Sex with a crack whore PART 2 by egman

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Fiction | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Female, Group Sex, Male, Prostitution, Threesome


Now I stood behind her, and slammed my cock into her wet, slippery pussy as deep as I could go. My cock was rock hard now, and I started pushing into her with a fast rhythm, my balls slapping against her with every thrust. It was not that long since I had come before, so I was able to keep this up for many minutes. I slipped out of her because I wanted to take another hit of crack. I gave her a hard slap on her round, perfect ass as my dick sprang free.

After loading a big rock onto the end of the pipe, I used the lighter to melt it down, then handed it to Erica, who had turned over and was sprawled naked on the bed. "Light it up and hit it hard, then give me a killer smokestack right away," I ordered. She took the pipe and lighter, and put the glass tube to her mouth. Striking the lighter, she maneuvered the flame to the end of the pipe. I watched as the she drew the flame sideways into the pipe, scrutinizing up close as the crack melted into a translucent white liquid, then turned to a thick white smoke as she pulled gently on the pipe. She puffed a few times, letting little wisps of the smoke escape from her mouth. I sniffed at these, enjoying the rich, sweet odor of the crack. When her lungs were full, she motioned me closer and quickly locked her lips onto mine, then began a long, steady exhale, filling my lungs with the smoke. I inhaled as she blew the smoke into me, then felt her tongue slide deep into my mouth and begin to toy with the tip of my tongue. While our tongues danced together, I began to fly, and soared to a thrilling high as my brain exploded with ringing bells and shooting stars. We kept kissing for a minute until I pushed her away and turned her over. She was poised on her knees on the edge of the bed now, and I stood behind her as I rocketed, then slid my cock back into her slippery wet pussy. I started pounding her again, enjoying the tightening of my balls as an orgasm worked its way up my cock. Erica started to cry out now, and she came with a huge orgasm while I pumped and pumped and then exploded in a mind-boggling explosion of cum that shot deep inside her pussy. My knees buckled and I collapsed, falling onto the bed beside her. She lay there for a minute, recovering, then picked up the pipe and took a hit, holding it in for maximum effect.

"You know,'" she whispered, letting the smoke out in little puffs as she talked, "I have a girlfriend who would really enjoy partying with us." She smiled, flashing her bright, white-toothed smile at me. "Tell me about her," I said, curious. "She's a red head, about 5 feet tall, slim, with small firm tits and long nipples." Sounds like you know her well," I replied. Erica grinned and said, "Oh yes, we're really good friends," and gave me a wink. "Why don't you give her a call," I said. Erica nodded, got up, walked naked over to her pile of clothes. Here ass cheeks worked up and down as she walked, and her breasts jiggled nicely. She picked up the phone.

While she talked with her friend I picked up the pipe and examined it. Just below the char at the end was a clear area, where the crack had turned to smoke. Below that, the inside of the pipe had a thick coating of resin, a brown, tar-like goo: the un-vaporized excess from the rocks we had smoked. I decided to push the pipe. I went over to the counter and picked up a sturdy metal wire, which was intended for just this purpose. I shoved gently against the ball of copper char, with the metal wire against the char so it would move the blackened copper plug down the glass tube and into the goo. It didn't move, even when I pushed hard. I sat down on the bed and picked up the lighter, and warmed the end of the pipe, being careful not to heat it to the point of vaporizing. I pushed again with the wire, and the char moved half an inch down the pipe, then became mired in the resinous brown sludge, where it came to a halt. I flicked the lighter and heated up the next section of pipe, then pushed hard until the char slowly slid to the other end of the pipe. Turning it around, I pushed the copper plug back down the length off the pipe, re-heating it once before it returned to its original position at the end of the pipe. The inside walls of the glass tube had only a thin haze left on them, as the resin from the crack was now concentrated on the char. This was going to be a monstrous hit!

Just then Erica got off her phone. She walked over and rubbed her lithe, naked body against mine, her hand trailing down to grasp my now-soft cock and give it a little squeeze; I grasped one of her large, firm breasts and tweaked the nipple, and we hugged for a minute. "Good news," she said. "My friend Brooke would be delighted to join us. We can pick her up at her motel over on 6th." "Excellent," I said. "Let's go get her." I hid the bag of crack and the pipe and we dressed, then went out to the car. It took only five minutes to reach the motel, the Star. As I pulled into the lot Erica waved at a girl who was standing outside the door of one of the ground floor rooms. The light was behind her so I couldn't see her face, but I could tell she was short and slender. I pulled into a parking space and the girl walked over and climbed into the back seat. "This is Brooke," said Erica, making the introductions. "Hi Brooke!" I said. Now I could see her face, which was cute and pixy-like, and her hair, which was a bright, flaming red. It was woven into two long, fat pigtails with little white bows at the ends. She had smooth even features, a sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks and nose, and green eyes. I drew in a breath. "Hey, you are pretty!" "Why thank you," she replied in a husky voice, "you're kind of handsome yourself." Her top was a tight-fitting white t-shirt that hugged the smooth, small mounds of her breasts. She was not wearing a bra, so her long nipples pushed against the fabric, making little tents. She was wearing blue short-shorts that hugged her rounded bottom. Up close she was not just small, she was tiny, and looked like a too-young, jail-bait age teenager. "I don't want any trouble, Brooke, how old are you?" "Oh," she grinned, "I know I look like I'm 14 but I'm actually 18. Look at my driver's license." "OK, let's see." She handed it over, I examined it. The laser state emblem on it looked real enough, the picture matched, and her birthday made her 18 years and a few months old. "OK, I guess we're good to go," I said, and pulled into traffic. We stopped for some sodas and were back in my room in minutes.

"So Erica tells me you have some pretty good rock," said Brooke, toying with one of her bright red pigtails. "Why don't you try some," I replied. I handed her a bag of rocks and a fresh pipe from under the pillow, leaving hidden for later the pipe I had pushed before. I wanted to save that hit for my next orgasm. Brooke smiled and took the clean pipe and lighter. She sat on the bed, then took a big chunk out of the bag and pushed it into the char at the end of pipe. Picking up the lighter, she flicked it and brought the flame up to the white rock, which was so big that it protruded from the end of the pipe. Erica sat next to her on one side, and rubbed her back. I sat on the other side, and watched as she put the pipe to her lips and brought the lighter up to the top. She inhaled slowly and expertly, and the fire bent sideways, the tip of the flame dancing against the white rock. I watched intently as the crack liquefied and turned into a thick white smoke. She sucked on the glass tube greedily, and the rock disappeared into the char as she held the flame in place. When her lungs were full she stopped inhaling and pulled her lips away. Her eyes grew wide as her rush began, and she closed her eyes then let out a soft "oooh." I slipped one hand under her t-shirt and slid up to the breast closest to me. Erica saw what I was doing and did the same on her side. I rolled her nipple between my fingers while Erica pulled her shirt up and took Brooke's nipple into her mouth. "Oh my god," said Brooke, "that feels so good! What a rush." I pushed her back onto the bed and clamped my mouth onto her nipple, which had gotten hard and now stuck out over half an inch, sucking on it hungrily. Brooke let out a moan. I released the nipple and said to Erica, "Hey, maybe we should take a hit, too." I selected another large chunk of rock from the bag and put it into the pipe, set it between my lips, flicked the lighter, took a long, slow hit, and handed the pipe to Erica. She took a hit and held it in, then handed the pipe to Brooke. While Erica and I rushed, we leaned down and attacked Brooke's nipples again, as Brooke was taking another hit. "My whole body is sparkling," exclaimed Brooke, as we worked her nipples. I looked over at Erica and she bared her teeth and clamped them hard on Brooke's nipple. I followed her lead, and Brooke squealed with delight. "Harder!" she groaned, and I bit down into the firm flesh, then sucked hard. "Oh yes," cried Brooke. I reached down across her smooth belly, unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, then slid my hand inside her panties, not letting up on her nipple for a second. My finger found her mound and sought out the knob of her clit. It was wet with her juices, and I began to massage it gently. "Oh yes, can I take another hit?" asked Brooke. "Go for it," I said. She lit the pipe and took a hit, and exclaimed, "You guys are going to make me cum!" She reached down and pushed my fingers harder against her clitoris, and writhed her hips against the pressure. "Oh yes! Oh, yea! Oh, yesssss!" She squirmed with delight as she rushed and came.

"Why don't you take another hit, Erica?" I said. "You talked me into it," she laughed. "In that case, let's all get naked," I suggested. "Brooke, you go first while Erica takes her hit." Erica picked out another rock from the baggie and put it on the end of the pipe. "Brooke," she said, "give us some dance moves while you strip." I put on some music on the TV, and Brooke stood up and began to move with the music while Erica took her hit, then came over to me and pointed at my mouth. I parted my lips and began to inhale as she blew the thick, sweet smoke into my lungs. When the smoke was finished, her tongue slipped between my lips and played with my tongue, then withdrew. I followed it out and we swirled our tongues around and around outside of our open mouths as we rushed together. "That is so hot," said Brooke, leaning in and adding her tongue to the mix. We played our tongues together for a few minutes, then Brooke withdrew and stood before us. Her hips rotated and she twirled around, while I loaded another hit into the pipe. Brooke pulled her shirt up and off over her head, and clasped a breast with her hand, then took hold of the other breast, pulling on her nipples. She danced around a bit, then began to wiggle her shorts down and off her legs. I lit up the pipe and began a long, slow inhale. Watching Brook strip was soooo sexy, and her tiny body was just amazing to watch as she slowly and sensuously gyrated before us. I handed the pipe to Erica, who lit it up and took a huge hit, then motioned Brooke over and exhaled the thick smoke into her open mouth. When they began to kiss I leaned over and joined them for a second, then Brooke took hold of my head and began to kiss me hard, her small tongue thrust deep into my mouth.

I pulled away and ordered Brooke to take off her panties, and soon she was standing naked before us. She dropped onto the bed on her back and parted her legs, showing off her pussy, which was shaved except for a thin strip off bright red hair running down from her belly to just above the opening. She had wide, fleshy pussy lips, which stood up nicely, framing the bright pink flesh inside. She toyed with herself for a minute, then said, "Erica, it's time for you to get naked, too." Erica stood up and began to sway with the music, pulling up her shirt to just below her big breasts. She slowly lifted the shirt over one tit, then the other, and ran her hands over her bra, which barely contained the swollen flesh. She flipped her shirt onto a chair, then reached behind her to undo the bra. Holding it in place against her breasts she danced around, then let first one, then the other mound slip out of the cups. She tossed the bra aside and shimmied her upper body, setting her breasts swaying in time to the music. Then she gave another twirl and undid her pants, sliding them to the floor in time with the music. Her panties soon followed, and she was standing before us, naked. She was 5'10" tall, slim but not thin, with wide hips, a thin waist, and a broad back that supported her DDD breasts with no sag. She leaned over towards me and I took hold of her breasts with both hands, giving them a firm squeeze. She twisted out of reach and fell back on the bed the way Brooke had done, parting her legs to reveal her pussy, then asked, "Would anyone like a taste?" Brooke looked at me, winked, and asked, "Do you mind if I go first? I just love the taste of Erica's pussy." "Go for it," I said, "as long as I can suck on you while you do her." "Now that sounds like fun," she replied. "And I bet you both would like to smoke some crack while we play," I said. "Of course!" they giggled in chorus. I grabbed another pipe from under the pillow, and got out a new baggie, then loaded both pipes, handing one to Erica and one to Brooke. They both began their hits. Erica finished first, motioned me over, and gave me a shotgun. No sooner had I exhaled than Brooke motioned and gave me a shotgun as well.

She turned her attention to Erica's pussy then. Laying on her stomach, she began to lick her tongue against Erica's pink pussy lips, which she parted with her fingers to get at the clit. She drew it into her mouth and sucked gently on it. Erica moaned with delight. I told Brooke to get up on her knees and I settled on my back, with my head under her hips. Brooke's pussy hovered just above my face, and I drew her down to my and attacked her with my tongue, causing her to groan a soft "yesss!" As I ate Brooke's pussy she continued to moan, joining Erica's little cries of delight. Soon both were twisting and arching their backs as they came simultaneously. Brooke slid up next to Erica and the two kissed and hugged as they came down form their orgasms.

"Now it's my turn," I said. I loaded one of the pipes with a new rock and lay back on the bed, my head up on a couple of pillows so I could watch. Brooke and Erica rearranged themselves to get their heads next to my dick. I took a hit while they took turns, one licking my soft penis while the other licked my balls, then switching roles. I rushed with the crack, and my cock began to harden. Erica slid it into her mouth now, and began to move her head up and down. Brooke moved up next to her and took a turn, sliding my cock in and out of her tiny mouth, which just covered the head. She bobbed up and down a bit, pushing my dick as deep into her mouth as she could, but I was too big for her to fit me down her throat. She gave Erica a turn while she reached up to play with my nipples. She squeezed them gently, then hard, then gently again. My cock was almost fully hard now, and Erica took it and began to deep throat me, driving me deep down into her throat. Meanwhile, Brooke moved down and sucked on my balls, taking first one then the other into her mouth and swirling them around.

I decided it was time to fuck these two pussies. I got up and told the girls to lay on their backs. I spread Brookes thin legs wide and positioned myself on my knees over her vagina. "Pull it open," I ordered, and she pulled on her labia, spreading them wide and revealing the pink inside. I pushed my cock inside, meeting resistance as I pushed in and out of the tight tube, stroking in and out until finally I could fit my cock all the way in. After a few pushes in and out I told Erica to get ready, then pulled out of Brooke and got in position over Erica. She was slippery and wet, and I slid the full 8" of my cock deep inside her with a single thrust. I rode her hard for several minutes, then told Brooke to get on her knees on the edge of the bed. I stood behind her and slid all the way into her hard. She groaned with pleasure. I reached down and grabbed hold of her by the hips and picked her up. She was still speared on my cock, and was so small and light that I could easily bounce her up and down on my cock by pushing and pulling with my arms.

I was beginning to feel my orgasm coming on, so I returned to the bed and reached under the pillow to retrieve the pipe I had prepared earlier. The end of the pipe was totally clotted with brown resin, the rich residue from our earlier smoking. I flicked the lighter and began to warm the end of the pipe, motioning Brooke and Erica to return to their oral ministrations. I watched as Erica hovered over my rock-hard penis, then swallowed it whole, taking it all the way down her throat in a single motion. She moved her head up and down a few times, then let Brooke take a turn. The two alternated, and I said "Oh yes, that feels amazing!" They continued their play for a few minutes as my balls tightened and I could feel my cum rising in my cock. Now I flicked the lighter and held it to the end of the pipe and began to suck. Dense white smoke rose off the melting resin and I pulled the fumes gently into my lungs. I kept sucking it down as first Erica, then Brook sucked on me. This was a huge hit of crack, and I kept sucking the smoke down as my spunk moved upward in my burgeoning cock. Suddenly the crack hit me like a freight train, with stars exploding in my head and a loud ringing of bells playing in my ears. Brooke and Erica were licking the area just below the head of my dick now, and I watched as a big burst of white gooey spunk spurted up and out of the tip of my penis and cascaded over both their faces. I held in the rich smoke and soared even higher, as more ejaculations squirted up into the air with each new contraction, raining down on the two girls' pretty faces. The feeling in my penis was mind blowing, like my cock had become the epicenter of a hedonistic earthquake. Exciting waves of intense pleasure emanated out and filled every inch of my body with tingling bliss. The strong rush of the crack was inseparably linked with the warm, radiating trails of powerful sexual sensuality. Finally, I exhaled.

Brooke began to lick the sperm off Erica's face, while she did the same to her friend. They slurped up every drop, filled their mouths, and swirled the white goo around inside, opened wide to show what they had, let the thick white fluid drip off their tongues, then sucked it back in again. Finally, they swallowed their loads. "Yum!" they said in unison. "I love the taste of cum," said Erica. "Me too," chimed in Brooke. They picked up the two pipes off the bed and prepared new loads, while I lit up the still-packed pipe and took another monster hit.

"It's time to take you girls home," I said after exhaling. I began to put on my clothes and watched them get dressed. I dropped them at the motel and returned to my room. It was 2 a.m., and time to sleep.

Rating: 89%, Read 14931 times, Posted Sep 21, 2017

Fiction | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Female, Group Sex, Male, Prostitution, Threesome


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