My Spring Break by RICHDARKNINE

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True Story | Anal, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Gay, Interracial, Masturbation, School, Threesome

March finally rolled around and even though it was still winter outside I was glad that it was here. Mainly since SPRING BREAK was going to be in full effect. I didn't have any plans but I was just tired of getting up at the ass crack of dawn to go to class and getting back to my dorm so late because of my internship. Spring break meant I could do what I wanted since I didn't have to go to a class or my internship and had nine days to do WHAT THE FUCK I WANTED! Since all I really wanted to do was wake up naked with a fat bag of chips, go workout and catch up with some friends.

When that Friday came I was extra excited. I had all the energy in the world to do everything I needed to get this vacation going without a problem. I was up at six in the morning finishing up packing since we had to leave the dorms during the vacations to be cleaned and so forth. I thought I was going to wake my roommate up but he woke up just a little after I was but he wasn't moving as fast as I was or seem to be in a hurry to do anything. He actually looked down like someone stole his car or something. So I asked him "what's up home slice? Why aren't you excited about this week off"? He paid me no attention and kept doing what he was doing. It made me mad that he would just blow me off like that. So I did what I always did to get him to talk, I ran across the little area we did have to run and pent his arm around his back then twisted so he knew that I wasn't playing. He fell to his knees and said "my parents cut me off until I get my grades together, please let me go". I sat on my bed and said "in detail what does that mean". He blew me off again, so I got up and he quickly put his arms up and said "OK OK I will tell you".

Brian said that because his cumulative GPA went from a 3.8 to a 2.7 his parents cut his credit cards off. Plus since they were going on vacation for spring break and he wasn't invited so he had to stay on campus and work for the week to pay for the vacation stay charges. Me personally didn't give a damn but when he started to cry I thought it was more to the story. So I said "continue". He continued with, "the main reason my grades slipped is because I came out to my parents as being curious about being in a relationship with guy, my father punched me in the face and called me a fag". I thought to myself how in the hell am I gonna get out of this one since I already know he going to ask me could he come and stay at my house for the week". I like Brian in all but my room is my personal space that I just don't like to share.

I was sitting on my bed when he got up from his bed to sit next to me to say "can I come stay with you for the week at your house". I was about to say "HELL NO, I DON'T THINK THAT WILL WORK". But he kept crying and I'm not one to deal with a bunch emotions. So I said "I'll ask my parents but you have to stay and help my father with the house work if they say yes". His face light up and he hugged me from the side so tight that I couldn't even breathe. After all this emotional draining conversation took place I knew that my parents would be up since they get up every day at 6:30 a.m. to jog around the neighborhood, so I stepped outside the room to call them. I didn't explain everything to them but I did say that he was having family issues and couldn't go home and could he stay the week. They agreed to it, I was kinda mad because I will admit it I am spoiled so sharing isn't a characteristic of mine. Plus, I knew that my father would do something to where Brian couldn't stay in one of the guest bedrooms. So after I calmed myself down I went back into the dorm to tell him the good news. I said "you’re in luck, slacker, we just happen to have a room available for the week". He grabbed me so hard and pressed his body so tight against mine to give me one of the nicest hugs I had ever gotten. It was kind of weird though, since he know that I freeballed on a daily basis, then he started freeballing so during that hug our cocks were pressed against each other and I notice he was getting hard.

After he let go and I could breathe normally again I told him "finish packing so we can get the hell out of here". He shook his head yeah and smacked me on the ass. I looked at him like what's your problem, he said "sorry tight ass". A half hour later we were off to my house in my truck. We got there about hour later because of the weather. When we arrived I said "don't take anything out of the truck just yet, wait until after breakfast". We walked in and took off our boots and coats to have breakfast with my parents. Breakfast lasted about 30 minutes and Brian shocked me by helping my mother clear the table. Then I looked over and seen my father had one of those curious looks on his face. So to get it over with I said "what's on your mind dad". He looked over and said "come and talk to me in the basement". In my head I was like "all shit, all hell is about to hit the damn fan". Since you never tell an ex-military man no, I followed him to the basement. Then the bomb fell and he said "let me guess Brian is gay or confused, his parents and he aren't getting along and you stepped in to play caption save a hoe". I laughed and nodded to agree. Then the second bomb hit when my father said "he has to stay in your room for the time he's here, he is your guest, you deal with him". I said "I didn’t kill anybody why are you punishing me for, treating me like a bald head stepchild; we have 5 other bedrooms here". He laughed and walked away mumbling something.

When I got back upstairs I found Brian and my mom still talking so I stood and waited until a break in the conversation to ask him was he ready to put his stuff in my room. My mother thought it was just the funniest thing in world because she knows I like my space. As we moved our stuff to my room (which is a finish attic) Brian said "DAMN, your room is like 50 times as big as my room" I laughed and said you must live in a closet then. (Even though my room was around 1,000 square feet that has its own bathroom) Then I almost had DAMN HEART ATTACK when he just threw his stuff on the floor and took off his shirt then flopped down on my bed to say "where will I sleep". I tried to count to ten but it didn't help. So I rushed over there and leaped over to pin his arms down with my knees in his biceps by his sides. I got as close as possible to him to where our noses touched to say "there are some ground rules, first never get on my bed without my permission, second never just throw your stuff around in my room, and third get your ass on the couch it pulls out into a bed". He looked terrified so he sled from under me and picked his stuff up and sat it by the couch. I laughed and said “it’s an extra dresser by my desk if you wanted to put your clothes in there".

After all of our stuff was put away I told him that I had to go do a couple things for work and I'll be back in a few but most likely my dad is going to go workout so he can go with him since we all know he loves to workout. He agreed and I left and went straight to Donna and Derek's house. Since they gave me a key I let myself in and it seem that no one was there even though I just called to tell them I was on my way. Since it was a snow storm their house workers couldn't show up, so I knew I could get naked if I wanted to, so I threw my clothes on the kitchen floor. And they yelled from upstairs that they were in the bedroom. I ran up stairs and saw Derek first and instantly got hard as I seen he had just gotten out the shower. I went and tackled him to the ground catching him off guard. I kissed him as I pushed his legs apart so I could fall between. Since he was already naked I eased my cock by his hole as we kissed. He was trying to say something but he stopped in pleasure when I stuck all my nine inches of pleasure inside of him. He let out a soft moan and said "fuck me". I rammed my dick inside and out of him like no tomorrow as he wrapped his legs around my waist. But this time it was different, fucking him on the floor as Donna watched, it was just different for some reason. It was even better than usual. Then Derek said "oh shit don't stop I'm about to cum". In my head I was like damn that's quick we only been at it for ten minutes. So I stopped and pulled out of him and repositioned myself for a 69. Derek stopped me and said "no finish pounding me out". So I did and he started to jack off fast as possible, then about five minutes later he came all over his own stomach. And seeing his load all over him made me cum. I did a couple more thrusts into him and I fall into his kiss as I squirted all I could inside his tight hole.

I was out of breath but manage to say "what's new, why does something seem different about this time" as I laid my head on his chest with my cock still inside him. Donna said "something is very different, get out of my husband and follow me". We both got up and I threw Derek the towel to get the cum off his chest. We followed her to the kitchen and on the counter by the stove there were two envelopes. She grabbed both of them and handed them to me and told me to open up the blue one first. On one side it said happy birthday and on the other side it said congratulations grad. I said "my birthday isn't for another month and I don't graduate until 2 more months". Derek said "just open the damn card already". I opened it and it was a letter from Zeek (he works for Chevrolet, where I got my truck from), as I read it I was shocked since at the bottom it said "thank you for completely paying off your truck". I was confused since I just got it for Christmas and I still owed like 20 grand on this truck. I was like "what's this" in my confused voice. Derek said "we paid off your truck idiot". Still lost I said "why". So Donna told me to open up the other envelope. It was an ultrasound inside and before I could open it up all the way Donna screamed "we're 2 and half months pregnant, J, it worked".

My heart fell in my stomach like I just heard the worst news ever. I said "oh I get it, this is payment for my services” as I slowly picked up my clothes. Derek said "stop being so dramatic and just listen". I told him "no, all this was, was just a way to get what you wanted and you were just going to throw me away". Derek took a deep breath and snatched my clothes from me and smacked me in the back of the head and told me to "shut up and listen" as he sat back down on the towel covered stool. He looked at Donna, then Donna said "we're not paying you off this was just our way of thanking you for giving us what we always wanted and before you say anything else we still want you to come over and have sex but it will just be with Derek from for a while because of my condition I can't have sex for another month or so but I can still can receive oral just so you know because I will still be expecting that. Did I answer all your questions?" I said "so what happens now". Derek said "we just have to make things interesting for everyone, so will you accept our gift now" as he rubbed my ass. I gave him a hug and slapped him on his ass and said “thank you to the both of you, no one has ever given me something like this before".

Then Donna said "I don't want you to get mad when I say this but we have to find someone for Derek to fuck since you don't bottom but so often". I smiled and said "leave that up to me" as I set on his lap. Donna said "oh now you wanna give up your hole all of a sudden". I said "well you did just save me 20 grand but that's just because Mr. Derek hasn't proven he's man enough to appreciate this ass" as I turned to look at him. Derek pushed me off of him onto the kitchen island, then turned me around so I was facing him and pushed me onto of the island roughly. Then he climbed onto of the counter and said "I'm all the man either of you need, ain't that right my little bitch". I couldn't do anything but laugh and say "prove it then, your words aren't good for nothing but crying wolf". He pinned my wrist to counter as he kissed me. I wrapped my legs around him to give him access to hole. I was amazed how he inserted himself inside me without using his hand to guide his manhood to my hole. It was like he did it so effortlessly as I broke our kiss to look at Donna who was already masturbating as she leaned on the counter near the stove. She gave me a nod to continue.

Rating: 87%, Read 27734 times, Posted Aug 12, 2014

True Story | Anal, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Gay, Interracial, Masturbation, School, Threesome


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