” she replied.

“This is my favorite.” I said as I balled my hand into a fist and began to fuck her and began stroking her clit with my tongue. Pam shrieked with delight as I quickened my pace with my arm. She began screaming and bucking around again but this time I could hold her more steady and really work on her clit.

“UUUHHHAAAAOOOO” she said through clenched.

I watched as she put her hands up by her cheeks with the palm out and saw that they were shaking as were her thighs as she let out a very high pitched squeal as he came again squirting this time. As she squirted, I moved my head and her hands clamped one around my wrist and the other on the top of her pussy as her juices flowed between her fingers.

I looked up at her and she had her head down and her eyes squeezed tightly shut as her thighs twitched moving in and out quickly. She opened her eyes and I smiled at her as she just looked at me panting. Slowly, I started to remove my hand from her pussy but she grunted and I felt her pushing my hand back inside her so I gently pushed in as far as I could opening and closing my hand as best I could.

With my hand still in her I got to my knees and she leaned forward as we kissed a long passionate kiss. She put one hand on each of my cheeks as she released me from the kiss and looked me in the eye and said “Ellen, baby…. ….I really don’t know what to say. I have never cum that hard in my life and I hardly ever squirt. WOW sweetheart.” and she kissed me again.

I slowly pulled my hand out of her as she gasped when I was finally out of her and she rubbed her pussy. She said with a smile “One good turn deserves another. I have got the absolute best female masturbation toy that I have ever had and I want to show it to you. It’s back here.” she said getting to her feet, grabbing the ky jelly and going down the hall.

“Really! Well this sounds like fun.” I said as I followed her to her bedroom.

Arriving in her room she went to that thing under the blanket and removed the blanket and said “I call this my bicycle built for two.” as she swiveled a dildo mounted on a pole to the upright position on both sides of a center piece. The center piece was curved on both sides and padded some around the edges obviously intended to cover a girls pee hole and clit. The dildos were about 8 inches long and were curved slightly at the tip. Two girls would stand and straddle this thing.

“Holy Cow. What does it do?” I said as I looked it over.

“Oh, this thing will shoot you to the moon, girlfriend. Watch this.” Pam said as she turned it on.

I watched as the dildos in sync with each other telescoped down from about 2/3 of the way down and then started back up again and rotated slowly. My jaw dropped as I stared at it then Pam said “Touch the smooth part at the tip.” I did but jerked my hand back surprised then I touched it again.

It was not vibrating really it was more of a hummmmm that made my finger tingle some. “Oh my god, what is that?” I asked.

“It’s a very low voltage electrical charge, it comes from a battery. Now this thing….” she said putting her hand on the padded piece in the middle “is a sonic vibrator and….well you will have to experience it and then try to describe it. It’s ….it’s….well, indescribable. God I LOVE this machine.”

She came to me and looked me over and said “With those heels you have on we are about the same height and I have it set to fit me so it should work. Let’s mount this thing and take it for a ride, what do you think?”

“Yes ma’am! This thing looks…..” I looked at Pam and smiled and continued saying “….orgasmic.” I paused looking at the machine and said “How do you get on it?”

“With this.” she said sliding a smaller wooden box to me with her foot.

We both lubed ourselves with the ky jelly and I put one foot on the box and raised my other leg as I put one hand on the dildo and impaled myself on it. “OOHHHH.” I said as slid the dildo in my pussy and I put my other foot on the floor. Pam slid the box to her side and I realized that I was stuck on this thing. With my 4 inch heels I was already on my tiptoes and this dildo was deep inside me. I could not get off of it without the box which was now out of reach.

My clit was pressed firmly against the vibrator and I was glad for the pads around the edges. “Oh, I forgot about these.” Pam said as she brought some leather straps out and clipped one end behind me and ran the strap over my hips and attached it on the opposite side in front of me and then did the same for the other side pulling them tight. They held me firmly down on the dildo and the vibrator. She then folded up a padded backrest that pressed firmly just above my butt in the small of my back. I could not move my pelvis at all in any direction.

Pam mounted her side and we were VERY close together practically pressed together.

I noticed that she did not use the straps as she kissed me. We both jerked slightly during the kiss as the dildos started their relentless task. Releasing me from the kiss Pam whispered in my ear “This gets pretty intense, baby so just hang on to me. It’s a twenty minute ride that you will never forget. I have it programmed so its automatic but I added a little extra thing this time that I have not tried before.”

“UHH” I grunted as I felt the vibrator start on my clit. It sounded very much like a tuning fork with a fairly low pitch. The dildo felt strange but very nice. It was a different sensation being fucked without the feel of a cock sliding in and out past my labia. “Oh my god!” I said softly and Pam chuckled.

We had our heads on each others shoulders as our tits were pressed into each other and Pam said “It’s just warming you up, girlfriend.” I could practically hear her smile

The dildo began to pick up speed and it started to rotate as I felt a sudden but very pleasant tingling deep inside me. “ooohhhhh” I cooed. Then the vibrators pitch increased sharply and then died back quickly causing a quick but very intense jolt of pleasure for me “AAHH!” I cried as I wrapped my arms around Pam.

The tingling sensation in my pussy increased in intensity as I felt the dildo rise and fall as it spun. I heard the vibrator pitch increase and remain steady as I felt the first wave of an orgasm crash over me. I opened my eyes wide and tried desperately not to scream as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through my body. I hugged Pam really tight as I came shooting my fluids into the vibrator.

I felt Pam squeeze me as she came and I felt her cum splash across my pelvis. The dildo sped up even more as did the intensity of the tingling in my cunt. Another orgasm swept over me and I could not hold it anymore, I screamed with delight as I came again much harder this time.

Then the vibrator fell silent and the tingling subsided as Pam and I held on to each other panting. The only sounds were our panting and a soft, muffled squishing sound emanating from our pussy’s. Neither one of us said a word and for about 30 seconds the dildo just fucked us. The feeling inside me was INCREDIBLE! This dildo was absolutely pounding me and unlike a man a machine does not get tired. My legs began to shake as I felt my fluids drip down my legs.

Suddenly a tone sounded, then another and they continued with a tone about every second. “Oh god,” Pam whispered “It’s a countdown….hang on to me, baby, hang on!” The dildo pushed farther into me and as it reached it’s peak the vibrator sounded in a shrill and my entire body quivered as an extremely intense lighting bolt of pure orgasmic pleasure coursed through my body. It stopped as quickly as it started but when the dildo reached the apex of its thrust it sounded again and this repeated itself so it was a series of rapid very high pitched and very intense ‘beeps’ from the vibrator.

My hands went to my hips as I screamed with delight but the pleasure was so intense. I actually wanted and needed a break but I found that I was completely and totally impaled on this thing and could not move my pelvis at all. I grabbed Pam and hugged her for all I was worth as we both came again and again squirting each other repeatedly. Incredibly the dildo picked up the pace and depth of my penetrations. I truly did not think that was possible as my screams stopped but my orgasms did not.

Pam and I laid our heads on each others shoulders as our bodies spasmed and shook in ecstasy. I saw nothing but bright white flashes of light and heard only the rapid beeping of the vibrator as both of us came together in a massive orgasm as both of us gushed our fluids out. This continued for several minutes without the slightest pause. As one of my orgasms crested my entire body relaxed completely and I felt on the verge of passing out as I leaned heavily into Pam’s arms.

Almost on that cue the tone of the vibrator changed and it became a constant but much lower pitch as I felt the dido still buried deep inside me begin to slow. It continued to slow until it was fucking me gently as the vibrator came to a stop.

The only sound in the room was just our frantic panting and the soft squishing of our pussy’s. After about a minute Pam asked softly “Ellen, sweetie, are you ok?”

I could not answer in words I merely grunted. I felt her shift and then I felt her rise as she was dismounting. I watched as she lifted her leg and as the dildo came out of her some juices in her cunt squished out and splashed on the floor. She stood on wobbly legs as she moved the box to my side but I just sat there, impaled.

“Can you get off, baby” Pam asked caressing my cheek with the side of her hand.

She undid the straps holding my hips down as I said almost in a whisper “Um, I’m not sure.” I put my foot on the box and pushed up and I felt the dildo begin to slide out of me but I just could not get my leg up quite high enough to get it completely out of me. I slid back down on the dildo and looked at Pam and smiled weakly. My thighs were still quivering and I could feel fluid dripping down my legs.

“Ok, we’ll do it this way.” she said as she bent down and loosened a friction lock and I felt the entire machine begin to get lower and lower until the dildo pulled out of me. Like Pam, as it came out I felt and heard some of my juices flow from my cunt and drip on the floor.

“Uuhh” I moaned softly as the dildo was pulled out of me. Still wearing my heels I staggered over to the bed and started to sit but just laid back on my back with my legs spread as I rubbed my pussy.

Pam came over and laid next to me and she moved my hand and began to massage me so I began massaging her pussy and we just lay there for a few minutes trying to recover.

“I told you it was hard to describe.” Pam finally said.

“You were not kidding. That thing is incredible. It’s a girls dream machine.” I said as I playfully tickled her tummy with my fingernails enjoying her giggles.

Later, as I lay cuddled in her arms with my back to her tummy enjoying the soft breast massage that she was giving me. I felt her hand drop to the mattress as he fell asleep. I looked at the clock and it was 3:24 am and as I closed my eyes I remembered that I had another date with Conner that night and I smiled as I drifted off in a deep and satisfying sleep.

Rating: 87%, Read 15725 times, Posted Jul 09, 2010

Fiction | Female, Lesbian, Toys


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