Fiona gets a job - Chapter 9 by StoryTeller101

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Fiction | Bestiality, Bi-sexual

Fiona enjoys some bisexual sex and is offered another job. Would it be as exciting?

I turned up to work on Monday morning and the Walden’s called me into the lounge. Mrs Walden said “we have discussed this Fiona and here is our offer. You would take on an office role starting with reception while we train you for other office duties. But we also have another proposition to put to you. We are thinking about a little sideline, completely divorced from the office. It would involve you and dogs. Would you like to hear more?” I immediately said yes. I was fearful that an office job would cancel out my love of Goldie.

“Ok honey. I thought that would be your answer” she said. “At certain times during the week you would be required to perform for an audience. You would wear a mask to hide your identity but that is all you would wear. We have tested the market and there is a small band of both men and women who are interested in live shows. How do you feel about that?” I was a little uneasy but the fact that I would be anonymous allayed one fear. “I like the idea of my face being covered but would people pay to see a dog just hump me for a minute or so and then just stand still?” Mr Walden chipped in “we thought of that but Lisa tells me you both know tricks to make it longer and anyway we would be looking for more than one dog. We intend to make a real show of it honey”.

It didn’t take any more persuading. “Yes I am interested, both in the office job and the other plan” I said “it sounds so erotic. I like it”. They both breathed a sigh of relief. Later Mrs Walden said that they were worried I would think it was too weird. Yes it was weird. But I was beginning to enjoy weird. The rest of that week I was so excited. Mating with Goldie was even more intense. Particularly when I did it missionary and stopped him knotting with me. Of course he would become frustrated and really go at me later, which made it even more enjoyable.

Saturday Mrs Walden didn’t go to the office. Instead she and I went shopping. First we picked out clothes to wear to the office. I had expected corporate style but she said she wanted more “bling”. Short skirts and revealing tops. I was sure she wanted me to look available. Probably to her as much as anyone else. Then we headed to a party shop to buy masks. She bought a dog one and a cat one. “There will look great on you honey” she said. The sales girl gave us a funny look. She probably thought we were a couple. She would have even more shocked if she knew the real reason for the masks. “Oh I forgot shoes” she said and she bought two pairs of stilettos for me.

Back home she had me model what she had bought. She was very excited and so was I. It wasn’t long before she insisted I get naked and try on the masks. I am sure she didn’t really want to see the masks as she undressed as well and we had a delightful session, first sharing Goldie and then sharing each other. Mr Walden came home to find us both naked and Mrs Walden and I shared him. I took the clothes home. Mum was a little shocked at the outfits. Dad not so much. Later I heard them in the bedroom and I had no doubt my clothes had excited them both. It was so cool.

Mrs Walden gave me the address of their office. It was in the high street. It was well fitted out. As well as Mr and Mrs Walden there were two staff member, Patrick and Teena. Both about my age. Both had Marketing Degrees, I found out. Mrs Walden introduced me as the new receptionist and I got the feeling that they were not impressed with me or my outfit, although I did catch Patrick checking me out. Guys are so easily impressed. I settled down at my desk and immediately the phone started to ring. Mr Walden had given me ***********s to read off. “Hello. Good morning. Walden and Associates. Who would you like to speak to please?” And that was it. Easy. I would switch to whomever the called wanted to speak to. It wasn’t rocket science.

I settled in immediately and Mr Walden said he was impressed. I was chuffed. Mrs Walden said I was good too but in the back of my mind I knew “other duties” I would be performing. The week dragged on and I was missing Goldie. In my handbag I had my masks and was more than ready. On Friday Mrs Walden called me into her office. “I know you were expecting something more” she said “but I want you to settle in honey before we expand your duties. Please be patient”. I smiled and said I understood. I didn’t really but it was obvious she ran the show and I had to go along with it. Then she smiled “why don’t you come to the house tomorrow” she added. My smile widened. “I will be there. Just tell your parents it is a special training session” she said. I laughed. Training session?

Mum and Dad were so happy that what they called a real job. I told them what I was doing and all about the office. “What do they do” mum asked “you haven’t told us that”. It’s a Marketing Company” I said “they put buyers and sellers together”. “Oh I see” said dad but I don’t think he really understood. I went to me room “yes and they put me and Goldie together” I said under my breath. I told them that I had extra training to do and had to go to the office Saturday morning. “I hope they are going to pay extra” dad said “don’t let them use”. “A bit for that dad” I thought.

Saturday morning I headed off, not to the office but to the Walden’s house. Mr Walden had already left for work but Mrs Walden was there in her bath robe. “Come into the kitchen” she said “I just made coffee”. As I walked in Goldie came rushing up to greet me. “Did you miss me boy” I said and he wagged his tail wildly. “Oh he has missed you Fiona” Mrs Walden said “he has been whining all week when I get home. Poor darling. But I have done my best to calm him down”. I knew exactly what she meant by that.

“I want you to know honey” she began “that both I and my husband are very impressed at how you have settled in. Don’t worry about Patrick peeving at you. He has just broken up with his girlfriend and is just horny but harmless. Teena is a lovely girl. It is a pity she works for me. I fancy her but hubby reckons never get your meat where you get your bread”. I chuckled “so am I meat or bread” I asked and with that she dropped her robe on the floor. Putting her arms around me and kissing me she said “today you are meat darling. First meat for Goldie and then for me”. The rest of the morning was spent being pleasured by dog and mistress. Life doesn’t get any better.

Watch for the sequel coming soon……..

Rating: 91%, Read 14827 times, Posted Dec 23, 2020

Fiction | Bestiality, Bi-sexual


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