The Beginning of the autobiography-Phase II by iamscrwd

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The Beginning of the ****biography-Phase II

Hope you read the first part, because if didn’t you probably would have no idea as to what this is.

Lynn and I got married the following Saturday to an overly enthusiastic contingent of friends. One of which was not there, that would be Dan.

Within months of the marriage it seemed as though Lynn had forgotten and I acted as if it had never happened. But to be honest, the deal with Dan was always in the back of my mind. But, life rolled on and I graduated the next spring, getting a job that required an over hour commute. It was necessary, as Lynn still had to finish up her undergraduate degree.

She hit on her dream job, which was in the same city as our college, but we agreed to purchase a home midway in a quasi-rural area about half way in between. So we would each go in opposite directions, but neither of our driving time was much over 35-40 minutes. Which does not sound like much, but psychologically made it seem as though we were on opposite sides of the universe during the day. Fortunately Lynn had her group of friends close by, me on the other hand, I had to find new ones.

Another year passed and Lynn and I came to a mutual decision to have children, within another ten months along came our first-born. Yep, we were the happy family, even got a dog.

The pregnancy did not do wonders for Lynn’s body and she worked hard every day to get it back. Her best friend Sandy helped her by meeting her at a gym every day after work before the trek home. It worked…sort of. Lynn got her body back, but her already small “B” cups, were now teacups. She acted like it did not matter, but she was now very conscious of how she dressed.

Again Sandy came to the rescue in that she was now a full-fledged Psychologist able to help Lynn cope with any insecurity. Sandy had gathered up their female friends and started up a sort of sorority for support of all of them. They met once a month and I just kind of figured it was a women’s night out thing.

Unfortunately it did not necessarily improve our sex life. By six months after little Joey was born, Lynn and I were lucky to have sex once every couple weeks. Even then it was pretty non-inspiring, she pretty much just laid there in the missionary position. Granted, Joey was taking much of our allotted time, but we were both in our mid-twenties and at least, for me, my sexual drive was on the upswing.

No doubt, my eyes were wandering, I saw tits and ass everywhere. Especially at the gym where I was now working out religiously, actually making a point to go there when the most women attended. I even started flirting with some of them and by the response that was either imagined or real, emboldened me. Not that I was a voyeur, at least in my mind, but instead of working out with briefs under my workout shorts, I started wearing loose boxers.

It boosted my ego when I would go to the bench press and observed more and more of the women starting to populate the stationary bikes directly across the aisle from me.

So at the same time my home sex life was seemingly in retreat, I was pursuing attention elsewhere. Thought that my fishing expedition was going to be rewarded when, Carla, a forty something hot body that was a regular and part owner of the gym, pulled a chair up between my legs as I was bench pressing.

Putting both her hands on my exposed knees, she stated, “We need to talk”.

As I sat up, Carla looked directly at my crotch, reached up to my gym shorts and pulled the material over what apparently was my exposed cock. Then she patted it.

To be honest, even though I was twenty-six or so, Carla was hot and my cock responded immediately. This woman might have been forty, but everything was proportion and rock hard. Short raven colored hair, chiseled facial features, firm high riding tits, flat stomach, and as my gaze zeroed in on her crotch, a well-defined camel toe.

My cock hardened, stretching to it full potential.

Carla mouthed a “Wow” then with drew her hand slightly.

“I am flattered, but do not get the wrong idea,” she softly said, “This is part of the reason we need to talk.”

“Your member is really impressive, definitely over average and,” she said as she cast her eyes around the room, “ it has done wonders for my business.”

“But, I know your wife, Lynn, well, she is a great woman. Therefore, I want to warn you before you go down a path that might jeopardize your home life, to be much more discrete”. Carla warned.

“Every woman here, including myself, have fantasized about getting you in bed. You are definitely what we call beefcake.” She said while looking into my eyes, “Unfortunately, you are too close to home, so please,” as she pushed my now deflating cock further into the cover of my shorts, “let’s not tease us so blatantly”.

Carla looked down at where her hand had been, biting her lower lip, then saying, “I have to look at the big picture, because if you cause trouble with these girl’s marriages, my business would suffer”.

“Ok, what would you like me to do?” I acknowledged.

“Come at different times and, please cover up a little more, because even I can not trust myself.” She said with a wink.

As she moved her legs to stand up, they spread slightly. She had a noticeable wet spot covering her crotch area.

That evening, for the first time since Lynn and I were married, I jerked off in the shower fantasizing about having sex with another woman other than Lynn.

The following week I had to fly to our corporate offices in Denver, where we were to have meetings that possibly extended to Friday. This is the first time since getting married Lynn and I would be apart for more than a couple of nights.

Thankfully, my motel had a great gym to work off any anxieties. That only lasted a half hour into my work out Monday morning. As I was running on the treadmill, a vivacious red head came into the room. Something about her went straight to my loins. She had a tight curvaceous body on a thin tall frame encapsulated in a spandex body suit that hid absolutely nothing.

Her ass was high and tight, her breasts had a perfect symmetry riding high and firm. My guess was a figure of 34-24-34 with large “B” to small “C” hard tits on at least a 5’8” frame. Probably around the same age as I, my mind went wow.

She walked past me, looked at me, smiled and nodded an acknowledgement. I smiled back and nodded.

That was the only interaction we had that I could observe, but my eyes continues to check her out the remainder of my work out.

During our meetings that day, my mind kept wandering to a vision of the stunning redhead. That evening, I took a long shower masturbating to the vision of this woman, not once, but twice.

I went to bed thinking I was a pervert, woke up hoping to see her again in the gym.

Yep, she was there; actually she was in the gym before I arrived.

She was jogging on one of the treadmills, two porky middle age guys working on stationary bikes directly behind her with smiles on their faces.

I walked past her, hoping to get her attention. It sort of worked as she smiled and nodded. I did the same.

Taking a position across from her on the flex machine, I caught her taking a look at me. It was only for a second or two. Did not know how to read it.

Again went through the day with visions of her in my mind. And again, unloaded myself twice in the shower that night. Went to bed that night not thinking I was a pervert.

Wednesday morning almost ran down to the motel gym in anticipation of seeing her again. I was disappointed; she was not there, nowhere to be found. I completed my work out and headed up to my room to shower and get to work when I turned a corner and we actually ran into each other.

My natural reaction was to raise my hands to brace myself from collision. Could not have planned it any better, both my hands were cupping her tits. We froze. She looked down at my hands and then up at my face.

She gave out a little cough, “Uhm, think we’re safe from further damage?”

These were the first words she had spoken to me since I first saw her.

Uh…oh, I am sorry.” I apologized while dropping my hands.

She gave me a slight smile, “have a nice day” saying as she passed by me into the gym.

The rest of the day, I had a hard on every time I looked at the palm of my hands.

We finished with our meetings, accomplished all of our tasks and at the end of the day were told we were all free to go home a day early. If we wanted to, I unconsciously made the decision to stick to my schedule, hoping to have the opportunity to see more of the stunning red head.

Instead of making it an early night, after my shower I decided to have a cocktail at the motel bar. Surprisingly it was fairly busy for a Wednesday night, yet not one of my co-workers were there so I nestled up to the bar next to an open seat with a drink in front of it. Seeing that there was money still on the bar, it was evident that the seat was taken. So I ordered a drink and began to turn away from the bar when my elbow went right into a firm cushion of a boob attached to that stunning red head.

“Oh…dammit, I’m sorry” wincing at the thought of my clumsiness.

She laughed, “you do seem to have an attraction to my boobs, don’t you”, extending her hand, “ Hi, my name is Connie”.

Taking her hand, I introduced myself. My eyes inadvertently scanned downward. Those luscious firm tits were partly exposed by the scooped top of a form fitting black mini dress.

“Geez…Rob, barely have been introduced and you have a personal relationship with my breasts and visually have stripped me naked, are you this fast with everyone?” she asked.

“ Ah…ah, well…I have never…I mean,” I was stumbling and then caught myself, “ truth be told, your so damn beautiful”.

Again she gave out a little laugh, “Thank you, and have to say there is a definite mutual attraction. Buy me a drink and lets get to know each other”.

The guy on the stool next to her got up and I took his place.

She told me that she was from Las Vegas and worked for a market research firm doing product evaluation, she was recently divorced, no kids, and fearing her up coming 30th birthday party.

She looked at my left hand, “see that you are married, any kids?”

Started to hide my hand, then realized that was pretty stupid, ‘Yes, yes I am and we have one kid”.

“Have you always been faithful?” she asked with a determined look in her eyes.

“Uhmm, yes, have never cheated on her” I said quietly.

“That’s perfect,” she said with a straightforwardness that set me back a bit, “would you with no strings attached?”

“You mean, with you?” I asked tentatively.

“Let’s go, I am going to fuck your brains out” she whispered as she leaned forward grabbing my hand, leading me towards the door.

We were barely inside her room as Connie turned towards me and in one fluid movement pulled her dress over her head, exposing a body that only could exist in ones fantasy. It was too perfect, as if sculpted from ivory. Not an imperfection from her head to her toes, firm, large breasts, perfect size nipples that slightly extended from fifty cent size areola’s, her pubic mound completely denuded of any hair, the perfectly smooth rise of both her vaginal lips, that parted slightly allowing a hint of her labia with the clitoris squinting out from under a slight hood.

She moved with grace and purpose, nothing to indicate the lack of self-consciousness.

Her hands moved behind my neck, her mouth to mine. Our embrace sincere, tongues finding there way into each other’s mouths. My hands naturally fell to the tops of her hips, as if the perfect figure was intended to guide my fingers to specific points on her body. I pulled her closer.

Connie pushed back slightly, her fingers deftly opening the buttons on my shirt. The shirt falling to the floor.

She moved back another step. I followed, stepping out of my shoes as her hands caressed my chest and stomach on their journey to the top of my pants. Without my realizing it, I was soon naked against her body as we moved to her bed.

My hands roamed across her, feeling the firm breasts, the nipples getting hard, her firm ass cheeks under the slight squeeze of my fingers.

Connie’s hand found my dick, caressing, encircling, and pulling slightly.

“You definitely have a winner here,” she whispered in my ear, as she rolled on top of me.

My now hard cock was against her pubic mound, extending well past her belly button against her stomach. I wanted to pull her up to target the end of my shaft towards her vaginal opening.

But, Connie rose up on her elbows slightly, allowing just the tips of her nipples to tickle my chest.

“Remember I told you that I was in market research,” she softly said, “well, I think you are special, and would like you to take something for me. It will help us stretch the moment, so to speak.”

“Is it legal? Safe?” I questioned, but not with much sincerity, as I would have tried anything to get inside her.

“Absolutely, we are at the final testing, almost ready to market it,” she responded as she placed a green tinted pill at my lips.

Unbelievably my lips parted and I swallowed the pill, even though my brain was trying to express caution.

That lasted a nano second…at the most, as Connie’s mouth was working its way down across my chest, stomach, and then her lips surrounded the end of my cock.

That pill could’ve been cyanide, I would not have cared, this was the first time I had a mouth on my cock since before I was married…and that was only one time.

Connie’s menstruations made me feel as though she was worshipping my dick. She kissed the end, engulfed it, and licked up and down the sides of it. All the while her hands alternately fondled my balls and stoked my exposed cock.

Connie swung herself around, exposing that sweet, naked cunt towards me. She seemed to hesitate, so I pulled her hips down while raising my head. My tongue darted out, tasting the folds of her pussy, the flavor exquisite, going straight from tongue to my testicles.

One of her hands worked its way to her cunt, separating her vaginal lips allowing my mouth easier access. She moved her hips, my mouth and tongue now having the opportunity to explore the entire length of her womanhood. I could feel her breathe a little faster as she now had my entire cock enclosed within her mouth, feeling as if my glans were well down her throat when she pushed down.

Connie no longer had to rub her cunt back and forth as I was doing this on my own, but her hips now started to hump slightly, my tongue making intimate stabs into the depths of her pussy.

She pulled back from my cock for a second, “oh…you do that so well, yes, yes”.

Her words encouraged me, driving my tongue, sucking her juices, trying to get all of her I could.

She shifted slightly, my mouth finding her clit, licking it profusely. Connie humped a bit more, causing me to swallow, her clit sucking into my mouth.

“Yes, oh yes, that feels so good…keep sucking on my clit, oh god, yes, yes”, she exclaimed, while she now oscillated her hips as she humped up and down.

Her breathing was now labored and she had gone back to taking my cock all the way down her throat.

Connie’s oscillating motion stopped, so I did it with my mouth, “Oh that feels so good” she managed to express between the plunging of her mouth around my dick.

I could feel myself begin to rise to the point of climax, feeling the pressure build to the point of no return. Wanting to scream to the heavens. But just as my groin had hit the point of complete uncontrollable orgasm, Connie would squeeze the base of cock in a certain way holding that moment at bay.

Twice, then three times, maybe four, my body rose to the point of exploding my now accumulating seed deep into Connie’s throat and each time, right at that moment, it felt like the wave would past. And each time the crescendo would slowly start to build again.

My mouth was now alternately focusing on Connie’s clit and then on her cunt, sucking her clit as she was sucking my dick, then using my tongue to explore the folds of her pussy. My fingers danced across her cunt lips, stroking and massaging.

I inadvertently touched her anus, she exhaled, “Oh yea”.

The accidental positive reaction incited me to continue. My finger rubbing lightly over the end of her rectum, all the while my mouth worked on her clit.

Her movements became more erratic, her breathing causing her chest to contract and expand to the point of causing her tits to mash against my belly.

My finger was at the entrance of her anal opening, when she forced her body down; my finger was enveloped by her asshole.

It was like a bolt of electricity hit her, she writhed, jumped, pushed, and let out an “Oh my I cum”.

Her pussy let out a flood of sweet, smooth fluid and I tried to lick it up, but her erratic bouncing made it hard to stay in contact.

Then she collapsed, spreading out flat against my torso, her legs splayed out along the sides of my head.

Connie caught her breath, and then slowly rose up turning around on my body.

My cock was still harder than a rock, could not believe that I had not cum.

Sliding up my body, she had a smile of satisfaction on her face. “That was great,” she said as her mouth came to mine.

My hands were now cupping her tits, those luscious, perfect more than handful size tits.

She moved, her legs opening as she slid her body down.

The head of my cock felt the wet, heat of her cunt. Then the feeling of her cunt lips parting, the first resistance of her vagina. Then my cock made its entrance.

Our lips still locked in an embrace; she slid her body down, encapsulating my entire shaft.

My cock was now in a different woman for the first time since I was fifteen. This was not lost on me and I relished the moment.

Connie moved her body up and down, then up and down in an oscillating motion.

I felt every ripple of her vaginal walls pulse against my cock.

Sitting up, her body took the full measured length of my over seven inch long dick.

My hands kept manipulating her breasts, my fingers occasionally finding her nipples, pulling and rolling them at the same time.

Connie reached between her legs, rubbing her clit in conjunction with her humping motion of her body. My body began to synchronize with her movements, my cock trying to find any untouched region of her womb.

We went into a mesmerizing rhythm, losing all track of time. Multiple times my body, my whole being had come to the point of total climax, each time to almost reach the pinnacle then cascade down a notch or two and begin to build all over again.

Connie’s actions now started to become erratic; her breathing became gulps, her hand working in frenzy against her cunt. Again my body built towards the pinnacle, something telling me that I would not be able to keep this one from going over the top.

“Ooh, OH..Fuck!” Connie shouted as her body writhed on top of mine as she came with such force I could feel her cunt act as a vise on my dick.

That did it, my nuts exploded their pent up wad, ejaculating a fire hose worth of jism spraying into the depths of her cunt.

The uncontrolled pulsing continued in smaller and smaller pulses, yet each time I could feel a charge of cum eject from my groin. I had flooded her cunt with an unbelievable amount of sperm.

Connie collapsed against my chest, giving the side of my neck a little peck, “been along time since I had that type of orgasm.” She whispered into my ear.

We moved side by side, cuddling, my dick slowing making a withdrawal from her warm, wet, cunt.

The inactivity did not last long. Something in the back of my head was driving me to satisfy an overwhelming desire, I needed that pussy.

I rolled Connie onto her back, spread her legs and began a quick descent towards her crotch. She did not resist, in fact, her hands guided my head towards her womanhood.

Her cunt was splayed open; her inner lips spread inside out, her vaginal opening gapping.

I dove in, my carnal desires overcoming any mental resistance, my tongue searching the depths, my mouth sucking the copious amount of liquid oozing from her inner depths.

Connie was responding forcefully, driving her pelvic area hard into my face with each thrust.

I could feel my cock’s weight swinging against my inner thighs as we writhed out of lust. My cock felt heavy and even though semi-soft, the end of it was hitting my leg over half way down my thigh. That increased the lust building in me. Reaching down, I grabbed my own cock. My hand barely able to circumnavigate the thickness of it, made me realize just how big it was…or was there something else???

At the same time, I was working hard on Connie’s cunt with my mouth. She was rubbing her clit just above my nose.

Connie’s body went rigid, she screamed, “Mother FUCKER! OH SHIT, Oh shit”…as she drove her wet cunt into my face. Big globs of liquid were expelled from her inner sanctum. I took it all in.

She held my head hard against her pelvic bones, her legs wrapped around me holding me immoveable as her orgasm subsided in ever decreasing waves.

Slowly she unraveled, bringing my head up to hers. She kissed me fully on the lips, working her tongue into my mouth. With no hesitation we were orally sharing our mutual liquids.

My cock found its way between her still parted legs and again I felt the head of my cock slowly pierce into her welcoming cunt.

Within seconds, our hips synchronized and we began a slow, methodical fucking. It did not register as to how much time had passed before my pace increased due to an increasing urgency being dictated by the nerves in my groin.

Our lips were still locked in a warm, wet, hard embrace.

Then it was my turn, breaking the embrace to suck in enough oxygen, as I loudly started grunting. From somewhere deep within my lower extremity, pressure was starting to build like floodwaters against a dam. It was coming, a wad of a golf ball being forced by unstoppable pressure through a reinforced rubber hose half the diameter of the wad.

“ARGH!” was all that I could emit from my throat as the wad was propelled from the end of dick, shooting hard into the back of Connie’s womb…then another one, and then another one. As the waves of my cock going off slowly subsided, I slowly regained my senses.

Connie had wrapped her legs around me, again holding me hard into her cunt, accepting every drop.

A couple of hours later I was awakened by Connie, “wake up sleepy head, you need to go I have to get up early tomorrow for work”.

I slowly started to get up, almost like being in a fog.

Connie jumped up; helping me to my feet she gave me a hug. Then patted my cock, “take care of that, it is very useful.”

“Will I see you again?” I asked.

“Maybe, we’ll see. Don’t you have to get back to your wife?”

“Yeah, Friday I am flying home,” I said with a pang of guilt.

“Ok then stud, get going.” She pointed and held out my clothes.

I had way over slept, completely missing my normal morning call to Lynn before she went to work. Hit myself in the head for being stupid and went for a couple mile run, wasting most of the rest of the day looking at the mountains. Made my way back to the motel room mid afternoon, took a long shower, and realized that Lynn should be on the way home from work. So without getting dressed, I sat on the bed and called Lynn.

I apologized for missing her this morning and she accepted it by dismissing it by saying she actually had left earlier than normal. As our conversation continued, I heard a light knocking on my door. Still nude I made my way to the door and looked through the peephole, there was Connie.

A shot of panic ran up my spine as my wife’s voice said, “you must be having room service, go ahead and answer it.”

Do not know why, but I opened the door slightly and pointed to the phone in my ear and mouthed ‘my wife”.

Connie just smiled broadly, pushing the door open and walking in without making a sound.

I just stood there petrified. Connie closed the door.

As I was still holding the phone to my ear, Connie placed a hand to my chest and guided me backwards to the bed, pushing me down on the bed.

Lynn started to talk again and I did not make out a word she said as Connie kneeled between my legs and sucked my cock into her mouth.

Mixed emotions would have been an understatement; my wife was talking to me, and Connie taking my entire length down her throat.

Damn, Connie was performing miracles, I could feel the tension starting deep in my groin.

“Hey, did you hear what I said?” my wife’s voice resonated in my ear.

“Sorry, I was distracted for a moment”, I kind of lied.

“I said, I am committed to performing an obligation for the club this weekend and might be staying out all Saturday night,” Lynn repeated.

“ Uhmm..all night? Ugh…yeah sure,” I blurted out as Connie’s throat worked up and down my cock.

“Great, knew you would understand,” Lynn responded somewhat exceptionally cheerily.

There was a sudden pause, both in my psyche from Lynn’s suddenly changed tone of voice and a slight grunt I heard, it was not from Connie. Then I realized that Lynn’s breath was a little erratic.

Connie was still fucking my cock with her mouth and even though it felt great, the moment of climax flattened.

My mind connected the noise Lynn was making with Connie’s breathing just before she came the night before.

“Lynn…LYNN!” I damn near shouted into the phone.

“Oh..yeah…thank you…thank you, got to go,” Lynn almost breathlessly whispered into the phone. “Oh…oh…gawd” I heard as Lynn hung up the phone.

What the hell, I thought…for about a second as Connie had disconnected from my cock and was now sucking each of my testicles into her mouth. Lynn’s strange behavior completely floated from my mind.

Connie had somehow undressed as I was on the phone and had now slid up across my body.

“Was that your wife?” she asked as her warm swollen lips touched mine.

I nodded, confirming.

“Darn, I wanted you to cum as you talked to her…oh well. I need to you to take these two pills.” Connie said as she placed a blue and purple pill in my mouth, “you will not be sorry”.

A half an hour later I was pounding my cock in Connie’s pussy as if there was no tomorrow.

I think we fucked in every position possible and I came at least four or five times before collapsing after four hours of continuous sex. My cock never got soft!

The next morning I woke up and Connie was gone, just two bottles and a note.

The note said that the pills in the bottles are the ones I used the last two nights and to use them when I need to impress my sexual partner…hopefully more than just my wife. Connie ended the note with thanking me for the best part of her research and giving me her phone number.

Unfortunately my guilt started on the way to the airport and by the time I got home it was almost overwhelming. Told myself that this will never happen again as this would not be fair to Lynn. The stench of guilt was all over me, it seemed not to go away and I was afraid that Lynn would smell it.

Surprisingly, Friday evening was non-incidental; Lynn was being exceptionally reserved and overly pleasant when pushed. Right after we put little Joey to bed, Lynn even started to get amorous. Thought I might need those pills right away, but as I started to caress her body as we embraced, she stopped my hand from going under her nightgown.

“Not tonight honey,” she said softly, “ not the right time.”

Did not know if she suspected something or it was her time of the month, discretion being the better part of valor, I rolled over and went to sleep.

The next day, partly because of my fears of being caught, and partly because Lynn was acting funny, Lynn and I pretty much stayed at arms length.

That evening when Lynn was ready to go to her “club” project, she came out dressed like I had never seen before. She was stunning. Lynn had on a mini-dress that barely covered her ass, high heels, her hair down completely different…heck she looked completely different. If Joey would not have been playing on rug, I would have fucked Lynn’s brains out.

“Holy shit Lynn, you look absolutely fabulous!” I exclaimed.

“ Do I really?” Lynn asked tentatively.

“Absolutely, you will be the show stopper with the girls tonight, they better keep a leash on you.” I honestly stated.

She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and was gone.

That night as I lay in bed, I actually jerked off thinking about my wife and how she was dressed. Thinking that she was not going to be back until midday tomorrow, I did not even bother cleaning up and fell asleep.

Sometime in the early morning hours, around four or five AM something woke me up. Not fully awake, I saw the light coming from the bathroom and saw through the opening that Lynn was back. Everything was kind of hazy, but it looked as though she was pulling off her dress. I smiled to myself then fell back asleep.

A couple of hours later I woke up to the sun high in the air. Lynn was lying next to me barely covered wearing a teddy. She looked like an angel. Then I realized that the place smelled of sex, shit I thought, forgot to clean up after I jerked off last night.

But I was also harder than a rock with the thoughts of how she looked last night and how she looked in the early morning light.

I kissed her nipple through the teddy, she moaned slightly but did not awaken.

Sucked her nipple lightly, a little more of a moan and her hand rested on top of my head.

I worked my lips down her body, her hand staying lightly on my head.

As I maneuvered between her legs, she spread them placing my head between her thighs.

Looking up at her face, her eyes were still completely shut and she was still moaning subconsciously.

I lifted her teddy. Her pubic area was completely bald. She had never done this before; it was a most pleasant shock. She must have just done it cause the pubic area pink and puffy, looked like half a peach, almost swollen. Even the skin had on her puffy cunt lips had a yellow tint around them. Her slit was slightly open and the edges of her labia poked out glistening in the dull light.

I could not stop myself, I dove in. Her legs spread wide, opening her vagina. Just before my lips touched her cunt, I thought I noticed a glob of white dripping from her opening and that with the closer look, her pubic area seemed to be bruised.

That thought went away as she gave out a louder moan when my tongue hit her swollen clit.

She started humping into my face and all thoughts of anything but getting her to an orgasm passed from my mind.

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