Memorial Daze Part Three by gscmar64

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Diary | Female, Group Sex, Male, Rape

With Sherry’s screams of pain, sobs of crying and threats in my ears, Joe backs me out into the hallway whispering in my ears “They guys said they want Sherry just as bad as they wanted you!” then he disgusts me with his statement “But I find the little bitch unappealing sexually!” backing me up against the wall before pressing himself hard against me. “Now you! I find exciting even more after what you let us do last night!”

Leaning his head into my throat, tracing it with his tongue, then along my chin and finally onto my lips where he closes his mouth on mine. His right hand holding the back of my head as he kisses me, his left down groping between my legs. Then once more he humiliates me

“Tell me to stop and I will Teri!” an evil smile on his face.

Extending my left hand out then bringing my open right hand sharply down to meet my right hand, I keep repeating the motion only to have Joe mock me.

“No not that sign crap I mean say it!” laughing at me “Say it out loud dummy!” ‘Unn Unn Unn’ is all I can manage as I try to push him off me.

“Know why you can’t say it, cause you want this as much as I want it!” Grabbing my hand in his and dragging me along the hall into Sherry’s room, letting go of my hand he turns and shuts the door, locking it. Turning back to me “So you going to take that rag off and get onto the bed or do you want me to strip you and fuck you where you stand?”

Shaking, not looking towards him I reach up and draw what remains of my night gown up and over my head, Standing there once more naked when he comes over and lifts my head “Damn you have a great body!” Placing his hands on my shoulders pressing me down onto my knees before him “Go on you know what to do!” One hand grasps the back of my head pressing my towards his hardening cock. With no choice and tears in my eyes I open my mouth and take his cock into my mouth.

For more than an half hour he makes me debase myself by saying “Tell me to pull out and I will!” More tears flowing down my face as he burst out laughing. Then he once more empties his balls into my mouth, making me gag on the amount of cum. Collapsing to the floor I curl up into a fetal position as Joe moves to the bed and picks up her phone and makes a series of calls.


Meanwhile back in his room Sherry is done being fucked by Rob. Now Keith is taking his turn with her, thrusting without mercy into his best friend’s sister. Rob not wanting to stand with a combination of drying cum on his cock gets on the bed lifting Sherry’s crying face and forcing his cock into her mouth

Sherry wasn’t a virgin ,but neither was she a whore so she didn’t do anything with the cock in her mouth until Rob slapped the right side of her face and said

“Clean my cock bitch!’ Getting frustrated by the minute “Fuck even the mutie knew how to use her tongue to clean a cock!” Sherry then started to slide her tongue along the shaft in her mouth like she would a popsicle.

Keith gives an loud “Oh yeah!’ then starts to spew his seed into Sherry’s ass, as Rob pulls his cock out of her mouth

“So you think Joe is done screwing that mutie again?” Keith Asks Rob as sherry lies on the bed in a daze. Leaving her there they go out nude to find Joe and Teri. That’s when the three of them meet in the hallway ,exchanging evil greetings

“Good news guys “Dan, Barry and Les are on their way over!”

“Gonna let em?” Is all Keith gets out before Joe nod his head and goes into the room with Sherry.

“So bitch, looks like you have to be a hostess and party favor for three more of my friends today!” Looking down at her in disgust “Christ go clean up, don’t want my friends to think you’re a dirty whore now do I?” Then from another room

“Mind if we use the mutie for a while Joe?”

“No she’s all yours, just make sure she not harmed so she can have three more guys fucking her all day!” Then turning back to Sherry “Say any chance of you making a pasta dish for when we get hungry from gangbanging the two of you?”

Sherry doesn’t say a word as she drags her battered body off the mattress and staggers her way to the bathroom locking herself inside. I make my way downstairs to make sure the living room is clean and the deck around the pool is equally clean. Forty minutes later I’m joined by Rob and Keith both who needs a shower in the worst way. As I comment about their stench they both remark the only shower is behind a locked door

Heading back up I pound on the door until Sherry unlocks it! She comes out the same way she went in dazed but at least she smells less skanky than before. Looking in as I hear water still running, I see Teri just standing under the cascading water a blank expression on her face. Going in, I reach in and turn the shower knob close. As the water from the shower head ebbs, Teri remains there like a zombie as the tub fills with water around her feet. She doesn’t move until I grope her pussy, then she jumps and tries to becomes one with the tiled wall.

“Either shower or get out before more friends show up!” All she does is move back into the center of the tub, standing there like a statue, so I take off my pants and get in behind her, grabbing a loofah glove and give her a quick wash. As me hand comes closer to her breast she finally acknowledge my presence, tensing up as my hand brush her nipples with the loofah. When I get below her waist, she trembling until my hand glides the loofah down her legs. “There now you’re clean! Go get dressed in something that show off your body and be ready to entertain a few more of my friends!” She swings her head looking at me with dread in her eyes.

As I help her out of the tub, Rob and Keith show up to get a shower of their own. Keith seeing Teri leans in and nips her left nipple, releasing it then “Oh I love the way your skin taste, remind me to get your number before leaving!” For some reason that comment makes Teri rush into Sherry’s room,closing the door fast, locking it then I hear the scrape of a chair coming towards the door. I can just imagine where the back is in relation with the door knob.

Returning downstairs after warning Rob and keith to leave Teri alone after their showers,I find Sherry in the kitchen with a butcher knife in her hand “If any of your fucking friends lay a hand on me or Teri again I won’t hesitate to use this!” Swinging the knife in front of me, on the backward swing she moves closer to me.

“You started this so you’re the first one i’m knifing Joe!”

Backing up until I hard against the fridge, I don’t dispute her words, if given the chance, which i have no plan on doing. Taking my eyes off her long enough to grope the cabinet door beside the fridge, my hand comes to the flat cookie sheet mom bakes with. Pulling it out then up in front of me I use it as a shield and parry weapon. As Sherry swings the knife towards me I swing the flat surface towards her, blocking and knocking the knife out of her hand.

With her defenseless, Rob and Keith Comes down and the three of us overpower her and take her down to the basement where all our fun began a few hours before. As she struggled against us i threaten her “Quit it or Teri won’t leave here unless it in a body bag from being fucked to death!” hearing that she quit struggling completely as we waited for my friends to show!

To be Continue

Rating: 78%, Read 9932 times, Posted Dec 15, 2017

Diary | Female, Group Sex, Male, Rape


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