Parker Luck No. 2 by Edd+Patrick

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Male, Old Female, Voyeurism

Johnny Smith was one of Parker's best friends, and he respected Johnny. He really did. But his older sister Sue was a fucking bombshell and there was nothing fair about that fact. A stacked, hot blonde with full lips, walking around New York in a suit that hugged her form not only more than any other office lady, was just not the kind of sight Parker could ignore. He'd had the hots for her when he was a pent up teen not getting nay, and he had the hots for her now that he had two girlfriends with supermodel looks, one of whom even had the job description to boot.

It was seemingly because of that friendship that Sue rang up Parker within the hour of him announcing his new line of work, insisting she be his very first client. It was abrupt, and she didn't seem to want to take anything but an emphatic 'yes' as his answer. She explained she had the clothes in mind for the shoot, he just needed to give her the direction when she explained it to him--but not over the phone. Parker was ecstatic, word had reached far enough to catch Sue's ear about how he was going into the business of 'private photography' and angling his efforts onto his personal circle, and he was happy to accept her, figuring she would in turn have more friends and connections to give him glowing reviews for. But in truth, Parker had been a little chaste in how he had advertised it; he mentioned 'private lingerie shoots' as one of several things, amid inclusions of publicity head shots and photo shoots meant for more properly public means, as Parker hoped to try and find some way not to come off as a horrible perv.

But then Sue asked him quite directly if she would be fine seeing her naked, and he almost dropped his phone outright.

Sue arrived within the hour, a heavy coat drawn over her body as she came by his place. “Thank you so much for this, Parker. I have always wanted to do something sexy to surprise Richard with, but I never wanted to go looking for someone trustworthy. I know you'll do okay at not making this too weird.”

It was already weird, but Parker kept that to his damn self, working on setting up his cameras and lighting. “I'm just happy someone is taking a chance on me! I've done some work for my girlfriend, but...” He didn't mention he had two of them. That was not info he gave out too freely to pretty much anyone, for the intense oddness of their relationship. It was a detail nobody needed to know. “This is a lot different.”

“I am taking a very big chance on you, but I know you'll do fine.” Sue smiled as she started to undo her coat, and once Parker caught sight of even some of what lay beneath his chest tightened. Underneath the coat, Sue wore a lacy set of blue lingerie, a bra and panty set that showed off a lovely body and flaunted it all perfectly, complete with stockings that did wonders to flaunt her long, sleek legs. She looked amazing. “And Richard will get the best pictures of his wife a man could ask for.”

Parker nodded happily. “Do you have anything in mind for how you want to do this?”

“Not really,” Sue confessed. “I'm good at being sexy in person, but I've never tried to take pictures of myself like this. This is completely new to me, and I don't know how to deal with any of that, to be honest."

"That's fine, that's fine," Parker said, nodding in understanding as he urged Sue to walk with him toward the area he'd set up. "We can go through this step by then, and you can tell me if you ever feel uncomfortable or like you want to stop." Parker had only Sue's best intentions in mind, even as his eyes lingered with far too much excitement upon her gorgeous body, the struggle of trying to keep from staring too much really getting to him as he tried his best not to come off like some kind of pervert who couldn't keep his eyes to himself. Sue needed someone who could take responsible photos, not someone to undress her with her eyes. She trusted him and he needed to keep it that way. "One thing I wanted to ask about that you mentioned earlier was about being naked?"

"Yes, I want some nudes in there after I do the lingerie. I hope that isn't too awkward." Sue gave a bit of a bashful smile toward her brother's friend, trying her best not to make this awkward, and fortunately she was deep enough in her worries about that to not notice how awkward this all definitely was.

"Not awkward at all!" Parker said, nodding happily. "I develop the pictures privately, so only I'll see them before I hand them over to you. Are you all ready to go then?"

"I feel as sexy as I'm going to get," Sue said, casting off her coat and starting to walk over to the shooting area, already strutting about to try and get herself into the sexiness zone.

"Let's start with some good introductory poses. Cock a hip, put your legs apart, throw your hair back, and blow a kiss to the camera."

Sue was happy to do as guided, settling for comfortably into the task at hand as she got into position, so glad Parker was willing to get into this as put a hip to the side, one hand pressed firm upon it as she stared into the camera and blew a kiss. The rapid clicking of her brother's friend's camera caught multiple shots of the same view, and he began to move from side to side to get different angles and shots of it. It was all so simple so far, and she was glad it was proving so direct as this, hoping for good things to come if it was going to be this easy.

Parker did his best to keep his eyes on the task at hand and not on the fact that Sue's body was absolutely incredible. It wasn't the easiest thing to do, all told, because she looked absolutely stunning with her body so lovely and enticing, but he did his best given the circumstances. There was a lot of body to admire and enjoy, a lot of things about Sue that looked even more striking in her hot blue lingerie, and he did his best to focus on keeping his thoughts chaste as he let the camera channel his arousal, speaking for his appreciation of her gorgeous body with the steady snapping of photos back and forth, adoring the sight of her so posed for him. "Now, run your hands down your body. Very slowly. Cup your breasts through your bra, caress your stomach and your hips, all the way down to your thighs, and then slowly spread them apart."

Not knowing how slow was too slow and how slow was 'not slow enough', Sue did her best to just move at a pace that could let Parker snap every loving shot of her hands caressing all over herself. He was able to take up every picture he possibly could with her at work upon her body, and that helped him get everything, occasionally giving an approving, "Uh-huh," over the sound of his camera feverishly clicking and snapping photo after photo.

More pose directions followed as Parker expertly guided Sue, guided primarily by his desire to see Sue flaunt her body. He did his best to wrap it up in how she could look her best for her husband, but in truth all that Parker was going by was what he thought her body would look hot with. Sue took it all on though, happily doing as she was told. With each successive pose, her posture became more confident and steady, the act of sexily posing for a camera really starting to catch on with her and give her something to get excited by. The mature blonde continued through the excitement and the heat as she kept up her poses and her flirtiness, showing off to Parker everything he wanted. She felt comfortable, felt receptive, felt sexy. It was a great feeling, her body almost tingling as she went through the poses and felt increasingly warmed up and hot through it. Being sexy always felt nice, and Parker had a knack for guiding her sexy side out of her with his directions and the ways he had her accentuate her hot body.

Through it, Parker remained chaste, not letting Sue see his face whenever possible, ogling her luscious body through the lens as he tried his best to hold himself together. His voice remained firm and direct, a friendliness to it that he felt was pretty necessary to Sue's comfort, but there was also a very direct and plain sense of invitation that helped him keep everything to task and focused on being all business as much as he could. There was a lot that he had to work through to make this work, and he tried his best to keep his worries to himself as he snapped and snapped and did everything he could for Sue.

"I think that's enough of these now," Sue said. She must have struck ten or so poses, dozens of photos snapped of her through the moment until she had completely been given a luscious, loving show of affection from the camera. Parker was so masterful in his recording and she felt great by the time she felt like she had gone through enough pictures. "I think I have some ideas for how I want to undress. May I?"

"Please," Parker said, gesturing haplessly toward her. "This is your shoot, if you have ideas then I am all ears."

"Great." Sue reached back for her bra, biting her lip as she began to undo it, making a slow and drawn out show of the way her arms crossed and she began to slip her bra straps off, coyly undressing in a way that let Parker catch every single step of the process. Already feeling primed and warmed up after everything she'd done, the act of undressing was something she was more than happy to take on herself, swaying and shivering as she began to expose her breasts, an arm reaching out with her bra and letting it dangle as she quickly shifted the other arm to block them, playing coy with what she wanted to do. Her hands shifted to cup both plump tits, hiding them from view as her hips swayed and she shot coy smiles at the camera, all to Parker's absolutely maddening delight. Nothing compared to this. Nothing came close. He was trying very hard not to show it, but the sight of Sue's topless tease for his camera was driving him wild.

When she finally did show off her breasts, she did so grandly, hands caressing them from below to prod and support them, accentuating her curves as her hips continued swaying with so hypnotic a motion that Parker almost lost track of what he was supposed to be doing. It became hard to think clearly now, became nigh impossible to focus his ideas and decisions onto something concrete as he opened himself up to ruination, snapping photo after photo as her hands caressed down her body, even more confidently and with a more sultry grace this time, and began to slip her panties down her legs. Her body shifted around as she bent forward, throwing a smile over her shoulder as she stuck her butt out toward him and let him marvel at it while she slid her underwear down her legs and exposed to him her taut, perky butt, leaning further forward and flaunting next her tight, hot snatch and the faint glisten of arousal that almost made him shake to his very core.

Sue bent lower, hands caressing down her legs as they parted a little bit, letting the camera further examine her backside as it wiggled enticingly. She lifted herself up, only to drop down to a squat and lift herself butt-first up, ending up bent over with her ass sticking out and another perfectly timed and perfectly photographed hair flip, more sultry gazes over her shoulder turning on the heat as Parker stood there in conflicted, tense ecstasy. Sue had an amazing body and a killer smile, and the more that he caught of it, the less confident he felt in being able to remain chaste and sensible, completely absorbed in what was happening and taking a moment to even wonder with confusion why she broke out of her pose to stand much more plainly.

"Sue?" he asked, easing the camera down from his eyes to look at her directly. "Are you okay?"

"I should be asking you that, Park" Sue said, a teasing smirk across her face that confused Parker even more, at least until he followed where her eyes were leading him, down to his groin where his cock had risen up in desperation, bulging indecently against his pants. "I guess I know this is a sexy enough shoot if i can make my own photographer hard."

"I'm really sorry about that," Parker said, trying to shirk away and turn his body so as not to completely embarrass himself. "Please, just ignore that. It's a guy thing, I can't really help it, it's-"

"No, that's okay," Sue said, hip cocking again as she bit her lip and happily examined the sight of his cock. "You know, Park... There is one part of the this photo shoot I was on the fence about before. Do you know about Richard and I's marriage?"

"I was at the wedding," Parker replied back nervously, really not sure where this was going. Not 'not liking' where this was going, but definitely taking it on with apprehension and worry about what she was about to surprise him with.

"That's not that I mean," Sue purred. "So I guess you don't, then. Richard and I have an open marriage, Park. And he has a particular interest in watching other men fuck his wife and hearing about sexy stories about what I did while he was up in his lab. And I was thinking that what might make this set go from hot to the best gift I could give my husband is if I could get some big, strong, hung photographer man to snap some pictures of me in spicy lingerie and then fuck me on camera." Her smile widened as she began to soak in Parker's steadily-dawning awe and excitement over what was happening. "So why don't we make this even more exciting for both of us? Your girlfriend won't mind, will she?"

"Somehow, I don't think she will." Parker struggled to keep his jaw off the floor. Was this really happening? Sue was making her move on him and inviting him on to fuck her. This was insane, an unbelievable turn of events he felt completely hopeless against, and it was really all he wanted now, body tense and hot as he stared at her in awe, wanting so badly now to have the pleasure she was offering to him as she leaned in and smirked. "And I think I know just how we can maximize the fun of these photos. Crawl over to me and take my cock out."

"I love the way you think." Sue dropped down to all fours with a smile and began to crawl over, completely naked, toward Parker, eyes wide with ravenous glee as she approached him closer and closer, body hot and eager with the sultry sway of her body to embrace the winding madness of giving in to the fun and the hunger. The mature woman stared at the camera and the man behind it now with renewed intent and hot excitement, shooting her brother's friend the fuck-me eyes as she approached on hotly, ready to show off something completely devoid of hesitation as she eased closer until she was right in front of him, rising up and grabbing his thighs, pushing forward to press her lips right up against the outline of his cock bulge and starting to kiss it adoringly. It throbbed against her touch, the young photographer unable to believe this was all really happening. But through it all his trigger finger never wavered, happily snapping all the pictures of this he could. It was too good to believe, but it felt so real that Parker knew he had to just go along with it and accept this newfound madness.

Sue made sure to draw out the task of undoing his pants. To draw out everything at first, not only so he could take the pictures, but so she could make him burn with want for her, loving the chance to push on and make him twist and ache with a desperate need to powerful to bear. She was on the right track now, ready to make him ache with lust, burning up with his heat and his desire, and she knew he could do nothing now to stop her. As she pulled his cock out, again she did so slowly, letting it swat against her cheek as she made and held a big, surprised, excited face at the size of his cock, ecstatic to see what he was packing. As a quick aside, she explained, "I love big cocks. My husband doesn't have any problem in that department, just in the 'tending to his wife's need and getting out of the office' department. But this is the kind of cock I am always happy to pull out and find. You really are the best man for this job, Park. "

"You can do whatever you want to this cock," Parker promised, keeping his camera pointed down at her from a view that let him get her face and all of his cock in the shot, wanting to ensure he was well documented and that it was clear how big his dick was when her husband saw these photos later of him fucking his wife. "Show me how much you love big dicks, Sue."

Loving, feverish kisses bore down upon Parker's dick as she showed off all of her lust and her need to the big dick in front of her, moaning in ravenous approval as she worked along his shaft. His finger quickened its pace, capturing the flurry of kisses in loving detail, adoring every lick of her tongue caressing along his cock in a loving show of need. The mature blonde looked amazing, and as Peter beheld the sight of her fluttering her eyes at him, staring up with so much desire and sultry grace, he knew he needed to save these pictures for himself, too knew he needed to capture today and never forget it. It was just too amazing a sight for him to believe his luck now. Sure, Johnny would probably kill him if he ever found out, but that felt like a sacrifice worth making at this point, in all honesty.

Kisses turned to licks, sloppy and broad strokes of Sue's tongue dragging along the whole of Parker's cock as she made broad motions meant to further entice and excite. She was in a position now to give the young photographer something sultry and hot, something he would surely be completely helpless against, and she chased it on without hesitation, moaning loudly as she embraced the heat that took hold of her. "If I knew your cock was so big, you would have already had my holes by now. It's been years, Park." With needy whines she continued servicing his cock, adoring his shaft with the utmost of affection and want. "We have to make up for lost time now. We need to do this right."

"I'm going to fuck you every way I can, take plenty of pictures, and let your husband jerk off to the sight of my cock wrecking your holes," Parker promised, giving in to the excitement and their twisted little game. More than happy to play along with the way that this was going, he focused his efforts on trying to give his friend's sister a concrete and firm show of lust. "I'm not going to grab your head and guide you at all, so be sure to show my cock all the love you can. We're going to theme this part of the shoot around you worshiping my big dick and voluntarily losing yourself to it. Does that sound good?"

"A 'theme'? That's just what I want to do." Sue proceeded to suck him into her mouth, moaning loudly as she embraced his cock with her pouty, plump lips and tightened them around his cock. She began to work back and forth in slow appreciation at his shaft, steadily bobbing her head with broad motions that helped her ease inch by inch further down his cock with a patient approach meant to draw the process out and let him keep the photos coming. It was something shameless and direct, a desire driven by heat and the steadily clicking pace of the camera snapping shot after shot of her sucking off her younger brother's best friend. It was almost too insane to believe, but she was shameless about having this now, about losing herself to this sweet, lustful heat as she pushed on and fellated him, servicing Parker with steady, unstoppable desire. Her body shivered, moans rumbling in her throat as she pushed greedily forward, starting to finally pick up the pace as her own hungers got the better of her.

The shot of Sue down on her knees, hands grasping his thighs, his cock past her lips and her smoldering gaze staring up toward him, was something Parker felt should have won him a damn award. "Deeper, go deeper. I want a picture of you sucking my cock down to the base and letting your man know you throated the whole damn thing." He'd meant it almost as a joke, but watched with delight as Sue did just that, shoving forward to take his cock all the way down, lips pressed up tight against the base of his cock as her eyes stayed up, a few noises of struggle sputtering in her throat as she held tightly on as best as she could, and Parker quickly caught the shots he needed, Sue shivering with delight as he really helped push this shoot to new heights of excitement.

Once she'd taken his cock down to the base, there was no hope left of Sue holding herself together at all. She needed more, pressing greedily forward and beginning to sloppily service her' brother's friend's cock with thorough, enduring vigor, a quick, dirty blowjob that was sure to finally give the young photographer what he needed. Wet, loud, and sloppier than Parker thought possible of Sue. The mature blonde was showing off a completely new side of her now, something unlike he had ever seen before and far beyond his wildest imagining. He loved it, and savoured every second of her steady chase onward as she sucked him down with unending vigor, treating his cock to something primal and unstoppable. The embrace of her mouth at work and the thrill of knowing that these pictures were going to be printed out and handed to her husband for his own twisted kind of enjoyment proved to be something far too exciting for him to handle.

"I'm going to cum on your face," he groaned, messing with the camera settings for a moment so he could set a small cluster of rapid photos to capture his load. "Tilt your head back, open your mouth, and jerk me off to finish."

Eagerly doing as she was told to do, Sue whined as she stroked his cock, wet and slick from all her spit, almost slippery. "Blow your load all over my face," she cooed. "Cover me in your cum, Park. Make sure that when my face twists in pleasure with your cock inside of me, your cum is all over it!" With her urging words there was no way that Parker could resist, and he happily lose himself to the excitement, gasping and grunting as his hips bucked forward, cock twitching and erupting with a massive flood of hot, messy cum gushing forward, splattering all over Sue's gorgeous face. Thick shots of messy, gooey spunk splattered all over her features, treating Sue to the primal rush of being given her facial, with plenty of cum landing into her mouth for her to flaunt and show off to the camera with. The older woman toyed with it in her mouth, swirling it around, before finally swallowing it down and showing off to Parker and his camera her empty and obedient mouth.

"You're so fucking hot," Parker groaned. "And I know just how I want to fuck you next. But I'll need a second to set the cameras up so I can get this right. We're going fancy."

"How fancy?" Sue asked, panting with excitement.

"I'm going to use three cameras to capture me fucking you from all sides." Parker watched his best friend's sister's face light up in excitement as he swiftly moved toward the equipment shelf and table he had waiting for him. There was nothing he wanted more than to lose himself now to the excitement and the want of fucking the mature blonde into gleeful debauchery, but he needed everything set up first. He brought a table over to it. "Lie down on this so I can adjust the view." Sue did as asked, lying there and smiling at the cameras as he got two into position, one at the end by Sue's head, and one coming in at a side view meant to best express the intent he had in mind, his twisted and excited desires gripping him firmly as he positioned them very carefully from distance and with a very clear goal in mind: to make sure it came up maybe half a foot short of showing off his face. He wanted distant pictures of someone balls deep in Richard's wife, but also wanted to protect his identity, both to keep things from getting awkward with her husband, and to add to a certain sort of anonymous, shameless debauchery that he was sure would make the pictures come out even better. After one last position check, he set the cameras to just keep taking photos, thankful he'd invested in some hefty memory cards to give them the space to keep up with what he had in store for her now.

When finally he was done setting them up, Parker took the camera he'd been using all along, perfect for POV shots to help tie things together. "Okay Sue, what I want you to do now is lie on the table, spread out a little bit, and invite me in.

Spreading her long legs and shooting a lustful glare toward Parker with a face full of cum to add to the effect of her expression, his best friend's sister looked like sex incarnate. She waved some fingers toward him in a come-hither motion and purred, "Come fuck me raw." It was a show of need too great for him to help himself against, as he descended quickly forward, one hand holding onto his cock as the other gripped his camera, ensuring he guided himself deep into her tight, hot, waiting pussy with slow motions that led him document each inch sinking into her. Sue purred and shivered under his touch, moaning, "This cock is everything I need!" as she felt him slide into her steadily, pushing into her tight pussy and driving her wild with want. All while the young photographer captured the sight of her getting filled. Her hand reached down toward her pelvis, rubbing herself where she could feel his penetration sinking into her, moans rising up hotter with ravenous glee. He drifted up to snap a few pictures of her face as he began to work back and forth into her tight, slick hole slowly and patiently.

But there was almost no hope of patience. Not really. Not like he wanted. He was so desperate to just lose himself that he felt the need to start and to not fucking stop until he had proven himself completely. His hips got to work back and forth, bucking into the tight, hot hole begging for his attention as he took plenty of top-down shots of Sue getting fucked by him. He was done with slow now, going fast at her needy snatch and letting himself become overwhelmed by his own lusts. "That's a tight fucking pussy for a woman who just admitted to being a size queen," he teased, cocky and shameless as he worked himself back and forth with firm, vigorous intent, making sure to make the most of this insane situation, the opportunity to fuck his friend's sister after all these years of desperately wanting to and keeping it to his damn self.

"Mm, is it? Or do you just have one of the best cocks I've ever felt?" Sue was happy to meet his fire, moaning and twisting on the table as he gave her everything she needed. Her head turned toward the side view camera, smiling at it while she got railed, making it painfully obvious that she was loving every second of it. "So I know why the side view camera is there, but why do you have a camera taking pictures of my scalp?"

Parkerr had been hoping Sue would ask that, surprising her with the reveal by quickly settling down the camera on the table for a moment, allowing him to twist her around so quickly she didn't know what was happening until she was very suddenly on all fours and getting fucked doggy style right there on the table, the young photographer swiftly pulling his camera back and catching a shot of him burying himself into her from behind again, and another few shots of his hand coming down across her fine ass with wicked intent. Sue found herself facing the camera now, intended to a be a front view to show off her lewd facial expressions as she got pounded from behind, he brother's friend's torso in the shot enough to make it clear what was happening and ensuring the most perfectly composed compilation of open relationship debauchery money could buy. "That's what it's for," he snickered.

"You're a genius!" Sue squealed. "A hung, perverted genius who's making me feel sexier than any other man ever has!" She burned with want, staring into the camera and letting her pleasure ache vividly as she was taken. She couldn't believe how well this was all going. He really was doing everything he could to play to her desires and accentuate her assets, making her feel amazing about herself, her confidence skyrocketing thanks to him, his photography talents, and his big cock wrecking her so vigorously. "I'm going to need to come back for more shoots of me slobbering all over your fat cock some time! This feels amazing!"

"Maybe I'll even have you do a private shoot just for me," Parker groaned, his free hand groping and swatting at Sue's ass confidently as he plundered forward, vigorously showing off his desire to completely overwhelm the mature blonde with pleasure now. He was right where he wanted to be, laying vulgar waste to her from behind and showing off a special kind of desperation and want. He couldn't believe how good this all felt and how easily he was able to lose himself to this all, surrendering to the idea of fucking another man's wife for the couple's mutual enjoyment. He wouldn't have even thought the married couple would have been so inclined or perverted. But now that he was in the midst of it he really couldn't hold himself back, pounding on quickly and letting her feel his cock in full, overwhelming her with the primal heat and want that ensured she shivered on helplessly and desperately.

"Maybe sometimes we can forget the camera and I'll just let you raw me in at my house's closet!" Sue was happy to escalate even further as she expressed her hot, throbbing want, desires raging out of control as she let Parker fuck her to her absolutely blissful satisfaction. It was all so good, so powerful, and she wasn't ashamed of how much the pleasure burned her up, body trembling under the heat and need of getting taken and used so thoroughly. She knew she was close, knew her orgasm was only a few thrusts away, and she didn't want it to stop for anything. "Okay, we need to finish this right. Creampie my hot pussy right now and take all the pictures of you want of your big load leaking out of my wrecked cunt!"

Such an impassioned and desperate plea couldn't go unanswered. Parker gave his client exactly what she wanted with glee, pounding forward harshly and groaning as he lost himself, but not before Sue did. The tight clenching of her desperate hole around his cock and begging him for his load helped pus his orgasm to new heights as he gave her exactly what she craved without shame. His body shuddered as he lost himself, groaning in delight and ecstasy through the pleasure of completely overwhelming her. Sue's body trembled under his touch, shivering with need and desire as he left his mark on her deep and hot, his thick load gushing into her needy hole and showing off what he could do, and then some for good measure.

"Fuck!" Sue gasped, shivering as she felt his cock fill her up with his cum and then so abruptly pull out. The mature woman slumped down clumsily, guided by Parker to slip off from her knees and lie flat on her stomach, trembling legs hanging off the edge of the table as he dropped to one knee and happily began to document the lurid mess of her creampied hole leaking with the sticky mixture of fuck fluids. "That was amazing. And... And worth every cent. Maybe more. I... Nngh, I don't even know the etiquette here. Do you tip a photographer, Park?"

Parker smirked, not even needing to see his pictures in full to know he had just created something magical. "You just did," he replied confidently, and he knew then that this line of business was precisely what he had needed all this time.

Rating: 89%, Read 6635 times, Posted Jul 23, 2019

Fantasy | Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Male, Old Female, Voyeurism


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