My Neighbor Michelle by daydriver2010

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True Story | Consensual Sex, First Time, Teen Female, Teen Male

My Neighbor Michelle

Introduction: I first had sex with my younger neighbor Michelle when I was 19 and she was almost 16. I wasn't a virgin but she was.

I'm in my twenties now and Michelle and I had always lived next to each other so it was natural to show affection towards one another. We were very close, even from a young age. But the thought of fucking her didn’t seem like a genuine possibility until years later.

I think it was back when I was about 16 that I first saw Michelle naked by accident. I think she was 13 at the time, but would turn 14 later on in the year. She already had a great figure, her boobs hadn’t grown out fully yet but she had the sexy round ass of a girl at least 5 years older! She had a flat stomach, pencil-thin legs and a smile that would give a corpse a boner! Michelle was always a perky girl and her bubbly personality fit her look perfectly. She acted very girly and had a high-pitched voice. Her voice was as cute as her face and she had about shoulder-length, dark red hair and glowing blue eyes.

Anyway, I should just say that the past three years or so we both have grown up quite a bit and I had even had a steady girlfriend for a while when I was a still a senior. We had both remained friends after I graduated and still lived next door to one another but that was the extent of it. Michelle knew my cheerleader ex-girlfriend from school and had tried out as a cheerleader herself but didn’t get picked. I’d graduated the past May and was not interested in attending college. She was a junior and didn’t have a steady boyfriend so we spent a lot of time together watching DVD’s at her place or mine even though we weren’t dating.

That weekend, the one that it happened, our parents had all four left to spend the weekend in Las Vegas and I spent the weekend at Michelle’s house. That Friday night, we were watching a movie and ended up in our usual position, her head on my shoulder and our legs rubbing against each other’s. I decided that this was my opportunity to make a move on her, so I put my hand on her knee.

She moved, but had readjusted her body to where her hand was now on my chest. My cock started to crawl down my leg as I started moving my hand, skipping past her crotch and going to her lower belly. It was hovering lightly over her torso until I finally came in contact with one of her squishy little breast. Her eyes opened and immediately she took my hand off. “What are you doing?” She yelled. I angrily jumped up and went out the front door to my house. I kept hitting my head thinking I had ruined a great relationship and how much of an idiot I was. I didn’t turn on my light and just went to my room and lay still on my bed. I thought about ways to fix the mistake I had just made. I kept thinking to myself ‘Man, if only Michelle was like Jane.” I eventually fell asleep because of how deep into my thoughts I was.

I woke up later that night with the phone ringing out in the hallway. Michelle was calling. “Michelle…why are you calling? Are you alright?” I asked, thinking it was an emergency. “Ted, I thought about what happened, and I’m really sorry.” She answered.

“No, I’m sorry Michelle. I shouldn’t have done that and I really hope it doesn’t screw up our relationship or anything.” I answered. “Look Michelle, I don’t find sex wrong, I think people should be able to make love with anyone they choose to.” She told me that she also felt the same way but hadn’t thought of me in that way before. I told her I’d see her at her home the next afternoon and that I wanted to go back to sleep.

I rang her doorbell at 4:30 pm as promised and she answered wearing just a tight pair of yellow knit shorts and a braless black tank top cut off just beneath her small tits! My eyes opened really wide and I asked if she was going out with friends or something.

Her reply shocked and delighted me more than I could believe at the time. “Ted, I’ve been thinking about what you said yesterday evening.” She said, looking me right in the eye. Then she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big, wet kiss and pulled her body tightly against me! I moved inside the doorway still holding her tight.

As soon as the door closed my right hand instantly went under her top, flesh-to-flesh with her bulging little tit. Man they felt amazing. Squishy, tender, firm and her hard nipple was like a doorbell button that made her moan! I broke the tongue kiss and ran both my hands down her curvy back, lifting the short little top over her head. Once it was off, I could see her large areolas; however, because it was sort of dark, I couldn’t see much. I decided to turn on a table lamp, but as I did, Michelle came up behind me and immediately lifted off my muscle shirt in the same manner I had her tank top. When I turned, she started feeling up my washboard stomach.

“Oh my god, Ted you have such a sexy stomach.” She said as she ran her fingers through every crease in my stomach. I pulled her closer to me and started to suck on her nipples as my hands cupped her taut ass cheeks firmly. Her head tilted up as I sucked one and then the other one, hoping to get a rise out of Michelle, but to my disappointment, nothing came of it.

“It…tingles.” She said weakly. I pulled my face away from her chest; and looked straight down to her little shorts. She looked down at my cut-off denim shorts and saw a pole coming out of the leg. I quickly made eye contact with her and we both started opening the top button on our pants. I kicked mine away quickly then unzipped and took off her pants, pulled down her panties and saw her hairy little pussy. She made a shy smile as she took off my jockey briefs and saw my cock in full erection.

I pulled her closer to me, until my cock was rubbing against her belly and we started kissing once again. Michelle moaned again as I laid her down on her sofa and pulled her leg up. I positioned myself on top of her and started to guide my cock into her pussy.

“Wait…This…this is my first time…” Michelle said. I stopped, dumbfounded. My cock had already split her outer lips apart and the tip was waiting at the hole.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“I…I don’t know. I just wanted you to know. I’m kind of scared. This feels wrong somehow.” She said. I was more than a bit frustrated at this point. She didn’t know what she wanted! Her conscience said ‘no’ but her sexy body was saying ‘yes…yes…yes’.

I decided to help sway her decision. I pulled away and guided my face down into her pussy. Once I got down to her slit, I split the hairy outer lips apart with my fingers.

“Wait, Ted, can you wait?” she asked, almost begging. I ignored her. I slowly started to lick her fresh smelling pussy. The honey glazed over my face as I lapped my tongue up and down through her slit. “Wait w-w-wait…” She protested as she started to feel a definite tingling sensation taking over her young body.

When I looked up, I could no longer see her face, she had tilted her head back pressing her hair into the cushion. Besides her lovely bush, I could see two gorgeous little hills that were pointing at the ceiling. Michelle started to moan as my tongue licked gently over her throbbing clit. My plan had worked, she made no more protests as I learned that I was the first to taste her; at one point I stopped licking and instead had sucked some of the juice that had accumulated inside her. I drank the hot nectar and continued to eat her out. She tasted so good. Salty, yet sweet. Tangy and juicy. It was like a drink only reserved for gods that was accidentally sent down to earth.

I lapped my tongue thru her pink inner slit over and over as she groaned softly. I couldn’t get enough of Michelle’s succulent young pussy. I sucked up another pool of juice and finally started speeding up. My tongue became more and more ferocious; it was like a hungry dog ravenously eating raw meat! She tasted so good, I had to have more. My head bobbed up and down over her slit, trying to drink every last drop. As my tongue increased its speed, so did Michelle’s moans. Faster and faster, I licked, and shorter and shorter Michelle’s breath got until, “UUUUGH!” Michelle finally yelled. Her pussy contracted and she shuddered all over; I was certain this was her first orgasm ever. Her 16 year old body started to flinch and twitch as I grabbed two fistfuls of her bare ass. Michelle’s moans almost made her sound like she was crying. Her body convulsed; her hips shook violently. I could swear that the muscles in her ass were twitching. Several pulses went through her entire body as she was taking in the full effects of her orgasm.

Finally, she recovered from it and her breathing slowed and got deeper and her hands instinctively started massaging her titties. “O my god, that was amazing…” She said. Her juices dripped from her pussy onto the sofa cushion. “O my God.” Michelle repeated over and over again.

“Are you ready for my cock?” I asked. “O god yes!” she said excitedly. My cock started throbbing in excitement. Years of fantasizing had finally become a reality. Until that day, this stuff only happened during my thoughts while I masturbated to them. I eagerly guided my cock to her hairy pussy lips. Michelle let out a long grunt and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as I pushed the full length of my cock into her slowly, making sure she enjoyed every second (I was initially careful of breaking her hymen, however, apparently she had lost it several years back while riding her bike). I was relieved, because I really didn’t like seeing blood when I fuck someone new.

Her pussy was so hot, wet and amazingly tight. I almost felt guilty that I had to loosen it up. Her warm pussy wrapped around my cock; it was so moist that it even though it was tight, it was easy to push and pull. Once completely in, I started to pull out my cock slowly. “Ohhh” Michelle moaned as I slowly started fucking her. We were in the missionary position; our eyes made contact and we started to kiss as I continued drilling out her new hole. Her tongue flinched whenever I pushed my boner in. Moans and groans filled the room as we enjoyed sex together for the first time.

I felt pressure in my cock rising as she started to yell when my motions became too hard for her to take. Michelle’s small titties flopped up and down. She made a loud moan as I ravaged her body. I wished I had a video because I just knew her sweet face looked amazing as she enjoyed her first fuck.

“I’m about to come.” I yelled. This was the moment I was waiting for; the tremors began in my balls as I squirted several strong spurts onto her belly.

“O my God I love your cock inside me!” Michelle yelled. We started to catch our breath as we recovered from our first fuck. Our fingers interlocked with one another as I told her, “You see? Nothing at all is wrong with this.” She smiled as I pulled her up into a sitting position on the sofa. My softening dick rubbed against her thigh; it was like a snake in tall grass.

“I’m so glad you were my first Ted. I’ve wanted to have sex for a long time but just didn’t like the guys I was going out on dates with.” She whispered. “They were always so pushy and I didn’t want my first time to be in some damn car seat.”

“Me too Michelle, you have no idea how many times I masturbated thinking of you. You have been making me get hard for a long time.” I said. She smiled and we started to kiss. I felt my cock quickly growing again. “Ready to come again?” I asked.

“You bet.” She said smiling. Michelle got on her back with her legs wide open and I guided my semi-hard cock back toward her delicious pussy. I pushed in and pulled back, letting my cock get back to its full erection while it was just slightly inside her. This time, I started at the same slow speed, but thrust deeper each time. Our hips were rhythmically in-sync with one another. I kept my motion as I kissed the base of her neck. Her head tilted up towards the ceiling. She let out a quiet, but satisfied moan. Michelle took a handful of my ass as I slowly sawed my cock in and out of her. She bit her lip and tilted her head up; I could feel her arms push my ass to give me more thrust. “Do you like having me inside you?!” I asked.

“You have no idea.” She whispered. Sweat dripped from my body onto hers. As my body started molding itself to hers, she started to claw her nails across my ass. I stopped my motion.

“Ted please don’t stop…” she said eagerly. “Babe, your face is so cute when you’re horny.” I said.

“UGH, hurry up Ted!” she said.

“Want to ride on top of me this time?” I asked.

“Okay, she answered.”

We changed positions. She climbed on top of me, but didn’t know exactly what to do. “Do I just pump?” she asked as I slipped my solid shaft back inside her deeply. She started to ride me. It wasn’t exactly the best ride of my life, but I didn’t expect her to instantly be better. She was just too tight and would have to really get some practice relaxing as she fucked. She put her hands on my chest and started thrusting her ass forward and back. To make the ride better, I started to thrust my hips up into her pussy whenever she would thrust herself down. After a couple of minutes, she said that she was getting tired of riding me. It was her first time, so I didn’t want her knees to get sore. I decided to lift her up by her ass and just pump my cock into her slowly while I carried her.

Michelle wrapped her arms around my neck as I thrust into her. Then she got back her rhythm as it was easier for her not to do all the work. She seemed to like this position the most as her moans were loudest every time I pushed my cock deep up inside her. Eventually I laid her back down and I got back into the missionary position.

Our pace started to quicken. I lifted up her legs; I used them as leverage. Harder and harder, I pushed into her. Michelle’s moans became higher pitched. Our breathing became ragged and short as we fucked. “DEEPER GO DEEPER!” She yelled. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was hanging open.

I felt my orgasm building up as I increased my speed. “Oh OH OH!” she yelled. “Do you like fucking me Ted?” Michelle said over and over, as I lifted both her legs up for more leverage. I pushed my cock into her harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Her hand started massaging and pinching her nipples. Her groans had become so frequent now. I let out a loud whimper as holding back my orgasm reached its limit. I pushed my cock one last time into her tight teen pussy and held still!

“Oooohhhhhhhh” I moaned as my balls exploded and squirted waves of hot, sticky cum into Michelle’s wet pussy. She climaxed almost immediately after me. I felt her pussy contracting again tightly clamping down on my shaft. She let out a long, satisfied moan as our juices intertwined with each other…

…That’s all you get here! Next story Michelle and I get caught by her dad! I have this odd feeling that she is going to try him on for size real soon! All naughty little girls love their daddies!

Rating: 94%, Read 116413 times, Posted Aug 29, 2013

True Story | Consensual Sex, First Time, Teen Female, Teen Male


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