"Ass Effect" by yurigirl18

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My name is jake and I just turned 13 about about a month ago. It had been 20 years since ours galaxy's

hero "The Shepard" had saved our entire way of life in the milky way galaxy or so my parents told me. They had

to leave earth when the reapers attacked in hopes they would be safe in the cidadel and thankfully they did. My

parents were able to raise two children since the reaper attack and two before it. Did I mention I was the

youngest? Yeah well I am, but it's not all bad I guess. Anyway like I was saying before my parents took refuge

at the citadel. A massive space station where aliens of all races go and live, visit and engage in contact. After

the war was won my parents decided it would be best to stay at the citadel instead of returning to earth. They

shortly bought a home and firmly made up their minds on staying. Right now I'm on my way to get my yearly

check-up and hopefully I gained some weight. Right now I stand at about a embarrsing 5'3 ft or 160.2 cm and I

weigh close to 90 pounds or 40.82 kg. I was the runt of the litter of course and I wasn't to mad about it either. It

wasn't all to bad. I was of course rather skinny and with fairly pinkish peach skin. (Our family being of calcusain

descent) My hair was light brown and slightly blond and my eyes being dark green just like my moms. My

parents smiled and told me to wait in the waiting area for the doctor to call my name and retrieve me. They

shortly left in a hurry to drop my other siblings off. I never minded being left alone. The citadel was a safe place

and I could always just teleport home in a nearby transporter. I must of waited for a good five minutes before

"She came" my doctor had called my named. "Jake Thompson?" she said with a soft voice. I looked to the right

and saw her smile brightly at me. She was a Asari, her skin bright blue and vibrant and her doctors uniform

being bright eggshell white only made her skin even more appealing.

"Please follow me for your checkup please" she said in a soft tone. I stood up and followed her to the

patient room. My palms were sweating and I was super nervous and I just couldn't help but stare at her ass as

She guided me to the room. We stoped and went into patient room number 34, as I walked in she closed the

door behind me and lead me further into the room until we reached a cozy observation room with a resting table

and chairs. She smiled at me and said "excuse me jake? I see this is your following checkup for this year.

Unfortunatly they're are no more human doctors available at the moment. If you'd preferd being examined by

your own species then I will take no offense" she smiled and winked at me playfully.I laughed and replied "No

ma'm I'm fine with this. I think Asari are kinda cool actually!" I smiled and winked back. She nodded and grabed

to check my pulse. Then she checked my eyes and then my ears. "Jake I'm going to need you to remove your

shirt so that I may check your lungs." I nodded and blushed softly as I removed my blue and red patterned

t-shirt. I felt my small pink nipples harden and hoped she didn't notice. She quickly checked my lungs and

sighed softly. "I'm sorry jake but Unfortunatly a small infertility virus was realeased on the citadel. Fortunatly

it was contained before to many were infected. However until it's contained.....I'm going to have to ask you for a

sperm sample" my heart was pounding and my head was spinning as she spoke those words. I nodded

according and smiled faintly. "O-ok miss,uhhh uhhhh..." "Call me nara jake. Doctor Nara" "O-ok...I'm fine with

that..I-I-I completly understand." she smiled and reached for a small and placed it on the small desk she was

standing next to. "Please remove your pants and underwear jake" I nodded and slowly un-fastened my pants

and let them drop to the ground. I stood their nervously in my briefs and gave a big sigh as I pulled them off as


I stood infront of her completly naked and embarrssed. My 4 inch pecker was in full plain view of her

Eyes. As she stared more and more I felt myself growing harder. I felt my penis twitch and the smell of

smegma was in the air. She smiled and giggled "Well aren't you excited?" she winked at me "This is the first

time i've seen a human male penis erect" she smiled and layer on the observation table and spreaded her legs.

She removed her leggings and in plain view imsaw bliss. Her perfect mature Asari pussy. It was just amazing.

"Now it's time for extraction jake" she said with as lust in her tone. "the only way to test if the semen is infected

Is to see if it can impregnant a female." nows a perfect oppurtunity!" I just stood their..shocked and horny and

confused. I just walked towards her slowly as she beckoned me with her index finger.

(If you like this story please comment and I'm very sorry for the grammatical errors) (part2 will come if liked enough)

Rating: 80%, Read 48883 times, Posted Apr 07, 2012

Science-Fiction | Male, Old Female, Pregnant, Virginity, Young


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