Daddy's Little Whore by artep

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Daddy's Little Whore

Just a few months shy of her 15th birthday sweet little Jenny decided she was finally going to get what she wanted and would not take "No" for an answer. Although she knew what that might mean she had made up her mind that Michael, her hearts' desire, would finally be hers, or at least go out with her on a real date. She knew that as an older boy at 17, he was experienced with sex and she had even heard from girls that he loved to have his cock sucked and to fuck. Young Jenny couldn't even imagine what that would be like with such a handsome and athletic boy almost twice her size, but she decided if it came down to it, she just might let him put his cock in front of her to kiss and she might even let him put it in her mouth - she would just have to see.

She had always considered herself Daddy's little girl and loved her Daddy with all her heart and she knew he would never approve of his little girl doing anything like this, but she would just have to risk it, because her heart ached day and night for Michael and he was all she could think of. Still, Jenny couldn't ever really imagine a boy seeing her undressed or ever doing anything sexual with a boy. She was actually quite shy and modest of her looks as she had a very naive and innocent mind and really hadn't noticed all of the stares and comments her beautiful young face and her perfect young body drew from boys and men alike. She tried to picture in her mind what it might be like to be seen naked by Michael or any boy, or what it might be like to actually have to touch his cock, but it was just too frightening to even think about, so she just put it out of her mind and told herself 'whatever she had to do would be worth it if only Michael would be hers.

Though she wasn't aware of the effect she was having on the men around her, her Daddy was certainly quite aware of how his little Princess was developing and he felt more than a little apprehension as he watched her develop day by day into a beautiful young woman that possessed all of the feminine charms that men were drawn to. It seemed almost overnight that she started filling out her sweaters and that her short cheer leading skirt was started to flare out as her hips developed into what even he had to admit was a very round and firm little ass. He knew it was only a matter of time until the boys would be standing in line outside his door to see her. He had no idea then that that line would develop outside her window late at night when he was asleep, but that was yet to come.

Tonight was finally the night that Jenny would try to make Michael hers. She was all dressed up for a party she knew he would be hanging out at and she looked her best. She had on a short little skirt that Daddy always disapproved of which would be pulled it up an inch or two as she left with her friend Veronica for the night. On top she wore a little button down sweater that accentuated her small but perfectly shaped firm little breasts. She had recently started to refer to them as her tits instead of boobs whenever she was around her older friends like Veronica who already had a drivers license and was well acquainted with boys and how to please them. She wore high heels that accentuated her muscular legs and calves and made her look, she felt, a little older and even sexy. Per Veronica's advice, who knew all about these things, she wore sexy little red lace G-string panties and matching bra, because 'You never can tell just how much a boy is going to see until it happens.' At five-foot tall and 109 lbs. she looked like a little doll with an ass that made even most women stop and stare. Certainly this would be the night when Michael would agree to take her out and possibly even go steady.

When they arrived, young Jenny saw Michael right away and couldn't wait to try to get closer to him so they might talk. She and Veronica decided to have a couple of beers and wait for the moment to come. Jenny wasn't at all used to drinking and was immediately feeling a little buzzed and more daring. 'Who knows,' she thought, 'maybe I just might find out what all this blowjob thing is about.' It was then that Veronica called Jenny over to where she was speaking to two of Michael's friends, Robert and James. Without Michael there she realized that they too were quite good looking with strong muscular bodies to match. She also noticed for the first time that they were both checking her out and didn't mind at all if she caught them staring right at her tits. "Jenny, I talked to Michael for you," Veronica said, "and he's waiting in the bedroom so you two can talk." Jenny's heart jumped with anticipation and not a little nervousness. She tried to casually walk in to the back room and was a little surprised when Robert and James followed her in and closed the door.

"Hi Jenny," Michael said. "How's it going?" He looked so good she thought. He was nearly six feet tall, was tan and had broad shoulders. She actually caught herself looking at his crotch and wondering what she might have to do and what it would be like. They caught her looking and the boys laughed as if they knew where this was going. With the way they stared at her she wondered just what Veronica had told him.

"Why don't you sit next to me here," he patted the bed, "and tell me what you wanted to talk about."

Jenny sat down, now very nervous, being so close to her heart's desire. Pushing aside her fear she asked, "Could we talk privately," she stammered, "you know, with out your friends right here?"

"Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of them, we are like brothers. We do everything together."

"What's a matter sugar, are you shy?" asked James.

"No, I was just going to ask Michael if maybe he'd might like to go out to a movie or something like that," she forced out, proud that she went ahead and asked.

All three boys laughed and little Jenny turned crimson. They were laughing at her and she didn't know why. Suddenly she was afraid she might cry and run out of the room, but then Michael spoke and she felt better at once.

"Jenny, you are a pretty little girl, but way too young," he smiled and she about melted. " Why would I take a little girl out like you when I can take out older girls that know how to suck cock and fuck and are willing to do it?"

Robert stared and her and said, "Maybe this little bitch could learn." She had never been referred to as a bitch, but surprisingly didn't mind the way he said it, in fact that's what most of the boys referred to the older girls she knew as. Especially the ones that put out, for some reason.

"You know I'm not as innocent as you think," she blurted out, "I've done it too you know." Now they really laughed.

"Done what little girl?"

"You know, I've done it. I gave head."

"Bullshit," said Michael, "you've never even seen a guys dick before."

"I have and I'll prove it."

"How the hell are you going to do that?" demanded Michael.

"Show me yours, right now," 'Oh my God, what have I done' she thought, "I know what to do."

"Do you?"

"Yes and I'll prove it."

"All right," said Michael, "Robert, James, show her," he smiled.

"Wait, I meant yours, not theirs."

"Listen, you first show me that you know what you're doing and then you get this," he said as he grabbed the now very large and obvious bulge in his pants.

Before she knew it, Robert and James both had there very large and half-erect cocks pointed right in her face where she sat on the bed. She had no idea they would be this big. Though she had nothing to compare them to, she couldn't imagine anything that big could fit in her small mouth, let alone her little pink hole between her legs. Robert's was at least 6 inches long and very thick and red. James' was even longer and the head, which was now just inches from her face, was as big as a plum. The boys laughed at the scared look on her face, as it was very obvious she had never really seen a cock before in her life.

"Wait, wait, wait," said Michael. "What do you think you're doing? You aren't planning on sucking cock with all of your clothes on are you? If you want to show how you give head, you're going to have to strip first sweetheart."

"No, no, please Michael. You can have them put it my mouth if you have to, but make them leave the room if you want me to take my clothes off."

"No," he said in a bored tone.

"Please," she pleaded. "I really don't want to take my clothes off in front of them. I'll show you everything if you have them leave the room."

"We want to see what we're gonna get."

"We?" she asked. "I'll let you see anything you want if we can do it in private. I'll show you my pussy," she offered. Jenny just played her last card and she hoped that Michael would spare her the humiliation of undressing in front of three boys for her first time ever, but Michael was only getting more aroused at the prospect of this young girl showing all her little pink parts to the three of them. The idea of forcing her to show everything was almost overwhelming.

"Take off your clothes you little cunt," he commanded.



"I'll show my boobs," she bargained.

"That's a start," he said as he learned forward and ripped off her sweater at once leaving her in only her red lace bra." All the boys whistled and became even more excited at what they knew was about to happen.

"Now the bra."

Jenny slowly began to unhook her bra and as her little tits were to come into view she quickly covered them with both hands. One look at Michael though, and she knew she had better uncover them herself or they would do it for her. Jenny lowered her hands and let the boys stare. Her sweet, round tits were the size of cupcakes and just as firm. They were perfectly white with light pink nipples that stood out as thick and long as any woman's. They had never been felt or even seen by a boy before and it was all Jenny could do to keep from turning around and hiding them against the bed, though their appreciative stares did help her self-consciousness as did the fact that she knew boys loved hard nipples, and hers had caused her no end of embarrassment in school.

"Okay bitch," said James. "Now the skirt and panties."

"Michael" Jenny asked, "do I have to?" She looked up at him with her most pained look, but only saw a growing bulge in his pants and then remembered just what she had come here to do.

"Let's see what you have honey," he said sweetly. "A pretty girl like you shouldn't be shy of showing us."

Jenny stood on the bed to make room for herself and to hopefully keep out of arms reach and slowly pushed her little red panties down to her ankles. As she bent over to take them off she gave them a perfect shot of her little ass and cunt. She realized what she had done and quickly stood up to their laughs.

"Turn around sweetheart and show us what you've got." All three boys stood in rapt fascination at the beautiful little girl before them. They had never seen such a perfect little body and each grabbed his cock while she pulled down her skirt and finally stood before them in nothing but her heels. For the first time she had not one, but three boys staring at her pussy which had just begun to get the lightest covering of soft light brown hair.

"Now turn around, bend over and show us your ass."

"Please Michael, don't make me do this," she begged.

"Do you want to go out with me?"

"Yes," she pouted.

"Remember that and turn around and show us your butt, that's all we'll see. You don't mind if we look at your little butt do you?"

"Well no." With that she turned around and bent over on the bed. They could see every detail of her little cunny and she knew it. She had always had a full well developed cunt, even as a very young girl and the other girls had teased her about it, making her even more self conscious, but she was determined to go through with it. She began to feel better as the boys commented on what a great looking cunt and ass she had. Jenny shocked herself by slightly spreading her legs to give them a better shot of her swollen cunt and nearly jumped straight through the roof when James stuck his little finger straight up her asshole. She hadn't even considered that they could see that. She sat straight down on the bed as before and closed her legs tightly together.

"Well I am impressed," Michael said while staring at her tits. "You're doing a pretty good job. Well you said you'd given head before," he laughed, "open up your mouth and stick out your tongue." She had no idea what to do but couldn't go back against what she had said and with Michael standing there watching her she could only do one thing. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as she was told. She was thankful that Robert started first with his slightly smaller cock, but still couldn't believe what she was doing. Afraid, she closed her eyes and was startled as she felt Robert's now very hard and thick cock head touch her tongue. She was surprised at how hot and smooth it was and how it felt as he pushed the entire head of his throbbing cock into her mouth. She lightly closed her mouth around it and didn't actually mind the taste or how it felt. Not knowing what else to do she just sat there and felt her mouth salivating all around his cock. James gently held her head and slowly slid his cock towards the back of her mouth. When she could take it no deeper he started to pull out and then slowly started to fuck her pretty young mouth as the two other boys watched. Jenny tried to smile and look good for Michael who stood there grinning at her whorish behavior while his friend fed more and more cock into her wet mouth. Twice she felt she would surely gag on the enormous cock in her virgin mouth, but each time James backed off before she choked. His gentleness actually started to make her relax and before she knew it, young Jenny was starting to enjoy the gentle face fucking James was giving her and wondered what would happen next.

"Holy fuck, this bitch feels good," James exclaimed. Seeing this beautiful 14-year old girl swallowing his hard cock was almost too much to bear. The other two boys were both fisting their cocks now and enjoying the show as this sweet young girl allowed her face to be fucked. She watched as Michael stared at her with her mouth full of cock, obviously getting very excited. It was then that Jenny noticed that for the very first time her virgin cunt was getting truly wet. She could actually feel her pussy start to soak with her sweet juice.

"Do you like that sweetheart?" Michael asked. Jenny felt her heart pound with Michael's approval and she relaxed even more and tried to do what she thought would look good. She looked up at him with her eyes, hoping to please him so that James' cock could be replaced with her love's, but it was obvious he was enjoying watching her suck his friend off too much to stop him now. Well, if she had to do it to get to him she might as well get it over with, she thought, and with that she started to lightly suck the cock in her mouth and even began to move her head up and down the cock on her own. James felt it immediately and announced he was about to blow his wad in this young bitch's mouth.

Jenny didn't know what to do or to expect as his cock became even thicker and began to really pulse and throb on her tongue. James started to cum with a gasp and she felt the first wet splash of jism on her tongue and at the back of her throat. Large streams of cum began to shoot out and fill her mouth almost immediately. It was very hot, thick and creamy. A lot of it shot straight down her throat as James grabbed her head and began to really fuck her mouth. She kept thinking she would choke and was afraid of what would happen, but he took away all choices and humped her mouth hard. Stream after thick stream of cum filled her mouth and she swallowed it to keep from gagging. What shot on to her tongue was quickly forced down her throat by the next spurt. Just as she thought he was finished cumming, he pulled his cock out and jacked it off hard shooting several more thick spurts of jism onto her face. It splashed across her cheeks and onto her lips with the last shot shooting into her gasping mouth. She was completely shocked that a boy had just shot his jism into her mouth and she had actually swallowed it.

She was still in shock when Robert announced it was his turn and forced his giant swollen cock head into her mouth. With the cum still running down her cheeks, Jenny had to open her mouth as wide as she could to fit it inside. It was so big for her small mouth that he couldn't fit much more into her mouth than the head. Knowing she wouldn't get to Michael until Robert came and becoming more relaxed she allowed herself to suck the head of his cock like a sucker and to even rub the underside of his fat cock with her tongue. He responded nicely and she was actually proud of how she was able to handle the situation. An innocent young girl like her wasn't born knowing how to suck cock, but Robert wouldn't know it. She decided if she had to do it she might as well get it over with and the only way to do that was to get him to cum for her. To cum in her mouth so she could finally get what she was after, a date with Michael, the most wonderful boy in her school.

Having watched her swallow one big load already and with the way she was grinding her tongue against the underside of his cockhead it didn't take long for him to start to fill her mouth.

"You're going to taste all of this you little slut," Robert said as he pulled out his cock till just the tip was in her sucking mouth and began to cum in spasms. As quickly as her tongue was covered in thick hot spurts of jism she swallowed it and caught the next stream. There seemed to be no end to Robert's cum she thought, as her mouth was filled again and again. Her cheeks bulged with his cum and she swallowed it all as quickly as she could so as not to spill a drop and make a fool of herself in front of Michael. Robert told her to stick her tongue out as he squeezed the last glob of jiz from his cock out onto her tongue to be swallowed.

"Now suck it clean, you little whore," he said and stuck his cock back into her sticky mouth. She had no choice but to suck it till all of the cum was gone. She felt like an absolute whore. And why shouldn't she, she reasoned, she just sucked off two guys she hadn't really ever met just to go out with their friend and was now sitting naked before the fully dressed boys with their jism drying on her face. It didn't matter though, Michael was smiling from ear to ear at her performance. She knew he was pleased and she was rather pleased herself at the job she just did. She now knew she could suck a cock as good as any of the older girls and was actually anxious to show Michael just how good she was.

Jenny sat there with a smile slowly spreading across her face. She had streaks of drying cum on her face and all over her mouth. The boys all agreed she looked fucking hot and it was time to reward for being such an obedient little girl. Jenny was actually looking forward to what might happen next.

"Now tell me the truth Jenny," Michael said, "do you want to lose your cherry - to me?" Michael looked at her pretty young face and smiled. He was slowly stroking his beautiful cock and she was able to finally get a good look at it. It was at least 7 inches long and quite thick. She felt her little cunny twinge and she knew now what it felt like to want to have a cock inside her. All she could do was nod. "Do you want everyone to know that I was the one to take your cherry, honey? I want everyone to know that I was your first."

Jenny was thrilled at the idea. This would be even better than just being seen with him! She had never dreamed that she would lose her cherry so young and thought about what her Daddy would say if he ever found out, but she was just too excited and too caught up in it all to refuse him of anything he could ask. "Yes, take it Michael, I want everyone to know."

The boys burst out laughing. "That's good sweetie because everyone will know and not only that, they're going to watch. Come on in!" Michael yelled over her. Jenny turned and looked to the bedroom window. She couldn't believe her eyes, half the party was staring back at her, even her friend Veronica. It was obvious they had watched the whole thing. Jenny had never been so humiliated. Not only had they all seen her naked body, they had watched her blow two guys and swallow all of the cum as they shot it into her mouth and face.

She began to get up, but Robert and James pushed her back on to the bed and onto her back. "You said you wanted everyone to know Jenny, they won't do anything, they just want to watch you get your first fuck."

"You asshole Michael, I hate you!" she screamed, "I fucking hate you!" and began to cry.

Michael said, "You'll get over it. What do you think little whores like you are for?" as the whole gang came into the bedroom lead by Veronica who was naked from the waist down.

"Oh Jenny," Veronica beamed, "cheer up, you are turning in to such a good whore! I can't believe what a good job you did sucking those cocks - you didn't even spill a drop. I am so proud of you!" she said, stroking her hair, "and don't worry there's more where that came from. You got us all so fucking hot when you let James fuck your mouth that Aaron here, one of our donors for the evening, just had to bend me over and bang me good. The others had to stand around us in a circle to keep the neighbors from seeing me getting fucked in the front yard! And when you sucked James off, our other donor Nick had to make his contribution too. As you can see it's all in here for you," she said pointing down to her smoothly shaven cunt. Jenny had seen it before in the showers when it was covered with a full dark brown muff, but now it was completely slick and completely covered with white frothy sperm - over her entire pubic mound and all over the inside of her thighs.

"Now we are going to take our last donor while I show you how to fuck as that's what you'll be doing in just a minute," Veronica said as she laid down next to Jenny on the bed. "This is how you spread for a boy." Veronica grabbed her knees and pulled them up and out till they were next to her tits. "If you're going to fit a big cock like Michael's in you, you're going to have to spread real good honey. Then you say 'come here and give me that cock you horny bastard'. " Bill came over with a long impressive cock that was already completely stiff. Jenny could see the jism starting to bubble up and out of Veronica's cunt and run down into her asshole. She figured Veronica must be completely full already and Bill easily slid his cock into her balls deep in one stroke and immediately began to pound away at her friend's hole.

"This is how you make the boy cum Jenny, watch me." Veronica licked her lips and told the boy to fuck her cunt harder. "Harder, you Fuck! Bang my fucking hole! Harder, HARDER!! Fill it up now, feed my cunt your fucking cum!" With that Bill bucked wildly and really leaned into her and fucked her as hard as anything Jenny could imagine. It looked like it would hurt terribly and she wondered what she was in for and searched her mind for any way she could get out of this place right now and into the arms of her Daddy who would protect her, but Veronica seemed to enjoy herself very much and Jenny watched as she too came while Bill began unloading a very large load of jism into Veronica's cunt. Everyone clapped and yelled at his performance.

"Do you see, Jenny? That's how you fuck a boy. I hope you were paying attention!" she laughed. "Because it's your turn now and her comes the good part." Veronica got up on her knees with her left hand clamped tightly over her cunt and straddled Jenny's face. "This will give you something to take your mind off of the pain of losing your cherry."

"No!" Jenny yelled and turned her head away.

"Now Jenny, be grateful and thank everyone who contributed to this for you. Say 'thank you Aaron, thank you Nick'..."

"No, I don't want it," Jenny yelled and tried to squirm away, but with Veronica's knees on either side of her head and with Robert and James holding her knees spread and apart, she was helpless to do anything.

"Michael, show this ungrateful little girl what happens when she doesn't listen."

Past Veronica's side she could see Michael raise his open hand and felt and heard it come down with a loud smack on her spread cunt. No one had ever touched her there and for the first time in her life it was as spread as a virgin cunt could be. She could feel her cunt burning while Veronica wiggled to line up her frothy cunt with Jenny's mouth, but still she resisted. "Again, Michael." Even above all of the noise and the excitement in the room Jenny could here the loud smack his hand made as it landed on her swollen, quivering cunt and a boy laugh as her cunt juice actually splattered him in the face.

"Jesus fuck, have you ever seen a wetter cunt?" She could hear the crowd commenting on what a beautiful and very red cunt she had and suddenly felt a hand massaging her burning cunt and playing with her little clit. She had no idea whose hand it even was, but after the slaps she had received it felt fucking good!

Jenny didn't have to say a word. She just looked up at her friend Veronica and opened her mouth wide. Veronica said, "Now that's a good girl. Now, say 'Thank you Aaron.'"

"Thank you, Aaron."

"Say, 'Thank you Nick.'"

"Thank you, Nick."

"And thank you Bill."

"Thank you Bill," she repeated. Veronica moved her hand away and placed her full shaven cunt lips, which were almost as thick as Jenny's, completely in Jenny's mouth. She heard Veronica sigh and felt her cunt relax as a huge load of jism from the three boys flooded into her mouth. Jenny gulped down as much as she possibly could, but it was just too much and it spilled out all over her mouth. Veronica began to hump Jenny's face as the cum continued to pour out. Thick strands of hot jism would gush from her cunt and Jenny began to lick and suck it straight from Veronica's freshly fucked hole.

"Oh God Jenny, Yes! Lick it Jenny, lick it out of my hole," she cried, as she began to hump her cunt against Jenny's tender mouth and tongue in earnest. "Oh God, yes, that's it Jenny, suck on that!" Jenny began to suck harder and harder on friend's cunt, as it became obvious that she was about to cum. "Oh you little fucking bitch, yes, yes, eat it, eat my fucking cunt!" Suddenly a fresh wave of cum filled Jenny's mouth and again for the first time Jenny tried something new, the taste of a 16-year-old's sweet pussy cum. As Veronica came Jenny sucked and slurped at her cunt harder than ever and swallowed ever drop she could. She really began to enjoy making her friend feel so good.

Just as she began to feel things couldn't get much better, the fingers that had been playing at her cunt were replaced with what she knew must be the head of Michael's cock rubbing at her slick and swollen virgin pussy. No sooner had she realized what it was then with a sudden lunge, that felt like it would tear her small fuck hole apart, Michael was inside her up to his balls. The crowd went wild as he forced it in in one stroke and Jenny could hear everyone cheering at the performance. Only Veronica's wet cunt stuffed inside Jenny's mouth kept her from crying out, but the pain was almost immediately replaced with a ravenous desire to get her little cunt fucked as hard as Michael could. Even Jenny didn't know what had come over her, but she did know that if the boy she had had a crush on didn't fuck her to orgasm she would be greatly disappointed. Now that her cherry was gone and she felt a boys thick cock in her tiny little hole for the first time she wanted to get fucked as hard as humanly possible and what's more, she wanted to cum!

Michael didn't want to disappoint her and as his friends held her legs up and spread as wide as they could go, he began to pump her extremely tight cunt as hard as he could. Jenny had never felt anything like it. Boys to either side of her began to play and suck on her pink nipples that had never been so hard before. She found she really liked having her tits played with and realized that she had never really thought of them as sexual objects before, but now the harder they bit and chewed on her nipples and the harder they tried to crush her small tits in their hands she realized her titties would become a great source of pleasure to her for years to come. Further she began to actually enjoy all of the stares and the comments from the crowd. They absolutely loved watching her getting fucked hard. The boys and girls alike cheered Michael on each time he would pound her cunt with an extra hard thrust of his cock. She really enjoyed listening to them comment on how they couldn't believe a little 14 year old virgin bitch could swallow so much cum or taking such a hard pounding at her hole. Even better, it was obvious that Michael was looking at her in a whole new way. Michael was impressed with her. The look on his face was incredulous. He was also obviously enjoying fucking the tightest cunt he had ever had.

"Fuck me Michael - hard! Fuck my hole and make me cum, harder, HARDER! Yes Michael that's it," she screamed, "Shove it in me harder!" The onlookers loved it and began to root him on, but for all of his stud reputation Michael came in under a minute of hard fucking and began to fill her cunt with jism.

Before she could stop herself, Jenny yelled out, "Michael!!, that's it?! Fuck me hard and make me cum!"

Everyone burst out laughing, they couldn't believe how this young girl had changed from the shy little thing they had known to this incredibly sexy young whore. Michael's face turned red with embarrassment and to Jenny he actually looked hurt. "Angel, I'll give it to you again, OK? In a little while."

"In a little while? Well give someone else a try!" She wasn't about to miss her chance to cum after practically everyone else had, either in her or on her.

Everybody leave the room," he called out, "we want to be alone."

"The fuck we do!"

"Jenny!," Michael exclaimed, "what are you doing?"

"Is there anybody here who thinks he can fuck this little cunt hard enough to make me cum," she asked of the crowd. The look on her cum glazed face told everyone she was serious. Immediately every boy there dropped his pants and began stroking his cock. "If one can't do it then maybe all of you can together. Now let's see what you've got!"

Jenny pulled up her own legs now and let the gangbang begin. One hard cock after another was shoved in her hole and the energetic boys fucked her as brutally as they possibly could. Everyone cheered when a young stud would shove his cock in hard enough to move the bed. No one before had ever seen anybody get fucked so hard ever and when Robert's turn came again they had the idea that James would push down on his back with each thrust to see just how hard they could fuck this little girl. His enormous cock that seemed about to split Jenny in two was rammed again and again into her tight young hole. Between the two of them she was taking over three hundred pounds of pounding cock into her little fuck hole which was now overflowing with so much jism it squirted out into the crowd each time his massive cock plunged into her hole. Just when she thought that she'd pass out from the pounding, Jenny had the biggest and first cum of her life. She screamed and cried while the two boys continued to ram her cunt. She had never felt anything like it and no one there had ever seen anything like it. They looked at her in awe and respect. Robert pulled out and shot huge wads of jism all over her young tits and stomach, with one shot reaching all the way to land square on her mouth. She licked that up and turned to Veronica who was sucking her left tit.

"Now it's time to return the favor Veronica. Come here and get on your knees." Veronica did as she was told and Jenny grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her mouth to her pussy. Veronica sucked voraciously and was treated to mouthful after mouthful of boys' jism. She continued to slurp it up until she had sucked out the last mouthful and brought it to Jenny's mouth to share. Jenny found she really enjoyed another girl's tongue in her mouth, especially one covered in jiz. Wanting full reciprocation she pushed Veronica down to her cunt again and didn't have to say another thing. With a cock in her petty mouth and one in each hand she enjoyed another intense orgasm as Veronica sucked her little clit with gratitude.

She had just fucked six different boys at least twice each and her stomach was literally full from the jism she had swallowed. It was time to go home to her Daddy, who was probably worried about his little girl by now. Jenny decided not to hide it from her Daddy at all. They didn't keep secrets from one another and she couldn't wait to tell her Daddy all about her night.

Rating: 84%, Read 109267 times, Posted Mar 27, 2007

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