Cum, little Lauren, pt 3 by freethinker

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Lauren and her sister, Lee, could hardly sit still through breakfast, both eager to hurry back to their room and continue their exploration of each other. They had masturbated together before, and even fingered each other or shared their mom’s vibrator, but had never considered oral sex with each other until Lauren had returned from her night with her Grampa, having finally experienced the orgasms she craved. She had to share that feeling with her sister, and they had spent an hour before breakfast fumbling around, eating each other’s young pussies, and finding out what pleased them.

After breakfast, Lauren’s mom set about doing some light housekeeping and laundry, and Lauren and Lee helped bring in the laundry from the hampers in their room and their brothers’ room. Grampa took the Sunday paper to his room, where he made a pot of coffee, filled his cup, and went to sit on the patio to read the paper and smoke his pipe. As soon as they had finished their chores, Lauren and Lee disappeared to their room to continue their exploration of each other for a while.

Once their mom started bringing the clean laundry out, the girls had to put off any further exploration until later. Lee biked over to a friend’s house, and Lauren wandered around the house a bit, trying to decide what to do. She finally made up her mind to go visit her friend, Alli, and talk her into a swim in their pool. She changed into a bikini and grabbed a towel, then set off across the yard to the well worn path through the woods to her house. She turned and waved at Grampa as she crossed the yard, and he waved back from his table on the patio, noticing her skimpy bikini, and thinking how delicious she had been.

Shortly after Lauren left, Grampa saw his other daughter, Kristi, driving up to the house. She disappear d around the corner of the house as she parked her car, then walked around to the patio where he sat before she went inside. “Hi, daddy,” she said, leaning down to give him a kiss, her low cut blouse giving him a good look at her breasts as she bent down to him. Kristi was only 18 and had only recently moved out of the house and into town. She and her sister had stayed with Grampa’s sister after his wife had died and while he was on the road; Zoe had been thirteen, and Kristi just a newborn then. After Zoe got married, she and her husband had taken Kristi in, and she had still been living there when Grampa had his wreck and had to retire. Prior to that, when Kristi had turned thirteen, Grampa and Zoe had initiated her into their incestuous relationship as well, then shared her with Zoe’s husband, Troy. Grampa had relished taking her virginity and teaching her about sex, as he had her older sister.

“Zoe is just finishing the laundry,” Grampa told her, reaching up to fondle one of Kristi’s breasts. “I saw Lee headed out on her bike a while ago, and Lauren went to visit a friend, but I’m not sure when they’re coming back.”

Kristi knew he was hoping to get a chance to fuck his daughters before the girls came back, and Troy and the boys got back from their fishing trip. She looked at her watch and saw it was just after noon. “Let me go see if Zoe has any idea when they’ll be back, and help her finish up,” she said, kissing her father full on the lips, a lingering kiss. “Then we’ll see what we can do, okay?”

Grampa nodded and released her breast. Kristi went on into the house, and found her sister in the laundry room, taking the last load out of the dryer. They chatted as they folded the clothes, and Kristi found out the girls weren’t expected back for a couple of hours. She also found out that Lauren had jumped the gun on them and begun fucking on her own, and had spent the night having sex with her Grampa as well. That little minx, Kristi thought, Troy was going to be disappointed not to be able to take his daughter’s virginity next year.

She and her sister left the last load of folded laundry in the laundry room, and headed back down the hall to their dad’s room. As they began to undress, they called Grampa inside, and soon all three of them were naked on the bed.

Zoe, as was her wont, began sucking her father’s cock, while Kristi straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his waiting tongue, facing Zoe so she could watch her sister suck their dad’s cock. Kristi’s shaven pussy was already soaking wet as her father began licking and kissing, pulling her closer and spreading her pussy lips gently with the fingers of one hand. He preferred a nice hairy pussy, like Zoe’s, but Kristi had decided she preferred to keep hers shaven, and he hadn’t complained. Grampa loved pussy, of all kinds; he loved eating pussy, and fingering it, and fucking it, and he certainly wasn’t going to complain over such a trivial matter. He especially loved his two girls’ pussies, and considered them the best he had ever had, except for his late wife. And now maybe Lauren – the thought of his young granddaughter’s pussy sent an almost electric shock through him.

Kristi ground her pussy onto his face, as Zoe straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his cock. Zoe began to ride his cock, bouncing up and down slightly, and Kristi began to do the same on his face, as the two women leaned toward each other and kissed, their hands exploring each other’s breasts. Grampa knew his two girls loved pleasuring each other, and that excited him even more. He managed to get Kristi off his face and lay her on the bed beside him, and Zoe was soon eagerly eating her younger sister’s pussy, her hips in the air. Grampa entered her from behind, fucking her doggie style as she licked and kissed Kristi’s wet pussy.

Kristi began to cum first, the expert oral attention from her sister quickly setting off her climax. Zoe began to cum very soon afterward, and the walls of her pussy tightened and relaxed around Grampa’s cock, setting off his own orgasm.

All three of them were cumming, each lost in their own incredible climax, when the sliding glass door to the patio slid open and Lauren stepped through the closed curtain into the room. She hadn’t stayed as long as she had planned at Alli’s, her mind full of thoughts of fucking her Grampa again, and had come home early. She hadn’t seen Kristi’s car in the driveway, and had forgotten Grampa’s warning not to come in unannounced. She was shocked to see Grampa pumping his cock in and out of her mom’s pussy, while her mom was sucking and kissing her Aunt Kristi’s pussy. Lauren blushed and knew she should leave, but she could only stand there and watch…

Grampa saw her first, as he was pumping the last of his cum into her mother. Still working his cock in and out of Zoe’s pussy, he waved Lauren over beside him. Zoe saw Lauren out of the corner of her eye, and looked up to see her daughter walking around the bed to stand beside Grampa, watching as his cock stroked in and out of Zoe’s pussy. He finally grew too limp to continue and let his cock slip out of Zoe’s pussy. As Zoe watched, and Kristi, now aware something was going on, looked up, Grampa offered his slick, wet cock to Lauren to suck.

Lauren, unsure, looked at her mom. Zoe nodded, and Lauren knelt down and took Grampa’s cock into her mouth, licking and kissing the head, like he had taught her. Kristi and Zoe watched, enthralled, as Lauren began working on Grampa’s cock, remembering everything he had told her the night before, and sucking his cock as though she had experience beyond her years.

Grampa, his cock beginning to grow stiff again, had Lauren stop as he lifted her onto the bed. He helped her slip her bikini bottom off, as her mother and aunt Kristi took her top off. Lauren expected Grampa to maybe eat her pussy a bit, or fuck her, and was shocked when Zoe, her own mother, took the first turn eating her pussy. Grampa and her aunt Kristi lay on either side of her, Grampa fingering her pussy and sucking one of Lauren’s budding titties, while Kristi played with the other one, circling the nipple with a finger, then rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Lauren gasped, quickly becoming extremely wet and rocketing toward a climax, absolutely astounded by the situation. She had known Grampa and her mom were fucking, but had never imagined herself being included with them. And her aunt Kristi – it was just so much all at once. She began to cum as her mother licked and kissed her pussy, and Grampa and Kristi sucked and licked her breasts.

Kristi quickly swapped places with her mom, and her practiced tongue kept Lauren right at the peak of her climax for several minutes while her mom spent some time sucking Grampa’s now rigid cock. Lauren could see them as she wriggled and bucked under the attention of Kristi’s tongue, and just as she thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, Kristi moved aside and Grampa lined his cock up on her pussy.

Lauren was thoroughly wet, incredibly ready for a fucking, and Grampa drove his cock deep inside her with the first thrust. He fucked her hard and fast, as her mother and Aunt Kristi sucked her breasts. Lauren had thought her climax couldn’t go any higher, but the feel of her Grampa’s cock pounding in and out of her pussy drove her to heights she had never imagined. Delirious, ecstatic, she never wanted this feeling to end, and fucked back at her Grampa as hard as she could, bucking her hips upward each time he thrust his cock into her. Zoe and Kristi sat back and watched, as the young girl received an incredible fucking.

Grampa finally fired his load of cum deep into Lauren, leaning into her to bury his cock as deep into her pussy as it would go. His cock twitched and jerked as it emptied his cum into her, and as it slowed, he began fucking her again, getting a few more strokes in before it grew too limp to continue. Finally he let it slip out of her, and stood aside as Zoe began to lick the cum from her daughter’s pussy.

Lauren saw that it was her own mother licking the cum from her young pussy, and saw her aunt Kristi take Grampa’s slick, wet cock into her mouth, greedily licking and sucking the juices from it. Her climax shook her again at the thought of what was happening, of being fucked by her Grampa and being licked clean by her own mom, and then Zoe and Kristi switched places, and Lauren watched her mom begin sucking her Grampa as her aunt began kissing and licking her pussy.

Grampa watched as Kristi gently let Lauren come back down from her climax, the young girl almost completely overwhelmed by what had happened. As she recovered, he lifted Zoe’s face from his cock, and told her it was time her daughter got a taste of pussy herself. Zoe smiled, nodding, and got back onto the bed, straddling Lauren’s head, and gently lowered her pussy to the girl’s face. Lauren didn’t hesitate, raising her head to bury it in her mom’s pussy, and began licking furiously at Zoe’s slit, still damp with cum from Grampa’s earlier fucking. Zoe began to grind her pussy on her daughter’s face, rubbing her wet hair and slit over Lauren’s cheeks and mouth, as Lauren’s tongue licked at her.

Kristi was still licking Lauren’s pussy as Grampa, once again erect, took a position behind her. He ran his cock into Kristi’s wet pussy several times, then used his fingers to spread some of her wetness over her ass hole. Finally he pressed the head of his cock against her puckered ass hole and began to push, and his cock easily entered her. He slowly eased his cock into her ass until it was completely inside, then began slowly fucking in and out. Kristi stopped sucking Lauren’s pussy and pushed back against Grampa’s cock, taking him deep into her ass with each stroke.

Zoe got up off Lauren’s face, then bento down and kissed the young girl on the lips, licking Lauren’s face to taste the juices from her own pussy. She helped Lauren sit up, and Lauren was able to now see what Grampa and Kristi were doing. Lauren and Lee had seen women getting fucked anally on the internet videos they had seen, but had never believed any woman could actually enjoy it, that the videos must be faked, but here she could plainly see her aunt Kristi was certainly enjoying it. Grampa was ramming his cock deep into her ass, and Kristi was pushing back to meet each stroke, as Lauren watched in awe.

Zoe kissed Lauren again, stroking her hair, and whispered to her that soon she would get a chance to have a cock in her ass as well. Lauren trembled, not sure she would be able to handle that, but her mother held her close and reassured her that yes, when the time came, Lauren would be able to take a cock in her ass as well, and she would love it.

It was almost mid-afternoon, and Zoe and Lauren got their clothes and left to clean up, leaving Grampa and Kristi to finish their fucking. Troy and the boys would be home soon, and Lee was due home any minute, and it was time to start getting things together for dinner.

Rating: 94%, Read 177012 times, Posted Sep 25, 2009

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Female, Girl, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Young


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