Step-fatherly love Part 4 by lookn4daddy

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True Story | Black, Blowjob, Domination, Gay, Incest, Male, Slavery

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening switching between my SF’s cock and the smaller of the two dildos. My SF would let me suck his cock and then work on my gag reflex with the dildo. He pushed the dildo to the passing point of my tonsils and then held it there so I could get used to it. He told me to relax and time my breathing. So when he pulled the dildo back I would have just enough time to exhale and take a breath; very smoothly and effortlessly like I was instructed.

Before I was allowed to go to bed he rewarded me with a huge load of cum. I made sure not to lose a drop. It tasted somewhat salty, but good, and had a very distinct smell that was extremely pleasing to me. It was a taste and smell that I associated with a job well done from that point on, no matter who was feeding me the load. This was the beginning of my life as a submissive, bottom boy who followed instructions like I was told. Eventually it led me to becoming a sex slave for a group of men who held me captive for 8 months of the year that I was their slave.

Once I was in my room I continued working with the smaller dildo, pushing it past my tonsils over and over again. I spent that entire night doing this “exercise” (as my SF called it) and the next morning my throat was sore, but in a good way. Throughout the 8 years of my training I would have many different “exercises” that I would be required to perform regularly.

The next day when I arrived home from school my SF was waiting for me with his cock out. I immediately undressed as always and kneeled on the floor in front of him and waited for my instructions. All I thought about that entire day at school was how pleased my SF would be with my progress.

He gave me the nod and I started sucking his cock with exuberance. I worked on his cock for about an hour non-stop before he told me to take a break. He said he was pleased with the effort I was making when sucking his cock and that I was a quick study, learning very quickly what had took my Mom months to learn.

Then he stood up and told me to lean my head back and open wide. I did exactly what I was told and he began feeding me his cock very slowly, pressing the head against my tonsils then pulling back to allow me to breath. I was becoming more and more relaxed, my throat was starting to loosen up he told me. Then with each pump he would push a little further until I was actually taking most of his cock down my throat. He was extremely pleased as each time it went a little further he would make a noise something like “Ahhhhh.” I was able to take more than half of his cock in my throat and although his balls would slap my chin on his way down I could still see several inches of his cock sticking outside of my mouth.

This “exercise” continued for about two more hours before I was allowed a break. My SF was a very methodical, patient man who planned out everything he did like a strategist playing chess. Each move he made was well thought out and led to his next move.

After a 15 minute break my SF picked up right where we had left off, standing above me feeding me his cock. He started pumping my throat with a different rhythm though. He called it “throat fucking.” While holding a handful of my hair so that my head was tilted back at just the right angle that he wanted he started fucking my face in five pump sets, only stopping long enough to allow me to take a breath between each five pump set. My throat started making a sound that was music to my ears. It became a normal sound known to many men that would have the chance to fuck my throat!

An hour later my SF told me to get ready to swallow. With his cock lodged deep in my throat he told me to start trying to swallow so I started swallowing as if I was drinking. I kept doing this over and over again until he gave me my reward, the largest load of cum that he had given me to that point. I couldn’t tell how large it actually was but I knew from the way his cock pulsated again and again that he was dumping a huge load deep in my belly. I could feel a warm feeling in my stomach when he finished and it gave me a great sense of satisfaction.

When my throat fucking lesson was done my SF spent quite a while talking to me. He told me that I was going to be his greatest achievement as a Daddy. That was when I learned that there were two other boys that he had trained. He told me that he had trained countless women to be good whores, including my Mom, but that his real pleasure came from training good boys to be great boys. He told me about his first boy who he had trained back in Detroit.

My SF was 19 years old at the time and his cousin was a year older than him. It was his cousin that introduced him to the boy. His mother was a drug addict and was never around to take care of the boy so he was basically on his own. It was my SF’s first gay encounter although he didn’t consider himself to be gay, just a Daddy. In the beginning it was his cousin who had control of the boy but he soon lost interest and my SF stepped in to take over. He admitted that this boy’s training was nothing like mine in intensity or thoroughness. He often took the boy to an area where men came for sex with boys and let him service men for money. He never pimped me out to other men but eventually shared me with his friends regularly.

He trained this boy for 8 years until he left Detroit, which ironically was the same amount of time that he trained me for. When he decided to leave Detroit the boy had just graduated high school and begged my SF to take him too, but my SF told him that he couldn’t. He had met my Mom on a visit to our city and was coming to live with us. My real Father died when I was seven and my Mom fell hard for my SF. She did everything and anything that he told her to do, and that included having sex with other men and couples. I saw many videos of my Mom getting used by my SF and several of his friends, some of the same ones that would end up using me. I was so fascinated by what I had learned about my Mom but it also turned me on tremendously seeing her taking all those cocks and loving it because it was what my SF wanted. To be continued…

Rating: 79%, Read 17541 times, Posted Nov 18, 2014

True Story | Black, Blowjob, Domination, Gay, Incest, Male, Slavery


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