Super Bowl Forfeit: Mother & Daughter by Efon

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Her hand moved across her body, washing and caressing the soapy body wash against her skin, but soon that wasn't enough. Her nipples were hard so she pinched at one gently and teased it fully erect while her other hand moved down to her groin. It was wet from more than just the hot water from the shower spaying down over her body, as it was more and more often these days.

They say a woman's biological clock really ramps up just before menopause, and Cheryl knew that was true for her now that she was in her mid forties. She had been sexually active and some might say even a bit of slut in her late teens and early twenties, but then she settled down with Chet, got married, had a daughter, and steadily got used to having sex less and less often.

A few months ago Danielle went to college and they made a mother-daughter road trip out if it and she could feel her youthful memories return as the two of them spent a long two day drive together. Boys were on both of their minds, but Cheryl had thought she was just trying to protect her daughter and prepare her for adulthood. Instead she accidentally seduced the first boy they met and she had him fucking her before they had been there an hour while Danielle was at out at her orientation.

Now even almost half a year later she still was touching herself in the shower, remembering how long and hard they had fucked in that public men's room just fifty feet away from her daughter. She'd stripped quickly so no other boys that might come in would catch her, stripping in front of this much younger man. Then she jumped in a shower stall and turned on the water, shrieking and giggling when the cold water hit her body, making her already excitedly erect nipples painfully hard.

Mike squeezed in behind her as the water warmed up and didn’t waste any time. His hot hands enclosed around her, scooping up one breast in each as he nestled his body up against hers. His fingertips toying with her pert nubs while his cock was already growing again after their first encounter, pushing against her ass crack. God it felt so good to have a young and active lover who was already eager for more. It was a miracle if her husband was still awake two minutes after he came nowadays, but he had once been like Mike, endlessly fascinated with her body and always looking to screw day and night.

Thinking of Chet in his younger days was slightly distracting to Cheryl’s sexual fantasy. Not long after her daughter had been born almost twenty years ago his sexual desire had a steep drop off that has only steadily diminished. Sure he had that knee injury when he was a linebacker in college, and a few years ago had a slipped a disc in his back from years of bending over car hoods day in and day out in his auto shop, but even when he was fine he usually fell asleep on her when she tried to seduce him. Now when she was horny she usually had to just go down on him and make him fuck her. Even then sometimes he’d wave her off claiming pain or exhaustion.

She’d felt bad about cheating on him once she’d gotten home, even while she’d loved every moment of it at the time. She’d tried to seduce him wearing his favorite lingerie, a blue lacy piece that resembled a football jersey, but he just laughed at her and rolled over. That had gotten her so mad she decided to try withholding all sex from him, just to see how long he could hold out. That was last September and now January was almost out and he never even made a move on her since then.

Cheryl pushed the hurt and disappointment and tried to once more relive her adulterous affair in her mind, but the water was going cold as was her current mood. She turned it off and was drying when she heard the commotion of her daughter coming home on break. She had stayed at college over both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so this was the first time she’d been home since she’d left. They still talked on the phone and email every few days, but nowhere near as often as Cheryl wanted.

Wrapping a towel around her body and another on her head to dry her long light brown hair she walked out to welcome her baby home. When she got to the door though she saw the last person she expected to see. There was the young man she had allowed to violate her marriage vows standing next to her daughter, smiling and happily shaking her husband’s hand. She was stopped dead in shock. They all looked at her, and she realized she must have gasped aloud at seeing him.

Her brain acted fast, “Oh Lord. I didn’t know you were bringing company! Let me go get dressed.” Then she turned and bolted from the room and hid in her bedroom. Why was he here? Danielle said she was getting a ride home from a friend, did Mike live nearby? Was he looking for more from her? She was a blizzard of emotions, each lasting only seconds before another took over. She tore at her drawer of clothes, trying to find something to wear.

Lace panties; too sexy! Plain panties; not sexy enough! She couldn’t decide if she wanted to seduce him again or not, and kept flip-flopping like a hotcake back and forth. Cheryl took off her towels as she finished drying off and found her pussy was sopping wet, even more so than when she was in the shower. She knew what her body wanted, but could she cheat on her husband again? Especially with him right here? She decided to go with a thong swimsuit bikini and matching top that was sexy, but could explain it away if she had too and hopefully it would contain her wetness.

Over that she put on a big floppy blue tee shirt and a grey pair of form fitting yoga pants. She wanted something sexy should it come to that, but the long tee shirt fell over her ass, concealing it nicely to begin with. She posed a moment in the mirror, looking a bit frumpy in the oversized shirt, but smiled as she lifted it and looked at her tight toned ass and legs. She always regarded her legs and rear as her best feature since her breasts weren’t really that big. She’d been self-conscious about their tiny size when she was young, but they had grown to merely small when she was breastfeeding her daughter. The plus side of that was that even now they didn’t sag much at all.

Satisfied that she’d composed finally herself, Cheryl went out to formally greet her daughter and the boy. All smiles and hugs, Danielle happily assaulted her mother with details about their own two day trek as they drove here from college. Mike lived about halfway, so he’d offered to give her a ride as long as he could stay overnight and be fed. Danielle explained how she had met his parents and stayed with him at his house last night with his little cute little twelve year old sister. She had often complained how she wished she had wanted a younger sibling, and while Cheryl had often tried for more kids, they just never got lucky again. Chet didn’t seem to mind though, saying one of Danielle was enough.

They had left Friday after classes and driven all night to get to Mike’s house to sleep for a few hours, visit with his family, and spend that night, but woke at four in the morning to get here by Sunday afternoon. Danielle promised Mike a Super Bowl party since he wasn’t home to watch it with his dad. Immediately him and Chet were fast friends, retiring to the couch to talk football in the few hours until the game started, finally leaving Cheryl some alone time with Danielle.

Trying to be nonchalant Cheryl said to her daughter, “Well, Mike still is a nice guy.”

“Yea…” Danielle cooed. Cheryl could tell she was in love instantly from that one word.

“So…” Cheryl continued, grabbing a can of salsa and opening it without looking at her daughter in the eye. “How long have you two been dating?”

Danielle started, “We’re not…not that I don’t…it’s…complicated.”

“Are you sleeping with him?” Cheryl couldn’t help asking bluntly, a bit of irrational rage and jealousy tingeing her words as she forced herself to remain calm and play ignorant.

“No!” Danielle hissed shocked those words would come from her mother’s mouth. “I think…I think we are dating, but he never tries to kiss me,” her daughter said frustrated. “I would let him if he tried, but he just hasn’t. I don’t know…maybe he’s just gay.”

Cheryl couldn’t help herself but laugh aloud then, he mind uncontrollably remembering his cock in her, throbbing and pulsing as it filled her womb with his desperate seed. She cleared her throat and said, “Honey, I can tell from the way he was looking at you alone that there is no way he’s gay.”

Her daughter paused, slightly shocked, “He…he was looking at me?”

Exasperated, Cheryl turned on her baby girl, “Honey, you are drop dead gorgeous and you know it! How many boys did I have to chase off last year?”

“Only two, but they were jerks,” Danielle insisted.

“Yes they were,” Cheryl continued, not looking at her, but returning to prepare snacks while they talked. “And if Mike isn’t forcing himself on you it’s because he’s waiting for you to make the first move. He seems like a shy boy, a virgin maybe, and sometime you just need to…take the first step.” Cheryl couldn’t believe she was encouraging her daughter to seduce her own former lover, but she loved her daughter more than she wanted his wonderful hot rod inside her again. At least she knew Mike would be a good lay.

“But I…I’ve never done that before,” Danielle said embarrassed.

“Of course you have,” Cheryl sighed. “I distinctly remember hearing an awful lot of secret giggling and disheveled clothing with Donny Wilson from down the road every time he came to visit.”

“Mom…Donny is gay,” Danielle said with all seriousness. “He used to be here all the time because he wanted to try on my clothes and I let him borrow some for when he went on dates.”

Now it was Cheryl’s turn to stop dead from surprise. “You mean he was… cross dressing? In your clothes?”

“Yup!” Danielle said, all proud of herself. “He had some gay friend that he liked to date, but didn’t want people talking so dressed like a girl when they went out.”

“So you have never…” she muttered.

“Yea,” Danielle confessed seriously and back to being a little shy, “I’m still a virgin and haven’t done more than get kissed and groped by a few boys on dates last year.”

Cheryl had lost her own virginity at fourteen and been with at least twenty boys before college and at least fifty before she started dating Chet. And for all that Chet had been her rock star, a football jock, who while not the brightest was honest and kind. He’d asked her to marry him on their third date. She laughed and refused of course, but then he ended each date, usually after a long sweaty night of fucking their brains out, with asking her to marry him again and again. He wasn’t doing it as a gag, but was completely serious. After almost half a year she finally refused saying she wouldn’t accept until he had a ring.

The next week, before their date, he dropped to one knee and pulled out a small ring box, and there he’d finally bought a tiny cubic zirconium ring. All he could afford since he wasn’t working and only going to school on a football scholarship. She couldn’t help herself and married him in a rushed wedding a few days later at a little chapel outside of their campus. They moved in together and kept going to college until his knee injury ended his college career. That has been a blow to his ego, but the college gave him a full ride to continue with an automotive repair degree. He’d always liked cars and that had gotten them through the first few years, the baby, and out into a normal life. He’d gotten a job at a local auto shop fixing cars, but nowadays mostly just did orders and paperwork in the office.

Cheryl never regretted marrying Chet, and really did fall in love with him, and still was in love with him really. At least she told herself that was true, but just needed to feel like a woman, and Chet just wasn’t doing that anymore. But now to be told that her daughter was not yet a woman herself actually came as a bit of a surprise to her. The news always talks about the rise in teen pregnancy, and while she’d cautioned her daughter and even given her some condoms a long time back, when she first gave her the birds and bees talk when she turned twelve and had her first period, she never expected her daughter to remain celibate through high school.

“Well then, you don’t need to worry about a thing,” Cheryl said happily. “Here, bring this out to the men and meet me in my bedroom.” She handed her the snack tray and went there herself and started rooting in her closet.

Danielle wasn’t far behind, but gasped when she saw what her mother pulled out. “Go shower and change clothes and wear this underneath,” she handed the playful blue lingerie to her daughter. They were close enough in size it should fit just fine. "Just don’t take too long; be back out in the living room within an hour.”

Danielle just stood frozen holding the skimpy outfit. Cheryl realized then that she was going to take more than just a nudge to get the ball rolling. She stood in front of here and held her hands thought the silky material and looked her in the eye. "You trust me don't you?" she asked sincerely of her daughter.

"Yes," Danielle answered trying to sound more confident than she really was.

"And you are sure that Mike is the one you want to do this with?" Cheryl knew this was a much bigger deal for Danielle than it had been for her. "You only get one first time."

Now she was sincere and confident. "Yes, I'm sure," Danielle smiled.

"Good," Cheryl said even though she was worried now that her daughter was truly in love with this boy who had been her adulterous lover. Still, she struck with her plan and looked her daughter in the eye, "Now do everything I say and I promise you will be his girlfriend with full benefits in just a few hours."

Danielle only nodded and left for her own bedroom to get some clothes that would conceal the lingerie her mother had given her before heading into the shower. Cheryl briefly considered getting her changed into one of her other sexy garments, but decided she needed to get back out to prep the boys and gauge their pliability.

Mike was sitting next to her husband, talking about the upcoming football game and watching the network pregame shows, yet she could tell all of his attention was on her once she returned. Chet however was lost to his enthusiasm for the game he once played in high school and college. He'd dreamed of making the pros, but when his knee blew all of that had been lost. Now watching it undisturbed was his only iron clad household rule.

"Mike, could you help me reach the top shelf in the kitchen?" Cheryl asked sweetly.

"Sure," he cheered and jumped up, leaving Chet to watch the pregame show on his own for the moment. He followed her into the other room and she knew he was checking out her ass, or at least she hoped he was. She had always prided herself in looking good, having exercised off all the baby weight in only two months after she gave birth to Danielle, but she hadn’t been as diligent in the last few years. But after her encounter with Mike last fall she returned to her routine with a renewed vigor, glad to know that at least someone found her sexy. The tight yoga pants clung to her tight ass cheeks and made her look twenty again. She didn’t look bad naked, but the pants certainly added a bit of lift. She pulled up her baggy shirt and put a knot in it at her waist, just to show off her rear while they walked.

They got to the kitchen and Mike just stood there, looking at her, and she just looked at him, much closer now. He still looked mostly the same, tall and thin, with skinny arms and legs. He’d have gotten broken in two in any real football game, but he was fairly muscled like a runner. He just wore a plain black tee shirt that was tight, maybe one size too small, with a small logo for something and some fairly new jeans that really showed off his ass and his package. Cheryl wondered if he’d worn those close to turn her on or her daughter, but smiled all the same.

“Can you get that party tray from the top there?” Cheryl pointed. Mike nodded and stretched, getting up on tiptoes and leaning against the counter. She hardly ever put anything in those top cupboards because no one in this house could reach them without a step stool. Cheryl had put that tray there last year only because she didn’t really plan on using it again, but had him get it now just so she could check him out completely one more time. His ass was so delicious looking in those jeans she had to force herself not to reach out and pinch it.

He got the platter and turned, offering it to Cheryl. She took it and just set it down off to one counter. “Thank you Mike. You know it could be useful having you around to grab things.” She shook her boobs just a bit as she said the last bit.

“Misses Bee…” Mike started.

“Please… You know me too well for that,” Cheryl said placing one hand gently on his upper arm. “Call me Cheryl.”

“Cheryl I…” Mike began again.

“Did you know Danielle is a virgin?” Cheryl cut him off again, still taking sweetly, but her directness and authority just cutting through his nervous stammering.

“What? No…well I guessed, but…” was all he got out.

“She likes you and asked me to help seduce you to be her first,” Cheryl laid it all out for him. Mike was speechless, so Cheryl continued, “Did you start dating her because you thought she’d be easy like me?”

“No!” the boy said seriously. “Look, you were great and all, but Danielle and I just got along fine as friends.” He said it with honesty, but Cheryl eyed him skeptically, forcing him to nervously continue. “I hoped she’d like me that way, but she never really seemed to want to do anything other than study.”

“Well she was a straight A student in high school, and I’m glad she still is,” Cheryl smiled. “God knows where she got her study habits from. Neither her father nor I were that… studious.” Cheryl’s hand had traveled down the boy’s arm and then over to his chest. “Chet was a football player and I was a cheerleader,” she continued. “In fact most of the time we were…” she moved her hand lower until it was caressing down his stomach and showed no signs of stopping.

“Mom?” Danielle called from the other room.

Mike freaked out a bit and moved away from her to get back toward the living room. She didn’t fail to notice the sizable bulge in his pants was a bit more pronounced on one side. He was right at the doorway when Danielle came in, now wearing a more concealing sweater and jeans. Mike seemed a bit nervous, giving away some hint of what they were doing, but before he could speak Cheryl save him. “Thanks for getting that platter for me Mike. You’re a doll. Dani, want to help me make some finger sandwiches for the boys?”

“Sure Mom,” Danielle said and let Mike escape back to the living room. Cheryl saw him adjusting himself as he left down the hall and smiled again thinking she could have him for herself if she really wanted him. But that wouldn’t be fair to her daughter. She was the one who brought him home and the one who needed a man much more, even if she didn’t realize it. Cheryl had no delusions thinking Mike was going to be her last, but at least he was good looking and seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, and she knew from personal experience he was good in the sack. What more could a girl ask for on her first time?

Her own first had been a boy who was no more than a self-centered bully who used her after school behind the gym. He didn’t give her any foreplay, and just did his business until he came, then left her there to clean up. It’d felt good, never any pain like other girls always claimed, but she didn’t have an orgasm. She never had one at all until her third boyfriend wanted to try licking her pussy in the back seat of his car when they were out on a date. She resolved to make sure Danielle’s first time was memorable and that she enjoyed it.

They worked making some sandwiches for them, but before they were done Cheryl told Danielle to finish up while she got to the next part of her plan. She grabbed a wrench from Chet’s toolbox and then went down into the basement and looked around. She didn’t come down here much, just every now and then to reset a circuit breaker. Chet had showed her how to do it mostly because he had a hard time handling the steep and narrow stairs into the basement. There was a water heater and furnace as well, but if they broke they just called the oil company to fix them, even though Chet said he could do it if he had too.

Cheryl had let the cable guy in a few years back when they were upgrading the wires, so she knew a little of where each wire went and looked for the one that fed the signal to the big screen TV in the living room. The long black wire appeared out of the bottom of the floor boards and Cheryl followed it back ten feet to a splitter box. She then carefully used the wrench to unscrew the line. Once it was loose she quickly twisted it the rest of the way off, then with a sharp blow with the wrench to the old light bulb dangling nearby, she flinched as the lights went out with a pop.

She took a moment for her eyes to adjust, and then made her way as quickly as she could to the stairs. It wasn’t completely dark, but it was only a sliver of light now coming in from the tiny windows around the foundation. She put the wrench back and get back into the living room in time to hear her husband swearing up a storm at the TV and heading her way.

“What’s wrong honey?” she feigned ignorance.

“Fucking cable went out!” He opened the basement door and flicked the light switch on, then off, then angrily back and forth again. “And the light is blown! Where’s my flashlight?”

“Honey isn’t the game about to start?” Cheryl asked hearing the two younger people coming up to join them in the kitchen.

“Of course it is! So I got to hurry!” Chet said almost raging.

“Well I don’t want you going down and messing around in the basement when it’s dark,” Cheryl said, “Besides, this is supposed to be a fun day, so why don’t you go down to the bar and watch the game there?”

Chet stopped, unsure he was hearing his wife right. Usually she was asking him to come home instead of going out to the sports bar. “I guess…” Then he nodded, “What do ya say Mike? Wanna hit the bar for the big game?”

“Oh… I…” he fumbled for guidance.

“Honey, he’s not twenty-one yet,” Cheryl recovered the situation. “Don’t worry about him. I’m sure Danielle and I can keep him occupied. I’ll call the cable company and get them out to fix it.”

Cheryl was sure he had been about to accept his offer, but he got the hint. “Right, I’m only nineteen. Thanks anyway. Tell me how it goes,” Mike said with his best act of being disappointed.

Chet seemed unsure about leaving, but after Cheryl pulled out his coat and keys, he accepted it as his fate. He promised to give them all the details when he got back, but that wasn’t going to be for about four hours. Then he was gone and Cheryl suggested they return to the living room where she could put on a movie or something.

The TV was still just displaying static from the disconnected cable feed. “Sorry you had to miss the big game Mike. Why don’t we just talk for a bit?” she suggested as she pressed the power button. Neither of the young adults argued with her, just sitting down on opposite sides of the large plush couch in the middle of the room. Cheryl relaxed to an arm chair next to Mike and faked like everything was normal. “So, if I recall correctly you and Danielle were in the same Calculus class. Tell me how that’s going.”

She kept the conversation clean and routine, mostly to try and relax the two of them. Mike had just nearly had a hard-on heart attack when they last spoke, and her daughter was a little on edge about wearing her mother’s sexy lingerie under her clothes. Cheryl was sure she just wanted her to leave the two of them alone, but if she did she didn’t think anything would happen unless she worked them up to it.

“So, how long have you two been dating?” She asked Mike.

“Oh, uh… I don’t know if we are really dating, as such…” Mike was a nice guy, but an idiot with women. She could tell now that her daughter had been much too subtle for him to not even realize that she considered them a couple already. Danielle flushed visibly, maybe from embarrassment, maybe from anger, but Mike had really messed up at that point, so Cheryl knew she needed to go to the next step.

“Hang, on,” she stood, “Be right back.” She ducked back in the kitchen and pulled out a few of the wine coolers she drank from time to time when she wanted a buzz without getting drunk. Then she opened the small glass bottles and poured half of two of them right down the drain in the sink. Then from a back cabinet she extracted a bottle of peach schnapps and refilled them. Only then did she bring them out.

“Here, it’s okay, they are just wine coolers,” she assured them. She knew you could get drunk just fine off of enough of them, but with the added 46 proof kick of the schnapps, they should be feeling pretty good quickly as long as neither of them were heavy drinkers. She was pretty sure her daughter wasn’t, and had the same feeling about Mike. As they all tipped back their drinks, hers being the only unmodified drink, and also having a much larger resistance from experience, she returned to simple conversation about school for another fifteen minutes.

She bided her time as they drank, sometimes with a wince they tried to conceal, but she encouraged them to drink up and kept interrogating them about the menial parts of their life at college. They were both eager to talk, and had many stories about teachers and other students, and as time went by they got more and more animated and happily told their tales.

They must have talked for about an hour before they got to the end of their drinks, and Cheryl took their bottles and got them refilled, this time with just straight peach schnapps, and this time suggested, “Hey, let’s play a game.” She handed each of them their bottle back, and continued, “I’ll ask one of you a question, and you have to tell the truth or take a big drink, then you get to ask someone a question.” Neither objected, so she started right in, “Mike, have you had kissed a girl before?”

He sheepishly looked at her and nodded and answered “Yea”.

Cheryl had a feeling that she was the one he was thinking about, but unsure if she had actually also been his first kiss. “Okay, now ask one of us a question.”

“Um, Danielle… Did you think we were dating?” he asked, still just as sheepishly.

She responded in much the same way, “Yea…” Then she looked at her mother, trying to think of a question, “How old were you when you first kissed a boy?”

Cheryl grinned, “Six I think?”

“No I mean, really kissed,” Danielle clarified.

“Oh, with tongue?” Cheryl tough back, “Maybe twelve. I remember kissing Bobby Woodcolmb in the playground on a dare and he slobbered all over me.” They all laughed, but Cheryl knew that wasn’t really the story her daughter wanted, but she wanted her to come out and say it. “Dani, have you seen any boy, other than your father, naked?”

“Well…” her daughter blushed bright red, “A few times in movies and on TV…”

“No,” Cheryl clarified, “In real life.”

“Um…” she glanced over at Mike briefly, “Then no.” She was silent for a second, and then remembered it was her turn. “Um, Mike, have you seen a naked woman, for real?”

Mike just took his bottle and took a long sip rather than say anything that might give away that only a few months ago he’d spent a few hours fucking her mother’s brains out just after they met. “Um, Cheryl, did you do something to the cable?”

Now it was Cheryl’s turn to take a long drink, but like Mike, that was answer enough for all of them to know the truth. “Mike, show us your cock.”

“That’s not a question!” Danielle protested in shock.

“I proposed the game, I make the rules!” Cheryl shot back. He was obviously trapped between the two of them, glancing back and forth, so just took another long sip of his alcoholic drink. “Wimp!” Cheryl teased, but didn’t complain.

Realizing it was his turn and wanting to change the focus he looked at Danielle, “How far have you gone with a guy? In baseball terms.”

“Um…” Danielle gulped shyly, “I don’t know.”

“Okay,” Mike explained, “First base is kissing and touching above the clothes.”

“Um…” she stammered still uncertain. “Half-base?”

“Huh?” Mike asked.

“Well, I’ve kissed, but that’s really about it,” Danielle confessed. Mike nodded and she just anxiously shot back. “Same question?”

Mike gulped, looking like a deer in headlights and grabbed for his bottle. “Come on Mike,” Cheryl teased him. “If she’s going to be your girlfriend she deserves to know what you’ve done so far. You don’t have to tell us with who, just what.”

Mike looked like he’d still rather take the drink instead, but he relented after he saw Danielle looking at him pleadingly. “Alright. I was a total virgin until last year, never a kiss or anything. But then I had a one-time affair, but that was before I started hanging out with you.”

Danielle looked a little shocked. No one talked for a minute, so Cheryl interjected. “Mike, there is a flashlight in the drawer over there. Can you take that and go put the cable back in the basement? It’s just unscrewed about ten feet in.”

Mike looked at Danielle who was a conflict of emotions, then stood and did as he was told. Cheryl moved in and sat down on the couch close to her daughter, “I think you are in luck honey. Not many guys lose their virginity and then go without for that long in college to be with a girl they like.”

“But…” Danielle said upset, though not quite in tears, “I was hoping…”

“That you’d lose your virginities together?” Cheryl asked. “Honey I lost my virginity when I was fourteen. You should count yourself lucky to find a guy who waited as long as Mike did.”

“I guess,” Danielle said, still unsure.

“Alright, then, are you all set? Should I leave you two alone now?”

“I don’t know what to do,” Danielle almost begged.

“Alright… alright…” Cheryl conceded, “Then for this next part you have to follow my every word.” Danielle nodded, but her mother continued, “I mean it. You do everything I say without a single question or complaint. You understand?”

“I understand,” her daughter agreed demurely.

“Alright, then let's get rid of these clothes and show off that outfit,” she commanded. Danielle only paused for a second, then took of her shirt and worked on getting her jeans off. Cheryl went to the TV and turned it back on, still getting just snow, then took off her own shirt and peeled off her yoga pants. She threw her clothes in one corner and pointed for her daughter to do the same just as the picture of the football game came back on the screen.

Chet had taken out his old football as he always did each Super bowl, and Cheryl scooped it up and said, "Catch!" to her daughter as she gently tossed the ball to her.

Danielle gave a giggling shriek, but caught it against her lingerie covered breasts, and then tossed out back at her bikini clad mother. Mike walked in on the sexy pair laughing as they bounced around, jiggling in all the right places, passing the ball back and forth with the seminal football game on in the background.

Cheryl caught a high ball and saw Mike watching them speechless. "Which game do you think Mike would rather watch?" she asked her daughter as she flicked the ball back to her.

Danielle caught it then held out against her hip, showing of her full figure to her would be boyfriend as she flipped one of her ponytails over her shoulder. "Do you like this?"

Mike just nodded dumbly, and Cheryl laughed. "Come on Dani, it's time for him to give us a show." She moved on the boy and pushed him back to sit on the couch, then went to work on the button and zipper of his pants. Danielle joined up next to her mother and pulled his shirt up over his head. She pulled it off his head, then up over his arms, while Cheryl pealed down his waistband from under his as, still leaving his boxers on. Then they each took a pant leg and pulled his jeans all the way off before they returned to kneel at each of his feet.

"Mike," Cheryl got his attention. "Your job is to watch the game and not get to turned on while I show Danielle what to do," she said seriously. "If you feel like cuming then say so." Mike nodded and Cheryl addressed her daughter, now you will do everything I do, so watch closely." Then she reached into the flaps of cloth at his groin and extracted Mike's nice sized and mostly erect penis.

She stroked it a few times up and down, making it grow harder, then leaned forward to lick it from bottom to top. The whole torrid encounter of their first time came rushing back to her and she couldn't resist opening her mouth and swallowing him whole

He groaned with pleasure and his hot tool once more filling her mouth made her pussy churn with desire so much it ached. She wanted to just jump up and mount him right away, but held back only because her daughter was watching intently as she worked the large male organ into her gullet as she took him deep and breathed through her nose onto his boxers.

Satisfied that he was fully hard she backed up and released him, indicating it was her daughter's turn. "Now go slow. You don't have the practice to take him deep yet, but just remember to breathe through your nose and keep your teeth away from him. Lick and suck, don't bite."

Danielle nodded and moved into position, copying her mother's actions, starting with licking the glistening fleshy rod, then kissing it, and gently sucking on the tip. "Good, now squeeze with your hand on the base of his cock and feel it swell in your mouth." Mike squeezed his eyes shut and groaned again. "Oh honey, you are a natural!" Cheryl complimented as her daughter began swallowing more and more of his prick. "Well Mike? Is she a good cocksucker?"

Mike's contorted face clearly told her she was, but are wanted her daughter to hear it out loud. "She's fucking amazing!" he gasped.

However as she expected, she only got halfway down before she gagged. Quickly she pulled back, coughing to breathe with watering eyes. "It's okay, just breathe slowly," she comforted her baby girl. "It takes lots of practice to suppress your gag reflex. There will be time for more of that later, but for new let's get to the main event."

Cheryl stood and quickly whipped of her thong, noting it was soaking wet. She wasn't sure how coherent she would be once she got that cock in her, but she wanted it so bad she almost didn't care. She turned her ass to him and sat down on his lap before she leaned back into his chest. Then she pulled up her feet and spread her legs wide open with her feet on the edge of the couch cushions. She could feel the wet and eager young cock throbbing between her butt cheeks and pushed up with her legs to lift her rear end up as she grabbed the hot penis and placed it at the entrance to her cunt. Mike's hands were already on her hips applying pressure to get himself inside her once more, but she just resisted him and teased his tip against her pussy lips.

"Now watch closely," she remembered to tell her daughter, for who she was supposed to be doing this for. Then she bent her knees, dropping her ass back down, and impaling herself on that wonderful young stud's manhood, making him groan loudly in her ear.

Cheryl tried to take him slow, letting Danielle get the full view of her boyfriend's penis filling her vagina to the stretching point, but her desire took over. Just the thought of fucking this stallion again already had her close, and knowing she had him first and that he would soon be breaking her daughter's hymen really got her hot. Then his hands reached up under her bikini top and pinched her hard nipples and that flipped her final switch.

Her only lucid thought now was that Mike was probably going to cum with her, and that just wouldn't do. She turned her head and whispered over her shoulder, "I'm about to cum, baby. But if you want to get Dani's V you better hold it in." It was a mean thing to do to the poor boy, but she didn't have much time to think about it as the ridge of his cockhead rubbed the trigger spot inside her and she exploded, mentally and physically.

Fireworks danced in her blissfully shut eyes while her insides convulsed harder than they ever had since she gave birth to her daughter. Her womb kissed the head of the invading cock and begged it for a drink of his potent saltiness. She couldn't tell if he came or actually held out since her own fluids were gushing out of her, flooding her stuffed full vagina as it quaked around his stone hard penis.

As the crashing orgasm subsided she took a deep breath after finding she'd been holding it so as not to scream. It seemed Mike had somehow held out and was still painfully hard inside her now much wetter and looser pussy. She reluctantly rolled off of his rigid prick and felt empty inside

They were both breathing hard, but Mike was eager for more, specificity Danielle, who was similarly eager for her own turn. They both leaned forward into each other and Cheryl watched then share their first kiss, hot and desperate. His hands were grabbing at her boobs as he pulled her up to him and she willingly flowed up into his lap. Cheryl then watched him fondling at her crotch as he obviously planned to just get her daughter to replace her position on top of him, but she knew he would easily cum first before she ever got close.

"Dani, come here first," Cheryl said gently, but with enough firmness to still be a command. Her daughter broke her kiss with her would be lover and looked at her while Mike continued to kiss her cheek and ear.

Danielle didn't look like she wanted to give up now that she finally had her man, but she pointed bluntly with her finger at her feet and then she came over to her just as reluctantly leaving Mike as she just had. Cheryl kissed her on the lips, a bit more of sexual kiss than she ever had before, but then had her turn around and lay back on the couch, using her mother's body as a pillow. Then to Mike she said, "You got to make sure she's wet enough to take that monster. Come give her a lick." And to emphasize that Cheryl trailed one hand down her daughter's satin and lace covered body down to her crotch and pulled her tiny panties aside to reveal her dark blonde curls of her pussy.

Mike stood up, only taking a few moments to unthread his cock from his boxers so he could toss them and be completely naked, then got on all fours on the other half of the couch and quickly sunk his face right onto Dani's virgin twat and began feasting. She gasped and groaned and giggled as he ate her out, pleasing Cheryl that he seemed to be doing a decent job and hadn't balked for a moment, unlike many other boys at his age. Back in her own youth at least half of the boys she had sex with refused to go down on her, even after she went down on them. She broke up with more than one boy over that hypocrisy.

"Mmmm, is she tasty Mike?" Cheryl cooed. She rubbed her hands over her daughters belly and breasts, massaging and teasing her as the man sucked and licked at her most delicate parts. He mumbled something that sounded positive into her muff, so she looked down at her daughter."How is he doing Dani?"

Her eyes were rolling back in her head as she looked up at her mother's face as she lay in her lap and simply gasped, "Wonderful!" as she rubbed the back of his head with her hands to pull him deeper into her previously untouched honey pot.

Cheryl let this go on for several minutes, just admiring his dedication and enthusiasm, and wishing she had given is tongue a ride herself. After a bit though she could tell he wasn't going to get her to cum without some added direction. "Mike, go up a bit and flick her clit lightly with the tip of your tongue," she suggested since it looked like he was mostly working on trying to tongue fuck her vagina. I'm sure it felt good, but his cock would feel even better once she was ready for it. He followed her instructions and put his chin onto her pussy lips, and used his tongue to flick her sensitive bud.

Danielle's breathing got sharper, more desperate, and Cheryl knew that this would probably give her the stimulation she needed. She snaked a hand under the blue lingerie and tweaked and pulled on one of her pert nipples and then the other, just for good measure while their lover triggered what was probably her daughter's first orgasm. Every person orgasms differently, sometimes even every time, and being somewhat separated from the sexual experience let her watch how it affected her daughter. As Danielle got close her sharp inhales stopped completely as she held her breath and contorted her face. Her fingers dug into Mike's hair and her splayed open legs started to vibrate. A few seconds later she gasped as she had her heavenly seizure and curled her head forward and tried to close her legs, pinning poor Mike's head between her nylon covered thighs.

He didn't pull away, as if he could, but seemed to just keep licking her as he rocked her world. When she finally collapsed back several seconds later he did sit up, his face covered with a sticky pearlescent film that was her girl-cum that she had expelled all over him. He lifted one arm and began to rub it off, but Cheryl spoke up to him, "Come, let me have a taste."

Mike was a bit unsure, and Danielle was still have out of it with tiny aftershock tremors of her orgasm still affecting her body, but he stood and walked over to her. She grabbed his arm and licked at the palm of his hand, lapping up her daughter's sticky mess. "Mmmm, she is sweet," Cheryl said satisfied with the pungent taste. "Remember dear," she addressed her daughter now, "You cannot want a guy to lick it, you find it disgusting." Then she looked up at Mike and said, "Kiss her."

Mike bent down and Danielle leaned her head back into her mother's lap. His position put her upside-down to him so it was a bit awkward, but soon they were kissing and poking their tongues into each other's mouths in front of her. Cheryl couldn't help but notice Mike's penis pointing right at her, and he was pleased to see it wasn't quite so large and throbbing, and that distracting Mike with cunnilingus left him turned on, but not on edge about to cum. She tapped Mike on the shoulder, making him pull away from his kiss and she kissed him once as well, still tasting the remnants of her daughter on his lips. "Have a seat, loverboy."

Mike returned to sitting next to the girls on the couch, while she had her daughter sit up between them as well. They were now completely uninhibited though, and were already kissing and touching each other when she stood up to face them. "Now Dani, it's time for your turn. Come up and sit on his lap like I did."

She got up but then asked, "Can I face the other way? I want to kiss him some more too."

Cheryl smiled, "Sure dear. Just climb on board." Danielle quickly flung herself at her boyfriend and pinned him onto the couch, kissing him hard and Cheryl knelt at his feet and grabbed his hot and ready manhood. She stroked it a few times, just for good measure, then with her other hand pulled on her daughter's waist to get her down into position. Her panties were still pulled to the side in the crack of her thigh, so she left them there, and instructed, "Now this is your first time, so it may hurt if your hymen is still intact. My first time wasn't bad at all, but every girl is different. Just go slow and take it easy. Don't feel like you have to force it, and just let him open you up as you gently push down. I promise you, whatever pain there is will be gone quickly and it will feel really good once he's inside all the way."

Danielle broke her kiss and looked back over her shoulder at her mother and said, "I'm ready." She rubbed the rubbery head of his penis back and forth across her daughters puffy wet pussy lips, then pointed it into her vaginal opening and pushed down gently on her waist. Danielle took it from there and sank down slowly, letting his head in, then stopping with a gasp. She gritted her teeth then and pushed down some more. Cheryl was worried for a moment when she seemed to stop, and she saw a bright red glistening drop of blood roll down Mike's invading tool, but then Danielle gasped in a brief cry of pain as she sunk down further, engulfing most of his cock in her virginity.

A few more droplets of blood rolled down his shaft and coating his tight ball sack red, and Cheryl almost spoke up, but then Danielle began to softly churn her hips. She had endured a bit more pain it seemed than her mother had expected, but she'd survived and was now a woman and taking her prize. Cheryl just sat down on the coffee table behind her, watching her daughter fuck her adulterous lover and smiled. They made a great pair, and they really looked in love as they consummated their relationship for the first time. Danielle took it easy and slow, taking plenty of opportunities to kiss Mike while he was fully engulfed in her depths, and it turned Cheryl on again just watching his massive trunk of a cock as it split her daughter's pussy open and planted itself inside her.

The couple seemed to forget she was even there, and that was just fine with her as she gently rubbed her clit and watched them make love. She was glad that Mike had turned out to be quite a diligent student as her lover, and that Danielle was having such a good first sexual experience. Briefly Cheryl wondered if he would someday be the father of her grandchildren, and hoped he would since they seemed to be a sweet couple. With that thought she came out of her thoughts hearing Mike grunting hard as he used his hands on Danielle's hips to bounce her harder onto his throbbing cock.

Danielle was loving it all and didn't notice, but Mike was now getting frenzied and impatient to cum. Honestly she was surprised he'd held out this long, but she figured he'd masturbated quite a lot since they first had sex, probably thinking about her, since he seemed to have a much better threshold than she remembered him having in their first encounter. Cheryl stood up and pushed her daughter off of him to one side of the couch. "Mom!" she cried out dejected.

"Sorry baby, but he doesn't get to cum inside you without a condom, at least not until you are engaged." Then she turned and knelt over the other arm of the couch, naked with her big round ass in the air pointed at him, "Come on Mike, give it to me hard."

He didn't waste even half a second as he hopped behind her and jammed his monstrously large cock at her cunt and speared all the way in on his first thrust. Cheryl relished his wanton desire and forgot all about her daughter as he rammed into her hard and fast, bruising her insides as he ripped her open. She honestly couldn't remember the last time she had been used so violently, but she loved every moment of it. Sadly her young lover was already so close he didn't last very long. Perhaps no more than ten mind numbing thrusts later his hips locked up and she could feel his push open her cervix as he send blast after blast of his swimmers straight into her womb.

Like before, he seemed to cum unendingly, filling her emptiness with his fiery spunk, sating her earlier desire as her body drank up the full contents of his balls. She felt the first four jets of his spunk has painted her internal walls white, but even as they diminished in strength, she could feel his penis within her a sit contracted and expelled more and more of his semen inside her, even up to a dozen pulses later. After that he just gasped and wheezed, bent over her ass as his shrinking member retreated from her gaping abused cunt.

Then he slumped back and she sat back down, looking at her lover and her cock-blocked daughter, and she could tell Danielle wasn't pleased with her stealing his climax for herself. She knew if she didn't do something a fight would break out, so instead she decided to cut it off at the head. Dani, he's all yours now. Go give him a shower and take him to your room, but no fucking until you bring back my lingerie and use some condoms I'll give you."

That seemed to do the trick, and Danielle jumped up, eager for more, and tugged at Mike's arm as he struggled to move in his lethargic post-coitus state, but followed her anyway. Cheryl went to another bathroom and cleaned herself up, then went to the kitchen and got some paper towels and wet wipes. She cleaned up the few drops of blood and several wet spots from boy and girl cum all over the sofa, then went to dig through her drawers for the old condoms she made Chet buy for times when they had sex after Danielle was born when she wasn't ready for yet for more kids.

They'd used quite a few boxes back in the day, until Danielle was three and Cheryl said he could stop using them. She smiled as she remembered Chet saying the next one he'd put in her would be a boy, and she'd happily wished along for that with him, but sadly they had never gotten lucky again. She wondered if it was him or her, but not long after that his sex drive had begun to peter, so she assumed it was just them getting old, even if it was only parching their thirties.

She found them and got out some sexy black shoes and a large overcoat from the closet when Danielle, now wet from the shower with a towel around her body came to her holding the lingerie she'd been wearing. "Mom, thanks for all you have done for us." She really meant it and they hugged and kissed each other's cheek as they did.

Cheryl exchanged the half-full box of condoms she had for the lingerie and said, "Anytime dear, now go upstairs and show that boy a good time."

Danielle looked at the coat she was also carrying and asked, "Where are you going?"

Cheryl smiled, "There's a little bed and breakfast not far from the sports bar. I'm gonna put this on," she indicated the coat, "with only this on underneath," and lifted the lingerie, "and pick up your father in the bar and show him a good time."

Danielle grinned and skipped back to her room and closed the door. Cheryl returned to her room and changed quickly, putting on just the lingerie and overcoat, and talk black 'fuck-me' heels. She could hear the distinctive sounds of flesh pounding on flesh, as well as gasps and moans of pleasure, and smiled knowing she'd taught her daughter well, then walked out the door and drove to the bar. She checked the radio and heard the game was just ending with her husband's team winning. She sure hopped he was up to having a long, hot celebration.

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