Rise of a Matriarch-Chapter 8 Matriarch and Mission by Drowanon

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Fantasy | Female, Lesbian, Torture

Two days after Sophia’s departure Iliafray presented herself to the Matriarch in her chamber, she wore a simple and cheap robe, after all anything she took with her was unlikely to come back to her. “My Matriarch I am here at your command to complete your mission “ then she bowed before her Matriarch.

As always the matriarch was seated on her throne with the usual pair of hulking porcine orc bodyguards behind her “Ah yes Iliafray you are here, I received your note and I agree that you would probably do a better job if you were temporarily transformed into a surface elf. Remind me of what is needed for that ritual to work, I believe that you need a surface elf and a few other things”

Iliafray nodded “Yes Matriarch, the basics of the ritual could work with just a surface elf however with just the elf most of to energy will go to maintaining the transformation and it will only last for a few weeks, if we add a second or third sacrifice and endanger your plan , the third sacrifice would enable me to take much of the elf’s knowledge and mannerisms which again will aid your plan. Fortunately the secondary sacrifices need not be as rare or valuable as an elf, in fact a couple of orc’s would do perfectly well”

The two orc’s standing behind the matriarch grunted, and looked at Iliafray then across at each other and began to bring their glaives from rest to a combat stance, however a brief word from the matriarch caused both to collapse to the ground in squealing agony. “You did mention the orc’s I remember now and I suppose these two will do , it saves having to send for some more.” The squealing began to subside as the orc’s passed into unconsciousness. The Matriarch worked another spell and spectral hands materialised and picked up the unconscious orc’s. “I believe everything else you will need is waiting in the playroom” following in her wake.

Iliafray shuddered entering the playroom the memories of her other unpleasant visits rising briefly , then she remembered the role these orc’s had played and smiled slightly at least as a minimum she was getting her revenge on them, even if she still had no real plan to survive the Matriarch’s endgame.

Kneeling in the middle of the playroom a chain around her neck was a young looking elf, with long black hair with a light robe pulled over her slender frame and small breasts. Also set up was an arrangement of three stone slabs each three feet wide and seven feet long, one set up flat three feet off the ground and the other two with their short ends against the long sides of the flat slab and angled up at forty five degree angle, stone grooves were carved into each of the slabs, the grooves on the sloping slabs linking up with grooves along the side of the flat slab. Each of the slabs was decorated with runes inlaid in silver into the black obsidian.

Entering the room the Matriarch indicated the elf “This is Galisia she is a recent capture from the same area as the paladin. She was some form of artist but lacked any useful skills when captured and has not been trained yet so she is ideally suited for your use”.

Iliafray walked over to examine the cringing elf “Matriarch could you place the orc’s on the slabs” she felt a faint remorse looking down at the hapless elf but at heart she was a drow and the life of this slave meant little compared to increasing the chance of her surviving. She reached down and pulled on the robe causing it to slide off and pool on the floor, the elf’s body bore many welts from whips and showed signs of starvation. “She is not in very good condition but she will do”.

The elf whimpered “No, please leave me alone”. Iliafray sighed and reached over to the sideboard and grabbed a ball gag forcing it into the protesting elf’s mouth. Then grabbing her by her collar pulled her over to the flat slab, know surrounded by the unconscious orc’s with their heads at the tops of each slab their bodies secured in place by the obsidian of the slabs which hard formed loops over their wrists and ankles fixing them in place. Struggling Iliafray pulled the elf on to the slab and as she got them into position each ankle and wrist was secured in position by the obsidian material oozing up around them to lock the elf spreadeagled on the slab.

Next Iliafray picked up a scroll which had been put on one side she began to read from it calling upon the arcane energies of the scroll. As she read from the scroll streamers of translucent blue etheric energy flowed into and over the slabs of obsidian causing the runes to glow with an infernal red glow which spread over the slabs and illuminated each of the blood channels , then finally the streamers of etheric energy coiled around each of the bound figures trailing from the hearts of each of the orc’s down to the heart of the unfortunate elf causing even more frantic struggles from the elf. Iliafray finished the incantation from the scroll and picked up a ritually enchanted Athame, the black bladed dagger seemed to absorb what little light fell on it, walking over to the slabs Iliafray reached up to each orc in turn making careful cuts along their neck’s, thigh and ankles not cutting deep enough to trigger a major arterial flow instead creating a slow and steady flow of blood from each wound the foul smelling red blood flowing into the channels on the slab and flowing down until it started to flow into the grooves on the horizontal slab restraining the struggling elf as the blood flowed under and around her the a glowing red miasma began to surround her and slowly colour her skin with a sinister red overtone.

Iliafray watched making sure that the ritual was working as planned she could see the life force was flowing properly from the orc’s into the elf now she just needed to complete the ritual and channel all the energy into herself. She took a specially prepared enchanted dildo and seated it properly in her cunt, stepping forward she climbed up onto the slab kneeling between the bound elf’s legs with her left hand she placed the tip of the dildo at the entrance to the elf’s cunt while with her right hand she held the athame. She thrust the dildo into the elf’s cunt with a single savage thrust embedding it’s entire length in the elf’s dry and tight cunt, she could feel the tightness of the cunt muscles pressing against the dildo and along with is she could feel energy from the spiritual nexus of the elf’s sexual center into her own and then flowing through the rest of her body with a burning sexual ecstasy . The elf was clearly not experiencing ecstasy her convulsions grew stronger serving only to stimulate Iliafray further , as she began to thrust in and out each thrust pulling more energy into her body. As she felt the energy building within her, she vaguely noticed the orc’s bleeding out and the red miasma disappearing as all the blood on the slab seemed to have flowed into the elf a climax was building within her and she realised she was reaching the culminating point of the ritual and thrust the athame into the elf’s neck severing the arteries a spray of blood shot out covering her body and then seemingly being absorbed into her skin. As the magical climax shot through her body she leaned forward and began licking up the blood still spilling from the dying elf’s neck. Finally her eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped forward over the body of the elf, which by now resembled a desiccated mummy all of the life force having been absorbed by Iliafray.

As Iliafray lay slumped over and unconscious the Matriarch watched with interest as the black skin of a drow bleached and paled to the ivory white of a surface elf who had been away from the light of the sun for some time and as the same time her white hair coloured to a golden blond. Walking forward the matriarch peeled open one of Iliafray’s eyelids to see the eyes had changed the crimson orb’s of a drow changing to a blue iris in a white eye. Satisfied that the ritual was a success the Matriarch summoned another pair of Orc guards ordering them to chain up the elf before her and throw her in a cell to rest for a day until the the Matriarch sent for her.

Iliafray dreamed strange dreams as the life and memories of the dead elf were absorbed into her mind , as fragments of the dead elf’s soul mingled with her own. She dreamed of a life under the sun, a boring and innocent life of a farm girl then being captured by a drow raid and then a torturous death at the hands of herself .She slept for a good eighteen hours as the memories were absorbed and adopted by the drow subservient to her own original personality.

When she woke up it still took Iliafray some time to focus her thoughts and then she had to deal with her new body looking down and seeing pale skin was a shock, also a surprise was the growth of her breasts which were much larger on her slender frame now, also somewhat unexpected were the tattoo;s on her skin, she had always had them they were a channel for her sorcerous powers but they had blended in with her skin before and now were visible, that at least was something she approved of and she made mental note to see about making them visible if she survived to return to her normal appearance. As expected she was wearing the typical decorations of a slave bracelets, anklets and collar these had been used to link her ankle’s with a hobble chain and chain her hands together in front of her and a leash dangled from the collar. She had not been awake long when the door to the cell opened and a pair of Orc guards came in, one of them grabbing hold of the leash and pulling her to her feet both of them leered at the naked elf, the one holding the leash pulled her along at a pace she found very hard to keep up with the chain linking her ankles hobbling her stride, the other orc followed along behind her pushing her to keep her moving while pawing at her breasts. It was not pleasant but things would only get worse until she succeeded or died.

The Orc’s lead her into the Matriarch’s audience chamber and then departed. “Well Iliafray are you ready? The Paladin arrives today and we will be caging you with her to begin your work. I look forward to your success” Iliafray responded “I am ready my Matriarch and look forward to the rewards of success”

Interlude 8 Probing Sophia

Sophia woke slowly from the drugged sleep and as she did she noticed that things had gone poorly for her. She was naked and suspended from the ceiling by her arms , her shoulders were in agony from supporting her weight making her think she had been hanging like this for some time before she awoke. She rapidly discovered her legs were chained too , while they did not reach the floor they were secured to chains set in the floor.Tthe bindings held her in an X-Shaped position leaving her very exposed and in considerable pain from supporting her weight by her arms at such an odd angle. Looking around she realised she was in a large cell made entirely out of a single piece of wood, more wood in fact then she had ever seen before in her life, although she did not think about that for long instead she called out in dark elven dialect of elvish “Hello, where am I? What do you want?”. Noone answered her but she heard someone move behind her and then felt someone's breath on the back of her neck. Sophia opened her mouth to speak again and then someone reached around from behind her and long delicate fingers grasped her nipple ring and twisted causing her to open her mouth wide in an exclamation of pain and shock and as she did another hand forced a large ball gag into her mouth cutting it off.

As Sophia struggled fruitlessly to expel the gag from her mouth a female elf with raven hair , bronze skin and startling green eyes moved into her view from behind, the elf was dressed in practically fitted dark green leather armour and holding a bamboo cane. The elf looked at her, smiled and spoke “The merchants who turned you in tell me you are a drow spy sent to soften up our defenses before an attack. My task is to get a confession from you feel free to tell me when you are ready to talk”. Sophia grunted around the gag to try and indicate she could not speak. “There’s no point denying it” the elf reached down with her free hand and pushed two fingers into Sophia’s cunt coming away with two fingers coated in Sophia’s juices which she wiped off on the ball gag “ but a drow agent would be turned on by being hung naked from the ceiling” smelling the scent of her own arousal Sophia could not deny that she was turned on and she was the slave of a drow but that did not make her a spy.

Behind her Sophia heard the swish of the can cutting through the air and flinched away from the expected blow, nothing happened, another swish and another flinch then another pause before a line of fiery pain exploded across her asscheeks, the gag muffled her scream. Then at random intervals to allow her to relax between each stroke and then have anticipation build the elf continued to cane Sophia landing the blows all across her back from the shoulder blades down to her ass , Sophia counted at least twenty strokes all of them hard and she could feel blood trickling from a few places where the welts overlapped and her skin had torn, her throat was hoarse from her attempts to scream and tears of pain trickled down her cheeks.

There was a longer pause and then the elf moved around in front of Sophia still holding the cane in her hand, and swung it a couple of times as if testing her arm. Then with a smile on her face and ignoring Sophia’s muffled attempts to speak she swung again landing a blow across Sophia’s stomach, and leaving a vivid red welt then pulled her arm back and swung again leaving a parallel welt just above Sophia’s naval, a few more swings left a pattern of welts across her stomach. Sophia was sobbing in agony and would have confessed to anything to get her tormentor to stop The Elf was smiling clearly enjoying herself and paused in her attack before swinging her next attack in an overhand blow striking at the top of Sophia’s breasts which really hurt , without a pause the next blow came from below hitting across the bottom of her breasts and then a third blow in rapid succession struck her firmly across the nipples of her breast driving the piercings into the flesh and leaving blood tricking down Sophia’s chest.

The elf stepped back to admire her handiwork “ Just one more and then I can listen to your confession”. She stepped back and started obviously lining up her next blow between Sophia’s legs causing her to try and twist in her bonds to throw off the strike but to no avail, the blow neatly split the center of her cunt flattening her clit against her pubic bone, Sophia convulsed and passed out.

When she recovered she was lying on the ground still chained but no longer gagged and rapidly found herself confessing to every unlikely accusation of being a spy and agent for the drow the elf suggested as all that refusing would get her was for the abuse to continue until she did. Finally after having admitted to everything she was left alone to sleep on the cold hard wooden floor.

Rating: 65%, Read 2193 times, Posted Jan 13, 2021

Fantasy | Female, Lesbian, Torture


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