Pleasure of Passion-Revised by CuteTwink12

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male, Young

It’s awfully hard to read a person…what’s even harder is reading their sexual preference. Some people can be very out with it, like I can tell a guy is gay if he speaks with a high pitched lisp, and is very interested in making a fashion statement. Other people will tell you when you ask, because it will come up in a conversation…eventually. And then there’s me, no I’m not gay, but every day, my bi-curiosity is making me wonder. People like me, don’t ask, don’t tell, if you do ask, lie!

Now I have had a girlfriend, the beautiful, drama queen girl who is overly happy all the time, and can be psychotic when her mood swings, but I loved her to death, and I still do. We were able to remain somewhat friends. I couldn’t bring it in me to let her go when she asked if we could remain friends after I told her that we were breaking up.

About me, I’m simple…not. I’m tiny, I have a tiny car, and I’m only 5’7” inches tall. I have brown hair, which I wish was lighter, ‘cause if I use too much shampoo, or don’t control it with a comb, it looks unmaintained and dirty. I have a mid-tone skin color that gets darker in the sun and green-blue eyes. They change in the lighting. My hair is cut in the shape of a cut dick head, not on purpose…I just noticed it after a while. It’s a popular hairstyle now. It makes me twice the man let’s say. I’m so weird ha-ha. I dress up really preppy with a nice shirt buttoned up to mid chest with a well matching shirt under it. Style is very important where I come from, and also putting on the impression that you are rich. I mean I do come from an upper-middle-class family, but with the stock market how it is…we’re now middle-middle class. I know and look who’s talking, what a dick I’m being…my family is way better off than other people in this country.

On the side, I’m very negative and type “…” a lot because my computer doesn’t like my placement of commas. My theory is if you need a breath, put in a comma. So now you want the story to get interesting right, you’re probably feeling yourself right now, you’re dick hanging out of your pants rubbing it a little saying when the fuck is this guy going to get on with the story!? Well you might want to scroll down with this story…I am a guy of great detail and babble a lot in my stories. I’ll have a conversation with the reader on that can go on for pages and I’m obviously getting no answer back. Yeah I’m strange, you know it!

I go to college now, my roommate and I get along pretty well, he goes home every weekend on Thursday and doesn’t come back ‘till Sunday night or Monday afternoon post his classes, so it’s all pretty good. I party Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and come in drunk, sometimes with a girl. Yet I’ve been noticing that with the hot girls at my college…there are a lot of hot guys! Hell yeah! And this particular night, I have no clue why, but I was into that. Well actually I do know why, I get horny a lot! I mean I should be over with this pubescent sexual drive that controls a lot of my life especially late at night.

I went to a bar one of my friends told me he went to with a group the previous week, so I decided to check it out. A lot of people went home this weekend, so I ventured downtown alone. Where I go to school, that’s not a good idea at all. Of course, me, I’m chock full of bad ideas. It was ten 10:00 at night, right when ‘the party’ starts and the sketchy people start coming out. Yet I was all set, my mom bought me mace, how manly is that!? I was pretty dressed up, with one of those striped, rich bachelor shirts on and a pair of dark pants. This is me going ‘rich’ again…If the fact that my small car is a Lexus, doesn’t give my wealthy play away.

So ending page one on Microsoft Word 2007, I got to the bar, and this will make you happy, I got in the bar and saw him…The overall hottest guys in my dorm, of the top two hot guys in my dorm. There were a lot, but I narrowed it down to the two, and the guy who was just a tad hotter stood there in the bar…alone with a drink at hand. He looked a little paranoid looking around the bar frequently, which I later found out he was looking for people he knew. He had the same major as me, but I never really talked to him. I don’t even know his name, but I knew him by his gorgeous face. And I guess he did too, ‘cause his face lit up when he saw me and gave me a smile and started approaching him.

Let me explain what makes him so gorgeous…He was probably 5’9” inches, two-inches taller than me, and an average build. Me, I’m rather skinny, with not an athletic build, but energetic, agile build. I also had the surfer look going on, Birkenstocks and the yellow framed Foster-Grant sunglasses. He also had the surfer look with a thread and wood bead necklace and his purposely damaged baseball cap. He was only dressed up less than casually, but even dressed up, without the hat, he was hot, yet the hat made him. He had green eyes too I believe, never stared at him for too long to make my attraction to him less to unnoticeable. He had a short buzz cut and dark fuzz on his face that was just recently shaved facial hair. I can deal with a little bit of that. His shirt was tight, too small for him, expressing the shape of his torso and upper body. His light jeans also hugged the shape of his nice round ass. And I caught him alone and in the same position I was in.

When I reached him we made small talk, switching who would pay for drinks, yet the alcohol was neither of our interests. He made a lot of jokes and laughed a lot. I could tell every phrase he said was flirtatious, but he was just casual enough to pass off as a nice guy, but he wasn’t fooling me. I really started noticing when he tried to pretend he was not reaching into his pants pockets and moving something from his crotch area. He caught me watching him do it a couple times and we met eyes and he smiled at me to change the subject. About the fifth time I caught him doing this he suggested:

“You want to get out of here?”

“Sure.” I said. “It’s kind of boring here, where there is no one we know…”

“Then we’ll go someplace fun.” He suggested.

“That’s cool with me.” I said. He smiled. We went back to our campus and back to our dorm and up to his room. “Well this isn’t much fun…” I said. He closed his door and locked it. “We’ll make it fun!” He said and put his arms around my waist, pulling my body so close to his. He grabbed my ass so I could feel his erect dick pressing against mine hardening beyond belief. Usual I get wood stiff, by how hot he was making me when he placed his lips upon mine and dove his tongue into my mouth, my cock became like solid steel. And he felt it give his a little push. I put my hands on the back of his head as he rested his arms on my shoulder as we continued making out and moved over to the bed.

I pushed him down onto it and we continued kissing our tongues claiming the other’s mouth. We didn’t want to release our lips from this passion, but I had to, to remove his shirt, the first time his beautifully toned upped body was revealed to me. I just looked and admired it in disbelief at how spectacular his body was. Why are all these hot guys bi and single…they can have any hot girl they want! He had perfectly defined pecs and abs, that went to veiny or bumpy, but perfectly smooth. His whole chest was smooth except for the dark happy trail. Those turn me on. He wore low-rise jeans and tight boxer briefs. I could see the triangle leading down into his pants where his cock would hang from.

He removed my shirt to be fair and I started kissing him from his lips and down his neck, over his Adam’s apple and down to his collarbone and in-between his pecs I rubbed my tongue up and down and then moved on to each nipple sucking them gently and then pulling them with me teeth. He shuddered and placed his hands on my head to keep me doing it. He liked it a lot. He let go so I could moved down to his abs and then below to his cut little button and then down to the waistline of his yellow boxer-briefs. Now I have a fetish for underwear and especially boxer-briefs, yellow is the only color I didn’t have and wanted. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them off his feet as he did mine, revealing my light blue boxer briefs.

He liked the size of what hung in the package of my underwear. I was 7 ½ inches, from me he looked about 6, still pretty average, plus, easier to get in my mouth more comfortably. I pulled of his boxer briefs and revealed his amazing cut dick. It was so beautiful with a good defined head that was the same color as his shaft, and it arched down a little. I really liked it that I had to touch it, wrap my had around it and go down on him as each inch went into my mouth, his head rubbing the back of my throat, me fighting my gag reflex so I wouldn’t choke. He tasted so good, the flavor of sweat and dried cum on his dick. I loved the scent of a dick that had been waiting to be released. I started moving up and down on it only leaving the head in my mouth as I went up and down. I continued this many times as he shuddered and started to moan, quietly enough that no one would hear him. His breathing had quickened and I could tell I was doing a good job. He stopped me and pulled me off his dick.

“I want you in my mouth now!” He said excitedly removing my underwear and admiring my larger cock, uncut. He pulled back the foreskin revealing my wet head and bent down to taste it. He liked it for a long time. He seemed to like the strong scent and flavor of a hidden head. He decided to try and deep throat me too. He couldn’t but I like that he tried. He gave me a pretty good blowjob getting my dick pretty wet as he moved up and down on it at a good pace. I loved watching his strong arms lift his body as he lifted his head up and down on my cock. He did it with such consistency, but effort and skill. It was pre-fabricated, it was passioned, but he was just so good, yet he convinced me he had never done it before.

We went back to kissing since we really liked that, and we each needed a reward for a good cock-sucking and a break from the big things. We were running out of our breaths sucking face now as our mouths could not get any closer, our tongue stretch any farther. I decided to change and bite his lip, see how he liked that. He did. I guess he liked biting as I pulled on his lip with my teeth and rubbed my tongue against the little pit and switched to another part. From far away, his lips were thin, but being this closes to him, they were plumper and wet, and comfortable to mine. We just kept kissing, it was our favorite, and both of us were really good at it.

We moved onto each other switching who was on top and who was on bottom. Personally I liked his to be on top of me, but it was rather cold in the room. He started to pull up the covers. I asked.

“Do you really want to dirty up your sheets?”

“I only would want you in them.” He said his mouth close to mine, his warm breath moving across my lips as we stared into each other eyes. The passion was so high and the pleasure as his dick pushed against my stomach and he dipped down so it pressed even hard and I let me head down on the pillow as he pulled up the sheets over him and me as he laid on top of me caressing my body tapping his fingers against my chest. He moved off of me and next to me, his dick up against my side, mine pointing straight up. He moved his hand down to my cock and started rubbing it. It took me a long time to cum, I was not even near close yet. I looked over at him and kissed him as he did this and turned on my side and did him too. We just stared into each other’s eyes, the forbidden feelings for each other forming as we enjoyed our most private sensations with each other. I looked at the door, I guess his roommate wasn’t coming back.

“I want you…” He breathed happily. I also think I heard him whisper, “I love you.” I didn’t respond. I cared too much about my reputation, society, my friends and my family and what they would think. This seemed to bother him a little, no response, but he didn’t press, he knew I felt the same…or at least something. We let go and decided to 69 this time as it was receiving and giving pleasure. He got better each time. Pulling on my foreskin and moving it down with his tongue while I remained in his mouth. I continued moving up and down lifting off and then diving down on five inches, only the head remaining in my mouth the whole time. I decided to nibble on his shaft a little, see if he like biting everywhere…He did! He moved his body in and out quickly and exploded his hot salty cum, a lot of in me. I let it fill my mouth and let myself taste it and then swallowed it. The taste overpowered me so much that I went in his mouth as he did the same, moaning at the taste, letting me know he enjoyed it, and then swallowing and continued sucking on my dick to get all he could.

When we both softened. He looked at me and kissed me. We crawled into his bed and fell asleep till early morning when I got out of bead to put my boxer-briefs back on. He said “Hey,” and threw his yellow pair to me. “Take mine, and I’ll take yours. You’ll get then back tonight; I’ll dirty them up for you. I smiled at him and kissed him goodbye. It made me so horny having his boxer briefs covering my dick where his erection pressed up against the night before. I immediately went to my room and jacked off as I could smell his scent from his yellow boxer-briefs and cummed in them and waited for him to return to me, in my bed, so I could tell him, that “I love you too.”

Rating: 89%, Read 24164 times, Posted Feb 11, 2009

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male, Young


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