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True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Interracial, Mature

Gay Pleasures

This is my story, a gay story, depicting both emotional and sexual situations. If you are offended by the depiction of or feel uncomfortable with sexual relations between two persons of the same sex and an obsession for cock, skip this story and read something else. If however even though you may not be gay but are open minded you might enjoy this story and even understand why we are what we are. Who knows, you might be tempted to try it sometime! It’s your choice.

Chapter one

I was born and raised on a Midwest farm, went to school in a small town a few miles away and had what you could call a normal childhood except for one thing: even though as a small boy I received my share of toy guns, trains, G.I. Joe’s…etc; however ever since I can remember I was more attracted by and secretly played with my older sister’s dolls and other feminine items whenever I had a chance. I loved to dress in her clothes and look at myself in the full size mirror of my closet with my little penis firmly tucked between my thighs wishing I was a girl. As I grew up I would use my sister’s lipstick, wear her bra that I would stuff with tennis balls to look more like a woman. I must say I had large hips and a round ass and with my long blonde hair and my shaved long legs you could mistake me for what I wish I were. At school I had to pretend to be the ultimate macho (I am an expert horse rider) and play all the boys’ sports. I was an excellent student, loved by the teachers, though considered a nerd by many of my school companions. Of course not everything was bad! By participating in the sport activities I was close to other boys and had the opportunity to be with them in the showers after practice. I furtively admired their muscular bodies and their appendage and I always had to exert considerable control to avoid having an erection, even though the inevitable happened in a few occasions when I had to run out of the showers to avoid being caught.

What I loved most was that a few times some of my friends who considered themselves well endowed would parade in the nude in front of us to make the ones that nature had not so favored envious and jealous. I realized that in comparison I was about average and would welcome these sessions when I could freely look at these beautiful cocks without any fear. Needless to say I would always get a raging erection which I could not conceal but always explained that I wanted to show them that when I had a hard on I added a couple of inches to my pole and was not that much shorter than them, which of course was false but this provided an easy and plausible explanation. Once I was laughed at by one of the “machos” who invited me to touch him to see the difference. Needless to say he did not have to repeat the invitation and as I touched him with trembling hands I had my first experience with another cock and I was speechless and dizzy from the incredible sensations this provoked in the deepest of my being. I felt like rubbing the hard member with my hand which lingered to the point that my friend must have realized something was wrong as he abruptly yanked his pole out and gave me a strange and puzzled look. I hurriedly went back home, locked my bedroom door, almost ripped my clothes off and had the most fantastic masturbation session of my whole life to that point, dreaming about the cock I had just held in my hand and alternating between caressing it and taking it between my wet and hungry lips until I could not hold it anymore and shot the heaviest load so far in my young life at the same time that I imagined my friend’s big cock flooding my mouth. I was lucky my parents were still in the field and my sister visiting a neighbor as my moaning, grunting and cries of pleasure when I exploded must have been heard all through the house.

Chapter Two

After that brief moment in the showers I was firmly decided not to waste anymore time particularly as my whole body was crying for some urgent relief. I had read about glory holes in a magazine a friend had lent me and had wished I could be in a booth sucking on a large pink head poking through that hole, so I went searching for an adult store in a larger town about an hour away. I found what I wanted in the phone book and hurriedly found my way to the forbidden place. I was furious and almost cried when they would not let me in (I was only sixteen at the time). As I sat outside, despondent and trying to think what to do next, an older man, I guessed in his forties, who was coming out of the store tapped me on the shoulder and asked if he could be of any help. I was embarrassed, did not know what to say and looked at him silently with my sorry eyes for the longest time. After a while I realized his hand was still on my shoulder and, was it my imagination! I could swear his warm palm was softly rubbing me through the thin fabric of my shirt. I must have turned red because he asked me if I was feeling OK. I was finally able to talk and complained that they would not let me in the store. He smiled gently and invited me to accompany him to his house to view the movies he had just checked out. Incredibly I accepted without giving it a second thought.

A short while later I was comfortably seated on a big leather sofa in my new friend’s living room while he took out one of the tapes from the black bag from the store and loaded it in the VCR. Before starting on the machine Jack, that was his name, bluntly asked me if I didn’t mind seeing a gay movie. I tried my best to appear nonchalant and liberated, while a huge fire was in fact burning inside me, and told him there was no problem. I had never seen any gay magazine, much less a movie and my hands were tightly wrapped one around the left arm of the sofa and the other holding firmly my right knee. As the movie started I was mesmerized by the scenes on the screen and my entire body was tense as a string as I looked at the beautiful naked bodies of men who were fondling and kissing each other. I was so taken by the action that I did not realize that Jack had sat next to me until I felt his hand lightly caressing mine on my knee. Surprised, I tried to withdraw my hand but he held it and asked me if I did not like it. I sheepishly told him I did not mind. Soon after, he put his left arm behind me and started running his fingers through my hair.

I was in such a state of excitement that I did not realize how close he had moved and when his warm lips gently touched mine’s I hungrily opened my mouth to welcome his tongue. Meanwhile his right hand had moved up my thigh and was fondling my erect cock through my jeans sending electric waves throughout my body and I covered his hand with mine. Seeing my reaction he did not waste any time, unbuckled my jeans and lowered the zipper. Suddenly his warm hand was inside my boxer shorts and softly running up and down my shaft. I raised my buttocks so that he could slid the shorts and lower them to my ankles and I abandoned myself to his expert hands. It took just a few seconds of this ministering for me to reach the boiling point and I forcefully erupted in the most incredible ejaculation. Jack must have sensed I was on the verge of reaching that explosion since he quickly lowered his head to my lap and took all my young cum in his mouth and, believe me, this was the most copious amount of milk I had ever produced! He did not miss a drop and when I was finally done he licked me clean and moved up to kiss me. I could feel my most intimate fluid passing from his mouth to mine and I was surprised that I really loved it. Now it was my turn to reciprocate and Jack, seeing my inexperience, had kind words of encouragement and I finally was able to get his hard cock out and hold it in my hand. I tried to imitate what I had been able to see at the beginning of the movie before being distracted by Jack’s lovemaking. I ran my hand along his warm pole as he moaned softly. After a while I lowered my head and took the wet pink bulb in my mouth. It was so hard and soft at the same time! I lovingly ran my tongue around and around as he spurted more and more of his tasty pre cum. He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and raised his hips faster and faster as his moaning went in crescendo and unexpectedly, at least to an inexperienced lover, he filled my mouth with his delicious fluid while repeating incoherent phrases. I tried to swallow everything but could not and when he brought me up to kiss him tenderly I transferred some of his juices to his mouth, same as he had previously done with me, which he seemed to really appreciate as his kiss became passionate.

It was my first gay experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly thanks to the expertise of Jack and the fact that he did not force me to do anything in a rush. Our relationship lasted nine years, during which Jack introduced me to all the subtleties of gay lovemaking which had no secrets for him. My favorite treat was the tasty pre cum of my partners, though I sometimes wished that instead of being an appetizer this should have been the dessert after a good meal. Don’t misunderstand me! I love the taste of semen but crave even more the more concentrated taste of pre cum. Jack often would invite some of his friends which gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge into group action which I also enjoyed immensely. Most were gay but some were bisexual; it was easy to determine who was who as the bisexuals invariably loved to take me doggy style, naturally attracted by my feminine forms. I personally liked best the straddling and spoon positions which give free access to your partner’s whole body, especially the cock and the nipples. By the end of this period I had also become such an expert that I can proudly say that I could bring Jack or any of his friends to complete ecstasy in sessions that would leave them powerless and completely spent.

Chapter Three

As I reached my twenty fifth birthday I found the confines of a small town too oppressive and the need to leave home to freely live the life I so desired was so strong that I decided to move to a large city. My first choice was naturally the big apple where I arrived one late evening after a two and a half hour flight. I entered in the first restroom I saw as I was on the verge of exploding (I had been afraid to go aboard the plane!). I stood at one of the urinals and relieved myself with eyes close enjoying the moment.

I was brought back to earth by the sound of a strong and forceful jet. Next to me was standing a tall, elegant black man who apparently needed that moment as much as I had a minute before. I was immediately attracted by the force of that jet and needless to say was dying to see the hose it was coming from. I lingered and took my time to zip up until my “neighbor” took a step backward and started shaking his cock. I moved away from the urinal in front of me and suddenly stopped in my tracks. The reason he had apparently withdrawn a step was that he had an enormously long cock and probably wanted to avoid touching the urinal with the humongous head at the end of it. I had of course seen many movies of black men but nothing could have prepared me for this. Any and every cocks I had ever seen in life or in movies paled in comparison to what my eyes were fixed on; he must have been close to 12 inches, and we are talking in a limp state!

I had not noticed it but I was sporting a tremendous erection which protruded through the fabric of my jeans. A discreet cough brought me back to reality as the black monster was disappearing inside the pants. I quickly raised my eyes afraid of what might happen next but a reassuring smile from my neighbor calmed my fears. I nevertheless did not comprehend when he spoke to me and he had to repeat his question: “So, do you like it?” I fumbled for an answer but no words would come out of my mouth. He looked around and bent to verify there was nobody in the stalls and quickly pushed me inside the last one, closing the door behind us. He pressed down on my shoulders so that I was now seating on the toilet. His carry-on was strategically placed so that nobody from the outside could see two pairs of shoes. As he stood in front of me I was powerless to move, unable to react to this rapid course of events. Somewhat impatiently he asked me “So!” As I did not move he took my hand and put it inside his pants; he had not zipped up and my hand immediately found the huge member which had the immediate effect to awaken me from the near trance I was in. I popped out the semi erect pole from his pants and started stroking the incredibly smooth skin of his hardening cock which was growing by the second until the huge bulb was just in front of my lips. I opened my mouth and licked the drops that were already appearing at the tip. It tasted so good! As I regained my senses my intention was to show this man what an expert cocksucker I was and tongue his shaft up and down and around the rib until he could not take any more and would beg me to make it cum. He however had no time for these niceties and shoved half of his cock down my throat till I gagged. I could not believe it. I had over the years taken the largest cocks fully in my mouth and they would only tickle the back of my throat and there I was unable to gobble not even half of this monster. I resorted to hold the huge cock with both hands, one against the base and the other one in front of it, so that I could at least manage an up and down movement without drowning. I sucked furiously on the head at the same time and pretty soon I felt my hands opening, unable to hold the increasing thickness announcing the culmination of my efforts. The corners of my mouth hurt as it was stretched to the point of tearing it apart; however, I would not have wanted to stop for anything and finally with a long but muffled grunt he exploded and came in buckets. I swallowed as fast as I could but even my experience and expertise had not prepared me for that volume of cum and the force of his ejaculation. I coughed and almost bit him, though fortunately not, and could not hold him anymore in my mouth. Globs and globs of cum kept spitting from his hole and drenched my entire face. It seems like an eternity until it was finally over and I dutifully and completely milked whatever was left in his loving canal. He quickly dried his shaft with toilet paper, his still half erect cock disappeared inside his pants and he was gone before I could say anything. I slowly cleaned my face with my fingers which I delightfully licked, enjoying what I now realized was the most delicious cum I had ever tasted. As I left the stall I resisted the urge to wash my face so that I could enjoy and relish the scent of this man whom I had known only too briefly.

Chapter Four

After I picked up my luggage in the baggage area I grabbed a taxi to the hotel where I checked in and hurriedly went to my room. Seconds after closing the door I was already completely naked and lay on my back on the big bed thinking about the scene at the airport and trying to remember every minute detail of that encounter. My right hand was erotically massaging my stiff cock while I rubbed my face with the left one smelling the intoxicating scent of that black man’s cum. I had the most fantastic fantasies about that cock and what I would do to and with it. Purposely, for the longest time I touched myself only lightly to make the pleasure last. I finally saw myself at the edge of the bed, thighs bent with my knees pressing on my chest and my lover standing in front of me with his beautiful prick wet and shiny with my saliva and pre cum dripping from his hole which he used to lubricate the entrance to my love tunnel and started pressing on my willing opening. As these last thoughts were going through my mind my right hand had unconsciously accelerated its pace while I sensuously sucked my left hand’s fingers relishing what remained of the marvelous nectar which had previously covered my face. My excitement was such and my dreams so real that, before he could penetrate me, long and incredibly pleasurable jets burst from my cock as I raised my hips and fucked my hand welcoming the huge cock inside me. I was breathless and panting as I fell on my back exhausted but content. I soon fell asleep with a smile on my face but when I woke up in the morning a feeling of emptiness submerged me as I regained “consciousness” and realized that the lover I was longing to touch and caress was just a dream. Even worse, I had no idea of who he was and where to find him; the only information I had were the initials “ R.J.” I had seen on his carry-on. I was firmly decided to look for him and would not rest until I found the object of my longing.

I was fortunate enough to find a day job in a bank and quickly devised a plan to look for my friend. The elegant way he dressed clearly indicated he was well-off and his lean body led me to believe he frequented a gym to maintain his form. Everyday after work I would stand guard by the entrance of clubs I had garnered from the yellow pages. Manhattan was my first choice and I chose the mid town and Wall Street areas as I had decided he was a professional and those were the most logical places he would frequent. After an unsuccessful search for about four months, I reluctantly and painfully had to admit to myself this was a lost cause. Meanwhile, though I longed for my lost friend, I had continued a very active sexual life – there was no way I could live without a cock in my mouth or in my ass, or in both at the same time! I had good and bad experiences with guys I met at pubs or subsequently through referrals. Though I obviously was color blind and tried them all, often in private home parties, nobody could satisfy my urges as I had experienced at the airport. Some were average like me, some were bigger, but none came even close to the foot+ I had so briefly caressed in that restroom. I also met some nasty bullies who claimed to be disease free and did not want to wear condoms, even though they were clearly suspicious and I had to terminate those encounters before they went too far. Mind you, I hate condoms and had never used them with Jack and his friends and my instincts had told me I was safe at the airport and indeed with quite a few of the new friends I had made in the previous months.

One Friday evening that I was going to a party at a new friend’s home, as I left the subway station on Central Park West, I was waiting for the light to turn red to cross to the other side when I saw a dark man walking in my direction. I almost fainted as I immediately recognized HIM; I smiled broadly while saying hello in a shaking voice: he stopped, recognized me and shook my hand. All the anguish I had felt in the past few months dissipated at that touch and at that moment I felt the happiest person in the world. He invited me to a nearby bar for a drink and I briefly told him what I had been up to since I had arrived in NY, except, of course, for my extra curricular activities which might have turned him off. He listened politely and said very little, though I learned he was a management consultant with a large firm and traveled extensively. He was in fact leaving for Tokyo later that evening and promised to call me upon his return. His name was Ron and he lived nearby.

I was euphoric and called the friend I was going to visit to excuse myself; he was extremely disappointed and tried to convince me saying that he had bragged about my prowess to one of his rich friends who was dying to meet me, but nothing would do: my dream had finally come true and my wish granted! That night I re lived our first encounter at the airport; all the details were so fresh in my mind that it seemed it had just happened. Needless to say, I repeated the solo session I had had in the hotel room the first night, with some variations of tenderness now that knew a little more about my lover. The end results were just mind boggling and my entire body from head to toe was a participant in a finale which was nothing short of an apotheosis. I slept soundly until mid-morning and, unlike the first time, when I woke up I swear I could feel the warm naked body of my lover against my back with his long thick cock lodged between my ass cheeks. I purred like a content cat as I slowly caressed myself to a wonderful explosion.

Chapter Five

The next few days were surreal as I lived in a dream world though my impatience grew as time passed. I had never been so horny in my life and I longed to be with Ron, to feel his body against mine and to finally welcome him inside me. I tried to prepare myself for the onslaught by adding to my anal toy stable the largest jelly dong, black of course, I could find. I would lubricate the enormous dildo, introduce it in my asshole and turn it around, around and around to expand my entrance to its maximum so that it would hopefully be ready for my fetish. I was abstemious during this period to the despair of my friends who enjoyed so much the pleasure I procured them. However, I felt I would be unfaithful if I went with anybody else now that I knew I had my lover back with me. I almost jumped to the ceiling when the phone finally rang one evening and I heard his deep dark voice telling me he was back and had thought about me during his trip. I was ready to go cuddle with him immediately but felt a pinch of despair when he said he was so tired we would have to wait for the next day. My spirit was however raised again when he said “Good night, Love”. I closed my eyes and imagined his thick lips forcing mine open and his warm tongue playing with mine. My hand had been fondling my stiff manhood ever since I heard his voice which was music to my ears and upon hearing his loving farewell I had felt the familiar stirring which was exacerbated by the imaginary kiss and with a long, long moan I had the most delicious ejaculation; it was not the animalistic experience I had every time I imagined myself with Ron but a loving conclusion of a tender attachment as globs after globs of warm sperm endlessly flew off my cock.

Chapter Six

The following day I met him at the same pub we had been to a few days before. His attitude was very restrained and we did some small talk while we listened to some soft jazz and admired the beautiful people who frequented the pub. After a while he paid the bill and invited me to go to his apartment. My heart was beating so hard and fast I thought I was going to have an attack. We sat in his ample living room, had some wine while some soft music was playing in the background. After what seemed like an eternity he finally kind of made the first move when he said he remembered with joy our first encounter. I jumped on the opportunity and told him that this had been a most wonderful experience and that I had endlessly rehashed that scene in my mind ever since. A large smile illuminated his face as he stood in front of me with my face just at the same height as his lower abdomen. I did not need him to say anything else and with hands trembling from the excitement I slowly unzipped his pants. I parted the sides of his boxer shorts and my right hand finally found the object of my desire. Though still completely limp the girth of his cock was nothing short of impressive; with my hand behind it I pulled toward me, it bent, I kept pulling, it bent more and it finally popped out. WOW! What a sight. I could not believe my eyes. It was even more impressive than I could remember. As I held it in my hand I felt its weight and it was so warm and smooth like velvet! He was uncut and I delicately pulled back on the skin uncovering what must be the most beautiful purple head in the world. As I did so my nostrils caught a slightly pungent smell that I could not resist. I stuck my tongue out and slowly circled behind the rib enjoying the taste of his most intimate secretion while my hand enveloped his huge hanging scrotum. Every few seconds his cock would jerk as it hardened and kept growing to the point that I had to lean back on the sofa in order to continue my teasing of the wonderful purple head, which I alternated with long wet licks of the entire shaft. I was soon rewarded with an abnormally copious release of the most tasty pre cum I had ever experienced. I swirled it around the head and gently sucked on it swallowing the precious nectar mixed with my saliva. Boy, was that good! Ron reacted to the slowly increasing pleasure I was giving him by placing both hands behind my head while moving his hips and fucking my mouth. I quickly reached a few inches down his cock to avoid complete penetration of this member which was nothing short of a horse size, and, believe me, having been raised on a farm I know what I am talking about. His pace quickly increased and in no time he has furiously fucking my mouth with my lips stretched beyond what I thought possible. My tongue was rubbing against the underside of the humongous cock causing him to moan louder and louder until I felt his balls tighten. I was able to keep only the head between my lips as he erupted with a loud grunt and with such force that only the hands he kept behind my head protected me from being thrown against the back cushion of the sofa. The first squirt was followed by two or three more powerful jets and then a torrent of his delicious milk which I drank and swallowed with the greatest pleasure and sucked on until he was completely dry. As I kept caressing his cock with my tongue and lips I reached down and lowered my pants finally liberating my engorged cock which was craving for attention. With one hand I was fondling my “manhood” while the other kept rubbing Ron’s cock alternating with my licking and kissing. In no time he was rock hard and suddenly pushed me against the back cushion of the sofa, grabbing my legs and opening my thighs and pushing my knees against my shoulders. I was already salivating in anticipation of what was coming and I could feel my sphincter relaxing as he rubbed his wet bulb against it. Ron quickly realized I was ready for him and started pushing in. My asshole opened like a flower in the morning dew and incredibly the huge glans cleared my opening without resistance or pain. Was it the excitement or the long preparation with the large jelly dong? The penetration was also clearly helped by all the saliva I had coated his marvelous cock with. As the big head hit my man G-Spot I was overwhelmed by a sensation of warmth as my whole body was engulfed in continuous waves of pleasure and I was soon transported to the paroxysm of ecstasy. It had only been a few seconds and Ron was still pushing when I convulsed under the most intense dry orgasm I had ever experienced. I could feel my asshole’s muscles contracting around the invader stopping its progression and holding him in place. The spasms that lasted like what seemed an eternity took me to an unknown territory of sensations and luxurious pleasure. As I finally relaxed I could feel the huge snake slowly penetrating me and reaching depths where no one had ever been. The pressure of his cock on my G-Spot as he pushed in was enough to bring me again to the border of an abyss of pleasure. Meanwhile the flap of his huge balls against my ass indicated that he was fully imbedded and he withdrew slowly until just the tip remained inside and pushed back however only half way before again withdrawing. Just a few of these movements had me begging him for another orgasm and he finally accelerated the pace this time with long strokes of his full length rubbing against my pleasure knob and sending me into another spiral of delirious pleasure. Ron’s moaning had changed to loud grunts, I could see his jaws tightening and he surprised me with a victory like cry as he suddenly erupted spewing his hot lava inside my burning crater. There are no words apt enough to express what I felt. Suffice it to say I was transported to another world where I experienced a level and intensity of pleasure hitherto unknown and that cannot be described.

It was early evening and we did not rest until the wee hours of the morning when I finally dozed off with a satisfied smile on my face which did not come even close to reflecting the experience I had been through and the thrill of our encounter.

The following days and weeks were a complete bliss. We could not have enough of each other and spent hours fucking every time we had the opportunity. My only complaint, so to call, was that this was a “one-way street”: I would suck him and he would fuck me for hours, but that was the extent of our relationship. Don’t misunderstand me, I was the happiest man in the world sucking and licking this humongous cock and the immense pleasure I felt when it was ravaging my insides had no comparison. Nevertheless, something was missing, which I however achieved both in my sleep and when dreaming awake, especially whenever he took his frequent trips, which fortunately were short. That said, all thoughts of unfulfilled desires would disappear as soon as he would get back and I would hold the big cock I had been longing for in my hand and mouth and inside my ass.

So it went for months until something wonderful happened! But this is for another day if you feel you want to learn more…

Rating: 78%, Read 68322 times, Posted Jun 21, 2006

True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Interracial, Mature


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