I Love Panties by fbailey

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I Love Panties

I love panties. What I actually mean to say is that I love to see panties on girls or women. Hell, I love to smell them too if I can get the chance that is.

One Saturday I was in the biggest shopping mall in town. I was sitting on a bench tucked in between two potted shrubs. I was in the perfect position to watch the girls go up the escalator. On occasion I could even see a hint of panty on a girl. I had my cell phone out and ready to capture the moment. I had obtained two pictures. One was of a young mother with her small child. She held onto its hand but in that position she was bent slightly and leaning off to one side. She was wearing pink panties. The other one was a high school girl with a super short micro miniskirt on that let me easily see her entire ass. Her white thong did little to hide her wonderful ass.

I was about to get up and leave when a young woman stepped right in front of me straddling one of my legs. She was right up again the bench that I was on and my hard-on was tucked nicely in my pants just two inches from her leg.

She said, “I know what you are doing. I’d call you a pervert but it excites me. I want you to stay right there and take some pictures of me on the escalator. Then afterwards I want to see them. Do you have a better camera? That cell phone isn’t going to do it.”

I showed her that I had a camera in my shirt pocket under my coat.

She said, “That’s better. How about you follow me up the escalator and take pictures up under my skirt.”

I agreed and then she waited for a lull in the flow of people and grabbed my arm. She got on and I got on two steps behind her. I held my camera down and clicked it, a flash went off, and it scared me. Thankfully no one noticed. At the top she wanted to see it. It wasn’t bad but it certainly could have been better. That was exactly what she said to me.

We went to the next level and that time she spread her feet out and bent over to give me a much better shot. We both liked that one.

She asked me to turn the flash off and to sit in the food court and wait for her to come by and give me some shots. She wanted people in the background. She was a closet exhibitionist. She was also very sexy.

She walked by and dropped a credit card. When she bent over to pick it up she bent from the waist and kept her knees stiff. The view was incredible. On her next trip she dropped her credit card and then squatted down opening her legs up wide for me. Her white panties stretched tightly over her puffy pussy. There was a wet spot in the gusset. She was really getting off on it.

She disappeared for several minutes but then appeared out of nowhere. When she squatted down for her card and opened her knees for me and I saw her bare pussy. She had removed her white panties and was exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. She had curly blonde hair on her head but a very dark landing strip just above her slit. She smiled at me as I took her picture.

She came over to me and I said, “You are not a natural blonde.”

She giggled and said, “I know.”

I added, “I know too, now.”

She said, “It wasn’t supposed to be a secret.”

After that she took me into several shops where she bent over, squatted down, and even lifted her blouse. Oh, she wasn’t wearing a bra either because that was also in her purse.

Our last stop was in Victoria’s Secret. She picked out three sets of very sexy underwear and told the sales girl that I was her boyfriend and that I had final approval on all of her undergarments. The woman rolled her eyes and told us to use the last dressing room. She also told us to keep the noise down and that we were to purchase all of the items that we took in with us.

I took pictures constantly of her as she removed her blouse and her skirt. She was only wearing her shoes as she posed for me with two of her reflections framing her nicely. She did try on one set but knew that the others would fit since they were all the same size. I sat on the tiny bench and she turned around and sat back on my hard cock. It was hard to get a picture of my cock in her and I was too excited anyway. However, she took my camera and aimed it into the mirrors capturing the moment forever.

I filled her with hot sticky cum and pulled out. She cleaned my cock off with her white panties and then shoved them into her pussy. We dressed and she paid for the garments. I slipped the sales girl a twenty and said thank you. She smiled at me and told us to come back anytime.

I found out that my panty girl’s name was Jill and that she was happily married. Then she asked me to meet her on the bench where we first met on the following Saturday. I agreed and then she kissed me. She gave me her e-mail address and asked me to send her copies of the pictures. Then she was gone.

I went home and jerked off as I looked at the pictures that I had taken and remembered her intimately. Later that evening I e-mailed most of the pictures to her and then started surfing the Internet.

Soon my computer said, “You have mail.” I opened it up to find a nice thank you from Jill. She included several pictures that her husband had taken of her. They were from her honeymoon up to the present. She had dark hair, red hair, and finally blonde hair. She was posing in various places and I was not the only one that she was an exhibitionist for. She was squatting pantyless in front of the Seattle Space Needle, the Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon. In each case there were people behind her.

As I was admiring those pictures another batch came in. Jill was with another woman in each of those pictures and a different woman in each. They were always standing side by side with her sucking the other girl’s breast and fingering the other girl’s pussy. The pictures were named Jill with the other girl’s name and the original date that it was taken.

The attached message read, “I want you to take one like these next Saturday with that sales girl from Victoria’s Secret.”

I quickly replied, “I’d love too.”


That Saturday I was waiting on that bench for her arrival. I was not disappointed either. Jill ran up to me, threw her arms around me, and kissed me passionately as if we were old lovers. She was wearing a white mini dress and when she wrapped her arms around my neck and I held onto her butt, I only felt her warm soft skin against my hands. She whispered to me that she was not wearing any underwear at all. I looked over her shoulders and saw a guy smiling at me. I think he was mouthing the words, “You lucky bastard.” She broke the kiss and pulled her dress down where it belonged.

Jill asked, “Should we go up and seduce that sales girl now?”

She sure didn’t waist any time getting to the point. We went up and Jill propositioned the girl. When I put a hundred-dollar bill in her hand she got a lot more cooperative and told another girl that she was going on break. She then took us back into the last changing room and locking the door.

Jill wasted no time in getting herself and that girl naked. The first pose was the one that she wanted. Then Jill had me get in the same pose with the girl. I sucked that nipple into my mouth and then I slipped my fingers into her pussy. Jill took a picture and then took my place having the girl do the same to her. Soon the two girls were making out like lovers. I took pictures as they enjoyed one another. Watching them eat pussy was way better than any porn movie that I had seen. When Jill had enough she told me to fuck the sales girl so that she could eat my cum out of her. I looked at the sales girl and she was not putting up any fuss so I got on the floor between her legs and shoved my hard cock into her. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she cooed as I fucked her. She whispered that she was not married and that she was not on the pill. Then she said, “Cum in me so that Jill can eat me out.”

I could not fully comprehend why a young woman would intentionally take a chance on getting pregnant so that another girl would lick her pussy. Then again I did not know how skillful Jill was at eating pussy either.

As I got closer to my climax the sales girl got closer to her own orgasm. Her love hole was hot and slippery and it gave me a lot of intense feeling. When I finally did release my cum it fired into her with a force unlike any other. It wasn’t the fact that she was very pretty or that she was a stranger, it was the fact that I could have just impregnated her. It gave me a feeling of utopia.

Jill pushed me aside, lifted the sales girl’s legs high over her head, and then kissed the hairy pussy before her. It did not look like she was trying to get any of my cum out of that girl, in fact it was as if she wanted the girl to become pregnant. For some reason I was in favor of that too.

Eventually we all got dressed and Jill and I kissed the sales girl goodbye.


Jill and I continued to meet at the mall but just on the first Saturday of the month. I was failing English so my mother wouldn’t let me out of the house as often.

I must have forgotten to tell you that Jill was thirty years old and that I was fourteen when we first met. The sales girl did become pregnant and we stopped in every chance that we could to say hello to her. She was twenty years old and she never told anyone that I was the father of her unborn child because she would have gotten into trouble for fucking a minor. I did get to take nude pictures of her every month and watch her belly stretch to accommodate my baby growing inside her. Jill ate her pussy out after they got into that special pose together. I even got to fuck the mother of my child from behind each time.

The End

I Love Panties


Rating: 91%, Read 56687 times, Posted Apr 08, 2010

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Pregnant, Teen Male


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