C-FAST part 1 by Piscean

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Fiction | Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Discipline, Domination, Female, Humiliation, School, Submission, Transgendered

Pete was 24, single and lived alone in a rented flat. Both his parents had been killed in a road accident 3 years ago. He had no brothers or sisters and no close friends. He worked in an office in what he considered to be a “dead end” job with little or no prospects for advancement or promotion. He mostly kept himself to himself, only talking to his co-workers if the situation demanded it. In essence he was a loner. Pete was not particularly good looking, but he was by no means ugly. 5 foot 8 inches in height and weighing 157 pounds, he kept himself in reasonable shape by occasionally visiting the local swimming baths, especially after a busy day at work.

Pete returned home after a session in the baths where he had just completed 20 lengths of the pool and now felt totally relaxed after the difficult day he had had at work. He had got into a row with a fellow worker over a trivial matter and had been reprimanded by his manager, which led to a further argument. He selected a meal from the freezer and put it in the microwave to cook while he went to change out of his suit into something more casual.

When he had finished eating, he switched on his lap top and logged into his favourite chat room. All the regulars were there, and Pete joined in with the current topic under discussion which happened to be about work. He described the terrible day he’d had indicating that he was totally fed up with his job and lack of prospects, and, that if something better turned up, he would leave.

No sooner had he done so, when a private message popped up from a newcomer to the chat room with the screen name “Schoolteacher.”

Schoolteacher: “Hi. Sorry to hear about your day. Are you really looking for something new?”

Pete: “Perhaps.”

Schoolteacher: “I may be able to help you.”

Pete: “What’s your name?”

Schoolteacher: “You can call me Teach or Miss. Lol”

Pete: “So how can you help me Teach?”

Schoolteacher: “I’ve set up a new school to re-train disillusioned executives. Tell me a bit about yourself – age, statistics, location, family, friends etc”

Pete: “24, 5ft 8ins, 157lbs, 5ins uncut, single, no family alive, no real friends. I live near Lower Haydon. What about you?”

Schoolteacher: “27, 6ft, 38-24-36, long blonde hair, and my school is 50 miles from Lower Haydon. Why not come along tomorrow and have a look? Phone your manager and report in sick. I promise you that my school can change your life.”

Pete: “What’s it called and where is it?”

Schoolteacher: “It’s called “C-FAST School, and it’s 5 miles from Arlingford on the B9966 road.”

Pete: “OK I’ll make a note and think about it.”

Pete wrote the details down and was just about to ask what the C-FAST name stood for, but Schoolteacher had left the room. He resolved to call in sick in the morning and then go to see exactly how her school could benefit him.

The following morning, after he had breakfasted, Pete called in sick, shaved, showered, and dressed, selecting his best suit, shirt and tie. He drove to Arlingford and then followed the ’B’ road she had told him. He was becoming more excited at the thought of seeing the owner of this special school. Soon, he was in the country. He slowed down as he looked for the turning that would lead off the main road and up to the school. Eventually, he found it and began the long approach to the school. He realised how isolated it was and wondered why a school had been set up miles from anywhere. Ahead of him were imposing steel gates, the only break in a 12 foot high stone wall. On the wall, a sign read “C-FAST School, Specialised training for adults. Please ring the bell and wait.” Pete pressed the button and waited. And as he waited, he noticed a camera, on top of the wall, that turned towards him. The gates started to open, so Pete got back into his car and continued up the drive. Behind him, the gates closed with a sort of finality.

Ahead of him, a grey imposing building appeared. It had the appearance of a manor house but its drabness made it look threatening. Pete stopped the car, got out, and walked towards the big front door. As he approached, it opened automatically and he found himself in a large hall totally devoid of all furniture except for a desk and a chair which seemed to serve as the reception desk. Seated behind it was a stern looking woman who looked up as Pete approached. She pointed to a door to Pete’s right.

“Knock on the door and enter,” the receptionist instructed. “School is about to start.”

Pete knocked and went in. 11 other men were already in the room standing in front of chairs that were arranged in a circle. In the centre of the circle was the woman that Pete assumed that he had chatted to the previous evening. She certainly matched the description she had given him and was dressed in a white blouse, the first 3 buttons of which were undone to show off her large breasts, a short black skirt, black stockings, and black shoes. In her right hand was a cane which she used to indicate exactly where Pete should stand.

“Hi,” he said, “Nice to finally meet you Teach, er……..” He hoped that she would tell him her name.

Instead, “SILENCE,” she barked. “No talking unless I ask you a direct question AND give you permission to answer. I’ll overlook it this time, but, be warned, the next time you will be punished.”

I didn’t come here to be threatened like this, thought Pete, alarm bells beginning to ring in his head.

She surveyed the assembled men, tapping her cane in the palm of her hand.

“Welcome to the C-FAST School. You do not need to know my name as you will simply address me as “Mistress” when, and only when, I have given you permission to speak. You will address any members of my staff as “Mistress” followed by their name, but only when you have been given permission to speak. Other than that, you will maintain silence at all times when in the presence of any of your superiors. Failure to obey this rule and any other school rules that you will be given WILL result in severe punishment. I hope I make myself clear. You have all been specially selected for training due to your various backgrounds. So, what is C-FAST? You will learn that in due course. For the moment it is irrelevant. My aim is to change your lives for the better, or, at least, for what I consider is for the better. You all live solitary lives with no close family and none of you make friends because you are very shy. You are all unhappy with your jobs as they offer no scope for advancement and improvement, and you don’t have very good relationships with your superiors. I am going to change all that. You will forge friendships that you wouldn’t believe possible, and you will learn to overcome your shyness. All of this will start now. Remove your clothes and place them on the chairs behind you.”

There was a stunned silence as the men couldn’t believe what they had just been told to do.

“Do it now, or this cane will become very busy,” she said.

Pete looked around the circle at the other men. Opposite him, one of them started to remove his shirt. Others followed, and Pete found himself doing the same. He removed his trousers shoes and socks and stood there in his underpants.

“All of your clothes I said.”

Pete felt his cock stiffen and thought, “This can’t be happening. I can’t expose myself in front of all these guys.” But so forceful was the command that he found himself pulling his underpants down and placing them on the chair with the rest of his clothes. The other men were doing the same. Pete found himself looking at them, seeing how their cocks compared to his, by now, erect cock. He was so embarrassed both at the lack of control over his own cock and at the fact that he was staring at their cocks. He noticed that a few of the other men were becoming aroused by the sight of so many naked bodies and realised that his cock was rather pathetic in comparison to the others’.

“So, some of you are excited by what you’re seeing,” the woman remarked. “Good, that is exactly what I wanted.” She pointed at Pete, “Face the person to your left as she faces you. The rest of you do exactly the same.” Soon they were all paired off facing each other.

“She?” thought Pete. “She called the guy I’m facing she! What the hell is this?” Pete’s partner was a little taller than he was with blond hair, blue eyes and, he estimated, a 7 inch uncut cock which was now fully erect. Pete blushed as he realised that the other guy had caught him staring at his body.

“You will maintain these pairings until you are instructed otherwise including sitting together in class and sleeping together in the dormitory at night. You will get to know each other intimately, and, yes, I did say intimately. You will notice that tubes of a special body wash have been placed on the chairs. You will pick them up and follow Mistress Ruth to the communal shower room where she will instruct you on their application to your partner’s body.”

On the Mistress’ signal, another Mistress, presumably Mistress Ruth thought Pete, entered the room and said, “Follow me, girls, and hold hands with your partner.”

“Girls?” Pete thought picking up his tube of body wash, “Why are we being called girls? Surely it’s obvious that we are guys. And why do we have to hold hands with each other?” He felt his partner’s hand take hold of his own as they followed Mistress Ruth out of the room and along a maze of corridors. Pete thought it humiliating that 12 fully grown men were walking naked, hand in hand through the building.

Eventually, they reached a door marked “Communal Showers.” Mistress Ruth opened the door and ushered them in. The showers consisted of a series of vertical pipes 7 feet tall with small holes placed at 2 foot intervals along the 2 walls that formed a corridor 16 feet in length through the room. Thus a fine spray of water would be directed at anybody standing, or walking through the shower corridor.

“Right girls, open your tubes of body wash and apply it to every part of your partner’s body, ensuring that it covers genital areas and the areas between your bum cheeks. I will be watching you closely, so make sure you don’t miss any area. When I’m satisfied with what you’ve done, I’ll turn the water on to rinse it all off.”

Pete wondered why the water would only be turned on after the body wash had been applied, but just then, he felt his partner’s hand on his chest rubbing the thick liquid into his skin. He immediately started to do the same to his partner and realised that they didn’t even know each other’s names yet they were touching each other’s bodies. He wondered if he could get away with applying the liquid to his own private areas as he didn’t relish the idea of touching another man there. But, no sooner had he had the thought, he felt the touch of his partner’s hand on his balls and realised that he would have to do the same. As he started to apply the liquid to the other guy’s balls, he felt his own cock grow even stiffer than it already was and realised that he was starting to leak pre-cum. At the same time, he noticed that his partner’s cock had also become stiffer.

He felt so humiliated as he continued to handle the other guy’s balls, and even more so as they eventually applied the body wash to the valley between each other’s bum cheeks. Soon they had completed the task and stood together waiting for the showers to be turned on. Pete started to notice a chemical smell on his body and felt a slight burning sensation on his body. Mistress Ruth walked through the showers examining each of them, satisfying herself that they had all completed the task to her satisfaction. Having done so, she turned the showers on releasing a spray of lukewarm water. When the liquid had been washed off, Mistress Ruth handed out towels to everyone and ordered them to dry each other.

As Pete dried his partner, he saw that all traces of his body hair had disappeared. He immediately looked at his own body and discovered to his horror that he was also totally devoid of body hair. He looked at the rest of the guys and saw that they were all completely hairless.

“Now girls,” said Mistress Ruth, “come and get your new school uniforms.” She led them into another room where 12 parcels of clothes had been laid out in readiness. Each parcel bore a girl’s name. Pete was handed a parcel labelled “Petra” and his partner was given one labelled “Marcia”. “You have 5 minutes to get dressed, girls. Failure to meet that deadline will result in punishment, so get moving.”

Pete opened his parcel and started to take out the clothes. He was horrified to find that his school uniform consisted of a pair of black stockings, red lacy bra with padded inserts, matching panties that would hardly cover his cock and balls, a matching red suspender belt, a short tartan skirt, a white short sleeve blouse through which the red bra would be clearly visible, and a pair of black shoes with 4 inch heels.

“I can’t wear these clothes,” he thought. “It’s too humiliating.”

“You have 4 minutes remaining, girls, announced Mistress Ruth, “so if any of you were thinking ‘I can’t wear these clothes’, think again. I would just love to use my cane on your cute little arses.”

Rating: 89%, Read 30281 times, Posted Sep 09, 2012

Fiction | Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Discipline, Domination, Female, Humiliation, School, Submission, Transgendered


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