Marriage Proposal_(1) by LiamBurton

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I never planned on getting married. Hell I never thought I'd stay monogamous in a relationship either but in my early 20's I met someone special, though i didn't know it then but as time passed my hatred of marriage, and my fear of only fucking one person faded. This 19 year old, 5'0" 93 lb blonde spinner with a captivating blue green eye color. She naturally curved her petite waist to pop her small but prominent ass which was a decent handful but not over doing it for her size. Defined bronze legs began under the cup of her butt cheeks with a little bit of a gap between her thighs. Her flat stomach narrowed towards her ribs giving right proportion to allow small perky boobs, 32b, to point up at you with a few inches in between. Her collarbones boldly stood out with a thin neck leading to her long face. Small pointed nose sat above a big mouth that had pink plump lips that no matter how they moved they told you that they wrap around any cock with sex appeal. She had big blueish green eyes that she kept a thick black mascara around to easily entrance you. She is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was aware of my thoughts on not wanting to get married or have kids and she stayed true and never mentioned it even though it crossed her mind. Before our first full year was up, we had done close to every foreplay, experimented with ecstasy, even made up our own game. Before me she claimed to be very innocent and it showed but my dark sexual fantasies pulled the freak right out of her. One night on ecstasy she admitted that she had a lesbian experience and that her choice of porn is intimate girl on girl. I told her that I would marry her to see that, and Elizabeth said if I get her a boob job then she'll give me my dirtiest fantasy if I marry her.

A little before our third year she got what she wanted, big fake boobs, 34c's that still didn't touch without a bra and still perky as before but now stretched her skin tight keeping her little nipples firm and attempting to show through any covering. Elizabeth got her wish and after she had gotten used to them she wondered when I was going to ask the question. While I was at work one day she text me, "since you haven't told me what you wanted as your fantasy I've cum up with my own, and if it isn't good enough then we'll just keep trying until a ring finds my finger;-)!"

I came home that evening and Elizabeth cheerfully trotted over to me and threw her arm around my neck and kissed me in a tipsy fashion. She leaned into me and giggled as she admitted to have been drinking a little to be more relaxed and comfortable. Smiling and speechless because I had no clue what she has planned, I asked her who were the girls and she replied "The hottest call girls I could find, I had them come here after lunch to get to know them and to come up with the sexiest night for you but I needed to have some drinks after I saw how gorgeous they are and heard some of their ideas.

Go get comfortable in the living room while we finish getting ready and I'll introduce you to our toys for the night!"

Anxious and slightly nervous I stretched out on the couch, Elizabeth was the jealous type so having any other woman naked in front of me is a risk but she gathered more than one girl to entertain me. I decided to get a buzz myself in preparation to what's to come, after my second drink I heard the bedroom door open and an ensemble of high heels strutting towards me. Elizabeth seductively smirked at me and introduced herself as my "host to this orgasmic event Elizahoe, and our first succubus is Krista. Krista stated that her goal tonight is to have your cum completely dowsed on her face and let us lick it off." She stepped into view and sparkled when I focused on her, she looked like Mila Kunis, and was wearing skin tight dress that had slits beneath her nipples for her underboob to poke out. She walked over to Elizabeth and Elizabeth began again "Next is the girl that wants me to sit on her face while i suck the blood to your fleshy cocks head, Slutty Stacy" Stacy came into the picture, strawberry blonde hair in a bun wearing a black crop top and a red thong with the straps pulled high on her hips exposing the little bit of skin outside the fabric.

Elizabeth, Krista, and Stacy led me into my bedroom and Elizabeth told them to undress me and she slipped out of her dress wearing one long strip of fabric that wrapped around her, barley covering her nipples and down to a thin strip across her pussy. Elizabeth laid back on the edge of the bed for the moment she never knew would happen. She calmly breathed in and let the sexual attraction dissolve her jealousy. She looked at her ring finger and then down at her boobs and slowly rubbed her legs together squeezing her soaking wet lips against one another. Krista dropped to her knees first before my shirt was unbuttoned and pulled tightly on her bottom lip as she unfastened my belt. Stacy stepped to my side and slid her hand in my shirt grazing her fingertips on my stomach and chest. Elizabeth quietly leaks a moan watching them seduce me.

Krista before undoing my belt completely, sees the outline of dick emerge in the bulge of my pants. Softly traces me and just when my cock has enough blood it sent a flex and she glances up at me with her smokey features, locks her eyes with mine and licks her top teeth as she starts to unzip me.

Stacy at that moment finishes unbuttoning my shirt and pulls it off of me. Steps closer and kisses my shoulder and at the end of each kiss sensitively tastes me with her tongue. She kisses up my chest and my head leans toward her. And she goes underneath my underwear and grips the base of my shaft and my balls tightly angling me down.

Krista widens her legs to go lower and reaches up with both her hands gripping my pants and briefs and shimmy's them down.

Elizabeth moans and says "Fuck this is so hot I'm gushing through my lingerie" as she leans up with a simultaneous spread of her legs to rub her clit at the show.

When she started playing with herself I had to look at her. We stared at each other for a moment then i felt my cock get pressed up against my body and balls sucked to the back of Krista's throat. Still locked eyes with Elizabeth my breathing grew heavier, and my eyes started to flutter. Elizabeth touching herself to my pleasure dunked her fingers inside and she began to pant as she pushed her hand as far as she could.

I noticed for moments I had my eyes closed and could hear only a difference between the saliva sloshing around Kristas tongue and the splashing watery cum that Elizabeth was beating out of herself. The gasps of air from us and the smacking sound of our lips in exaggerated pleasure.

Stacy laid down on the bed with her vagina angled at me and as planned, Elizabeth crawled on top of her and began 69ing. Krista squeezed my thick cock and quickly thrashed her mouth on the pulsating head and upper end of the shaft I watched Elizabeth bounce her ass slamming her gushing wet pussy on Stacy's flickering tongue. Elizabeth sucked the air through her teeth as she moaned "ooooooooooo". Watching her get closer and closer to her orgasm and not even noticing me! I needed her to see how turned on I was and I haven't touched her yet.

I wrapped Krista's hair around my hand then tightened my grip and made her deep throat over and over again as I stared at Elizabeth.

She still didnt notice yet until Krista's breath became gargling noises as I rammed the back of her throat and finally Elizabeth bit her lip and stared at me as she sat up and swiveled her pussy firmly on Stacys lips, and said"I want to share you"

Krista moved back still swallowing my cock. Once close enough to Elizabeth, Elizabeth grabbed her by her throat and slid her off.

Krista slurped off of me trying to keep the cum/spit mixture and a stringy white cum ran from the tip of my bloodshot dickhead to her mouth and dripped down her chin. They vigorously swapped it around and Elizabeth started. Not long after I felt myself about to erupt , I moaned loudly and she opened her mouth to catch it. Keeping it in her mouth she oozed it through her lips dripping it onto Kristas lips as they flicked their tongues back and forth till it was gone

Rating: 70%, Read 8286 times, Posted Jul 21, 2016

True Story |


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