Incestuous Harem 1: Popping Kissing Cousin's Cherry by mypenname3000

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Incestuous Harem

Chapter One: Popping Kissing Cousin's Cherry

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2016

Clint Elliston

“Ugh, I can't believe how much homework Ms. Ayers gave us for math,” my cousin and best friend groaned. She shook her head, her braid of sandy-blonde hair dancing across her shoulders. “Doesn't she know it's the weekend, Clint? I don't want to spend it on figuring out sign, cosign, and tangent.”

I snorted, nodding my head. Melody hated math. “How long until you scream at your homework and then throw it out your bedroom window?”

“I did that once, asshole,” she said, giving me a glare followed up by a light punch on my shoulder. “One time. In the seventh grade. That was ages ago.”

“Or four years. Not that long ago.”

She rolled her eyes. “I'll just copy off your homework.”

“What makes you think I know how to do it?” I asked with a grunt.

“Because you don't want me to fail.” She sidled closer to me, her arm almost brushing mine. My hand clenched. I wanted to reach out and take her hand, holding it.

But we were in public. It was one thing to be best friends with your nineteen-year-old, tomboyish cousin, it was another thing to hold her hand like she was your girlfriend. I couldn't help staring at the profile of her face as we walked, her nose a small, cute protrusion, her lips pursed. They were pink. Melody didn't wear much lipstick. But she really didn't need it. She had a natural beauty even when she wore loose t-shirts and comfortable jeans.. She didn't wear the tight clothing like the other girls at our school, flaunting her body, wanting all the boys to look at her.

It was why we had been best friends for as long as either of us could remember. We were both nineteen, though I was younger by a month, and we had grown up living next door. I don't know why our mothers, who were sisters, decided to live side-by-side, but it was hard not to run around with Melody as a kid. She liked climbing trees, playing soldiers, riding bikes, and playing video games. She truly was my best friend.

And then a year ago, things changed. We were in my room hanging out on my bed, talking, doing homework, fucking around and...we kissed. It was almost accidental. She had turned to me as I leaned in to tickle her, and our lips bumped.

And we didn't pull away.

Now we were kissing cousins. We made out every chance we had. I wanted to do so much more with her, but we were first cousins. Our mothers were sisters. It was...wrong. Incest. We both felt it. But we both enjoyed the kissing, the touching, the intimacy.

I felt like she was even more of my best friend after a year of sneaking around. And when my dad died six months back, she was the only one in the family who helped me deal with it. Mom was lost to her boxes of wine, my older sister was just a cunt, and my younger sister retreated even farther into her books. Aunt Vicky, Melody's mother, tried, but she just made it worse, and my other cousin, Lee, was a brat as always.

But Melody was someone I could talk to, share things with. Hell, I could even cry a bit around her without her thinking I was a pussy.

“So you better do your homework well,” Melody said, bumping her shoulder into me. It was our way of holding hands. We had a lot of little ways of showing affection around other people that didn't look weird. “Because I don't want to fail.”

“So, as the man, I have to take care of you?” I arched an eyebrow. “Pretty sexist of you.”

“I enjoy traditional gender roles when they benefit me,” she grinned and licked her lips. It was a deliberate, slow lick.

My heart beat faster. It was her way of kissing me in public. Damn, I wish we weren't on the sidewalk of our street, our feet crunching on the first leaves of autumn fallen from Mrs. Lynch's Japanese maple. Why did we have to be first cousins? If she was just the girl next door, we would have fucked already. We could have been fucking for months.

Then I wouldn't be a damned virgin.

“Fine, I'll take care of your lazy ass,” I said, a grin on my lips, my tone light.

“Lazy?” She arched an eyebrow then lowered her voice. “I thought my ass was hot, not lazy. You loved it in those panties I bought.”

My grin spread large, hungrily. Recently, she was stripping down to her underwear for our make out sessions. We were flirting closer and closer with going all the way. With crossing that line into real incest.

“I loved it,” I grinned. “Maybe if you want to copy my homework, you need to show me another pair of exciting panties.”

“But you already told me you would. No take backs, Clinton Elliston the Third.”

I groaned. My dad was Clinton. I was Clint. “Fine. But...if you want me to do my best, I need incentives.”

Her grin grew. Her lips were so kissable. I wondered what flavor of lip gloss she wore today. I hoped it was apricot. I liked that flavor on her lips.

We reached our houses, the shade of the giant chestnut tree in my front yard falling over us. The tree's broad, green canopy covered most of my yard and a quarter of Melody's. My house was gray with mauve trim—my mother chose the scheme and Dad painted it—and rose three stories, my room in the attic. Aunt Vicky's house was reddish-brown, only two stories, and smaller.

Dad had also painted it. Aunt Vicky didn't have a husband or even a boyfriend.

“So, you do your homework, Mister,” she told me, giving me a smile. “I'll be over in an hour or so.”

“Fine,” I grumbled. I took her hand for a brief moment, giving her a squeeze. It was my way of kissing her in public—she would only laugh when I licked my lips slowly. It was sexy on a girl, but not on a guy apparently.

She licked her lips slowly. My dick ached in my jeans. And then my cousin broke away for her house, and I headed to mine. My mom's car was in the driveway. I groaned. She should be at work for another two hours. I hope she hadn't taken another half-day.

She would get fired if she kept doing that. Dad's death hit Mom hard. Everything was falling apart, and I was the only one that seemed to care.

I entered the house and ran almost smack into Lee, my eighteen-year-old cousin. She and Melody were a year and a few months apart in age. Aunt Vicky had popped them out with the deadbeat asshole she used to date before he took off with another woman. Neither Lee, short for Leann, or Melody knew their father as more than “the sperm donor.” My dad had been the closest thing to a father they knew.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, groaning at the piece of toast slathered in Nutella jammed in her mouth.

She mumbled something that might have been, “Eating.”

“Don't you have food at your house?”

She ripped the toast from her mouth and stuck her tongue out at me. She may be eighteen, but she acted like she was five. Her black hair was cut in a pixyish bob which only enhanced her bratty, youthful figure. She was slim and had more energy than a crackhead on speed.

“Your food is better, Lint,” she beamed.

I groaned at her annoying nickname for me. “Did you clean up your mess?”

“Nope.” She flashed me a grin then darted around me with swift dexterity, ducking my arm as I tried to seize her and haul her ass back to the kitchen. But she played soccer, and she knew how to dance around a defender.

“Leann, get your ass back here,” I shouted as she crashed through the screen door and raced away from the house laughing. “Dammit.”

“Was that Lee bursting out of here?” asked Zoey, my older sister. She walked down the stairs wearing a tight pair of jean shorts and a halter top that enhanced her already impressive breasts, the mounds jiggling as she came down the stairs, so big and pillowy. I know I shouldn't stare at my sister, but when she was built like a brick house, it was hard not to. Brassy hair fell about her sultry face, her lips dark-red and looked so plump and kissable.

Zoey had the biggest tits in the family. I know I loved Melody, but, damn, my sister had a body that would not quit. She had just turned twenty and loved to flaunt her stuff. She sauntered by me, her hips rolling, her exposed midriff tan and sleek.

“How was school, squirt?” she asked, ruffling my hair. “Did Ms. Ayers give you a ton of homework?”

I scowled as I patted my dark hair back into place. I hated when she ruffled it. And when she called me squirt. We were a year-and-a-half a part in age but I was only a grade behind her—a junior That didn't matter. She treated me like I was a fucking kid. “Yeah.”

“Knew it. Always loves to give a ton of homework on the weekends. Had her last year. The worse.”

I followed her into the kitchen and groaned at the disaster Lee left behind. How did she create such a mess making a piece of toast? “You see this shit?”

“Yep,” Zoey said, opening the fridge and bending over. Those jean shorts molded to her ass. They were so tight, and I didn't see any panty line. I flushed, my dick hardening Why couldn't Melody dress like that some of the time. Zoey's hips swayed as she rooted around the fridge. She bent over more, and I could see a prominent cameltoe, the jean shorts hugging her pussy. Damn. “Ugh, Mom hasn't gone grocery shopping yet. No OJ.”

I wrenched my gaze away before she caught me staring, my dick so damned hard, and grabbed the still-open jar of Nutella. I screwed on the lid. Hard. “She said she would tomorrow.”

“Right,” my sister said with sarcasm, settling on a pitcher of grape juice. She poured a glass and leaned against the counter watching me clean up Lee's mess.

“You want to help?” I asked as I sealed the loaf of bread with the plastic thingie and put it into the cupboard.

“Not really, squirt.”

I grit my teeth. Everything was going to shit. She wouldn't sit there and watch me clean if Dad was alive. And he never would have put up with Lee making a mess and not cleaning it up either. He would have bent his niece over his knee and spanked her ass.

Zoey pulled out her iPhone with her other hand, texting while sipping at her grape juice. I grabbed a cloth and wiped the counter down. I hated messes. Things should be tidy. Orderly. Dad always said a house is a reflection of its master. A clean house meant a man who was in charge, a man who kept his family working smoothly, made sure his children did their chores.


And it was gone.

Mom's heels clicked as she walked into the kitchen, still wearing her business skirt and blouse, her dyed-blonde hair in a messy bun. The roots of her hair were dark-black. She didn't wear much makeup or did more with her hair than pull it back into a bun these days. She dyed her hair and kept it long because Dad liked it, and she still half-heartily kept it up.

“What's for dinner?” I asked Mom as she headed for the lower cabinet beside the sink. I tried not to stare at her skirt pulled tight over her ass.

My sister had inherited her brick-house body from our mother.

“Order what you want,” Mom said, her voice tired. She rose, clutching a box of wine in one hand. “I'm too tired to cook tonight.”

“You're too tired to cook any night,” I muttered. She used to cook dinner every night save Fridays and Sundays. Dad liked home-cooked meals. So did I. Ordering pizza or Chinese or subs got old fast.

Mom didn't respond as she walked past. “I'm going over to Vicky's.”

As she walked out, my sister muttered, “I see she restocked on box wine.”

I grunted.

“Buck up, squirt,” Zoey said, ruffling my hair as she passed her. I scowled at her. “You get to pick dinner. Since you're the man of the house now.”

I hated her mocking smile. “Shut up.”

“See, already taking charge.” She finished her glass of grape juice and set it down on the counter two feet from the sink.

“You going to rinse that out?”

She shrugged. “Need to get to work.”

My eyebrows arched. “They let you work at Dairy Queen dressed like that?”

“They have uniforms for us to wear at the store,” she said, snagging her purse. “One of us needs to get the money to pay for Mom's wine. Maybe you should man up and get a job?”

Since she turned twenty two weeks ago, she had gotten a job where her friend, Stefani, had started working. It shocked me that she would even get a job. She was a lazy cow. I grabbed her glass as she sauntered by, staring at her phone.

It beeped and she let out a pleased sound. “Ooh, she's here.”

The front door opened a moment later. Stefani sauntered into the kitchen, a redhead with a big smile on her face and delightful dimples. She gave my sister a hug as I rinsed out Zoey's glass. If I didn't wash it, the glass would just stay on the damned counter all night. My hand clenched on it. If Dad was alive, he would spank Zoey no matter what her age was for doing that.

“And there's the stud,” Stefani said, sauntering over to me. She wore a tight, short skirt and thigh-high, heeled boots. I smelled her perfume as she leaned against the counter. “How you doing?”

I frowned at her. “Same as when we shared World History today.”

It was Aunt Vicky's class. She taught history at our high school. Not that her being my aunt caused her to cut me any slack. I had taken classes taught by her before, and she made sure I didn't half-ass my homework, not wanting to show any nepotism. The irony of that sucked.

“Your hair's ruffled,” Stefani said, leaning against me, her breasts straining the belly shirt she wore. I could see the outline of her nipples.

She wasn't wearing a bra.

Damn, why did I have to be surrounded by women I couldn't do anything with? Sexy women. Melody, Zoey, Mom, and even Stefani. Zoey would kill me if I made a move on her best friend. And Stefani knew it.

She was a cocktease.

“I like a man with mused hair,” she purred, her voice growing husky. “Makes them look...dangerous.”

I took a deep breath. “Cool.” She was just fucking with me. Right? The way she spoke, the way her green eyes burned as she leaned into me, the scent of her perfume.

Melody should wear perfume.

“We need to go, Dandi,” Zoey said. Don't ask me why my sister calls her friend Dandi. Or why Stefani called my sister Yunie.

“Right, Yunie,” laughed Stefani, pushing away from the counter. “Got to go make those mad bills.”

She hooked my sister's arm and the pair strode out. “Later, squirt,” called my sister.

I almost threw her glass to the floor. I hated when she called me squirt. “I'm not a fucking little boy, bitch.”

She laughed. The front door closed.

I put her glass into the dishwasher. It was full, so I added soap and started the load. I headed out of the kitchen and upstairs, my shoes ringing on the hardwood runners. Dad put hardwood floors throughout all the house for Mom when I was ten or so. “Let the women decide on the decorating,” Dad told me. “Then do it for them. Show them you're handy, skilled. Women like knowing their men are handy. Keep them happy, and they'll please you, son.”

Fuck, I missed him. I hadn't even been in his shed in the backyard where he had his carpenter tools since he died. Too fucking painful.

I reached the second floor hallway and crossed it to the attic stairs. My little sister's door opened, and she strode out, her face staring intently at her Kindle. She was the only member of the family without a smartphone or a tablet. But she had her Kindle eReader. She pushed her glasses absently up her cute nose and then gasped when she saw me.

“Clint,” she groaned, clutching her Kindle to her chest. At eighteen, she was small and skinny, her light-brown hair in girlish pigtails. She just started as a freshman at my school. “You scared me.”

“Don't walk around with your nose in a the kindle then, Alicia,” I retorted.

She shrugged, turned, and walked to the bathroom, her eyes locked on her book. I sighed. I hardly even spoke to her since Dad's death. She spent all her time in her room, even eating in there these days. What few friends she did have seemed to have fallen away.

Damn, maybe I should talk to her or something?

I groaned and headed up the stairs to the attic. My bedroom took up half of it, the other was storage filled with cardboard boxes full of Christmas decorations, old clothes, and the usual junk any family accumulates over the years. My door was the one on the left at the top of the stairs. I thrust it open and dropped my backpack when I walked in.

My room was neat, tidy. I liked it that way. My bed was underneath the sloping attic ceiling. I had only the one window, a dormer thrusting through the roof. I could stand up to my full height in it. The walls were painted blue—a project I did with Dad a decade or more ago. I flopped onto my bed, my eyes suddenly heavy.

I should start on the homework. Melody would be here soon, but it had been a long week, a long month.

A long series of months.

I closed my eyes, breathing slow, and didn't fight the nap pulling me down into sleep.


Melody Samuels

I pulled on the tight tank top, shivering at how it molded to my breasts. My nipples were hard. It was so obvious I wasn't wearing a bra. That made me both nervous and excited to go over to my cousin's. No bra. Maybe...I would show my tits to him. And he could touch them directly. Not through my shirt or bra.

Direct contact.

That sent an excited warmth through my pussy as my hips shook. I was scared of taking this step. There was only one place our relationship was heading—sex.

I so wanted to have sex with Clint. To make love to him. To have him as my first man. Our relationship was forbidden, doomed. We were first cousins. I was practically his sister. We could never be together openly. It was even illegal. But...damn if he wasn't such a sexy, young man, growing strong just like Uncle Clinton had been. Dark hair, broad shoulders, muscular figure, and that strong jawline...

I wiggled my hips, wishing I owned a pair of tighter jeans to show off my curves. I know he liked tight jeans. He couldn't help but look at Zoey whenever she pranced around in her tight jeans or shorts, flaunting her cameltoe. I loved teasing Clint whenever I caught him looking at his older sister.

Damn, why did my best friend have to be my cousin? Then we could date. We could make love. We could hold hands and kiss and hug and not care who saw us.

I grabbed my apricot-flavored lip gloss and applied it. I smacked my lips, tasting the flavor—it wasn't my favorite, but Clint loved it—and capped it. I took another breath, my stomach twisting. I was showered, freshened up, and sexy. I couldn't date Clint, but I could hang out with him. Be with him.

I wanted this to last for as long as it could.

I stepped out of my room and passed my younger sister's door. It was half-opened, revealing the chaos that was Lee's room, her bed unmade, clothes lying strewn across the floor, a frilly pair of panties dangling from the edge of her desk. No music blared, so she wasn't at home. It was Friday, which meant a date night for most girls, but probably not for Lee. I bet she was at the park running. She liked that.

Girl had too much energy.

Voices came from the kitchen. My mom and Aunt Cheryl sat on the bar stools talking at the kitchen island, a glass of white wine in my aunt's hand. A box of cheap wine set beside her. She took a long sip as my mom stroked my aunt's arm.

“Hey, Aunt Cheryl,” I said, streaming through the kitchen.

My mom glanced up and her eyebrows lifted. I blushed, feeling so self-conscious of the tight top I wore. “That's new, honey.”

“Yeah,” I shrugged. “Picked it up last weekend.”

“You heading somewhere? A date?”

“Mom,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Just heading next door. Clint and I have schoolwork to work on.”

“Oh, that's nice,” Aunt Cheryl said, her cheeks red. She lowered her drink and pressed down on the spigot on the side of the wine box. Liquid splashed as she topped off her glass. “How long are you staying?”

“Probably late,” I shrugged. “We'll eat dinner, watch some bad movies or something. I might even just crash there.”

“Oh, that's cruel. Making your cousin sleep on the floor when you could just walk next door,” Mom said.

“Oh, Clint wouldn't mind,” Aunt Cheryl said. “He's a gentleman like his father.” She took a long drink of her wine. “Just like him...”

I squirmed. It would be so easy for Clint and I to take that final step in our relationship, to cross the line from harmless kissing into love-making. No one in the family would bat an eye if I was up in his room all night. We had spent our entire lives running around together. I had slept in his room, and he had slept in mine, so many times. I pushed away that thought, my cheeks burning, and asked them, “Well, um, what are you two going to do tonight?”

I needed to get the conversation away from me sleeping over with Clint just in case someone became suspicious of my tight top and no bra.

Mom glanced at the wine glass in Aunt Cheryl's hand. “Oh, soak in the last rays of sunshine by the pool, I think. Probably talk.”

They talked a lot lately. Aunt Cheryl was drinking too much wine. Sometimes she ended up sleeping over, passing out in Mom's bedroom. Maybe we should have an intervention or something for Aunt Cheryl?

“Well, later,” I said, squirming. It was too intense in here. I headed next door. I hoped Clint liked my tank top.


Clint Elliston

“Son, I'm disappointed in you,” my father said.

It wasn't how I expected my dream to start. “Sorry, Dad,” I shrugged, not sure how I knew I was dreaming. It just...felt like a dream.

We were in the kitchen. It was a mess, like Hurricane Lee had done her worse. “Things are slipping through the cracks, Son. Your mother and sisters are not doing their part. What did I tell you about a clean house?”

“Discipline, Dad,” I said. I was aware I was dreaming, so why was this what I was conjuring up? Why not a hot girl? Or Melody? Or Zoey?

Or Mom?

“If you want to get laid, your cousin is more than willing,” Dad continued.


“Melody. Girl's had a crush on you since you were kids. Everyone knows it. And about your crush on her.”

“Everyone?” My cheeks burned.

“So why haven't you made your move? She's ripe.”

“She's my first cousin, Dad,” I said.

“And? You're a man. She's a woman. You want each other. So take her, son. Women love it. Be strong, be dominant. Give her pleasure.” He paused, staring at me. “I know you're a virgin, but you've watched enough porn.”

“Jesus,” I groaned. This was embarrassing, and I knew it wasn't real. “Come on, Dad.”

“Now porn isn't realistic, but you've learned some stuff from it. Women love it when you go down on them. You make a woman cum, you lick her to orgasm, and she'll eat out of your hand. She'll want to please you back. She'll suck your cock, swallow your cum, even let you fuck her asshole. Be strong, confident, and in charge. Discipline, Son. You need to keep a strong discipline with your women.”

“Fuck, Dad.”

“Like I kept it with your mother and your sisters. Never let any of them disrespect me. I never let the house fall to shit. You all understood your chores and you did them. If you didn't...”

“You'd spank us,” I muttered. “Are you wanting me to spank my sisters?”

“And your cousins. I kept your aunt's house in line, too. Discipline your cousins for her. It's the man's job.”

“Dad, you can't say things like that. Women aren't property.”

“Never said they were. But they like a strong man. The respond to it. Show strength, and the women will want to please you, your mother included.”

“Great, now you're saying I should seduce Mom. Fuck, I have a horny subconscious”

“Your mother could use a hard fucking.” Dad gave me a serious look. “You've seen her hurting. She misses me. She needs what I gave her. I was strong for her. I was there for her to lean against when things were tough. And they've never been tougher for her. So, yes, show her you're a man. And your sisters. And your cousins.

“Especially Melody. You love her. She loves you. Good enough reason to take her in hand and fuck her.”

“So you want me to fuck all the women in my life,” I said, rolling my eyes. “And I bet you want me to fuck Stefani, too.”

“Another girl in need of a man to keep her in line,” Dad agreed. “Glad you understand. Make me proud, Son.”

The sound of my bedroom door opening banished the dream. I groaned, the sleepy daze of my nap falling away, my cock painfully hard in my jeans. I wish it had been a sex dream instead of my dad telling me to fuck all the women in my life.

Though...that would be...

“Are you sleeping instead of doing the math problems?” Melody asked.

I groaned at the sight of my cousin. She wore a tank top. It was a frilly thing, lacy, two spaghetti straps over her shoulders, the thin material was stretchy and clung to her torso and tits and...

“You're not wearing a bra,” I gasped, my dick throbbing harder. She had two hard nipples pointing right at me.

“I'm...not,” she said, moving into the room and closing the door behind her.

Dad's words in my dream spoke to me. My cousin wanted me. Why else would she wear that top with no bra? Her round breasts were molded by the fabric. She may as well be naked. Her nipples hard, her cheeks flushed. She wiggled her hips, trembling. I sat on the edge of my bed as she stared at me.

Strength... Confidence...

She licked her lips.“So, you need to get to—”

Melody gasped. I cut off her words when I seized her jeans by the belt loops and pulled her close to my bed. Her breasts bounced as she came up before me, her tits right at eye level. I let go of her belt loops, my hands sliding around to grip her ass. They were firm butt-cheeks.

“Clint,” she said, trembling. I lifted my eyes to hers, loose, sandy-blonde hair falling about her face. She had showered and smelled fresh, a hint of baby powder and the coconut of her body wash perfumed her. And those lips...

“I love you, Melody,” I said, pulling her down onto my lap. She straddled me, her arms going around my shoulders. Her eyes were wide.

“Clint,” she whispered. “Are we...?”


My hand moved up and pulled her head down. Our mouths met. Apricot adorned her lips. Sweet and tart at the same time. I groaned, kissing my cousin hard as she ground on my cock. I could feel her nipples against my chest, rubbing through both our tops. They were thick, fat, so hard. She sighed into the kiss, lips parting as my tongue thrust into her mouth.

Submitting. Yielding.

Dad was right. Maybe not about fucking the rest of my family. But Melody... I loved her. I wanted her. Needed her. I kissed her harder, savoring the heat of her mouth, her body. She squirmed on me, grinding her crotch onto my dick.

She felt how hard I was. She knew where this was going. She was mine.


Melody Samuels

This was happening. This was happening.

That thought sang over and over through my mind as I kissed Clint, his cheeks rough with stubble, his hands strong as they squeezed my ass through my jeans. My nipples tingled as they rubbed against my tank top, pressing into his muscular chest. And his cock...

He was so hard.

My virgin pussy clenched as I ground on him. My clit throbbed. My tongue played with his as he claimed my mouth. He was so strong, so confident. I just ached to do whatever he wanted. It was so hot the way he seized my belt loops. No hesitation. So bold.

My cousin was such a sexy stud.

And then his hands moved. Confident. They seized the hem of my tank top. I broke the kiss, not fighting him, lifting my arms over my head and baring my breasts to him as he pulled off my top. He hadn't seen me naked since we were kids. I was flat back then.

No longer.

“Damn, Melody,” he groaned, staring at my firm, round breasts. His finger slid across my left tit to my dusky areola. He circled it, eyes locked on my hard nipple. “Damn, those are nice.”

I shuddered on him. He liked my tits. I didn't dress like his sister Zoey, or even my bratty sister Lee, but he had still noticed me. He still desired me. His breath washed about my nipple as I trembled, exposed before him.

And then his lips latched onto my nub and sucked.

My eyes widened at the intense, tingling rush radiating from my breast. My arms tightened about his neck. I squirmed harder, a liquid heat boiling in my pussy's depths. It spread out, soaking into my panties as he sucked and loved my nub. My head tossed back as I moaned out my pleasure.

“Clint,” I groaned, shuddering on him. “Oh, wow, Clint. That's....oh, that's nice. That's... Yes!”

His dick was so hard beneath me. So thick. Was he bigger than the average guy? I had no idea. But he felt so huge. A tiny tremble of fear shot through me as he nibbled and sucked on my nipple. This was really happening.

I didn't fight as Clint turned me, lowering me onto my back upon his bed. I trembled, the cover warm on my naked skin, radiating the absorbed body heat from his nap. My breasts rose as my breath quickened. He turned, looming over me again, his hair ruffled from sleeping.

My hands shot out, grasping his shirt. I loved seeing his naked torso. He didn't fight as I ripped his shirt up. He finished pulling it off, throwing it to the floor, his chest rippling, a fine down of dark hair covering his pecs.

I leaned up, stroking his abs as he shifted. I moved up to his pecs and brushed his nipples, the same dusky tone as mine, but far, far smaller. His nub hardened. Giggling, I leaned up and sucked on his nipple. He grunted as my hands caressed his body.

“That feels weird,” he said. “You sucking on my nipple.”

“Not nice?” I pouted. “It felt nice when you sucked on mine.”

“Well, yours are cuter than mine,” he grinned, pressing me down as he lowered his lips to my right nipple. It was still dry, unsucked. But not for long. I moaned as he engulfed it, my hips twisting and undulating. His hands stroked my stomach, his fingers strong.

“Clint, you are such a sexy stud,” I groaned. “You know we're going all the way, right?”

“I know,” he said after popping his mouth off my nipple. His dark eyes met mine. And I shuddered. He knew because he wanted me. And I couldn't deny him. Not the sexy man I loved even if this was sooo wrong.


My jeans popped open. I gasped as he yanked them down my thighs and threw them to his bedroom floor. I was down to wearing only my black panties. They were new, bought for Clint. A pattern of little holes made a heart in the front, my blonde pubic hairs peeking through.

“Damn, Melody,” he groaned, staring at my sexy underwear, stroking the high cut legband. I had hoped he would see my ass in them, but his fingers were already pulling down the waistband.

I was hot and wet. It was time to do this.

I lifted my legs as he rolled my panties down my thighs. My toes curled as he pulled my underwear off. My thighs pressed tight, hiding my pussy. A wave of hot, embarrassed lust went through me. He was about to see all of me.

My man.

Damn, that was a sexy thought.

Clint dangled my panties from his fingers. It looked like such a small scrap of cloth in his hands. I lowered my legs and parted them for him. His eyes locked between my thighs, staring at my virgin pussy surrounded by my blonde bush.

This was really happening.

My panties dropped from his hands. He stared in awe at my flesh. I shuddered, wanting to clamp my thighs shut. But I couldn't. Part of me wanted him to look. And as embarrassing as his gaze was, it also made me feel so womanly. I wasn't a girl any longer.

“I'm ready,” I whispered, reaching for him. I brushed his crotch, feeling him. “I'm ready, Clint.”

The spell my pussy had cast on him broke. He moved, fingers fumbling, ripping open jeans, zipper rasping. He shoved them down with his boxers. His cock popped out. It was my turn to stare enraptured at the sight of my first live dick. It was so different than the pictures I had seen on the internet. Real. Three-dimensional.

Hard, thrusting from a tangle of dark curls, heavy balls dangling beneath. The tip was pink, smooth like a helmet, and a clear liquid beaded out. Precum as the girls at school called it. He was getting ready for sex.

Ready to make love to me.

“Yes, yes, take me,” I moaned, my pussy clenching. “I love you, Clint.”

“Love you, Melody,” he growled, hungry. His hands grasped my thighs. Shivers rushed up my body. “Love you so much. Dad was right.”

“Hmm?” I asked.

But he didn't answer. He leaned his head down for my pussy. I shivered. “Clint, I'm ready. Take me. Make love to me.”

“When I'm done pleasing you,” he said, and my eyes widened.

“You're....going down on me?” I had heard guys hated going down on girls. My friends complained about boyfriends who wanted to receive a blowjob or have sex but didn't want to lick their pussies.

But not Clint.

I shuddered as he pressed his face into the folds of my virgin pussy and licked. My back arched. I let out a low moan. His tongue felt amazing as it slid through my folds. A tremor ran through my body as my cousin licked at my snatch again and again, over and over.

Every caress of his tongue sent shivers racing through my body. My juices leaked out. I had never felt so wet. He groaned, nuzzling, licking. Enjoying. His hand wrapped about my thighs, pulling my pussy tight against his lips.

“Oh, my god, Clint,” I gasped, my eyes widening. I had masturbated before. Many times. Often after we had made out.

This was amazing. Masturbation paled. His tongue was wonderful. The rough feel of his lips against my sensitive flesh sent ripples radiating through my body. I buzzed with excitement, squirming, unable to help myself.

“You taste good, Melody,” he groaned. “Delicious.”

“Oh, Clint, yes,” I gasped. “Good, good. I...I love this. Oh, wow.”

His tongue lapped at my hymen, brushing the skin covering the entrance to my pussy. My body squirmed. This was amazing. My pussy clenched, eager to feel his cock in me as he nuzzled at my lips, licking up and—

I bucked as he found my clit. “Yes, yes, Clint, right there.”

My hands squeezed my breasts. They had to grasp something as he licked and nuzzled at my clit. Every touch of his tongue on my nub shot bliss through my body. I squirmed and gasped. I humped against his mouth, my head swimming with the thrill of his tongue. He sucked hard on it. My pussy clenched.

The pleasure swelled.

“Clint,” I moaned low and throaty as the pleasure swelled through me. “I...I... Clint!”

My body bucked. My pussy spasmed. I came. Clint made me cum. My studly, handsome cousin made me cum. My head snapped back as my body bucked. My fingers sank into my firm tits as the pleasure exploded through me.

Wordless moans sang from my lips. The bed creaked and thrashed as I bucked and ground against him. I squeezed my eyes shut. Pleasure danced across my thoughts as his lips kept sucking. My juices flooded out of me.

And he drank them down.

He loved my pussy.

“Clint,” I managed to moan. “Clint, Clint. Now. I'm so ready for you. Make love to me.”

And he moved. He rose over me, so muscular and strong. My arms grasped him, pulling him down atop me. His cock nudged my pussy. His eyes burned as he kissed me hard. I tasted myself on him. My pussy. Sweet. I tasted sweet and delicious.

No wonder he loved devouring me.

His cock pressed on the entrance of my pussy. I held him tight as we kissed, moaning into his lips. This was really happening.


Clint Elliston

Melody's pussy was so hot against the tip of my cock. I felt her cherry pressing on the crown of my dick. She was a virgin. I was her first. Maybe her last. That would be hot. To be her man. To keep her as my woman. To love her and pleasure her.

And then she would please me.

Dad was right. She had cum hard when I went down on her, and now she was eager to have her cherry popped. She wanted me to make love to her. My heart beat so fast. Her nipples rubbed on my chest.

It was time. Bold. Confident. Strong.

I thrust hard.

I felt her cherry stretch against my thrusting dick. It held for a moment and then popped. I ripped through her maidenhead and plunged into virgin territory. I broke the kiss with Melody, groaning her name as her tight, hot, silky, wet, amazing, stupendous flesh engulfed my cock.

I was in her.

“Clint,” she moaned. I loved hearing her say my name like that. “Oh, Clint, yes.”

Her thighs tightened about my hips. Her body undulated beneath me. I savored the feel of her. Nineteen years had brought us to this wonderful moment. I kissed her hard, loving her, as I pumped my hips.

My cock slid in and out of the wonderful, velvety grip of her cunt. Her flesh was hot and silky. It caressed my dick. Pleasure rippled through me. Intense, mind-numbing bliss. My hand would never feel the same again.

Not after sampling her delights.

My heart beat faster and faster as our bodies moved. Her hips rolled, undulating, matching my rhythm. Instinct guided us. Her hands roamed my back, clutching to me as our tongues danced, merged. We both groaned.

We both wanted this.

“Melody,” I groaned, breaking the kiss. “You're mine. My girl.”

“Yes,” she nodded, her pussy clenching down on my dick.

“Fuck, that's good. You're so tight.”

“And you're so big.” Her voice squeaked. “Oh, Clint. Oh, wow, you're stretching me out. I...I'm glad I came. Oh, I needed to be soaked for this cock. I feel you in me so deep.” A smile crossed her lips, full of awe. “I'm your girl, Clint. Your girl.”

Hearing my cousin say that made me groan. My hips thrust faster. My balls boiled as they smacked against her flesh. The tip of my cock ached. The friction was wonderful. Intense. The faster I fucked her, the more and more I wanted to cum. The more it had to explode out of me and into her. Was she on birth control?

Did I care?


“I'm going to cum in you,” I groaned. “You're my girl.”

“Yes,” she gasped, fingers clawing at my back. “Oh, yes, do it. I...I... I want this, Clint. I want you. I wish we didn't have to hide this.”

“Yes,” I growled. “Oh, yes, yes, yes.”

Our flesh slapped together. Her body quivered. She arched her back, rubbing her nipples into my chest. A hot flutter shivered through her pussy. It clenched down hard about my thrusting cock, increasing the friction.

And then she let out a long, low moan as her pussy convulsed. “Clint!”

She was cumming. I made her cum again. I felt like such a stud for giving my sexy cousin another orgasm, for pleasing her the way a man should. I slammed harder, the bed creaking, rocking, headboard slamming.

I fucked her like a man fucked his woman, and she came hard.

Her fingernails bit into my back as she moaned my name again. The massaging pressure of her pussy drove me over the edge. The ache to cum propelled my hips. There was no stopping me now. I would explode in my cousin's depths.

I slammed into her, the friction of her hot flesh triggering my orgasm. “Melody!”

My balls unloaded. Blast after blast of cum shot into her. I grunted with each eruption. Her pussy milked my dick. She spasmed about my cock, drawing out every last spurt of my seed. Each one sent a powerful burst of pleasure shooting through me. It knifed into my mind. Stars exploded before my eyes as my vision swam.

It was wonderful to cum inside my woman. The cousin I loved. I didn't care that incest was wrong. I loved her. I fucked her. She was my woman. She held me, her pussy milking out every last drop before I collapsed on her.

Holding her.

She moaned, nuzzling at my neck as I lay atop her, my dick softening in her hole. She shivered, squirming, the juices leaking out. She hugged me tight like she never wanted to let go of me, her thighs locked about my waist.

“Oh, Clint,” she moaned. “Oh, wow, that was amazing. Love you.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, breathless.

“Mmm.” She held me for several minutes. I could feel her heart racing beneath her breasts, thudding as fast as mine. I rolled off of her, holding her tight. A wet spot soaked into my bed. Our cum mixed together.

I liked it.

The air smelled of sex. Salty and sweet. I breathed it in as she laid her head on my chest, her blonde curls fanned across me. This was nice. My dick stirred. I wanted to go again and again. I wanted to make love to my cousin over and over.

“Clint,” she said. “What did you mean when you said your dad was right about us having sex? Did Uncle Clinton talk to you...before...”

I blinked. Did I say that out loud? “Just a dream I was having right before you walked in. My dad was berating me for not taking a strong hand with the household.”

“You mean, by letting your sisters and bratty Lee do what they want?”

“And for letting my mom drink instead of taking care of the house,” I added. “Discipline. He also said that I should take you. Said we loved each other, so why not do what we wanted?”

“Good advice,” she said. “Surprised you were smart enough to take it.”

I snorted. “Well, he also advised me to go down on you.”

“Uncle Clinton was a smart man.”

“He also said I should...” I broke off. I couldn't say that.

“What?” she asked, giving me a look I knew so well.

“Nothing,” I said.

“Nope, I want to know everything about this wonderful dream.”

I groaned, rolling out of bed and away from her. She gave me a hard look as I stood up into the dormer window and peered out it. I could see my house's backyard and Aunt Vicky's. I blinked. My mom and Aunt Vicky were sunning by the pool next door at Melody's house, catching the last rays of the September sun in their bikini's, large breasts constrained by flimsy cloth.

Damn, they both looked good.

Naked Melody wormed before me, rubbing her body on mine. “Looking out the window and brooding is not getting you out of telling me,” she said. She peered out. “Nor is ogling our mothers.”

Her ass rubbed on my half-hard cock as she leaned forward. I swelled, going fully erect. “He told me... I should...fuck other women, too.”

“Other women?” Melody threw a look over her shoulder. “What? Cheat on me? Or have a threesome?”

I blinked, staring at her. There was something in her eyes, a catch in her voice. “You would have a threesome with me?”

“Maybe,” she said, rubbing her ass into my cock. “I...think I would do...”

“Anything?” I asked, wrapping my arms around her. My hands slid up her stomach, cupping her tits as I pressed her face close to the window. My hardening dick popped between her thighs, rubbing at her messy cunt. “You would do anything I wanted, wouldn't you?”

“Maybe,” she groaned again, squirming. “We shouldn't do this here. They could see us.”

That made me dick ache more. “You know who my dad said I should fuck the hardest?”

She shook her head as my hand reached down, pressing between her thighs I found my cock. I moved it, guiding it to her pussy. Bold. Confident. I thrust into my cousin as I said, “My mother.”

“What?” she gasped. “Your dad said that in your dream?”

“Uh-huh,? I groaned, watching as my mom reached out and took Aunt Vicky's hand as they lounged on the chaises. “Said she needed to be fucked hard. That she needed a strong man to take care of her. Every woman in our family needs it. Discipline.”

“Damn,” groaned Melody, her pussy clenching on my dick. “You sure that's not what you want? I mean, it's not like your dad was really telling you this.”

“Maybe,” I groaned, hugging her. “My mom is beautiful.”

“She is,” Melody groaned, her hips shaking. “I can't believe I'm even entertaining this conversation You're talking about fucking my aunt, your mom, while your dick is in me.”

“Hot, right?”

She nodded her head and then gasped.

I stared down at our mother's leaning their heads together over the side of the lounge chairs and kissing. My dick almost exploded in my cousin's snatch as my mom kissed my aunt. Her sister. And there was nothing sisterly about the kiss.

“Holy shit,” I grunted.

To be continued...

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