The Ring of Desire - Chapter 2 by iambobokay

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Fiction | First Time, Mind Control, School, Virginity, Young

Ring of Desire

Chapter 2


I raised my right hand and put it on my hurting head.

In front of me, a stop sign, usually impossible to

miss. But well, nothing was “usual” for

me anymore.

“This ring won't do me any good if I am

so distracted by fantasizing over the possibilities

that I run into everything.”

Although I had only walked half of my way to school

yet, I had already bumped into something three times.

I just wasn't able to properly focus on my surroundings.

I mean, who could, after what happened to me?

“Man, I don't think I was ever happier to

go to school!”

I had already thought of multiple ideas of what to do

with all my female classmates and all the female

teachers, but didn't settle on one yet.

“Well, I'm not there yet, so might just

continue thinking”

Just as I thought that, I turned a corner and saw a girl.

She seemed about the same age as me and was

just leaning against a wall, probably waiting for someone.

Her long hair swayed a bit in the light breeze that

was making this summer morning very comfortable.

She wore a skirt and a T-shirt that was a bit too small for

her, but thanks to that, every single bit of her breasts

were clearly visible. You could even make out the

nipples underneath her clothes.

The instant I saw her, I was back in reality.

I stopped and checked my watch.

“'s 7:15 now and school starts at 8.

I guess I can take a little detour.”

Before I could finish my thoughts completely,

the girl noticed me staring at her and shouted towards me.

“Hey, you there! What are you staring at?”

Although this wasn't part of my plan, I decided to

just go with it and continued the conversation.

However, to add a bit of spice to it, I removed the

ring from my finger and held it in my hand so that

I could slide it back on whenever I wanted to.

“Oh, um, I'm sorry. It's just that I was taken aback by your beauty”

The girl, seemingly annoyed by my mere existence, took a few

steps towards me.

“Don't give me that crap! You were staring at my boobs, weren't you?”

“Ha ha, was it that obvious?”

She was now standing right in front of me, visible angered by

my comment and lack of apology.

“I'll report you for sexual harassment, you know!”

“Now!” I thought. I put the ring back on my finger.

“Now, now, just calm down. All I am saying is that

you have great tits! That's just a compliment, right?

Like with my mother before, the girl froze for a few

moments until starting to speak again, her face and body slowly relaxing.

“Oh, so that's what you meant. Sorry for yelling at you. And

thanks for the compliment.”

Even though I had witnessed the ring's power already with

my mother, I couldn't hold back the grin forming on my

face as this girl I had never seen before thanked me for

saying she had nice tits.

“Don't worry, it's alright. But, I bet your breasts feel

even better than they look. I can touch them for a bit,


As usual, the girl looked at me for a bit and then

pushed her chest forward with a smile.

“Sure, go ahead. That's the least I can do to apologize

for earlier.”

Not being able to refuse an offer like this, I extended both my

hands and started feeling the first real breasts in my life. They

felt so soft I was afraid my hands would completely sink

into them and I couldn't hold back anymore. I mercilessly

pushed, pulled and groped her breasts while she was just

standing in front of me smiling, happy she was able to

apologize in some way. I looked around us a bit and

confirmed the suspicion I had already:

No one around us cared about us. Although they might throw

a glance in our direction, no one gave it any thought or interfered

“Like I thought, the ring changes not only the target's common sense,

but also the common sense of those around.”

Once my focus was back on the girl, I noticed immediately

that her breathing was becoming faster and from time

to time, soft moans of pleasure escaped her mouth. Her legs

also started shacking very visibly.

“Hey now, does apologizing really feel that good?”


She wasn't even able to say the words properly anymore.

It seemed like she had completely submitted herself

to the pleasure inside her. Just when I thought of

also feeling up her pussy a bit, I heard someone's



I looked in the direction the voice came from and saw another girl, a bit

shorter than the one I was groping until now, running

towards us and stopping next to us.

“Sorry I was late! Did you have to wait long?”

Stacy, still trying to catch her breath from the pleasure

from before, answered her.

“Haa...haa...Don't worry about it, Julia. This guy here

was groping my tits while I waited, so I wasn't bored.”

Julia, seemingly relieved, turned towards me and

thanked me.

“Oh, Is that so. Thank you very much for entertaining

Stacy while she had to wait for me. And sorry for taking up

your time.”

This situation was almost too much for me. Not only did

I grope a girl in public, but she and her friend thanked me

for it. While trying to come up with a clever return to her

gratitude, I caught a glimpse of the clock across the street.

“Shit, already 7:30? I have to hurry if I want to prepare something

fun for school later!”

I was already about to leave, but than I had one last idea

that I had to implement.

“Julia! It seems like Stacy and you are very close friends!

Well, I have to go now, but Stacy wasn't able to cum

from my groping alone. Shouldn't you finish the job, as

her friend?

Like before, Julia stared at me for a few seconds before

turning towards Stacy with a determined look on her face.

“He's right! Stacy, let me do this for you!”

Julia had her left hand at Stacy's breast and her right hand

between her legs before Stacy could even reply.

“Julia, I appreciate it, but we don't have the time!”

“Oh don't worry!” I yelled “You can take all the time you need!”

Unfortunately, I didn't have all the time in the world

and couldn't watch how they deepened their friendship,

but just hearing their moans behind me was enough for me.

Plus, While random girls aren't bad, the ones I want are the girls from my


“Alright, If I wanna make it, I have to run!”


“Pant.....pant....made it....”

At exactly 7:46, I arrived at the entrance of my school.

Everywhere on the court, students of all classes were

running around, chatting and laughing. While I walked

through the crowd towards the building, still trying to

catch my breath, I scanned the school grounds for any

possible future candidates to use the ring on.

“Hmmm....there are quite a lot of nice looking girls around

here. Way more than I ever noticed.”

However, both because of my lack of time and out of

habit, I didn't go after any of them and instead made my

way towards my classroom.

“I should think of something fun to do with my class before

the lesson starts. I want to use the time as effectively as possible.”

While lost in thoughts once again, I accidentally bumped into

someone with my shoulder.

“Ah, sorry abou-”

“Well, if it ain't Daniel!”

I wasn't able to finish my apology when I already didn't feel

any need to apologize anymore.

“Oh,it's just you, Sophie.”

Sophie. Sophie Broncs. On the outside, she seems like an angel.

She is smart, friendly (with other girls) and pretty. Way to pretty, at least

compared to her character. It is rather difficult to explain our

relationship, but I guess “bully” might describe it the best.

Although I feel like she's just letting out her anger at me because

of stuff that happened to her. Well, whatever the reason, I really

don't like her.

“What kinda greeting is that? Ya didn't miss me over the weekend?”

Sophie scanned my body with her eyes and the smiled.

“Lemme guess: Too busy fapping, huh? Since you have no girl.”

Normally, I just try to ignore her and it works most of the time.

But somehow, maybe because of her exact attitude at this exact moment,

or because she looked just so hot in that skirt and skin-tight T-shirt,

I couldn't just walk away.

“Guess I'll arrive at my class a bit late.”

I glared at Sophie and asked.

“You know that you always have to tell the truth when talking to me, right?

It's common sense.”

Sophie looked at me like I was an alien that had just

beamed itself into the school

“Daniel, are ya tryin' to make me mad? Course I know!”

A grin formed on my face.

“That's good then. Say, just out of curiosity....

Are you a virgin?”

Maybe it was because I had grown accustomed to using the ring,

but Sophie didn't even hesitate anymore with her answer.

“Yeah, I am. So?”

“Great. Then let's have sex!”

I looked at Sophie who, despite obviously being affected

by the ring, still seemed confused for a short while before

shrugging her shoulders and moving closer towards me.

“Sure, why not. But make it quick, alright? I don't wanna miss my classes!”

“Don't worry. I'll just put it in, take your virginity and cum

inside. That's 5 minutes tops!”

Sophie seemed to accept these conditions and moved over to

one of the pillars that were part of our school. She then immediately

took of her panties, put her left hand against the pillar and raised her right leg.

Then, with her free hand, she spread open her pussy.

“Come on, the clock is ticking!”

Probably because this morning had been so crazy already,

I didn't even think about it anymore. I walked over to Sophie,

with my penis already out and put my hands at her raised leg

in order to make it easier for her. I then positioned myself

properly and, without any warning, thrust my penis inside

her virgin pussy in one go.


Amazing. Simply amazing. I can't

even begin to describe it in words. Her pussy was very

tight but still fit around my dick just right. It was like it

was made for me. While still letting the feeling of my

first pussy sink in, I looked at her pussy. I could see some

blood flowing out of it and dripping onto the floor.

Although I had asked her earlier, it only really hit me


“She really was a virgin. And she just gave me her

virginity like this. This is too awesome!”

“Hey, you wanna start movin' soon?”

I raised my head and looked at Sophie. Despite my

expectation, her defloration didn't seem to cause her any pain.

Rather, she seemed confused as to why I was making such a

big deal out of it.

“Sorry. I'll start then.”

I pulled my penis halfway out of her vagina and started moving.

Both the blood and her juices mixed together and made her

pussy even wetter than before. Even though she tried her hardest not

to show it, she was clearly feeling the stimulation in her lower area.

I wanted to keep thrusting it inside of her for way longer, but I

wasn't used to these kinds of pleasures and couldn't hold it in anymore.

“I'm about to cum. Like I said earlier, I'll do it inside, OK?”

“I know, just hurry up.”

With a last thrust, pinning Sophie against the pillar as hard as I could,

I ejaculated inside of her still unused pussy. Even though I had already

cum from my mother's hand job in the morning, I came more than

I had ever came before. Even Sophie wasn't able to conceal her pleasure

anymore and she moaned while her eyes rolled back.

After a few more seconds, when I had pumped all of my semen

inside of her, I slowly let go of her leg and pulled out my cock.

Sophie tried to stay standing, but her legs gave in almost

immediately and she let herself sink down while leaning

against the pillar, her legs still spread open. A mixture of semen

and blood was slowly streaming out of her pussy,

forming a red-white puddle on the floor.

“Well Sophie, that was pretty nice, wasn't it?”

Sophie slowly turned her head and looked at me, her

tongue hanging out and still out of breath.

“Haaaa....haaaaa...well....not as bad as I....expected.....

But now I can't.....walk to clashh anymoahhh....”

Seeing her lying there put me in such a good

mood that I thought of something else to make her

day even better.

“Don't worry about class. I think it would be better for

you to just search for guys in the school to fuck. How about

you do that for today?”

It took her a few moments to find the energy to reply.

“Ahhh...yesh...that sounds gooooood...”

Immediately after she said that, I heard the bell

that signaled the start of the first lesson ring.


I helped Sophie stand up and watched her walk towards a group

of guys standing by a window. I continued watching until

I saw her drop down and start sucking one of the guy's dick

while the others formed a circle around her, preparing to

have some fun with her. I turned around and walked towards

my classroom while Sophie's screams of pleasure resounded

through the school.

To be continued...

Rating: 93%, Read 66589 times, Posted Apr 12, 2017

Fiction | First Time, Mind Control, School, Virginity, Young


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