Of Scavengers and Smugglers Ch. 1 by auguy86

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Science-Fiction | Alien, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Fan fiction, Female, First Time, Male, Romance, Virginity

Greetings, readers!  This piece of Star Wars fan-fiction is a three-part mini-series I’ve been mulling over for some time now.  I know not everyone will agree, but I loved the hell out of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and in particular Rey, the main heroine.  This story takes place leading up to the events of the film, showing my idea of what Rey’s potential love life could have looked like.  Obviously, this is pure fiction, did not happen, any similarities to real-life events are coincidental, yada yada yada.  I’ve had a lot of fun with this story, so I hope you enjoy.

Of Scavengers and Smugglers Ch. 1

“How the hell do I get myself into these messes?”

Jakson piloted his ship through the rough atmosphere of Jakku, working just to stay on course.  Truthfully, this ship needed both a pilot and a copilot, but he was good enough to make it work.  All he required was a safe landing area.  Keeping a firm hand on the controls, a red warning light began to flash in front of him.

“Ah, shit… fuel’s leaking.”  Checking his chart of the planet, Jakson saw his destination in range at last.  “Niima Outpost… here we come.”

Approaching the tiny settlement, Jakson made for the small shipyard on the outskirts of town.  The old freighter sputtered and sparked on approach, but he was finally able to set down in the middle of the clearing.  Happy to be alive, he relaxed for a few moments before hearing a transmission from the intercom.

“Unidentified ship, you have landed in a restricted area.  Step out of your vessel with your hands up.”

“Of course,” he sighed to himself, unbuckling his crash restraints.  Jakson stood and made sure his Bryar pistol was securely holstered at his side.  After lowering the exit ramp of the ship, he proceeded into the scorching heat of Jakku, his hands clearly visible the entire time.  Soon, he came upon a team of five masked security officers.

“Pilot, you have landed in Unkar Plutt’s personal shipyard without permission.  State your business,” the leader commanded.

Smiling, Jakson replied, “I’m here to meet with Unkar Plutt.  I have something he’s going to want.”


“These damn scavengers… they never find anything worthwhile anymore,” Unkar Plutt growled.  Sitting at his workbench, he sorted through the various parts he had purchased that day.

“Mr. Plutt, sir!”

“What is it?” he replied, turning to find one of his security officers.

“An unauthorized ship has landed in your shipyard.  The pilot says he’s here to see you.  He says he has something you want.”

“Hmm,” Plutt said, rubbing his large, bulbous chin.  “Bring him in.”

“Yes sir.”

The guards soon brought forth a young man of about twenty-five.  His shaggy, sandy-brown hair was quite unkempt, extending almost to his jawline.  This combined with his rough beard to create a rather crazed appearance.  Yet, in spite of his disheveled looks, the man’s blue eyes projected an air of quiet confidence.  After removing his wrist binders, the guards retreated to the corners of the room.

“Well, sit down then,” Plutt said shortly.  As the man did so, he continued, “My men tell me you have something I want, is that right?”

“That is.  My name is Jakson.  I come by way of the Irving Boys.”

“Hah!  The Irving Boys…”

“Yep.  Toursant and Vanver themselves.”

“And why have they sent you here?” Plutt asked.

“They didn’t.  I’m on the run from them,” Jakson replied.  “Let me explain… I’m sure you’re well aware of the Irving Boys’ unlucky streak in regards to their illegal operations.  One of their recent endeavors went south in a big way, attracting unwanted attention.  That is, it would be, if they hadn’t framed me as the mastermind of the operation.  Now I’ve got a bounty on my head the size of Yavin.  That’s why I’m here.  I need a place to disappear, something that's easy to do in Niima Outpost.”

“Interesting… and what is to prevent me from collecting on such a large bounty?” Unkar Plutt asked, drawing a blaster pistol from his side.

Jakson just smiled right back at him.  “That ship currently parked in your shipyard.  I stole it from the Irving Boys.  You should be able to see it from that window there,” he said, gesturing to the small window in Plutt’s office.

Lowering the pistol, Plutt rose and peered out the window.  “Is that?”

“Yep.  An old Corellian YT model freighter.  Looks like a bucket of bolts, and needs some serious repairs, but that thing has some of the most incredible hardware I’ve ever seen.  We’re talkin’ customized weapons systems, secret compartments for smuggling, you name it!  A little work, and I bet she’d make 0.5 past lightspeed.”

Turning back towards Jakson, Unkar Plutt mulled over the young man’s offer.  “What exactly would you want in exchange for this ship?”

“Permission to live here in secrecy.  A guarantee that you will forget about that bounty I mentioned.  And a house of some sort, somewhere to lay my head at night.  And access to food and water, of course.”

“Hmm… permission to live here is granted.  I’m not sure if you mentioned anything about a bounty or not; my memory is not what it used to be, you know,” Plutt replied with a slight belly laugh.  “As for a house, I have something that I think can accommodate you: an abandoned Imperial Lambda-class shuttle southwest of town.  I have had it staked off as a place to go on my vacations.  Still, for a ship like the one you’ve brought me, I suppose I can part with it.”

“Sounds good.  Now, what about food and water?” Jakson asked.

“Food and water are never free in Niima Outpost.  If you want those, you will work for them.  By day, you will scavenge for spare parts out in the Graveyard of Giants.  Clean them up and bring them to me, and if they are useful I’ll give you some of my food rations.  It is that simple.”

Jakson was a little perturbed by this, but decided he had to accept.  After all, he was the best mechanic the Irving Boys had ever employed.  How hard could scavenging be?  Eying Unkar Plutt a moment longer, he finally stuck out his hand.


“Excellent.  The rules of Niima Outpost are simple.  Do as I say.  Do as my guards say, as they are under my orders.  Finally, stay away from the scavenger with the quarterstaff.”

“May I ask why?”

“That is my best scavenger, and that one works best when left alone.  My men will not hesitate to remind you of this should you forget,” Plutt warned.

“Um… ok then.  I’ll go get my survival supplies off the ship.  You said the Imperial shuttle is southwest of town?”

“It is, maybe a kilometer or two.  It’s the only ship in the area, you won’t miss it.”


The next several months were quite a change for Jakson.  Gone was the exhilarating life of a smuggler, replaced with the simple existence of a scavenger.  As such, he decided to change his appearance, cutting his hair short and shaving his beard.  This not only made the desert heat more bearable, but also threw off any potential bounty hunters.  He had developed quite a knack for machinery over the years, and was often able to salvage parts that others had passed over as useless.  His most incredible find, a crashed Imperial speeder bike, came after about a month on Jakku.  He at first considered scrapping it for several weeks worth of food, but soon thought better of it.  It took a lot of work, but he finally managed to get it running again.  Despite a nonfunctional laser cannon, Jakson’s new transportation was quite impressive.

The speeder bike allowed Jakson to travel to other wrecks unreachable without adequate transportation.  His daily labors provided him enough spare parts to remain quite well fed and comfortable.  His new home, a crashed shuttle named the Tarkin, was rather spacious and well preserved.  Unkar Plutt had used it as a vacation home over the years, converting much of the troop seating area into a living room.  Further, part of the cargo hold made for quite a luxurious bedroom.  Considering the circumstances, Jakson was more fortunate than most on Jakku.

All the while, Jakson saw the mysterious scavenger with the quarterstaff.  Each day, he caught a glimpse of him, usually flying by on a pieced-together speeder.  If that scavenger had managed to build that speeder by himself, he had to be one hell of a mechanic.  Still, Jakson never knew what this mystery scavenger looked like under the face wrap and work goggles.  Remembering Plutt’s warning, he remained a safe distance away at all times.

After a few months, Jakson became well known around Niima Outpost for his reliability.  Not only was he able to salvage almost anything, but his bike also provided him an incredible range within which to work.  Unfortunately, that success attracted some of the seedier residents of Jakku.  One hot evening, Jakson was hauling his final bag of parts at the end of the day.  As he approached his speeder bike, a Teedo had parked himself alongside, strode atop a luggabeast.  The scavenger raised his electropole and shouted an unintelligible threat in an alien language.  Jakson drew his blaster pistol, but was halted by the sound of another individual behind him.

“Drop the weapon.”

Knowing he was outnumbered, and feeling a blaster pressed to his back, Jakson complied.  He kept his hands in plain sight as the Teedo approached.  The creature began to rummage through Jakson's bag of spoils, looking for anything of value.  But, as the alien continued to inspect the bag, a loud thud sounded from behind Jakson.


No longer held at gunpoint, Jakson spun around and saw the blaster-wielding thug lying on the ground in pain.  Standing over the male Twi'lek was the mysterious scavenger, quarterstaff in hand.  Taking the opportunity, Jakson turned his attention to the Teedo. The pair traded blows, but the smaller alien was quite scrappy and managed to knock Jakson onto his back.  Before he could finish Jakson, the masked scavenger assumed a defensive stance between them.  Knowing they were beat, the two would-be robbers dashed off into the desert.

“Whew… thanks… for the help,” Jakson heaved.

After helping Jakson to his feet, the stranger made for his speeder and took off before Jakson even knew what had happened.

“Hey, wait!  Who are you?!” he shouted, but it was no use.  He was gone.  “Huh… odd.”


That day taught Jakson an important lesson in watching his back during his time on Jakku.  He remained vigilant in guarding his spoils and home against the scum of Niima Outpost.  Still, he felt bad that he hadn’t been able to thank the mysterious scavenger for his help.  This guy had no skin in the fight, yet chose to step in because it was the right thing to do.  Though he remembered Unkar Plutt’s warning, Jakson still sought to find a way to repay that kindness.

Such an opportunity arose about a week after the robbery incident.  As Jakson ate his lunch atop a tall dune, he saw a familiar-looking speeder zooming through the desert below him.  As the stranger rode, a Steelpecker bird suddenly flew in front of the speeder, forcing the driver to swerve and crash.  The speeder hit the sand with a thud, but the scavenger was flung a few dozen feet away, landing in a pit of sinking sand.  Jakson immediately saw the stranger struggling and being swallowed by the desert and leapt up to help.  He sprinted as fast as he was able, grabbing the scavenger’s quarterstaff from the sand along the way.

“Here!  Grab on!” Jakson shouted as he reached the edge of the sand pit.

“I’m… trying!” the stranger gasped.  Finally, after two unsuccessful attempts, he managed to latch both hands onto the quarterstaff.  “Ok, I’ve got it!”

“Alright, hang on!”

Jakson pulled with all his might, beginning to counteract the effects of the sinking sands.  It took nearly five minutes, but the pair managed to claw their way out of the pit thanks to a few well-placed roots.  Finally back on solid ground, the stranger collapsed to his knees, panting and heaving.

“Easy, easy there.  You’re alright,” Jakson said, kneeling down next to him.

“Can’t breathe… can’t breathe!”

Trying desperately to catch his breath, the stranger finally unwrapped the mask from his face and tore off the helmet and goggles on his head.


As the scavenger finally tasted fresh air once more, Jakson was stunned to learn that his savior from a week previous was not a man at all, but a woman.  She was young, perhaps nineteen or twenty, yet also quite strong.  After all, she had fought off a pair of muggers and crawled out of that sand pit.  As she finally managed to calm herself, Jakson finally found the words to speak.

“You’re… a girl?”

With a slight laugh, she replied, “Yeah, I’m a girl.  Don’t worry, most men have that reaction when they meet me.”

Jakson couldn't help but notice her extreme natural beauty, which was only accentuated by her strength.  Though the dusty clothes wrapped around her hid most of her body, he could tell that it was still thin and quite athletic.  She had tied her dark brown hair up in a trio of small buns traveling down the back of her head and neck, perfect for the scorching heat of Jakku.  Her face, and in particular her eyes, were strong and tough.  Yet the occasional smile that flashed across her face hinted at a playful side buried deep down.

“You’re staring,” she said in her gorgeous accent.

“Oh, um… sorry,” Jakson replied sheepishly.  “I, uh, never got a chance to thank you for your help last week.”

“I’d say you just did that quite well.  I suppose this is the point where the swooning girl falls to her knees thanking her hero?” she teased.

“HAH!  Maybe, if I hadn’t already seen you fight.  So, what’s your name?”


“Rey, I’m Jakson.  My friends call me Jak,” he replied, extending his hand.

Looking at his hand for a few moments, Rey finally said, “Friend?”

“I mean friends do save each others’ lives, don’t they?”

Smiling, she shook his hand warmly and replied, “That they do.  Glad to know you, Jak.”

“Come on.  Let’s get your speeder back up and running.”

“I’m not helpless, I know how to repair a speeder.”

“And so do I, meaning it’ll go that much faster,” Jakson shot back.  “I’m not offering to help because I think you’re weak.”

Kneeling down next to her wrecked speeder, Rey asked, “And why are you offering to help?”

“Why’d you help me last week?”

“Because… it was the right thing to do,” she said in realization.

The pair righted her speeder in record time, the work going much faster from their tandem efforts.  Rey performed diagnostics on the engine while Jakson secured her payload of scavenged parts to the side of the speeder.

“Nice haul,” he remarked.

“Thanks.  With any luck, nice enough for a couple of good meals.”

Imitating Unkar Plutt, Jakson said, “Let’s see… today you’ve brought me an Imperial Tie Fighter, still in working order, customized with a hyperdrive even… I’d say that’s worth… one quarter portion!”

Rey cracked up laughing at his spot-on impersonation, falling to the sand from atop her speeder.  “That’s exactly what he’d say!”

Jakson smiled at hearing her sweet laugh.  He could tell that this girl had lived the hard life of a scavenger for years, and seeing her smile was a treat for him.  He was growing rather fond of this girl and, in spite of Unkar Plutt’s warnings, was becoming quite attracted to her.  She was smart, strong, and fearless.  He had never wanted anything more than those things in a woman.  The fact that she was also beautiful was just a bonus.

“Ok, looks like we’re up and running.  Diagnostics are all green,” Rey said, interrupting his thoughts.


Turning back to Jakson, Rey hesitated for a moment, almost as if she was searching for the right words to say.  “Um… thank you for your help, Jak.  That was generous of you, and I do appreciate it.”

“Anytime.  It’s the least I can do after last week.”

“Think nothing of it,” Rey replied with a smile.  “I… guess I’d better get going.  Gotta get these parts cleaned up before they’re worth anything.”

As she turned to go, Jakson said, “Uh, Rey?”


“Would you, I don’t know, want to join me for dinner tonight?  I want to thank you properly for everything.  I know it’s just polystarch and veg-meat, but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share such an exquisite meal with.”

Rey eyed him for several long moments, processing what he had said.  “You know what the Blobfish will do to you if he finds out, right?”

“You saying he controls you?” Jakson replied with a grin.

Returning his smile, Rey said, “Hell no.  All right, come by my place at sunset: an old AT-AT in the Goazon Badlands, the Hellhound Two.  You can park your bike underneath the legs; I’ll leave a spare tarp for you to cover it with.”

“Sounds great.  And don’t worry.  I have no delusions about the danger in this.”

“Good.”  Boarding her speeder, Rey called out, “See you tonight, Jak.  Just remember, when we’re in town, we don’t know each other.”

“Who are you again?” came his snarky reply as she started up her vehicle and sped off towards Niima Outpost.  “Damn, she’s somethin’ else,” Jakson sighed to himself.


For the rest of the afternoon, Jakson worked at his home to repair and clean the parts he had scavenged for the day.  It was tedious and exhausting, but doing it at home was far better than using the cleaning stations in town.  Unkar Plutt loved to deduct rations as payment for using his cleaning supplies.  As the day neared its end, Jakson packed up his haul and rode into town, arriving at the long line of the concession stand.  While he waited his turn, he caught a glimpse of Rey departing on her speeder, food rations in hand.  Tempted as he was to wave to her, he thought better of it in the nick of time.  By then he had made it to the front of the line.

“Let me see… these parts are worth, I’d say, a portion and a half,” Unkar Plutt muttered after inspecting Jakson’s haul.

“Nice doing business with you,” Jakson sighed, taking his food and starting back to his bike.

Departing town immediately, Jakson journeyed back to his home, putting away his supplies once he had arrived.  As it was still an hour or so until sunset, he stripped off his clothes and took a quick shower, washing the stink of the day off his body.  Redressing himself, he couldn’t help but notice the amount of muscle he had developed in the last few months.

Scavenging apparently does wonders for the body, he mused to himself.

Jakson zoomed off on his speeder bike, making sure to encircle Niima Outpost at a fair distance to avoid attracting attention.  Even with his nerves about disobeying Plutt’s orders, he found himself enthralled at the chance to get to know this girl.  Everything he knew about her thus far was just incredible.  She was strong, independent, intelligent, and resourceful, all traits he held in high regard.  Jakson had never been a one-woman man, as his employment with the Irving Boys wouldn’t allow for it.  Still, he figured now might be as good a time as any to try and establish a long-term connection.  After all, it’s not like he’d be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Soon, he spotted his destination over the next dune: the downed AT-AT Hellhound Two.  Parking underneath one of the legs as Rey had instructed, Jakson found a tarp waiting for him, which he used to cover his ride up.  Not only would this would protect it from the sand, but it also would prevent any passersby from wondering who was visiting Rey’s home.  After grabbing his food rations from the storage bin, Jakson took a deep breath and knocked on the main hatch on the belly of the AT-AT.

“Jak!  Come on in!” Rey said as she opened the hatch.

“Thanks for having me.”

“Not at all.  It’s rare that I encounter someone in this wasteland that actually possesses a soul.  I'd be a fool to turn down such great company.  Make yourself at home.  Here, I’ll get the food ready.”

Jakson looked around her makeshift home and was quite impressed.  Though not as spacious as his shuttle, Rey had gone to great lengths to ensure that the space was all her own.  A small bed sat in the corner with the bathroom entrance right next to it.  Opposite that side of the room sat Rey’s workbench, littered with various parts she was working to repair and clean.  In the center of it all was a small eating area, containing a table with some cushions surrounding it.  A large pile of pillows against the wall functioned as a relaxation area.  On the wall itself were a large number of small scratches, too many to even count.  Jakson couldn’t help but wonder what they meant.

“Ok, food’s ready,” came Rey’s voice, interrupting his thoughts.

“Thanks,” Jakson replied, taking the plate from her with a smile.

Sitting around the table, the pair began eating their meager rations.  The polystarch was as tasteless and bland as ever, and the veg-meat seemed a bit stale, but neither could complain about the company.

“Ok, I’ve seen you around for a few months now.  What’s your story?” Rey asked.

Hesitating a moment, Jakson got the feeling he could trust her with some of his real backstory.  “Well, I used to work for the Irving Boys, until they tried to pin one of their deals gone sour on me, placing a huge bounty on my head.  Long story short, I had no choice but to steal a ship and disappear, and what better place to disappear than Niima Outpost?”

“You're not wrong there.”

“Once I arrived, I traded the ship I stole to Unkar Plutt in exchange for a place to live and a promise he would forget the bounty on my head.  He gave me an abandoned Lambda shuttle on the outskirts of town, and I’ve been scavenging to survive ever since.”

“So that’s where the Blobfish got that old freighter!” Rey exclaimed.

“Yep.  That thing has some of the most incredible machinery I’ve ever seen.  If Unkar Plutt can find the right mechanic, he’ll make a pretty peggat in selling it.”

“Fat chance he’ll get that far.  The man lords over our salvaged parts from behind his barred window, but in reality he’s a terrible judge of machines.  He’s only ever out to make a quick sale.”

Laughing at her sarcastic wit, Jakson finished his rations.  “Rey my dear, you are one amazing cook.  You must have slaved for hours on this meal!”

“Well, I have had more than enough practice opening packages of polystarch and veg-meat, so I would hope it would be… edible, at least.”

“Truer words have never been spoken,” Jakson replied, taking a large drink of water to wash the last of his dinner down.  “This is some setup you’ve got here, Rey.  Most impressive.”

“Th-thanks,” Rey replied with a shy grin.  “I’ve been on Jakku for about fifteen years, and in this transport for the last ten.  That’s left me plenty of time to actually make it into a home.”

“Seems you’ve also found some incredible parts from your scavenging.  Anything you’re particularly proud of?”

“Let me show you.”

Rey motioned to the large pile of pillows along the wall, relaxing on them with Jakson sitting next to her.  Next to her was a small computer screen, attached to the wall by an adjustable arm.  Rey pulled it forward so that they could both see it and began typing in some commands.

“I salvaged this from an old Y-wing fighter.  Normally, it's nothing more than a targeting computer.  But this one was also outfitted with a large number of training simulations,” Rey explained.  “I practice my flying skills on this every night, and I’ve gotten quite good, if I do say so myself.”

“Gonna need some proof on that,” Jakson said with a grin.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”  Loading the simulation, Rey continued, “I’ve also been able to learn a variety of alien languages and even some Droidspeak.  I don’t pretend to be an expert, but it’s served me well in trading for supplies.  You'd be surprised how many languages you can hear in one day in Niima Outpost.”

Damn, this girl’s got it all!  Gorgeous, strong, smart… where the hell has she been all my life?

By this time, the training program had loaded and Rey was engrossed in her flight path.  Navigating a starfighter through a narrow canyon, while a daunting task for a novice, was child's play for Rey.  She brought the ship into port in record time without even breaking a sweat.

“Your turn,” Rey said.

“Ah, shit…”

“It’s only fair!  Come on, let’s see your skills!”

Jakson tried his best, but his real-life flying skills were limited to less maneuverable freighters.  As such, the sensitive flight controls of the fighter on screen threw him off, resulting in several near misses along the canyon walls.  He pressed on valiantly, but was finally caught by a stalagmite, his ship crashing in a ball of fire just before the finish line.

“Damn it all…”

“Ooh, so close, but no dice,” Rey taunted him.

“Oh yeah, you’re soooo cocky little missy.  Just you wait ‘til I take you to my place and show you up in holochess.”

“Sounds like nothing but hot air to me.”

Smiling at the banter the pair was enjoying, Jakson’s eye caught sight of something next to the pile of pillows.  “Now what is this?”  Picking the object up, it appeared to be a small, handmade doll.

“That is Captain Dosmit Raeh.  She’s been my best friend since I was a little girl.  And this,” she continued, pulling something from the other side of the pillows, “is the flight helmet of the actual Captain Dosmit Raeh.”


“I know, so cool, right?  It’s an actual piece of galactic history.  The Blobfish wouldn’t find any value in it, so I kept it.  I don’t know anything about Dosmit Raeh, but I like to think that she would have to have been strong and resourceful in life.  After all, she captained a Rebel Alliance fighter squadron.  I tried to make that strength my inspiration as I grew up.”

“Succeeded, in my humble opinion.”

“You think so?” Rey asked, humbled and flattered by his complement.

“I know so,” Jakson replied.  “The way you handle yourself out there, staring any threat in the face with nothing but confidence in your eyes, it’s incredible to watch.  And yet, even with that tough outer shell, you still have this playful side that rocks flight simulations and plays with dolls.”

“Well… I owe that to that little green flower over there,” she said, pointing to the corner.  “That’s a spinebarrel.  It grew out of just the smallest patch of dirt that spilled into the walker.  When I first found this place, I was in a bad state of mind, and thought I'd die before long.  But then I saw that tiny flower fight to grow, thrive, and even become beautiful in this harsh environment.  I promised myself I’d fight just as hard as that little plant, if not more so.”

“That’s… amazing.”

Marveling at her strength and determination, Jakson began to feel a serious connection to this girl.  He could tell it went far beyond mere physical attraction.  She had experienced such pain and hardship, yet refused to let that destroy her.  His admiration for her was bringing out an emotion he hadn’t felt in so many years: happiness, true happiness, in its simplest form.  As he pondered this, he absentmindedly leaned in closer to Rey, his hand soon resting on top of hers.


“I’m sorry!  It was an accident,” Jakson apologized, retracting his hand.  “I didn’t mean to, ya know, make you feel uncomfortable or anything.  I’m sorry, Rey.”

“No, no it’s quite alright.  Really, it is.  I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“I’ll scoot down a bit, give you some more space.”

Touching his elbow, Rey replied, “You… don’t have to do that.  In fact, you can keep touching my hand, um I mean, if you… want to?”

“O-ok.  I guess, I mean I do want to.”

“Then you should,” Rey said nervously.

Slowly, Jakson moved his shaking hand towards hers, gently placing it on top of her knuckles.  Her skin was tough, as was expected from her scavenging, yet still possessed a smooth texture.  He stroked one of his fingers along the side of her hand, causing Rey to turn her hand up and intertwine her fingers with his.  It was such a simple act, yet it seemed completely foreign in this barren desert.  Here, physical pleasures and companionship were trumped by the need to survive.  Rey gazed upward, locking her eyes onto Jakson’s.  Her breathing became more labored, and she bit her lip slightly; Jakson could tell that the time was now, or likely never.

Taking a deep breath, he began to lean his face towards Rey’s, moving at a snail's pace to give her ample opportunity to move should she want to.  She didn’t budge an inch, but rather ran her tongue over her lips.  Finally, after several glorious tension-filled moments, Jakson closed the gap, brushing her lips with his as the pair’s eyes fluttered closed.  Jakson savored every moment of their kiss, never pushing or probing with his tongue.  After around twenty seconds, he retreated, opening his eyes to the gorgeous sight of Rey panting with a huge grin on her face.

“Wow…” she whispered, her eyes slowly opening.

“You can say that again.”

“You… are something else, Jak.  I’m just, you know, sorry for my lack of... experience.  I’ve never-”

“Rey, hush.  That was amazing, plain and simple.”  Leaning closer, he continued, “But if experience is a concern for you, I’d be more than willing to be your practice dummy.”

Rey giggled at his cheesy one-liner.  “That’s almost as pathetic as some of the pick-up attempts I’ve gotten from the pilots in town.”

“Maybe, but I’m already farther along than they would’ve ever gotten.”

“I suppose that’s true.”

Smiling, Rey ran her fingers through Jakson’s sandy brown hair.  As odd as it seemed, she was beginning to feel relaxed and at ease with this man.  Collecting her courage, she leaned in close to him once more, drawing his face towards hers.  Though she was still tentative and unsure of what to do, she worked to be a more active participant in their second kiss.  She tried to do what felt natural in the hopes it would enhance the experience.  Jakson returned in kind, running his hand on her exposed shoulder as he explored her lips.  After a couple of minutes, Rey was feeling far more confident, engaging in their kiss more enthusiastically and cupping Jakson’s face in her hands.  Feeling her enjoyment, Jakson felt confident enough to take it a step farther, and flicked his tongue against her soft lips.  She didn’t recoil in any way, so he did so again, this time with deliberate intent.  This produced exactly the reaction he had hoped for, as Rey parted her lips to allow him access.  As their tongues introduced themselves to each other, Rey began to lose herself in her emotions.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

Moving her hands to the back of Jakson’s neck, Rey began to lie on her back, pulling him with her as she went.  Jakson complied, smiling in-between their kisses and making sure he wouldn’t crush her with his body.  He was painfully aware of the throbbing erection in his pants, but feared that pressing it against her would ruin the moment.  After all, he could only assume that she was a virgin, and a sudden introduction might scare her off completely, he reasoned.  He continued kissing her, but kept most of his body weight off of her in an attempt to conceal his rock hard cock.  Rey must have perceived this as him being uncomfortable, and tried to rectify the situation.

“I think you’ll be far more comfortable like this,” she said with a grin.

“Wait, Rey,” Jakson tried to caution her, but she had already pulled him squarely on top of her.  His boner was now wedged against her leg.

“Oh!” Rey gasped in surprise, breaking their kiss.

“I-I’m sorry, it just… has a mind of its own sometimes,” Jakson said, sitting up straight.

Sitting up next to him, Rey inquired, “Jak… are you saying… I did that to you?”

With a nervous laugh, he replied, “Yeah, you did.  I… I like you, Rey.  You’re strong, intelligent, and I just love your story.  With everything stacked against you, you still manage to retain your humanity.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to you.”

“You mean that?”

“I do.  Rey, I have no delusions about my situation here; I’m gonna be in hiding for the rest of my life, most likely.  But if I can somehow find some small scrap of happiness on this miserable planet… then I want to.”

Rey was completely dumbfounded by what he was telling her.  She had zero experience with men in a romantic sense, and figured most of them for barbaric nerf-herders.  Certainly the handful of pilots and traders that had mistakenly thought her for an easy conquest fell into this category.  But this man was completely different.  He wanted to know her as a person, and despite ample opportunity, had yet to attempt to take advantage of her.  Rey didn’t think men like this existed, certainly not on Jakku.  Yet right here, before her eyes, sat a man who was more interested in her mind than her body.  She wasn’t sure what she was feeling at this point, but she knew that she had never felt happier than she did in that moment.  That was enough for her.

“Um,” she started, collecting her courage.  “I guess I should tell you… I’ve never felt… one of those before, much less seen one,” she said pointing at Jakson’s crotch.  “Does it hurt?”

“Eh, it can get a little uncomfortable if it’s in a bad position, but it usually feels great like this.”

“So… it wouldn’t hurt if I… touched it?”

“No, no it wouldn’t.  But you’ve gotta promise me one thing before you do, Rey.”

“And that is?”

Jakson peered deep into her eyes, saying, “I only want you to do this if you genuinely want to.  Promise?”

With a huge grin, Rey reached out her trembling hand, feeling his engorged member through his dusty pants.  “Promise.”

“Holy shit,” Jakson gasped, his eyes rolling back into his head.

Rey continued stroking his cock through his pants, remaining gentle in her touches, as she wasn’t sure how sensitive he might be.  “Am… am I doing this right?” she asked.

“Uh huh,” Jakson managed to answer.  “Mind if I… return the favor?”

“N-not at all.”

As Rey rubbed the crotch of his pants, Jakson drew her closer to him, kissing her sweetly on the lips.  He then moved his hand from her back towards her front, grazing her breast as he went.  This elicited an aroused gasp from Rey, but she didn’t recoil in the slightest, rather leaning in closer to kiss him more passionately.  All too soon, Rey began to feel a wave of primal desire awaken within her.  She felt completely out of control yet also quite powerful; deathly afraid and vivaciously excited.  Unable to resist any longer, she flung her leg over Jakson’s lap and straddled him, his throbbing cock now grinding against her pussy.  Slowing for a moment, she broke their kiss and gazed deep into his blue eyes.

“I don’t want to stop, but… I feel like you deserve to know that I’ve never done this before.  I am anatomically aware of human sexuality, but I’m sure I might not be the most enjoyable experience you’ve had.”

Jakson just smiled and ran his fingers through her dark brown hair.  “Rey, there’s nobody I’d rather be with right now than you, and that includes everyone I’ve known from before my exile here.  I would love nothing more than to make love to you, regardless of your experience.  I’m connecting with you, the person, no matter what happens tonight.  Even if we’re inches from going all the way and you suddenly change your mind, I promise my feelings won’t be hurt.  You’ve already given me more happiness than I ever thought I’d find on this forsaken planet.”

Rey smiled while stifling back her flood of tears, blown away at the kindness and understanding he was showing her.  In that moment, all doubts disappeared from her mind; she had to have this man.  She wanted nothing more than to give her virginity to him.  Reaching behind her head for the strips of cloth holding together her signature hair buns, she untied them one-by-one.  As she discarded the ties on the floor, she ran her hands through her dark brown hair to smooth it out, eliciting a look of lust in Jakson's eyes.

“Y-you should, um, let your hair down more often,” he choked out.

She said nothing in reply, but rather threw her arms around his neck and planted a firm kiss on his lips.  Jakson reciprocated in kind, running his hands down to the small of her back, feeling the rise and fall of her breathing.  Rey began feverishly grinding against him, her underwear becoming soaked from her pussy juices.  Jakson intensified these feelings by beginning to fondle her breasts and ass.

“Take me… to my bed,” she managed to gasp in-between kisses.

Jakson needed no further prodding.  Gripping her ass firmly, he stood and wrapped her legs around his waist, never separating his lips from hers.  As he deposited her on her small, single bed, Rey immediately kicked her boots and socks off.  Jakson, meanwhile, unbuckled the belt of her wrap, sliding it off her shoulders to expose a simple tunic.  Rey showed no signs of regret or hesitation, yet was still nervous at being disrobed.  He decided he should begin undressing himself to ease her mind a bit.  She studied him as he pulled his shirt over his head, smiling as he revealed his chiseled chest and abs.  After kicking off his boots, Jakson reached for the buckle of his belt and winked at Rey.

“Ready for the big reveal?”

Rey nodded in reply, her eyes wide with lust and anticipation.  Jakson then unclasped his belt, sliding his pants and underwear down in one swift motion.  His throbbing seven-inch cock now stood out proudly at full attention.  Rey was, once more, terrified and excited at the same time.  She now wanted him more than ever, but began to worry about his size.  Would she be able to handle him?  Sighing mentally, she decided she’d have to figure that out as they went, as she sure as hell wasn’t stopping now.

“Why don’t you lie down,” she offered.  “Easier for me to, er, even things up.”

“Anything you want, Rey.”

Jakson reclined back on her small bed, smiling as he watched Rey stand and fidget with her clothes.  First went her brown shin-length pants, revealing a simple pair of white panties as they fell to the floor.  She slipped the wraps off of her arms before peeling her tunic up and over her head, exposing her small, perky breasts at long last.  Finally, with shaking hands, she slipped her fingers into the waist of her panties, sliding them down and kicking them away.  She instinctively covered her crotch and one of her breasts with her hands, but this only served to make her even sexier in Jakson’s mind.

“I’m… I’m sorry if I’m not the most beautiful woman you’ve ever been with-”

“Don’t be.  You are,” Jakson interrupted, sitting up on the edge of the bed.  “Everything about you, your strength, your brain, your kindness, and yes, even your body, is nothing short of breathtaking.”

Smiling, she gently pushed him onto his back and slid into the bed next to him, planting a deep kiss on his lips.  Though her bed was downright tiny, neither occupant cared a bit.  Rey soon adjusted her body to be lying on top of Jakson, his cock wedged against her stomach.  Coming up on her knees, she began to examine it, and was a bit surprised at the spongy texture in spite of its extreme hardness.  As she stroked him, Jakson slipped his hand between her legs, feeling her soaked pussy lips.  Though she had covered herself quickly a few moments before, he thought he caught a glimpse of a completely hairless mound.

“Well, well… someone has a little secret down there,” he chuckled, feeling her bare pussy.

Rey was in such ecstasy she could hardly reply.  “I… it’s mainly to… help with the… heeeeeeeat,” she groaned as his fingers teased her womanhood.

“Well, whatever the reason, I like.”

“I’m glad,” she said.  “Um, I’m not completely sure the best way to go about this.”

“I suggest you on top,” Jakson replied.  “It will probably hurt at first, so go as slow as you need to.  You felt pretty wet, so I don’t think lubrication is going to be a problem.”

“Ok.  Here goes.”

While Jakson held his cock straight up, Rey carefully positioned herself at his tip, rubbing it against her outer lips a few times.  Her eyes widened at the new sensation; she liked that quite a lot.  Hell, she might have been satisfied with just that, had this man not called her the most beautiful woman he’d ever known a few minutes earlier.  She now pressed the head of his cock against her entrance, feeling a significant twinge of pain.


“You ok?” Jakson asked.

“Yeah, just… give me a moment.”

Deciding she just wanted to get it over with, Rey pushed herself down onto his cock, feeling her virginity rip as he entered her.  A few drops of blood dribbled out of her entrance, but the pain soon began to dwindle.

“How you doin’, Rey?”

“B-better… oh so much better.”

“I’m glad… holy fuck, you feel so amazing.”

“Really?” she asked with a naughty grin.  “I wonder how it’ll feel when you’re completely inside me.”

“Only one way to find out, I guess.”


Bracing her hands on Jakson’s chest, Rey continued her journey southward, occasionally pulling up to spread her juices.  After around fifteen seconds, she had taken every inch of his cock, feeling his tip press against the back wall of her pussy.  The sensations were incredible; she felt so full, and never wanted him to exit her body.  Sitting up straight, she began to grind her hips on his cock, her passion increasing with every slight movement she made.  Jakson, not content as merely a spectator, reached up for her perky breasts, squeezing them together and tweaking her nipples.  This produced exactly the reaction he desired, as Rey’s tempo began to increase, her grind shifting into a full-on bouncing motion.

“Oh, god… this is just… incredible,” she panted.

“Shit… Rey, you’re amazing…”

The tendrils of her hair fell around her face as Rey leaned down, kissing Jakson passionately while cradling his face in her hands.  As she did so, he began thrusting his hips upward, surprising her with how deep he had managed to go.  Their feverish pace continued to increase, the bed creaking back and forth with every movement they made.  As hard as Jakson tried to last, the fact that it had been over six months since he last made love to a woman was beginning to rear its ugly head.  

“Rey, I’m… not gonna… last much longer,” he gasped.

“Quite… alright.  Go ahead, give it to me, please!”

“You sure?”

“Positive,” she replied with a cheeky grin.

Rey pounded his cock with intensity, her breasts jiggling inches from his face.  Her tight pussy squeezed him for all he was worth, edging him closer and closer to his climax by the second.  Jakson was in complete bliss; Rey’s pussy was easily the tightest he had ever experienced, and moreover, she had chosen him to make her a woman!  This thought, combined with the look of lust in her eyes, finally sent him past the point of no return.  His muscles tightened, he gripped her slim waist with his hands, and finally pounded his last into Rey.

“Fuck… shit… holy holy HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIT!” Jakson cried, spraying his cum into Rey’s awaiting pussy.

“Oh god, that’s hot,” Rey marveled, drinking in his expressions.  She slowed her pace to a crawl, still feeling his throbbing cock spurt the last of its payload into her.  “You, my friend, are something else.”

“You’re… not so bad… yourself…”

Smiling, Rey slipped off of Jakson’s flaccid cock, lying next to him with her head on his chest.  She gave a contented sigh, kissing his neck sweetly as she cuddled up next to him.  Jakson ran his fingers along her back softly, savoring the feeling of her soft skin glistening with sweat from their feverish romp.

“Sorry I… wasn’t able to last longer,” Jakson whispered.

“Shh, Jak you have nothing to be sorry for.  That was wonderful,” Rey replied, silencing him with a kiss.

“You mean it?  That was good for you?” he asked as they parted.

“Best night of my life,” she said with a giggle.

As Jakson wrapped her in his arms, the pair felt the inescapable call of sleep overtaking them.  Before finally passing out, he managed to whisper, “Hopefully many more to come…”

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